"This episode is called 'Forest of Demons', right?" Velvet asked, slightly shuddering at the title episode.

"Yup." Coco said with a 'p'. "Not gonna lie. But I can pretty much tell who this title is referring to."

"Let's not think about it too much." Ruby slightly shuddered, knowing full well who they are talking about.

Thankfully, D started the next viewing, and everyone got ready to watch.

The scene opens back to the building that the Magus Killer destroyed. Albeit half of it still stands.

"Is that the building that Kiritsugu blew up?" Jaune asked, not expecting this to be the first thing to show up.

"I'm surprised that building is still standing." Qrow comments. "Then again, he did thoroughly plan everything."

"But why are we back at this scene?" Winter questions.

A helicopter flew over the building while construction workers are currently cleaning up the top of the area. A group of construction workers was looking at something at the center of the building.

"Who are these guys?" Nora asked.

"Most likely the cleanup and construction team." Ren answered.

"Over here." One of the workers said he guided another worker, no doubt the head, to spot the group.

"What going on?" Blakes asked, not liking seeing the group huddle together like that.

The head looked up at what the group was looking at. "What's this?" He questioned as he gazed at a sizeable liquid-like sphere before them.

"W-What is that!?" Yang shouts, shocked seeing such a thing along with the others.

"It looks like mercury." Penny answered.

"Could this belong to Kayneth?" Ozpin theories, earning a shock from everyone.

"So that means he, Lancer, and Sola-Ui survived?" Sienna said. "But how is that possible."

"Mercury is considered as a liquid metal, so there is the chance that Kayneth must have used to shield them from the blast." James answered.

"So, they're inside that thing." Kali said.

"All of you, return to your posts." Another worker said to his fellow peers as they did what he said. He then walks up to his superior, who is analyzing the sphere. "It looks like a ball of mercury."

"That's what we all think." Jaune comments.

"It's like it's alive." The head comments as he pulls out his hand and touches the mercury sphere as his hand sank like he is dipping in water.

"Don't touch it, you idiot!" Weiss shouts. "Mercury is a very lethal substance!"

"And not to mention it belongs to Kayneth." Tai points out as everyone began to worry for the construction worker.

He suddenly gasped and widened his eyes in shock and felt something rushing his bloodstream. "I have to move this out of here..." He whispered. Again and again, making his peer turn to him confused.

"What's happening to him?!" Ghira's eyes widen.

"Is something wrong?" He asked until he finally heard what he said.

"I have to move this out of here."

"Huh?" Before he could ask why the head already made his orders.

"Load it on the truck!" He shouts. "Quickly!"

"It appears that Kayneth is manipulating the man." Ozpin narrowed his eyes.

"That's disgusting…" Glynda agreed as she narrowed her eyes in disgust. "I hope that man is alright."

"It's not shown, but that man was found the next day passed out in a truck with no recollection of anything." D informs, easing some of the audience.

(Opening Theme: Oath Sign by LiSA)

The audience listens to the music, and a few are happy to see that they can now watch the opening scenes.

Although they noticed that Saber's weapon is blurred, D explains that it will remain hidden until it is official revealed in the following viewings.

This gave the chance to study a bit at the Servant's skills as well as the Masters.

(Opening Theme ends)

"I'm so glad we get the chance to watch the opening again." Ruby cheered.

"Yeah! It was really fun watching all that again." Yang agreed with her sister.

The scene opens, showing back to the church late at night.

"The church again?" Pyrrha raised a brow. "I take it this is when the Overseer will announce the temporary change of rules."

"The Holy Grail War is in grave peril." Risei Kotomine called out with a stern tone. "It is confirmed that Caster's Master… is behind the kidnappings tormenting Fuyuki City as of late."

"At least they're doing something about those crazy murderers." Blake shuddered.

"I'm curious how Risei will announce it." James says, interested in what the priest will say.

He announced as he stood inside the church's building before the rows of pews. But curiously, there is no one there but himself.

"Wait… who is he talking to?" Roman raised a brow. "There is no one in the room but himself." Neo tilted her head confused as well.

"He's clearly talking to the other Masters aside from Caster's." Qrow points out. "Though if it were me, I wouldn't even dare stay in a room filled with people who are trying to kill you to get an almighty wish-granting grail."

"Agreed." Ozpin nodded in Qrow's reason. "It's most likely that the Masters are using their familiars to take their place in this gathering."

"Therefore, I will make use of my emergency powers as judge… and temporarily alter the rules of the Grail War." The Overseer continues. "All Masters are to cease any ongoing combat immediately… and focus on exterminating Caster instead.

"I wonder if that will really stop them from fighting on another?" Pyrrha comments as she recalled a certain few Masters who want to fight the participants.

