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Author's note: This is dedicated to my friends Cindy Fuckalot, Emma Jacksonville, Gina Bebe, Nikki Armundio and Frida Larsson.

Sepharium Korunente

( chapter 1 - She retire )

27 year old Aria Fitz, or Night Queen, as some people know her, is about to travel back in time.

"Will I ever see you again?" says Hanna Rivers as she cry a bit.

Hanna is Aria's best friend.

"Of course, Han." says Aria. "I'm not sure where and when, but we'll meet once more before we die."

"I sure hope so." says Hanna.

Aria put on her helmet and step onto the time-travel pad.

Spencer Cavanaugh aka Iron Lady push some buttons on the time-travel pad's controlstation.

In a swirl of white blinding light, Aria disappear.

"Wait...you forgot your shield." says Hanna when she notice that Aria's special black shield is left behind on the ground.

Just a few seconds later an elderly Aria appear in a flash of blue light. She sit on a bench only 20 feet away.

The elderly Aria seem to be about 85 years old, but in very good shape for her age.

Aria wear old dirty clothes and she has her shield.

Unlike how Aria herself has aged, the shield has not, since it is made of black super-adamant, a metal that never age or rust in thousands of years.

Hanna walk over to Aria and says "Back already? You only just left."

"I was away for nearly 62 years, Hanna, my friend." says Aria.

"Oh..." says Hanna. "How can you have the shield...? You never took it with you, Aria."

"It seems like she did." says Emily DiLaurentis.

Hanna look over to the spot where young Aria left the shield and it...is gone.

"Me is sooo glad you're back." says a happy Hanna, giving Aria a hug.

"Thanks!" says Aria with a sweet smile.

"Where did you go?" says Hanna.

"Back home...home to 1955. To Ezra." says Aria. "I married him and gave birth to 4 children for him."

"Awww, so wonderful and nice!" says Hanna.

"It was, but Ezra's dead now and because of that I've returned here, but I am old now so I wanna give the Night Queen job to someone else." says Aria.

"To who?" says Hanna.

"Well, that's a diffcult thing. I've not decided yet." says Aria.

"Give it to me." says Hanna, who unlike her friends does not have a superhero identity yet.

"Ready for such an important task? Not that I don not trust you 'cause I do, you're the best friend I've ever had, but being Night Queen isn't easy. It is a job that require a lot of hard work and you won't have much free time." says Aria.

"Usually I am lazy, we all know that. Though if you honor me with the glory of being the next Night Queen I'll woman up and become the best adult I can ever be." says Hanna.

"I can tell that there's honesty in your words. Then I shall hereby give you the title of Night Queen." says Aria.

Hanna goes down on her knees and Aria hand her the black shield, the signture weapon of Night Queen. The shield that was designed by the now dead scientist Erik Grubel from Germany. The unique shield that is 100 % one of a kind and can never be destroyed.

The shield is more than twice as strong as the most pure diamond and just like gold it never stop being nice and shiny.

During Aria's years as Night Queen the shield has protected her against machine gun fire, laser beams, swords, even anti-matter weapons.

"Thank you, Aria." says Hanna.

"You deserve it." says Aria.

"Do I need to dye my hair black?" says Hanna.

"I guess so. Night Queen's always had dark hair, so yes, you do." says Aria.

"Giving up my blonde curls is a small price to pay." says Hanna.

"Yup." says Aria.

"Aria, me will carry the shield with honor as a true grown up woman." says Hanna.

"Okay, Han. I trust ya." says Aria.

"Sweet." says Hanna.

"Indeed, my friend." says Aria.

Hanna's body glow red as she grow 4 inches taller and get in better shape.

"Cool." says Hanna.

Her boobs also grow from C-cup to D-cup.

"Sexy." says Hanna.

The next day.

"I brought wine." says Alison DiLaurentis as she open her suitcase to reveal a fancy bottle of wine.

"Wine...why?" says Spencer.

"To celebrate that Hanna's finally a true superhero." says Alison.

"Awww! Thanks, Ali." says a happy Hanna.

"Yeah, Han." says Alison with a sexy smile.

"Okay." says Hanna.

"Let's drink to Hanna's honor." says Alison as she open the bottle and drink straight from it.

She then pass the bottle around to the others.

"Very awesome that Hanna now is a hero, just like the rest of us." says Alison.

"Thanks." says Hanna.

"Aria, are you sure Hanna can deal with all the seriousness of being a hero?" says Spencer.

"I am. She may be a bit lazy, though I truly believe that her new job will make her woman up and be a real adult." says Aria.

"Awww. Thanks for trusting me, Aria." says a happy Hanna.

"You're welcome. I've full faith in your ability." says Aria.

"So do I. Aria wouldn't give her job to someone who doesn't deserve it." says Emily.

"True. Aria is a wise woman." says Spencer.

"Indeed." says Alison.

"Thanks." says Aria.

Hanna's body glow with golden power, a sign that show that she is truly ready to be a hero.

Hanna doesn't need to dye her hair because her new powers allow her to have blode hair when she's just Hanna and black hair when she's a hero.

Hanna's hair flash black now for a few seconds, revealing this part of her powers.

2 weeks later, Hanna join Alison and Spencer on her first suerphero mission.

The 3 friends jump up onto the top of a skyscraper.

"So, where are we going?" says Hanna.

"To the northern part of the city." says Spencer.

"Okay." says Hanna.

"Let's go." says Alison.

They jump off the skyscraper and fly north.

"It feels so cool to fly." says Hanna.

"Ya've done so before." says Alison.

"With help, not all by my own power." says Hanna.

"Okay." says Alison.

Hanna really enjoy being able to fly on her own.

"Be ready. If our information's correct, the enemy is quite strong." says Spencer.

"Nice. The bigger they are, the harder they fall." says Hanna.

"That might be true in some cases, but noy every time, Han." says Spencer.

"Alright, me isn't as smart as you." says Hanna.

15 minutes later, Hanna, Alison and Spencer arrive at the place where the enemy is.

"Hello, bimbos." says a tall female sexy Italian super villain.

"Jenny DeMontero? I should've known it's you." says Spencer.

"Oh, Hastings. Kinda sexy to see you again after so many years." says Jenny.

"I disagree. How the crap did you survive the fall from the mountain top back in Peru?" says Spencer.

"That's my secret." says Jenny.

"Spencer, do you know this bitch?" says Alison.

"Yes. Her name's Jenny DeMontero and she was one of my enemies before I met you." says Spencer.

"Actually that is correct." says Jenny as she spin very fast and throw balls of fire towards Spencer.

"Fuck!" says Spencer in a hard confident tone as she hold out her right hand, making a blue energy field appear that block the fire balls.

"Not too crappy." says Jenny.

"Indeed, perv." says Spencer.

Alison transform herself into white energy and then attacks Jenny.

Jenny get seriously hurt.

"Nice." says Spencer.

"Thanks." says Alison.

"Sure." says Spencer.

"Let's destroy her!" says Hanna.