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A couple of weeks have passed after Team RWBY along with their classmates, Professors and James Ironwood's android army have eliminated the hordes of Grimm that breached inside the City of Vale due to the cause of the criminal Roman Torchwick along with the once peaceful Faunus movement-turned-terrorist group, the White Fang. Thankfully they were stopped by RWBY, and Torchwick has been captured and imprisoned. From that day, all the students have been given a week off to recover from that incident. Within that week, everyone has either been relaxing, studying, training, or preparing for the coming Vytal Festival. However, unknown to a few specific individuals, a new page in their lives will turn, something that none of them would expect.

With Team RWBY…

In the dorm room of Beacon Academy stays the four-girl team known as Team RWBY, ready to plan for the day.

"Okay, Team! Is everyone ready for the day?" Cheered a little red-hooded girl with black hair (with red streaks) and silver eyes named Ruby Rose.

"We're all ready, Rubes." Answered a long blonde-haired girl named Yang Xiao Long. "You can say I'm all fired up!"

All the girls groan in annoyance.

"Never a moment without your puns, are you Yang?" The Faunus Cat (in disguise), Blake Belladonna, says to her partner with a dull look in her eyes.


"Puns aside, it's about time we meet up with Team JNPR and begin our early training for the day." The white-haired heiress of SDC, Weiss Schnee says, making everyone node in agreement.

"Right! Off we go!" Ruby cheers as she walks up to the door while her teammates follow her.

But before the team leader could touch the doorknob, without warning, a flash of light ignited for a couple of seconds, just as it appears it quickly disappears, and at that moment, Team RWBY disappears.

With Team JNPR…

Like with RWBY, Team JNPR is in their dorm room preparing to go out and train with them for the day.

"Is everybody ready?" asked the blonde team leader named Jaune Arc as he looked towards his teammates.

"We're ready for the day, Jaune." Said the red-headed girl known as Pyrrha Nikos.

"That's right Fearless Leader!" the orange-haired named Nora Valkyrie chirped. "Let's break some legs!"

"Nora, where just doing training today." Her partner, a raven-head boy, Lie Ren said. "Plus, I think you should save your excitement when we meet up with Team RWBY."

"Got it, Renny!"

Jaune chuckles as he and the others were about to leave their dorm but for the mysterious flash of light to repeat to Team JNPR as it happened to Team RWBY, leaving their dorm empty at that moment.

At the clothes shop in the City of Vale…

"Today's collection of clothing was excellent." Hummed a sunglass-wearing short-haired brunette named Coco Adel.

"Glad you found another cloth shop after your favorite one got destroyed from the Breach." Velvet Scarlatina, the brunette with long hair with a Faunus trait of rabbit ears, said.

"Ugh. Don't remind me, Bun-bun." Her team leader pouts as she and Velvet both carried a handful of shopping bags filled with new clothes as they walked through the streets of Vale.

"So, what do you want to do next since Yatsu and Fox are away for a couple of days?" The Faunus rabbit asked her team leader.

"Well, we could-." Before Coco could finish her sentence, the flash of light whisked the two away. Unfortunate leaving their shopping bags behind.

Beacon's Headmaster's Office…

Inside the office is a middle-aged silver-haired man sitting on his desk as he works on his paperwork. This is Professor Ozpin, Headmaster of Beacon Academy.

"Cup of coffee, Professor?" The said Headmaster looks up to see his fellow blond-haired Professor and staff member of Beacon, Glynda Goodwitch, Beacon's Combat Instructor handing him a mug of coffee.

Accepting her gesture, he takes the coffee from her and smiles at her. "Thank you, Glynda." Just before Ozpin could take a sip from his mug, he froze then suddenly looks up as if he felt something in the air.

Seeing this, Glynda looked at her Headmaster with worry. "Ozpin, what's wrong?" before he could answer the light whisked them away.

A specific bar outside of Vale…

Inside a bar, a black-haired man is sitting by himself taking a few drinks; this is Qrow Branwen. He sat in deep thought, gathering on what he has learned so far after Amber, the current Fall Maiden, was attacked and left in a coma.

Deciding to take another drink to clear his mind, but before it could reach his lips, the light takes him away like the rest back in Vale. The glass he was holding fell and shattered on the ground.

Inside Ironwood's airship…

In his quarters sits a black-haired, with some silver and grey areas, this man is James Ironwood, Headmaster of Atlas Academy and General of Atlesian military. Behind his desk speaking, he is speaking with two other people via video screen.