"The one who defeats Caster and his Master… He will receive an additional Command Spell as a reward." The Overseer lifts his right arm and brings down his long sleeve, exposing his right, surprisingly muscular arm, with unique tattoos on it. "These are unused Command Spells the fallen Masters of past Grail Wars have left behind. They should be of immeasurable value to you all."

"Whoa! Look at his arm!" Yang gawked, surprised seeing the older man's arm so muscular. "It's all ripe!"

"And he's what? Sixty? Seventy?" Coco asked as she lowered her shades showing her wide-open eyes.

"He must keep a good training resume to be that fit." Qrow whistled, impressed for the priest.

"But look at those tattoos!" Nora points out. "Don't tell me those are all Command Spells?"

"This will defiantly motivate some of the Masters to target Caster." Winter said.

"I wonder how many there are?" Penny questioned, thinking how many Masters did not use their Command Spells in the previous Grail Wars.

"Once it is proven that Caster has been exterminated …the Grail War will resume as usual." Risei finishes. "If anyone has questions, now is the time to ask them."

"I wonder how they will ask?" Velvet curiously asks.

"Though, that would be limited to speakers of the human tongue." The Overseer mused as the sound of various flapping of wings dispersed from the room. All this time, he was conversing to the familiars of the Masters.

"Oh, so they used bird familiars to take their place." Blake said.

"I suppose it's a better substitute instead of them actually attending." Weiss comments while she curiously thought of the possibility if she could ever summon and somehow make them do the same thing as familiars can do. Winter also thought of that possibility since she mostly used her summons for combat.

Qrow chuckled, seeing the advantage of birds for this kind of job since he could literally turn into one.

The scene now changes to Tohsaka manor in the day.

"Well done, Father." Tokiomi said in his workshop contacting Risei. "Now, all the Masters will hunt him down."

"Well, isn't he happy." Sienna sarcastically said.

Back in the church.

"Five familiars were gathered at the church." Risei informs. "Which means..."

"Wait. Five?" Ghira perked up. "If you exclude Kirei and that psychotic serial killer…"

"Then that means that Kayneth is still alive." Kali finishes confirming that Kayneth, along with his group, is still alive.

Back to Tokiomi's workshop.

"Which means that Lord El-Melloi survived." Tokiomi finishes not seemed to be bothered by that fact.


"Gotta give pointers for Kayneth for surviving that." Tai comments.

"He's going to wish that he did." D quipped.

"What do you mean?" Jaune asked a bit nervously.

"You'll see."

Back to the church.

"And with a Command Spell as the reward… El-Melloi, having already used one, won't let this opportunity pass by. Neither will the other Masters." Risei deduces. "They'll want to keep it from the rest..."

"There is a high chance that Kayneth will do that." James nodded at the logic.

"But it would most likely cause a frenzy… making the other Master still fight one another." Glynda's eyes widen at the sudden realization.

"So they still planned to make the Masters fight one another?" Roman said, impressed that they have thought this far.

Back to the workshop.

"...by claiming it for themselves." The Overseer finishes through the Master of Archer's gramophone.

"But other Masters who haven't used their Command Spells could get an extra one." Weiss points out.

"That would give everyone else a disadvantage." Ren agreed.

"But that also means the Master who obtains the Command Spell… will gain a formidable advantage." The Master adds.

"Of course, that wouldn't be good." Risei agrees.

"So, how will this be good for them?" Ruby raised a brow.

Back to the church.

"Once Caster is weakened from being hunted by the others..." The father smiles confidently. "...Archer'll be the one to finish him off."

"Of course, they would plan it for him to win the prize." Yang narrowed her eyes.

"I'm starting to think this war is a real sham." Weiss frowned, not liking that these people are manipulating the Grail war to their favor.

'You have no idea.' D mentally frowned that it's even worse than that.

The scene now changes to the Mackenzie residence with a delivery truck by its front entrance.

"Oh! Where back at the Waver's place." Pyrrha comments.

"Is that a delivery truck?" Jaune asked. "Did someone order something?"

"U-Um..." A delivery man asked while holding a package. He couldn't help but have a stiff smile on his face and a twitching eye as he looked up at the person in front of the door as he tried to be professional. "Is this the Mackenzie residence?"

"W-What?" Nora slowly grinned, knowing what's going on.

"Why is he that man stuttering and have a stiff smile?" Penny tilted her head in confusion, wondering why the delivery man is acting that way.

"Yes, that is the name of this house's owner." A very familiar gruff voice said proudly.

"Oh! So he's talking to Rider." Kali grinned, knowing who the delivery man is talking to and remembering a certain someone going through a similar scene like this.

"He is intimidating." Blake chuckled as she thought the same thing as her mother, and Sienna chuckled as well.

Ghira watches his daughter, wife, and current leader of the White Fang grinning and silently chuckling. He pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs, knowing well what his fellow Faunus thought as he recalled a few times when delivery men come to his door and would constantly freeze when they see him. 'Not my fault that I look intimidating.'

