Notes: Batman is owned by DC and was created by writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane. This story is dedicated to Adam West and all of the wonderful people who have helped the Batman franchise.

Batman was patrolling Gotham. Batman had four superhero allies. Despite that, Batman often fought crime without their assistance. There were only a few robbers, who were easily defeated by Batman. After catching the robbers, Batman had a meeting with Commissioner Adam Bale, in his office. Batman said, "The crimes, recently, haven't been that big."

Commissioner Bale replied, "I'm personally glad about that. It means we don't have to deal with the more dangerous villains."

Batman said, "I hate to worry you, Commissioner Bale, but I'm afraid that I have to."

Commissioner Bale started getting worried. He said, "Oh, dear."

Batman replied, "Everytime crime gets slower in Gotham, it means that one or more villains is secretly working on a very dangerous crime."

Commissioner Bale started panicking. He responded, "I'm pretty scared, about this new crime, considering we don't know who the new villains are and we don't know what crimes they're doing."

Batman said, "Don't worry. Calm down."

Commissioner Bale responded, "I'm not really good at doing that."

Batman said, "I'll do some research. My fellow teammates will help me."

Commissioner Bale replied, "Thank goodness, Batman. I hope that you and your friends find out what's going on soon."

Batman responded, "They're teammates, not friends."

Meanwhile, Super Flyer and Ms. Detective defeated some bank robbers. Super Flyer looked at Ms. Detective and said, "You did a great job. You always do."

Ms. Detective replied, "You and I are quite the duo."

Super Flyer nervously said, "Yeah, a duo. Of course we're in a super hero team, that has five members, so not quite a duo."

Ms. Detective replied, "Anyways it seems like the bank robbers have been defeated. I'll walk you home."

Super Flyer said, "Thank you. I remember the street, but I don't remember the house number."

Ms. Detective sighed and responded, "You're lucky that I'm a detective."

Super Flyer thought about it and said, "You know more about where I live, than I do. I don't know if that means you're super smart or I'm super dumb."

Ms. Detective said, "You're not dumb. You're brilliant in your own way."

Super Flyer replied, "You're brilliant in every way."

Ms. Detective blushed and said, "Thank you." Ms. Detective held Super Flyer's hand.

Super Flyer nervously asked, "What are you doing?"

Ms. Detective jokingly said, "Holding your hand so you don't drop it."

Super Flyer replied, "Um, thank you. It wouldn't be good, if I dropped either of my hands. I don't even know how I could do that."

Batman tapped Super Flyer and Ms. Detective's shoulders. Ms. Detective turned around and asked, "How long have you been following us?"

Batman answered, "Long enough, to hear your pathetic attempts at flirting."

Ms. Detective nervously said, "We weren't flirting."

Super Flyer said, "We were having a normal friendship conversation."

Batman replied, "You're also pathetic liars."

Ms. Detective was a little offended by Batman's comments, but she and the other super heroes were used to being judged by Batman. Ms. Detective asked, "How can we help you, Batman?"

Batman said, "We have a new mission to work on. Come to our team building and we'll work on it."

Super Flyer replied, "I hate to be rude Batman, but it's pretty late."

Batman said, "I love nighttime. Let,s go."

Ms. Detective looked at him and said, "Please come, Super Flyer."

Super Flyer replied, "Okay. "

The five superheroes met up in their team building. Batman said, "Thank you for coming fellow superheroes."

Super Muscles said "You're welcome."

Mr. Explosives whined "I'm tired."

Batman said "Shut up."

Super Flyer asked "What's the mission Batman?"

Batman wasn't sure what to tell his teammates. He knew a villain crime was coming, but he didn't which villains are coming and he didn't even know what crimes they would do. Batman nervously said, "I don't know what the exact mission is."

Super Flyer had a confused look on his face, while asking, "What do you mean, Batman?"

Batman said, "Crime has been slower, than usual, in Gotham and everytime that happens, new villains, with dangerous plans, show up."

Super Muscles said, "So, you're just guessing that a crime is coming?"

Batman angrily replied, "It's more than a guess."

Mr. Explosives said, "Yeah right."

Batman asked, "Do you think that a crime isn't coming?"

Super Muscles answered, "Well, a crime hasn't happened yet and it doesn't like it will."

Super Flyer said, "When we know a crime is coming we'll gladly help, but we can't fight a crime if we don't even know if there is a crime."

Batman angrily replied, "You teenagers don't understand how crime works."

Super Muscles said, "I'm 28."

Batman said, "You're a twenty-eight year-old teenager."

Super Muscles lightly smiled and asked, "Does that mean I'm young forever?"

Mr. Explosives said, "Yeah right."

Super Muscles said, "That's a ripoff."

Mr. Explosives replied, "I'm not fighting the fake crime, that Batman thinks is real. I'm going. I'll return, if a actual crime happens."