"Then I take it everything is ready for the coming festival?" Ironwood asked as he spoke through the video screen.

"Everything is on schedule and will proceed upon my arrival at Beacon Academy." The white-haired Atlesian Specialist answered she is Winter Schnee, the older sister of Weiss Schnee.

"Excellent." The General nodded at her answer. "What about you, Penny? How is your current stay in Vale?"

"It's wonderful, General! I'm having an exciting time here in Vale." The young girl with curly orange hair with a small ahoge on top that came down to her chin answered happily. This girl is Penny Polendina student from Atlas Academy (and secretly an android).

Ironwood gave a small smile and nodded. "That's good to hear. Now I must remind you both that-." Before the General could tell them anything, the same phenomena occurred to them. Thus, leaving the office empty and video screen left on without anyone using them.

In Kou Kuana: Belladonna house…

Sitting in the living room were three people, one man and two women, all of them Faunus.

The man was massive in muscle and height with a black beard that blended with his black hair, and he is known to be a Panther Faunus due to his retractable claws, this is Ghira Belladonna Chieftain of Menagerie and former High Leader of the White Fang.

"Good to know that you have time to visit Sienna," Ghira said as he talked towards the Bengal Tiger eared women with long black hair. This is Sienna Khan, the current High Leader of the White Fang. "However, this isn't the time of luxury between old friends."

Sienna nodded at that. "Of course, this is technically a meeting regarding the White Fang after all."

"Plus, we do wish to know how our daughter is doing." The second woman said, who is sitting next to Ghira. She is a Cat eared Faunus on her head mixed with her black hair like her daughter Blake. This Kali Belladonna wife of Ghira Belladonna.

"Of course." High Leader said. As she opened her mouth to speak, the light once again whisked them away, leaving the room empty.

On the island of Patch…

Outside of the Rose-Branwen-Xiao Long home kneels a man tending to his garden. He is a middle-aged man with short blond hair; this is Taiyang Xiao Long, father of Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long.

"Arf! Arf!" As he finished gardening his garden, he was greeted by the family pet Corgi, Zwei, who was bringing him a can of dog food from its mouth.

"Okay, Zwei, I'll get breakfast ready." Tai chuckled as he stood up and dusted himself.

But before he could walk towards the Corgi, the flash of light took him as well. Well, except for Zwei, who just dropped the canned food and looked towards the space that Tai was in just a few seconds ago.

In the Airship prison back in Vale…

Inside one of the cells was bright, long, orange hair, with long bangs covering his right eye. Black eyeliner traced his visible left eye and wearing a bowler hat. This was Roman Torchwick Wanted Criminal and responsible for the recent Grimm breach.

He lies down on his bed, humming to himself like not a care in the world. But like the rest, the light takes him away, leaving his cell empty — the perfect escape.

In a park in Vale…

Sitting on a bench is a young woman with hair color that is typically half pink and half brown, with white streaks on the pink side, her name is Neopolitan, Torchwick's partner in crime.

She was quietly enjoying eating a cup of ice cream, her favorited treat. Before she could take another bite with her spoon, she, like everyone else, disappears from the light, leaving the bench empty. The sweet was left behind.

Inside the White Void…

In a flash, Team RWBY appears in a completely white area as far the eye could see.

The girls momently froze at the sudden turn of events. Like Ruby being a statue as her outstretched hand tried to open the door from their dorm.

"Huh?" was all the red theme girl could say. This was enough to make the rest of the girls get back to their senses.

"W-what is this?!" Weiss shouted, looking around the area they are in; the same could be said with her teammates.

"Where the hell are we?!" Yang was next to shout panickily, looking around the area only to see white, white, and white everywhere.

Blake stayed quiet, but like with everyone else, she too is surprised looking around with eyes wide open in disbelieve.

Ruby wasn't faring any better either. "Guy's what's happ-."

Before she could finish her sentence, a flash of light quickly made everyone block their eyes from the brightness. As soon as the glow of light disappeared, they opened their eyes, and to their shock, they see their friend's Team JNPR standing next to them.

Like RWBY, Team JNPR was stunned at their situation.

"Jaune?!" Ruby squeaked, seeing Vomit boy in, wherever they are on.

This made JNPR visibly jump and looked at the source of the voice.

"Ruby?! W-what is all-, where are we?!" The blonde team leader asked panickily, but before anyone could say anything, the flash happened again.

"Go and get… some… brunch…?" The two teams both looked at the source of the voice, and again, they are surprised to see their upperclassmen, Coco and Velvet.