"Well then..." The delivery man stiffly said. "Is Mr. Iskandar, King of Conquerors, at home?"

"Did he seriously just give his name away for purchasing a package?" Weiss says in disbelief.

"I wonder what's inside." Pyrrha curiously wondered.

"That would be me."

"Oh… I see." The delivery man nervously chuckled. "Um… could you please sign on the receipt here?" The poor man asked as he pointed the sheet of paper on top of the package and then handed a pen.

"Wow, he is a trembling mess." Yang chuckled.

"Well, he is before the mighty King of Conquerors!" Nora cheered.

"My signature? Very well!" The King of Conquerors gladly said he took the package and pen, wrote down his signature, and gave the sheet back to the still stiff delivery man. "You have my thanks."

"Th-Thank you for your patronage..." The delivery man quickly thanked him.

"Another job well done for the delivery service." Penny smiled while the few of the audience chuckled

The scene now cuts back inside the dining room of the Mackenzie's while Rider was wearing a white shirt with the picture of the world map on it, no doubt that came from the package that says 'Admirable: War Tactics (in kanji)' on it.

"That's… what he purchased?" Ren slowly said while he ignored Rider flexing. "He bought a shirt?"

"Like the pictures in the shirt, but I suppose it's just a regular shirt." Coco comments.

"It's not just any shirt. It's a limited-edition 'Admirable: War Tactics' video game shirt." D chimed in, making a few of the audience sweatdrop at that fact.

"Oh! That's so cool!" Ruby's eyes sparkled liking about the limited-edition purchase, like how she purchases weapon catalogs. Jaune was the same when he bought a Pumpkin Pete hoodie.

"It feels good to have the entire world mapped across my chest!" Rider joyfully laughs as he flexes his muscles while wearing his new shirt.

"I suppose for someone who holds the title of 'King of Conquerors' would like to purchase such an item." Ozpin comments.

"Why are you dressed like that?" Waver asked as he entered the dining room.

"My package just arrived." Rider grinned.

"You went outside?!" The Master gasps.

"He says that it's a bad thing." Penny comments.

"He's just worried that about his Servant going out of public when he's close to their hiding spot." Winter said, thinking that it is terrible for Rider to go out like that without informing his Master.

"Tada!" As proof rider shows the package in his hand with all the information of the Mackenzie's address. It even has his True Name and Title on it. "I tried this "ordering by post" thing." The King grinned without a care in the world.

"I told you not to leave the second floor!" Waver angrily shouts at the Servant.

"I doubt anyone, Servant or not, will be willing to stay in the house all the time." Tai comments even he will go crazy if he just stays all the time indoors.

"If the occupants aren't home and you're busy with your familiar, …who else can answer the door?" Rider counters as he places the package on top of the table.

"So that was during the time of the gathering." Glynda said, now understanding why it had to be Rider to pick up the package instead of anyone else in the house.

"I had no choice…" Waver admits regarding the announcement in the church. "It's rare to be summoned by the Church."

"Is it really?" Sienna asked the deity.

"It is." D nodded. "They only do that unless if it's of great importance."

"Like announcing the minor change of rules." James comments.

"Don't be so grouchy. I came to a realization after seeing Saber last night." Rider muses as he begins to walk out of the room as he begins to go outside of the house, making Waver move out of the way. "If I wear modern attire… there should be no problems with going outside in corporeal form.

"That's his reason?" Weiss questioned.

"Well, we did see Saber and Archer wearing casual clothing." Jaune reasoned seeing the two wearing modern clothing, so it wouldn't be surprising for Rider to do the same.

"Hey, wait!" Waver frantically shouts. "At least put some pants on before you go out!"

"Are you kidding me?!" Blake shouts as she shields her eyes from the sight of Rider only in underwear.

"How on Oum did we not notice that?!" Yang looked away, not wanting to see that.

"Gross, gross, gross!" Ruby gagged as she covered her face with her hood. Most women looked away in embarrassment while a few secretly liked it while the men were somewhat jealous of his built and a bit uncomfortable looking at it.

"Oh, leggings. That's right, everyone in this country wears them." Rider lightly gasps in realization as he bumps his fist on his forehead, making a thinking pose, then eyed his Master with a severe gaze. "Do I have to?"

"YES! YES, YOU DO!" Glynda screams out uncharacteristically, making everyone widen their eyes in shock. Seeing the Beacon Professor act that way, but who could blame her? Even a few others were about to scream at the King's indecent behavior. Realizing what she did, she coughed on her hand, composed herself, and sat straight on her seat while there was a hint of red on her face.

"Of course you do!" Waver shouts the obvious. "And before you ask… I'm definitely not going all the way to town just to buy you XXXL pants."

"He's that big?!" Jaune's drop his jaws along with the others.

"He has the same requirement size as you, dear." Kali chimed.

