Author's Notes : This is gonna be a long one , it is gonna be filled with suspense , lot of twists and turns.

Y'all maybe needing a tissue or two since a major Character's death is involved in this one.

Welcome Back to Hazzard Folk's Hazzard has been through some rough times this fall.

Y'all ever played the game Dominio's well the first Dominio is fixing to fall , it will mean trouble for the Dukes.

The boys was heading on over to the Boars Nest for the first annual Hazzard County Barn Burner dance .

" Golly Luke i am sure happy that Darlene McCoy said yes when i asked her to go to the dance with me. Smiled Bo

" Well i tell you Cousin she is prettier then a new Penny , i hate to say it me , Amy are gonna win first place .

15 minutes later the boys arrived at the Boars Nest they were happier, were as anxious as two crickets.

Luke , Amy was dancing first , then Bo , Darlene , as the night went on it got more , more exciting , thrilling.

Little did anybody know that trouble was brewing outside someone was up to no good , someone wanted revenge.

Ernie ledbetter had a can of Keroscene that he stole from Cooter's Garage , he poured on the kitchen floor.

Then he hightailed it back to his boss who was cooking up this whole mess , the Dukes will be lucky to make it.

" Okay boss it's all set Luke Duke will finally pay bet he'll go down in flames ". Earnie laughed evilly

" Well good son now all i got to do is sit back , watch the fireworks , you did a good job . Said Lee Benson

As this Hootenanny was picking up steam folks was so happy , enjoying the music they had no clue about trouble.

Then in the kitchen Daisy was getting the snacks , food ready for the judges when she thought she smelled smoke.

Then around 11 :30 folks started feeling tired , figured they would take a break , then the clogging contest started.

" Now folks the second Dominio was fixing to fall , no one knew that it was coming till too late".

" !Oh NOOOO! Holy Cow boss what are we gonna do now the whole place is going up in Flames " . Freaked Rosco

" 1..., 2..., 3..., "KABOOM " everyone was in trouble the whole place came tumbling down ".

" Luke , Luke , " where are you cousin ?" i can't see you " Cough" were gonna be lucky to make it out alive . Said Bo