"Co… co…?" Velvet slowly said, looking at her team leader with a worried and scared expression.

"Coco? Velvet?!" The said two turned their heads, and to their shock as well they see the others.

"RWBY and JNPR?! What are you all-." Before the fashionista could finish her sentence, the flash happened again.

"Oof?!" The students heard a grunt and a sound of something dropping to the ground. The children looked towards the source, and again to the absolute shock they see their Headmaster sitting on the ground (and amazingly the coffee in his hand did not spill) and their combat instructor helping him up.

Glynda helped up her Headmaster. "Professor, are you…" Before she could say anything, she notices their surroundings and could only open her eyes wide in disbelief.

Ozpin noticed this and looked around, he too was surprised, and his eyes were also wide open, not saying a word, but deep-down he was slightly panicking and towards the nostalgia of the location he is in.

"Professors?!" Upon hearing the shouts and screams of their professions, the two quickly looked towards the source and surprised them that their students are with them.

Again, once more, the flash happened, and they hear a loud sound that felt like it hit the ground. Then a pained groan followed. They see a man lying on the ground face first.

"Uncle Qrow?!" The two half-sisters shouted, recognizing him as they raced towards there downed uncle.

Upon hearing his name, he looks up to see two familiar faces with looks of shock and concern. "Girls…? What is-."

Another flash interrupts him.

"That weeguh!?" Another familiar voice rang out as it was interrupted by a thumping noise, like hitting the ground. James was sitting on the ground the same way Ozpin was.

"General?!" Another voice that belonged to Winter but froze as she looks at her surrounding stunned like how RWBY was at first, wondering how in Remnant did she and the General end up here. Same with the Penny next to her.




The three said people looked towards the source, and to their surprise, they see a crowd of students and adults, a few that each of the new.

"Oz…? What is-."

Again, another flash happens, and this time three Faunus sitting on the floor appeared.

The three sit there in silence shocked and surprised as they were quickly noticing the sudden change in their surroundings. Was it from their senses from their Faunus traits, or was it the total white area therein? They don't know.

"Mom…? Dad?!" Blake shouted, earning a few shocks from her friends then took a quick look at the two Faunus that have a similar resemblance to her.

"Blake?!" The said parents shouted in unison, not believing that their daughter as they stood up along with a dumbstruck Sienna, too shocked to make any comments with the number of humans around.

Again, the flash happened. The first few people transported in their position were starting to get annoyed with it.

The new arrival was Taiyang, who stopped walking in his track when he tried to reach Zwei back home. Like everyone else his expression speaks all.


"Seriously…? Tai?"

The familiar voices made Tai look at their position, and like everyone else, he was also shocked.

"Girls? Qrow?"

"GRRHAAA!" Yang shouted as she scratched her head in annoyance. "Seriously! What is going on?! What's next? A bad guy popping up out of nowhere?"

As if answering her prediction, the flash happened and appeared Roman, who was lying on the ground, quickly noticing that the ceiling in his cell was now all white.

"What the…" Was all Roman could say.

Yang's teammates stared at her with a deadpan look. She could only chuckle weakly. "At least it won't get any worse."

Yet again, the flash happened. "OW!" When it disappeared, they all saw Neo sitting on top of Roman's stomach, most likely landing on top of him.

"N-neo?" Roman gasped slightly in pain and shocked to see his partner in crime just as she is to him.

Yang was at first surprised then snarled at the ice-cream theme girl. "Great… you…" She growls while her eyes turn red.

"What is going… oh… hello." Roman said before turning to see the large group, which he recognizes a few. Neo got of Roman and took a battle stance having her parasol weapon, Hush, at ready.

The students reacted by unsheathing their weapons, including Winter and Qrow, but before a fight broke out, they were stopped by Professor Ozpin raising his hand toward them.

"Professor?" Ruby asked, tilting her head.

"Please, is this honesty a good time to start a fight here when none of us have any understanding of the situation?" Ozpin said with a calm and collected tone, trying to keep his students from getting any violent.

"But sir, there wanted criminals!" Yang stated not lowering her stance, or anyone did as they prepared against them.

"That may be so, but I doubt they would gain anything themselves if they tried to do anything hasty since they are in the same position as we are." The Headmaster of Beacon explains to his students, then turns to the two criminals. "Am I right?"

Roman took a long look at his surroundings, and to the group he and Neo are up against. Even he knows the odds are low for them both plus with the situation they stand. He made a big sigh as he stood up and dusted himself.