"Kali…" Ghira sighs as he shook his head.

"What?!" Rider shouts in disbelief. "Boy, are you opposing my triumphant conquest?!"

"What conquest? Having the best clothing to wear?" Weiss sassed.

"I'd take that challenge." Coco said with a confident grin.

"Coco…" Velvet sighs but smiles at her team leader's love for clothing.

"Conquest and your pants have zilch, zero, and absolutely nothing to do with one another!" The Master shouts in annoyance. "Go defeat an enemy Servant before you start thinking about screwing around outside! Then I'll buy you pants or whatever you want."

"What he said." Ren said with a small smile at Waver's reaction.

Nora giggled. "These two make a great comedy duo!"

"I understand. Very well." The King of Conquerors sighs, then makes a serious expression, no doubt using his Charisma Skill. "So you swear that you'll buy me pants once I've defeated an enemy Servant?"

"How is he a king exactly?" Sienna deadpans, wondering how this man is a historical king.

"I'll praise him for being dead set on his goal. Even if it's something as minor as clothing." Ozpin comments, hearing a tired sigh from his circle.

"You..." Waver was stunned by his declaration then sighs in defeat. "Do you really want to walk around outside in modern clothes that much?"

"I'm sure any Servant would." Pyrrha comments.

"The King of Knights was doing it." The King comments. "As a fellow king, I cannot allow myself to be left behind. I like the design on this shirt. It's a fitting shirt for a ruler!"

"Fitting indeed." Roman mused while Neo silently giggled.

"Even though it's important that we find where Caster is..." The Master sighs. "What are we doing?"

"What are they doing indeed?" Glynda shakes her head, feeling bad for the young boy.

The scene now changes late at night somewhere in the wood of Fuyuki. Inside is the Einzbern Castle.

"A castle?" Velvet tilted her head.

"That's the Einzbern Castle of Fuyuki." D answers.

"So I take it that this would be the official hideout for Kiritsugu and his companions." James points out.

"There is a powerful field over Mt. Enzou, with Ryuudou Temple as its origin." Emiya Kiritsugu announces as he, Irisveil, Maiya, and Saber is in the castle's conference room as they plan their next move. "Because of that, anything that isn't a natural spirit, such as a Servant… can only enter via the temple path.

"Power field?" Ruby titled her head.

"He must be talking about the Ley lines." Weiss answered. "But what did he mean that only natural spirits can enter?"

"Servants may be powerful, but they have certain limits such as the unable to enter certain areas such as the filed that was mentioned." D explained.

"Bear that in mind when using Saber." The True Master informs the False one as the Magus Killer shows the map of Fuyuki on the table as he points at the circled locations. "There are three other spots where the ley lines converge. Tohsaka Manor, Fuyuki Church, and... this new residential area east of the city center." He points that it reads out 'New Town, East'. "Consequently, this means there are four locations in Fuyuki City... that have all the spiritual characteristics needed for the Grail to appear."

"So there are more magic hotspots for Master's to take advantage of." Qrow said as he took a sip from his flask.

"I'm willing to bet they can use that to empower their magic and their Servants." Tai said.

"Yes." D nodded. "The Ley lines can be used more than just creating the Grail but can be used for a variety of methods."

"And Tokiomi and his priests have a huge advantage." Blake frowned, beginning to agree that this war is becoming a sham.

"When the war enters its second phase, and the Servants are narrowed down… we'll have to secure one of these as our base of operations, won't we?" Iri asks.

"So they are planning to make a new hideout for their advantage." Ozpin comments.

"I wonder which one they will choose?" Velvet wondered.

"That's right." The Master of Saber confirms. "That covers the lay of the land. Any questions?"

"Is there anything you aren't clear on?" Iri turned to Saber.

"Not particularly." The Servant of the Sword answered. "It was a perfectly adequate explanation."

"It's a sound plan." James nodded in admission. "Securing a new base of operations is favorable."

Iri turned back to her husband. "Kiritsugu, can we assume all the other Masters will go for Caster?"

"No doubt about that…" Kirisugu admits. "However, we have the advantage with regards to Caster. Out of whatever madness… he believes Saber to be Jeanne d'Arc… which is to our benefit." He smirks at the thought. "We just need to wait for him to come."

"I doubt Saber would be pleased about that." Pyrrha winced as she shivered at the recollection of how Caster was gung-ho about the King of Knights.

"Will that be enough to stop him, though." Penny curiously asked.

"Master, that won't be enough." Saber interjected. "His evil deeds cannot be tolerated. We should go after him before the damage spreads further."

"My thoughts exactly!"

Kiritsugu did not answer, nor did he even look at his Servant. He completely ignored her, making Saber slightly narrowed her eyes.

A few of the audience had various reactions to Kiritsugu's behavior. Some were confused, raised a brow, or narrow their eyes.

