The Adventures of Max and Leo: A Night at Max's

Max woke up after napping on his bed for nearly two hours. He got out of the bed and went downstairs to the kitchen where Leo was cooking dinner.

"Hey, Leo, how's it going?" Max asked.

"It's going alright," Leo said. "I'm almost done with dinner. Just have a seat at the table."

"Alright," Max said and then sat at the kitchen table. "What are you making?"

"I'm making fish sticks and French fries," Leo said. "I figured you might want some since you haven't had any in a little while."

"I actually have not had fish sticks for a while," Max said. "So, are we up for Clue after dinner?"

"Of course, Max," Leo said. "Now that you're awake, I can finish setting all of that up for us."

"Sounds great," Max said. "I really look forward to seeing how great you are at detective work."

"We'll see," Leo said and then got the fish sticks and French fries out of the oven. "Welp, they are ready."

"Awesome," Max said. "Let's eat."

Leo fixed himself and Max and plate. Leo then sat down and the two began enjoying their dinner . . .

After dinner, Leo and Max went upstairs to Max's bedroom. Leo finished setting up the Clue game and got the movie ready for him and Max to watch while playing.

"This is going to be so much fun," Leo said. "I've watched the movie and played the game, but I've never done both at the same time before."

"Me, either," Max said. "It'll be us watching the movie while re-creating it ourselves."

"I know," Leo said. "I think I'm going to be Professor Plum."

"And I'm going to be Mr. Green," Max said. "Welp, let's get this show on the road."

"Alright, let's play," Leo said.

A few minutes later . . .

"Looks like we're both in the clear," Max said. "Now, we need to figure out which one of the other four did it."

"Yeah . . . and of course, the rope and the candlestick weren't used when this deed was done," Leo said. "And we've got between the library and the hall concerning where it was done at."

"In the meantime, the six people are enjoying monkey's brains in the dining room," Max said.

"Ugh, I've tried it before and I just can't stomach that stuff," Leo said. "How that became a food choice is beyond me."

A few more minutes later . . .

"Alright, so it looks like either Miss Scarlett or Mrs. White did the act," Leo said. "And we've got to figure out what one of them used in the hall to do it."

"Yeah, and we've got three options, the revolver, the lead pipe and the knife," Max said. "Even though Mr. Green didn't do it, it's too bad he's accident prone."

"Yeah, spilling drinks and things he is sitting on collapsing . . . you can't help but feel bad for Mr. Green," Leo said.

"I know," Max said. "Well, let's keep playing and see who did it with what."

"Yep, and it's my go, so I'm going back in the hall," Leo said.

A little more than a few minutes later . . .

Max and Leo gasped at the game.

"It was Mrs. White!" Max said.

"She was so angry . . . flames on the side of her face . . . heaving, breathing heavy breaths," Leo said.

"I know . . . and for her to use a knife," Max said.

"Yeah, she knew where to strike," Leo said. "Well, either way, she's going to jail."

"She sure is," Max said. "So, are you going to make the accusation?"

"I sure am," Leo said.

Leo made the accusation . . . and won the game.

"Welp, Mrs. White is going to jail," Leo said.

"She sure is," Max said. "Let's finish watching the movie."

Max and Leo finished watching the movie . . .

After the movie, Max and Leo turned the TV's, VHS player and the Sega Genesis off.

"That was kind of fun," Max said.

"It sure was," Leo said. "Between the hilarity of the movie and us playing the game that the movie is based on, I was entertained."

"Anyway, I think my brain is tired," Max said.

"Mine is, too, so we better get ready for bed," Leo said.

"Well, did you want to sleep in here with me?" Max asked.

"Sure, do you have a sleeping bag or something?" Leo asked.

"I sure do," Max said and then went to his closet, got out a sleeping bag and a pillow and sat it in front of his bed. "Here you go, Leo."

"Nice, thanks, Max," Leo said.

"Well, since you got me out of my shoes, want me to get you out of yours?" Max asked.

"That would be great," Leo said and then unzipped the sleeping bag and lied down on it. Max knelt down at Leo's feet, untied Leo's shoes and then took Leo's shoes and socks off. Max then zipped up the sleeping bag before getting back up.

"Thanks, Max," Leo said. "You rest well."

"You do the same, Leo," Max said and then Max got on his bed, placed the blankets over himself and then the two went to sleep . . .

A few hours later, Leo woke up, screaming from a nightmare.

Max woke up and said, "Leo, what's wrong?"

"I had a horrible nightmare," Leo said. "I dreamt that the arcade was on fire. I was able to escape, but you weren't. The fire trapped you in . . ."

Leo felt himself getting ready to cry as he continued, "And I couldn't get to you . . . and the fire caused the roof of the arcade to collapse . . . and you got . . . burnt . . ."

Leo started crying as Max got up and knelt at where Leo was sleeping.

"Leo, I'm sorry you had that nightmare," Max said. "That nightmare was so sad."

"It sure was," Leo said, crying. "I don't want to lose you Max . . . I'd be worried and scared to death if something were to happen to you."

"I'd feel the same way if something were to happen to you," Max said. "If something were to happen to you, I'd be lonely . . . because I wouldn't have a friend to talk to when I need a friend to talk to."

"You'd really feel that way if something happened to me?" Leo asked, crying.

"I really would," Max said. "Outside of my mom, you're the first person I opened up to about how I felt about my dad being absent from my life . . . and even with her, I didn't share with her the details I shared with you."

"Wow . . . even though it seems like you trust me more than you trust my mom, that means a lot to me, Max," Leo said, crying. "Thank you so much."

Leo sat up, hugged Max and cried on his shoulder. Max hugged Leo back.

"I want you to be happy just as much as you want me to be happy," Max said.

Leo cried and hugged Max for a few moments and then broke the hug and wiped his eyes.

"Are you gonna be okay, Leo?" Max asked.

"I think I will be," Leo said, wiping his eyes. "Don't worry about me, Max. Just get some rest."

"I will," Max said.

"Maybe for breakfast, I'll fix you some eggs and biscuits," Leo said.

"That would be fantastic," Max said. "I always anticipate your cooking."

"I'm just glad your mom lets me use her oven," Leo said. "She said she trusts me more than she trusts herself when it comes to cooking. I guess you're not the only one that trusts me."

"It's because you're a really trustworthy person," Max said. "No wonder why we're best friends."

"Yeah . . . well, you better get some rest," Leo said. "I'll be okay."

"Alright, rest well, Leo," Max said.

"You do the same, Max," Leo said.

Max went back to his bed to lie down. Leo lied back down on the sleeping bag and the two resumed their sleeping.