"That's enough, Neo." Neo looked up to him with a raised eyebrow. Roman just rolled his eyes. "Oh, don't give me that look, I know you like a good challenge, but even you know this isn't a good time."

Neo just pouted and placed her weapon away. Which made everyone else sigh in relief as they put away from their weapons, Yang reluctant at first but did the same.

"Well, that was a thing," Sienna said, saying something for the first time in their arrival.

"Your Sienna Khan!" Weiss gasped in recognizing the terrorist leader along with the others, Blake being more surprised than everyone.

"Oh? What gave that away, Schnee?" The leader of the White Fang said sarcastically as she glares at Weiss with her arms crossed.

Weiss stuttered a bit at the glare, not helping that most Faunus in the White Fang hates her family and the SDC.

"You leave my sister alone." Winter walked by her sister's side, making sure that nothing terrible will happen to her, whiles the others tensed a bit at the atmosphere preparing themselves in case a fight ensues.

Sienna scoffs and looks away. Everybody mentally sighs in relief in that.

"Now, would any of you Humans tell me where we are?"

"Why, you're in the White Void." An unfamiliar voice from behind the group said. This instinctively made everyone took a battle stance, and few reached out for their weapons and point at the person behind them. They saw a young man who appears to be around 20-30 years of age, dark skin, wearing black shoes, dark pants, grey sleeveless hoodie with a symbol of three lines on his left side of his chest (the roman numeral for three, shaped like Kingdom Heart III), he has black fingerless gloves on both of his hands, he has black short hair and wears glasses, but what's noticeable in his face was that his eyes are mitched match in color, his left eye being emerald green while the right being silver.

Despite all the weapons being pointed at him, he gives a small smile and looks instead relax at the situation.

Ozpin and those from his inner circle notice his right eye, since they are familiar with the story of the Silver-Eyed Warriors, but they never have they encountered anyone with heterochromia with one silver eye.

"And who might you be?" James asked as he points his gun, Due Process, at the stranger with his eyes narrowed, not looking away from his target.

"Ah, yes where are my manners." The stranger said not losing his smile despite being threatened. "You may call me T."

The group just blinked at the odd introduction at the now named T said.

"T? As in, the letter 'T'?" Pyrrha asked, making sure that she heard it right.

"That's right!" T chirped that made everyone blinked again with his sudden joyful mood. "Or you may call me Mr. T" He slightly chuckled at the joke.

Ruby, Nora, and Penny couldn't help but giggle despite the situation they are in.

"But that aside, why not put down your weapons, relax and let's talk like civilized people," T says to everyone, still holding his smile.

"And what if we don't?" Roman challenged, despite not having his cane weapon, Melodic Cudgel, he is still a capable fighter of that of a Huntsman level.

T's smile grew, then he just raised his right hand and snapped his fingers causing everyone's weapons to disappear from their hands, much to their shock.

Ozpin eyes were wide open at the stunt, not believing at what he just witnessed. "This feeling… this is… magic?!"

"M-my Crescent Rose!" Ruby cried, despair started to grow in her like half of the group with her, while the other half just became more caution to the man in front of them. "What have you done with my baby?!" She shouted childishly, wavering her arms in panic.

Most of the group sweatdropped at her antic.

"Ruby, sweety, this is not the time," Tai said towards his daughter.

T just chuckled at her silly antics. "Now, now, I assure you, you'll get your weapons back, but only if you calm down and hear me out."

The group could only eye at the man, not knowing what they should do. Fortunately, Ozpin was the one who broke the tension.

He sighed and relaxed from his combat stance and stood straight. "Very well, I suppose there's no harm in listening to you."

"Ozpin, are you sure?" Glynda asked, not breaking her stance from T.

"I'm sure Glynda, and besides, after seeing what he's capable of, he could have easily dealt with us from the start."

"It's true. I'm mighty powerful." T says as he places his hands on his hips as he speaks like its normal with a cheeky smile. This earned a deadpan look from everyone, making them feel that he's not that threat but an idiot.

Glynda sighs as she rubs the sides of her temples. "Very well." She loses her stance and relaxes.

Soon the others slowly did the same, hesitantly but did otherwise.

"Wonderful!" T said happily as he clapped his hands together. "I know your all confused, but I assure you all you are all bright here for a reason."

"Don't you mean, kidnaped?" Weiss rebuked as she narrowed her eyes still being suspicious of T.

"Kidnaped is such a big word; I prefer the term… invited."

"Whatever." Weiss just rolled her eyes along with a few others.

"Um…" The rabbit Faunus raised her hand nervously, getting T's attention.