"Why… isn't Kiristugu saying anything?" Nora slowly asked.

"I… I think he's purposely ignoring her." Ren slowly answered.

"Come to think of it… we never actually seen the two interact at all." Jaune points out.

"But why would Kiritsugu do that?" Ruby asked, wondering why the Master would purposely ignore his Servant.

"Iri, have you grasped control of the spells of the fields in this forest?" Kiritsugu asked his wife.

"He did not just brush Saber off just now." Yang frowned, not liking how the Magus Killer did that.

"Now that was plain rude." Winter frowned in disapproval.

"Yes, I have." Iri answered, then turned to Saber with a concerned look. "But our real problem is the curse on Saber's left arm. Eighteen hours have passed since you defeated Kayneth… but Saber's arm won't heal. Lancer must still be alive. Shouldn't we defeat Lancer first… so we can face Caster at full strength?"

"That is a problem." Ghira comments. "Even if with her injury, it won't be easy for her to beat Caster."

"That's unnecessary." Kiritsugu answered. "Just use your knowledge of the area… to confuse the enemy and keep Saber away from him."

"Wait. He's not planning for her to fight against Caster?" Blake says in surprise, along with the others.

"But why?" Jaune questioned. "He knows what kind of person Caster is and what he's doing, so why choose to ignore him?"

Saber silently gripped her left hand except for her thumb, not liking what her Master said. "You won't have her fight Caster?" Iri asks, surprised by his decision.

"Looks like Saber doesn't approve at all." Weiss frowns.

"Even Iri is surprised by this." Coco comments.

"Someone else will deal with him anyway." The Master just lightly smiled. "In fact, the ones going after Caster in a frenzy would make much better targets. I'll attack from the side and defeat them."

"Seriously!? He's thinking the same thing as Tokiomi and Risei?" Nora shouted as she threw her arms out.

"I was afraid of this." Ozpin comments. "I knew that Tokiomi would not be the only one to think of such a plan."

Saber continues to grip her fist until she finally voices her frustration. "Master, just... how despicable can you get?!" Saber shouts, earning a surprised look from Iri, but Kiritsugu seems to ignore her. "You mock us Heroic Spirits. Why won't you let me fight? Are you saying that you can't trust me, your own Servant?!"

"You tell him, girl!" Yang shouts. "Tell him how much you wanna take down Caster."

"Yeah! You may be a Master or Magus Killer or whatever, but you can't push away your partner like that!" Ruby joins in with her sister.

Kiritsugu remained silent and not once gazed at her Servant. Maiya simply stood doing nothing, seeing that she has no part in this.

"He's still ignoring her?" Glynda skeptically said as he and the other are beginning to see that he is doing it on purpose.

"Why is he ignoring Saber?" Ozpin asked the deity.

"Because Kiritsugu refuses to make any form of relationship with Arturia." D answers, shocking everyone.

"But why?" Pyrrha asked, feeling hurt that he would treat her that way. "Is it because she's a Servant?"

"That and because both of their ideals clash with one another." D explains. "Saber is an honorable knight who would stay true to chivalry while Kiritsugu is the Magus Killer who would use any means to eliminate his target. And besides, if he acknowledges her presence, he would only lash out at her, maybe even try to kill her, but that would jeopardize his chances to win the Grail."

"That's…!" Winter struggled to say the right word for this revelation. Even the others couldn't say anything.

"How in the hell is this guy that messed up?" Roman broke the silence. Even Neo wasn't that crazy.

"You'll find out sooner later." D simply said, getting the audience annoyed at him for brushing of the answer.

Iri was torn from seeing this situation then decided to speak up. "The new rule says we can't fight anyone but Caster, right?"

"Even Iri is struggling at this awkward moment." Weiss cringed, remembering the time when her mother would always stay quiet and not care about anything except for her whine even when she's in the same room with her.

"It doesn't matter." Kiritsugu answered her. "I just can't trust the Overseer of this war. He feigns ignorance while sheltering Assassin's Master. He might also be working with Tohsaka. We'd do well to be wary of him. That will be all."

Iri and Saber are stunned that Kiritsgu admitted that he doesn't trust the Overseer but still completely ignored his Servant. Iri looked away, not knowing what to say, while Saber gritted her teeth that her Master has skipped her thoughts and questions.

"Well, that could have gone better." Sienna sarcastically said.

"I'm surprised Kiritsugu actually thinks that way." Kali frowned, not liking how the Master is towards his Servant.

"This man is clearly broken." Tai says as they all wondered why the Magus Killer became what he is.

The scene changes showing Kiritsugu and Iri out on one of the balconies of the castle.

"Kiritsugu..." Iri muttered worryingly as she stood by the balcony entrance and watched her husband gazing at the night sky as he leans his shoulder at the edge of the balcony.

"Is she finally going to confront him about his behavior from before?" Weiss said.