Super Muscles said, "I'm afraid Mr. Explosives makes a good point, Batman. I'm sorry."

Super Muscles and Mr. Explosives walked out. Batman sighed.

Ms. Detective patted Batman on the back and said, "Don't worry. I believe in you. I'll stay here and help you. Won't you stay too, Super Flyer?"

Super Flyer wanted to say yes, but it was 10:00 pm. Super Flyer asked, "Can't we solve this crime tomorrow morning?"

Ms. Detective said, "But Batman and I would be disappointed, if you left."

Super Flyer said, "Okay then. I'll stay for you and only for you. No offense, Batman." Batman rolled his eyes.

Batman, Super Flyer, and Ms. Detective started trying, to find out what the new crime was. Batman looked at Arkham Asylum's files and said, "It appears that all my main villains are still in Arkham Asylum."

Super Flyer asked, "Even the villains that aren't cool?"

Batman replied, "No villains are cool."

Super Flyer said, "Well, some villains are less threatening, which makes them less cool."

Batman said, "Even the nerdy villains are locked up."

Ms. Detective replied, "I hate to question your research Batman, but I think you forgot about two of the villains."

Batman asked, "Which villains?"

Ms. Detective replied, "The Joker and Talia al Ghul."

Batman said, "I assumed that they wouldn't ever come back."

Ms. Detective replied, "Well. I think that they are up to a new villain plan."

Super Flyer responded, "Um I agree with her too."

Batman gave him a disapproving look and said, "How typical of you, to agree with your girlfriend."

Super Flyer said, "Hey, she's not my girlfriend."

Batman replied, "Yeah right."

Meanwhile, the Joker and Talia went to Bruce Wayne's mansion. Alfred Pennyworth would never let villains inside of Bruce Wayne's mansion, so the Joker and Talia broke inside.

Alfred nervously said, "Please leave."

The Joker smiled and replied, "But I have some important business to do here."

Alfred said, "Bruce Wayne isn't here."

The Joker asked, "Well, is Batman here?"

Alfred asked, "What are you talking about?"

Talia had a sly smile on her face, while saying, "I told the Joker about Batman's secret identity."

Alfred asked, "How could you do such a bad thing?"

Talia said, "Be quiet, butler." Talia used one of Poison Ivy's dangerous plants, to hurt Alfred.

The Joker went into the Batcave and said, "I have finally found Batman's hideout. Wow, it's great. I'm jealous."

After playing around in the Batcave for a half hour, the Joker walked up to Alfred and said, "I have a great prank, for you. It involves explosions and joke teeth. Ha, ha!"

Talia replied, "Don't destroy him. We can use him, as bait, for Batman."

The Joker said, "Great idea. Ha, ha!"

Batman, Super Flyer, and Ms. Detective worked so late at night, that they slept at their team building. The next morning, the three of them woke up.

Batman's phone rang. Commissioner Adam Bale was calling. Batman asked, "What's going on?"

Commissioner Bale said, "You and your teammates better come to my office. We have a big problem."

Batman, Super Flyer, Ms. Detective, Super Muscles, and Mr. Explosives went to Commissioner Adam Bale's office. Super Flyer asked, "What's going on?"

Commissioner Bale said, "The Joker has returned."

Ms. Detective replied, "I knew he would."

Batman asked, "What is he planning to do, this time?"

Commissioner Bale nervously said, "I'm afraid that he's already done some pretty big crimes. You should read this letter he sent me."

Batman read the letter and said, "Oh no."

Super Muscles asked, "What's wrong Batman?"

Batman said, "The Joker is working with Talia al Ghul. The last time I battled her, she briefly took off my mask and found out my secret identity."

Mr. Explosives replied, "Even I don't know your real name."

Batman said, "I'd rather have them know my name, than you."

Mr. Explosives replied, "Hey."

Batman said, "The Joker and Talia broke into my house and they captured my only friend."

Mr. Explosives asked, "Aren't we your friends?"

Batman said, "Your teammates, not friends."

Commissioner Bale asked, "What are you going to do, Batman?"

Batman said, "If I try to defeat Talia, she will destroy my friend. I have to stop her, without fighting her."

Commissioner Bale replied, "That seems impossible."

Batman said, "It is, but I have accomplished impossible stuff plenty of times."

Ms. Detective responded, "Don't worry. I'm sure that we will come up with a good plan."

Commissioner Bale tried to calm down and said, "Thank goodness."

Batman looked at his teammates and said, "This mission might be too dangerous, for you four teenagers."

Super Flyer replied, "We're adults. Considering that this mission will be more dangerous, you will need more help."

Batman thought about it and responded, "Sadly, you're right. You four superheroes can help me."

Mr. Explosives sarcastically said, "What a honor."

Batman replied, "Shut up."