T notices this and smiles at her. "Yes?"

"Sorry but, you said we are in the… White Void?" She asked confusingly, which earned a not from him. "What is this place exactly?"

Velvet's question spoked for everyone's mind as they listen to the foreigner's answer.

"Think of this place as a gap between dimensions," T answered as he slowly explains their location. "A blank space that is disconnected from the plain of existence."

The group just looked confused at the explanation; a few just looked at each other and just shrugged, not knowing the answer themselves. Except for Ozpin, though.

"I see…" Ozpin said as cupped his chin in thought. "So, you're saying this place is a world that exists… yet… it doesn't." This earned made the others a bit more confused with the conclusion the Headmaster made, while T's smile grew again satisfied with his answer.

"Correct. I should expect nothing less from you, Professor Ozpin. After all, this is the second time you've been to a place like this."

Everyone was surprised at that revelation, but not as more surprised as Ozpin. He looked around, carefully studying the area as he narrowed his eyes, then slowly opened wide as if he made a revelation.

This made his students confused and worry for Beacon's Headmaster, those from his inner circle were also concerned about their leader, but knowing the man's secret with magic they can only have a few ideas.

Ozpin looks at T with narrow eyes like he's trying to see through him. "Who and what are you?"

The void grew silent as Ozpin's answer was yet to be answered while everyone was slowly getting tensed. T's smile slowly turned into a smirk.

"My name is T…, and I am a God."

That single word shocked everyone as their eyes were wide open, and their mouths were agape in disbelieve.

"A-a God? You don't expect us to believe that?" Winter said as her shock turned into unamused disbelief.

"Honestly, a god in my own right, but a god none the less." T corrects. "What you think is honestly not my concern; what should be your concern is why you are all here."

This reminded everyone of their position and switched back into an oppressive atmosphere.

"Okay… T…, why are we here." Yang asked as her eyes turned red again as she slowly begins to lose her patience.

T gives his smile again as he raises both his hands towards the group. "You are all here to unlock new Possibilities."

Everyone blinked at the unexpected answer. Possibilities? What did this so-called God mean by that?

"Possi… bilities…?" Blake echoed as she tilted her head in confusion.

"Yes! Possibilities." T cheerfully said. He then snapped his finger; then, a coin appeared on his hand. "For example, Ruby Rose!" T shouted as he pointed his finger at her startling her.

"Y-yes!" She answered nervously then blinked as tilted her head. "Wait, how did you know my name?"

"I'm a god; I know all your names." The god answered, which earned an 'oh' from Ruby.

"Heads or tails?"


"Heads… or tails?"

A bit confused at the question, she noticed the coin on his hand and understood what he meant. Humoring him she answers. "Heads."

T flicked the coin, making it flip through the air then fell back to his hand catching it. He opens his palm showing that the coins facing Heads.

"Yay! I got it right!" The reaper cheered as she jumped up and down.

"Hey… T or whatever." Qrow asked, not getting the point of that little game. "What was the point of that exactly?"

"The point was that I just created eighty-eight different possibilities from this simple coin game."

"…Huh/What?" Everyone said together, confused at what the God just declared.

"Allow me to explain," T said still holding his smile while everyone began to listen to him. "Who here is familiar with the Multiverse Theory, raise their hand." Only a few slowly raised their hands showing that they now the theory. T nodded at them. "That's good, well the multiverse, also known as parallel dimension or alternate timeline is the theory of infinite possibilities." The group stayed quiet listening while a few gave a nodding understanding so far. "When I asked Ruby heads or tails, she was given the option of choosing two different routes, and she could only choose the one. When she chose heads, an alternate route was created from that exact moment making an alternate timeline of another Ruby choosing tails instead." Ruby was getting a bit confused with a few of her friends while a few of the adults where understanding T's explanation. "And when I flipped the coin, two routes where also created at that moment, thus making four different routes for Ruby. The same could be said for anyone of you if I have chosen someone else aside from her, making eighty-eight different routes altogether or rather one hundred and ten routes if you include me since I was one choice among you."

The students slowly understood his explanation, some being awed and interested, while the adults were the same while a few were in deep thought regarding the topic.

"As you can imagine, any activity or action that has happened or will happen creates an infinite amount of possibilities, either done by people, animal, machinery, or even natural phenomena."

"Not to be rude and all, but what does that have to do with anything?" Torchwick asked this time, honestly being interested himself with the topic.

"Oh, that's simple. What I'm trying to say is that your world, Remnant, barely has any possibilities at all."