"You think she will?" Ruby wondered. "Iri is too kind for her own good."

She approaches him but stops halfway when he spoke. "If..." He grips his arms as he looks down. "If I... If I decided just to abandon everything and run away right now... Iri, would you come with me?"

Everyone was all taken back at what he the Magus Killer just said now. None of them would expect him to change his personality like that and suddenly became more emotional.

"What. The. Hell." Yang blinked a couple of times.

"Is he… is he talking about running away with his family?" Jaune slowly said.

"What… brought this up? Is it because of the war?" Blake says as her eyes widen at how Kiritsugu sounded so… afraid.

Iri was taken back by the sudden question. "What about Illya? The girl's still in the castle!"

"I'd return for her… killing anyone in the way. And then…" The Magus killer answers says with complete determination. "I'll devote everything I have to just you and Illya!"

Everyone widened their eyes at how to determine the Magus Killer would go so far for his family.

"Can we really run away?" Iri couldn't help but ask, knowing that her father would never allow such a thing.

"We can!" The Magus Killer's composed expiration was beginning to break. "If we run now, we can still..."

"First he was cold… and now he's emotional?" Roman slowly said while being disturbed at his change of personality. Even Neo was slightly freaked out.

"Confusing, I know." D admits. "As the Magus Killer, he is heartless and cold, but as a father and husband, he would do anything protect no matter the cost or sacrifice."

Tai could understand what D said. He would do anything for his daughters.

Ozpin can relate to that kind of thought. In the past, he would do anything to protect his family, but his poor decisions not only destroyed his relationship with Salem but the lives of his beloved daughters.

"Lies." Kiritsugu's eyes widen. Hearing those words from Iri, he turns his head around to see his wife embracing him while tears threaten to fall out from her eyes.

"That's a lie." Iri continues as she closes her eyes. "You could never run away. You would never forgive yourself for abandoning the Grail and failing to save the world. As your own first and final accuser… you would end your own life."

Pyrrha gasped. "He… he would do that?"

"You will not believe the things he would do." D cryptically said, making the others wonder just what kind of life the Magus Killer had to go through.

"I'm scared." Iri opens her eyes in confusion while she listens to his voice slowly breaking. "He... Kotomine Kirei is after me. Maiya told me. He used Kayneth as bait to draw me out. He anticipated my actions. I'm already sacrificing you to fight… and I had to leave Ilya behind... But the most dangerous of them has already decided to pursue me. The one enemy I didn't want to face!"

"He's actually afraid of him?" Sienna raised a brow, but then again, she was slowly feeling uncomfortable regarding the priest herself.

"He did admit that the man is dangerous." Winter comments. "But I didn't think he would admit that he is afraid of him."

Irisveil let all it sunk in her head then she spoke. "I won't let you fight alone. I'll protect you. Saber will protect you. And... you also have Maiya as well."

"That's so sweet of her." Pyrrha cooed but frowned. "A real shame that Kiritsugu is having an affair with Maiya behind Iri's back."

"Oh, actually, Iri already knows about the affair, and she's allowing it." D said, completely shocking everyone.

"WHAT!" Everyone screamed, not believing that Iri knows about her husband and assistant's affair and she's allowing it.

"I-I don't– why!? Why would Iri allow that!" Weiss stuttered and then shouted in utter disbelief, not seeing any logic why such a sweet woman willingly allows her husband to cheat her.

"What do you expect? Iri is dying." D answers getting everyone to grow silent as that fact reminded them. "And Iri approves Maiya because she trusts her to take care of her husband and child when she kicks the bucket."

"I still don't… why? Does either Kiritsugu or Maiya know that Iri knows?" Jaune asks, still confused along with the others.

"They don't, and Iri prefers to keep it that way because that's how much Iri loves Kiritsugu."

"Because she loves him?" Winter slowly said, unable to comprehends such a reason.

"Yes. People do crazy things when they are in love. Like Caster, bad example, I know, but that's proof how much she genuinely loves him and desires for her husband to find love again." Most of the audience shuddered at that example, but some still find it hard to believe other such a reason while others understood why Iri would allow it.

"This is the most messed up thing I have ever heard in my life." Ghira admits while others nodded at his comments.

"Is it strange that I would like to watch that as drama series?" Kali tilted her head at her question making the others sweatdrop.

Suddenly Iri gasped, feeling that something lightly burst within her. A feeling that she knows very well. "Kiritsugu?" She lets go of her husband.

"What was that?!" Penny straighten on her seat.

"That was Iri sensing someone entering the Boundary Field around the castle." D explains.

"Fascinating… the ability to sense when someone enters their field." Ozpin says in awe even they didn't have something like that when magic was still well-known.

"An enemy attack?" Iri didn't respond, but her silence was enough to give him an answer. "I'm glad Maiya didn't leave yet. We can mount an attack together."