The group was silent upon hearing their world not having many possibilities. The words slowly sink inside their heads trying to register at what he meant until one of them asked a question that would shock them.

"What does that mean?" Penny is the person to ask the question.

For the first time, T's smile turned into a sad frown, which made everyone tense at the sudden change of his facial mood. "It means your world is reaching its end."

The silent shock grew in everyone upon hearing those words 'your world is reaching its end' echoing in their heads hoping that they didn't mishear him, but the seeing the god's face not dropping his facial expression they couldn't brush off the fact that he could be lying, a sick joke maybe but even though it was their first time meeting the deity they couldn't help but accept every word he says like there's a force that made them believe what he says.

"Th-the end?!" Nora stuttered, making sure that she heard what T say was right.

"Sadly, yes."

"I-is that why you brought us here?" Jaune asked nervously.

"Oh, actually, I'm not the one who brought you all here," T answers with a sad smile as he chuckled awkwardly.

"You didn't?" Sienna asked a bit skeptically after recomposing herself from the shock of their world-ending along with a few others. "You're a god, aren't you? Shouldn't you have that kind of power?"

"True, deities such as I, are capable of such feats. But of course, there are such rules that even we must follow."

This perked everyone's interest. Gods have their own set of rules that they must follow. That was a first. Ozpin, a descended of the late civilization who had the close encounter to the Two Brothers, the God of Light and the God of Darkness of Remnant, did understand a bit of what T was getting at since they did make the rule that the dead should stay dead. Ironic, that he should be gone along with a certain Queen rather than walking in eternity.

"What are these rules exactly?" Ghira asked honestly, being interested in the topic.

"Well, one of them being not allowed to summon residents from another dimension that resides in another deity's domain."

"Wait… you're saying you're not from our dimension?" Ren asked curiously.

"That is correct."

"If you didn't bring us here… then who did?" Kali warily asked.

"That would be ma'am." A new voice said, coming out from nowhere, making everyone jump a bit.

A familiar flash of light happened again; there stands a newcomer, standing next to T.

A newcomer is an older adult who looked about seventy. He has a full beard, with a face marred by wrinkles and slicked-back silver hair. He wears a black cape that was held in by golden tassels, showing a matching black shirt with a detailed white and gold embroidery. Despite his old age he carried a youthful smile on his face with a twinkling in his blood-red eyes.

Coco slightly removed his sunglasses, having a good look at the newcomer examining his clothing. Honestly, it brought a kind of vibe that fit his description, mysteries. "Okay… so who are-." Before Coco could finish her sentence, she hears the sound of someone collapsing on the ground next to her. She turns to see that her teammate, Velvet was sitting on the ground. Trembling, with her eyes wide open, looking at the older man, clearly showing that she's afraid. "Velvet?!" She quickly tends to her teammate checking at what's wrong, while the others noticed the scene filled with worry in their eyes and surprise.

Before Coco could say anything, Velvet spoke up, while though her voice was shaking but loud and clear enough for everyone to hear. "W-w-what… a-a-a-re y-you?!"

This made everyone blink in surprise at the rabbit Faunus's reaction, although she wasn't the only one that wasn't faring any better.


Everybody heard Yang's cry, and they see that she is supporting Blake, also trembles at the sight of the elderly. The two other Belladonna's where even at the same condition, Kali holding on to her husband trembling while Ghira stood straight slightly trembling to do his best not to fall. Sienna was doing the same; she bit her lips as she strugglingly supports herself.

"Zelrech…" T sighs and gives an annoyed look to the know named elderly. "I told you to 'cloak' yourself. Look at what you've done."

Zelrech gives a hearty laugh leaving everyone dumbstruck, they now know that he is responsible for what's happening to the Faunus, but at the same time confused cause they honestly can't tell if he is a threat or not. "Sorry, sorry, I couldn't help myself!" With that, he snaps his fingers; a dull light surrounds his body. On that cue the Faunus immediately stopped trembling, and they all took deep breathings slowly calming themselves.

"Blake! Are you okay?" The reaper asked with a look of worry, along with Weiss and Yang.

"I'm… I'm fine." Blake answered as she slowly stood up and took normal breathing. She turned towards her parents and saw that they recovered as well. They notice her, and both gave her a smile telling her that they're okay, Blake smiled in return.

Velvet was a bit shaken but fine none the fewer thanks to Coco's comfort.

Sienna, on the other hand, was glaring at Zelrech, never in her life was she that afraid to the point she would tremble. Without warning she charges towards him attempting to strike him, which caught everyone off-guard, except for T and Zelrech.

But before she could even reach him, small silver-colored portals appeared from the ground, then suddenly shot out from the field, they circle Sienna then quickly bind her forcing her into her knees. Everyone could only watch in shock and awe at what just happened.

"W-what?!" Sienna cries, trying struggle free from the chains.

"My humble apologies for my friend's antic." The deity eyes Zelretch with a dull look, though he chuckles and scratches the back of his neck. "I promise he didn't mean any harm; he likes play… pranks."

'…Pranks?' Everyone echoed in their heads with a sweat drop, not knowing how to answer that odd comment. Heck, even Sienna stopped struggling at the absurd comment.

Zelrech laughs heartfully again. "Again, I like to apologize, allow me to introduce myself. I am Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg."

Everyone took a moment to register the newcomer, and they could tell that he is someone like T, a deity of a kind.

"Are you also a god?" Nora asked, breaking the silence.

"Oh no, I'm not a god, I'm a Vampire," Zelrech answered with a toothy grin.

Everyone was flabbergasted at the now identified vampire announced.

"I'm not drunk enough for this nonsense," Qrow mumbled to himself as he drank from his flask.

"A v-vampire?!" Weiss shouted in disbelief. "You can be series."

"Sorry, Weissy." A 'hey' was said out loud. "But after everything you've seen and heard so far, is it that hard to believe?" The Vampire asked, earning a stunned heiress trying to answer but begrudgingly had to accept the logic.

"Good. Now, T, I believe Sienna has calmed down know." T waves his hand making the chains evaporate into particles of light, earning an awe reaction from the others. The leader of the White Fang stood up massaged the parts of her body that the chains met. She slightly glares at Zelrech then walks back to where she once stood, knowing that there's nothing she can do.

"Now that's out of the way, I believe it's time to explain everything."

"Yes, that would be beneficial, seeing that we know you have a vampire joining us," Ozpin said, stating the obvious, but regardless he was more concern about their current predicament regarding Remnant's end.

"As T mentioned, your world lacks possibilities due to… unsavory events that constantly plague Remnant." Zelrech cryptically says, earning a few ideas from residents of Remnant. Especially Ozpin and his inner circle.

"Thus, we have decided to intervene and give your dying world a… third chance." Zelrech smiled, enjoying the perplexed look that the group where all making.

A third chance? Not second? Everyone listening was confused by that odd comment. Was there world in danger more times than once? Ozpin aside, he silently looked down in shame understanding what the vampire meant.

"Is that why you brought us here? To warn us?" James asked, hoping to have an answer, as a General and Huntsman it his sworn duty to protect the people of Remnant, along with a few experienced Hunters and in training all thinking the same.

Zelrech smiled and nodded. "But I thought you said you're not allowed summon people from other dimensions," Winter said, reminding everyone.

"Ah, but you forget Ice Queen." Qrow snickered at her nickname, which earned a glare from Winter. "Gods like T are not allowed to do such things, but there's never a rule about a certain Dead Apostle with a power of Second Magic that isn't allowed to intervene on any dimension in existence." He answered with a cheeky grin showing his fang.

A few of the students and adults were a bit amused by his antics of 'bending the rules' while a few adults were pondering on the keywords the vampire mention: Dead Apostle and Second Magic.

Lie Ren raised his hand, wanting to get his question answered. "Apologies Mr-"

"Please, call me Zelrech. Mr. makes me feel old." Zelrech said, earning a few chuckles and giggles from the crowd at his humor.

"Yes, Zelrech, I couldn't help but notice a couple of keywords in explanation. What is a Dead Apostle? And you mention… Second, Magic?" This perked everyone's interest no more than Ozpin and his inner circle regarding the said magic.

"Of course, in my dimension, a Dead Apostle is what vampires such as myself are classified as." This earned a hum and nod from them. "While Second Magic, or also known as the Kaleidoscope, grants me the ability to create pathways so that I can grant free access to myself or anyone when traveling to different worlds. And yes, I am the only one capable performing the said magic."

Everyone where at awed at such a powerful ability. The ability to travel to different dimensions with magic no less! If some of them didn't believe in magic well, they believe it now.

"But… why would you help us?" Glynda asked as she straitens her glasses. "Why go out of your way to help from a different world?"

T and Zelrech looked at each other then back at them, smiling.

"My simple desire is that I simply wish to bear witness to new possibilities for your dying world and its people." T answers.

"My reason is the same with T other here," Zelrech says, pointing a thumb at the god then he grins. "Plus, I was bored."