He entirely turns to his wife with a stern expression. "Iri, prepare a remote-viewing crystal ball."

"They have actual crystal balls to see stuff?" Blake comments, not expecting to hear something that came from a novel.

Back in the conference room, Kiritsugu and Maiya prepare themselves as they prep their guns.

"Oh! We are going to see how Maiya and Kiritsugu fight with their guns!" Ruby says excitedly to see them use their weapons.

"I am curious to see the Magus Killer's combat style aside from his… strategic methods." James carefully chose his words for the Master of Saber.

Iri was focusing her attention on the crystal ball while Saber was with her gazing at it.

"So that's what a crystal ball looks like when you use it." Ren said in fascination.

"There they are." Iri watches the ball showing a group of children no less than ten walking in the forest with empty gazes.

Everyone gasped in horror at what they are seeing. Children. Children who are no less than the age of ten walking in the forest.

"Children…? Why are there children in the woods?" Kali whispers in horror as Ghira holds her to comfort her.

"Woods…?" Weiss slowly realizes what the title chapter means and covers her mouth with her hands in horror. "Dear Oum, it cant be…!"

"Irisviel, the enemy is provoking us." Saber narrowed her eyes in disgust at what she's seeing.

"They must be hostages." Iri comments.

"Caster…!" Qrow snarled in rage while everyone narrowed their eyes in pure hate and disgust, knowing who could do such a thing.

"I'll have to go down and save them." Saber declares as the two watch. They see Caster joining the children. Then suddenly, he looks up and smiles, knowing that they are being watched.

Some of the audience jumped in their seat while others narrowed their eyes towards the Mad Servant.

"He knows!" Nora whispers in fear as she held Ren for comfort.

Iri gasp. "He knows we're watching him!"

"As promised last night, I, Gilles de Rais, have come." The Mad Servant announces as he bows. "I would like an audience with Jeanne, my beautiful Holy Virgin."

"Disgusting bastard!" Glynda growled as she dangerously narrowed her eyes towards the Mad Servant.

"Irisviel!" Saber shouted.

"Feel free to take your time. I have come prepared for a lengthy wait." He says, then snaps his fingers, making all the children under his trance snap out of it, making the confused children look around.

"W-What is he doing?" Velvet mutters as she and the others felt a growing sense of dread inside them.

"Now, children, it's time to play tag. The rules are simple: you just need to run away from me. If you can't..." Caster grabbed one of the kids by the boy's head and lifted him. The boy screamed, and the other children finally noticed the Mad Servant and began to grow scared.

Blake gasped as she covered her mouth in horrifying realization. "No… He's going too…!"

Realizing what the Faunus said, most of the audience covered their eyes, looked away are prepared for the worst.

"Don't!" Saber screamed but was ignored.

The boy grunted in pain when Caster tightens his grip on his head, but before he could scream out in pain, his skull was crushed, and blood spilled out. (Thankfully, it was not shown.)

"That… that monster…!" Ruby whispered in pure rage, doing her best to hold back her tears. She may be one of the few who chose to look away, but she couldn't stop imagining it due to the sound.

"That sick… damn him…" Yang snarled as her eyes turned red in pure rage.

"How can there be anyone that can be this… this evil." Sienna mutters as she dangerously narrowed her eyes towards the Servant. She has seen terrible things from both Humans and Faunus, but she has never seen this in her life.

"Caster needs to go down. Now." Jaune did his best not to throw up from the scene. Thankfully, he didn't and glared at the Mad Servant.

Iri looked away from the crystal ball while Saber gritted her teeth and her eyes twitched in rage for what Caster has committed.

"Glad to know that Saber has a genuine reason to kill Caster now." Qrow comments as he took another sip from his flask.

The children in the forest screamed scattered away from the Mad Servant.

"Run! Run for your lives!" Pyrrha shouted, hoping that these children will survive the night.

"Now, run, children! I'll come after you once I've counted up to a hundred." Caster happily said as he tossed the dead child away and looked up. "Well, Jeanne? How long do you think it'll take me to catch them all?"

"You sick sonuva bitch!" Nora snarled as she glared at the screen. "Break his legs, Saber!"

Iri lowered her head sadden to see a child murdered. Then she looked up to Kiritsugu with a pleading look. Her husband looked back and gave her a node. With his permission, she quickly turned to the Servant. "Saber, defeat Caster!"

"I shall!" The King of Knight answered.

Know in the forest, Saber, now in her combat attire, charged with her invisible sword with a determined look to end this madness.

"Hurry, Saber! Before it's too late!" Velvet shouted. She and a few others hoping that she would make it in time while the others prepared for the worst.

As the Servant of the Sword charges in, she immediately stops and gasps in horror seeing the countless corpses of the children around her. (The bodies were not adequately shown.)

"No…" Kali muttered as she held her husband and tried not to cry at the carnage. Ghira could only give a sorrowful expression to his wife as he holds her.