Everyone was silent after hearing the second part. Was he bored?

"Sorry, did you say were bored?" The heiress asked, raising a brow, making sure she heard it right.

Zelrech just laughs. "Yes, that's right! I did it because I was bored! Ah, but I assure you what I'm doing is for good intentions." He continues to laugh while the group's jaws drop in disbelief while T shake his head in annoyance. Not wanting to ask what the vampire meant by that none of them asked any further.

"Now that you all know the reason for being here, tell me what you all will do?" T questions them making all focus on the god in what he meant. "We are giving you a choice to stay or not. The decision is yours to make."

Everyone was silently in deep thought thinking other at what they learned so far, should they stay they would be given something in return to save Remnant, but if they chose to return, they could try to stop what's to come by themselves. But will that be enough?

"I'll stay." Two simple words where enough to break everyone's line of concentration. Turning to the source of the voice, they see it was Ruby Rose with a determined look in her face that said it all.

"I'll stay. What do I need to do to help save my world?"

Before anyone could say anything such as her Team, friends, family, or professors, T was the first to pitch in. "Are you sure?"

Ruby looks down for a moment then looks straight towards T's, her silver eyes facing towards his odd eyes. "I'm sure."

Zelrech watching couldn't help but smile towards the girls. "She is just like a certain Faker. I look forward to how much you'll mature here, Ruby Rose."

"I should've known you'd say that, Ruby." The heiress sighed as she walks up to her partner. "But since you're staying, it's only fair that I should too."

"Awe, thanks, Weiss," Ruby said happily as she hugged her partner.

"L-let go of me, you dolt!"

"Welp, if Rubes is staying, then so am I," Yang smirks, looking her younger sister and teammates. "Right Blake?"

Blake nods with a small smile. "Right."

"Where staying too," Jaune said along with is Team and half of Team CVFY nodded together.

"Oz?" James asked, looking towards his old friend for his piece.

"Do you need to ask, James?" Ozpin said with a playful smirk. "Of course, we'll stay after all we are Huntsman, and it is our sworn duty face against the forces of darkness that threaten our world. And above all else we are professors, who are we to leave our students behind."

James smiled and chuckled at how true he is. "Your right, can't deny that." He then turns to Winter and Penny.

"Specialist Schnee. Miss Polendina. I trust you both don't have an issue." The said two shake their heads.

"No, sir, I will stay and do what I can for Remnant," Winter answers professionally, then turns to look at her sister. "And I wish to keep my sister safe."

James nods in understanding, then looks towards Penny.

"I'll stay, sir, after all; that's why am here for." The android answers then smile. "And Ruby is my friend; it would be sensational to work alongside her."

"I see." The General says, then turns to Ozpin, Glynda, and Qrow. They all nodded together, signaling that there staying.

Qrow walk but to his brother-in-law. "You are staying, Tai?"

"Of course! I mean, what kind of father would I be if I leave my two girls here after learning all this?" Tai answers as he smirks to Qrow, while he snorts in approval as he takes another sip from his flask.

Sienna watches the humans as they made their decisions, then looks towards the two Belladonnas. "I take it you're both staying?"

"Of course." The Chieftain of Menagerie answers as she looks towards his wife, who smiled towards him, then looked towards his daughter who was still talking to her friends. "Not only will we do our part for Remnant but also the time to catch up with our daughter."

The leader of the White Fang could only inwardly sigh in approval of their decision. "Very well, I'll stay too. But I'm only doing for the survival of the Faunus." She answers, making the two nods in understanding.

Roman Torchwick was clearly in deep thought about everything he's learned so far, he could just leave and inform this to Cinder and her lackeys but who's to say that she would believe him and what he learned, then again what harm was there if he could take this opportunity to turn the tables when he returns. He then takes a quick look at Neo, and he sees her smirk that's saying, 'this looks like fun'. Being the criminal that he is, he makes his decision.

"Well, Neo, what do you say?" Neo looks up to him, and her smirk grew even more significant. "Well, it's official where staying."

After a while, everyone has made their decision to stay.

"Wonderful!" T says as he claps his hand together in approval. "Then let us begin. Zelretch, if you please."

Zelretch smiles and snaps his fingers. The White Void was illuminated by a bright light swallowing everyone including themselves. At that moment they disappeared leaving the White Void empty.

The routes of possibility have begun at that very moment. The residents of Remnant will bear witness to a new change for themselves, and for Remnant, how it will start and end, nobody knows. Only Fate can tell.

To be Continued…

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