"Welcome, Jeanne." Saber turns in the direction of Caster's voice, readying her blade.

"How do you like this terrible spectacle?" The Mad Servant asked while a young boy was held hostage next to him.

"Don't you dare hurt him!" Penny shouted, hoping that the boy lived.

"It pains you, doesn't it? Do you hate me?" Saber gritted her teeth in both disgust and rage.

"Newsflash, you sick bastard! Everybody hates you!" Coco growled, hoping that the sick Servant just dies.

"I'm sure you do." Caster said as he rubbed the boy's head as he whimpers in fear. "I'm sure you'd never forgive me for turning away from God's love."

"That's just your sick delusion!" Ren uncharitably shouted, but his rage is understandable.

"Let the child go, fiend!" Saber demanded.

"Do what she says!" Winter shouted as she suppressed herself from jumping off from her seat and attack Caster even though it's just a screening.

"Jeanne, since you wish to rescue the boy that badly..." He looks down at the boy. "Okay, boy. Rejoice. It appears a devout messenger of God has come to save you."

Without a second thought, the boy quickly rushes to Saber and hugs her crying that he was finally free from the monster.

The viewers were all surprised, seeing that Gilles willingly freed his hostage up that easily. Most of the audience should be happy, but knowing that the Mad Servant can do, they can't help but be suspicious and afraid.

"Why… would he just let him go?" James slowly said, not liking this at all.

"I'm not sure, James," Ozpin said as he narrowed his eyes, knowing that something terrible is going to happen. "And I don't like it."

Saber lightly smiles and rubs the boy's back, glad that she was able to save one of the children. "It's dangerous here." Lightly says. "Now, run away from here. Follow the path, and you'll reach a large castle."

However, that hope was dashed when she heard a violent sound of bones breaking from the boy, making Saber gasp and watch in horror as the boy's back began to explode, revealing giant tentacles bursting out of the now-dead boy.

Most of the viewers shouted or screamed in horror, while others looked away from the gruesome sight.

"NO! Not the child!" Glynda screamed in horror.

"No… there all dead…" Pyrrha covers her mouth as she begins to cry sadly that all the children are dead. Jaune quickly hugged her partner to calm her down.

Saber's eyes widen in horror and shock that she was distracted enough for the giant starfish monster, a Horror, to bind her.

"What is that thing!" Roman shouted in disgust and horror while Neo shuddered, not liking that starfish-thing.

"It has the same tentacles from the first viewing!" Winter shouted in disgust.

"I told you!" Caster shouted while holding his Noble Phantasm: Prelati's Spellbook, many more Horrors appeared. "That I would come well-prepared the next time we meet."

"That is a Horror. A manifestation of Caster's Noble Phantasm: Prelati's Spellbook." D answers. "Creatures referenced to Cthulhu Mythos, stories of mythical sea monsters of old."

"I… I'm so scared!" Ruby muttered as she held her sister for comfort, while Yang returned in kind.

"I never thought I would be so afraid of fish right now…" Blake muttered in fear.

"I think I'm going to be sick…" Weiss held her stomach aghast at the Horror's appearance.

"Very well. I won't think to fight you for the Grail any longer!" Saber glared at Caster as she uses Invisible Air to break free from her bindings and killed the Horror.

"Go, Saber! Cut those disease-infested starfish into sushi!" Nora shouted while unintentionality making the others gag in disgust at the idea of eating them.

"Oh, Jeanne..." Caster said in awe. "How noble! How valiant! O Holy Virgin, your presence dulls even that of God!"

"Kill that creep!" Sienna's eyes turned to slit, having enough from this sick man.

"For once, I agree with you, Khan." Winter agreed with the Faunus High leader, shocking everyone in the room. A Schnee agreeing with a Faunus terrorist leader? Even Sienna was surprised but nodded, knowing that they at least have a common enemy now.

"Caster!" Saber shouted in rage and made her declare. "I take up my sword only to destroy you!"

"Kill Him, King of Knight! Avaneg all the children!" Kali shouted in rage, much to Ghira, Sienna, and Blake's shock, but they understood her reason for it.

The King of Knights charges towards Caster, but his army of Horror stood in her way. She cuts down as many that charges towards her. She easily slashes and doges many of them and kills them with ease.

The audience cheered for Saber's success in killing the Horrors.

"Not so tough, are ya?" Coco grinned.

Unfortunately, the Horrors she killed regenerated and came back to life, much to her shock.

"What?! They grew back?!" Jaune shouts in shock.

"That's so not fair!" Ruby wined. "How did that happen?"

"If only I could use my left hand..." Saber thought, knowing that she is at a disadvantage.

"Things aren't looking so good for her now…" Tai said, concern for the King of Knights' wellbeing.

"There should be a limit to Caster's mana." Iri said as she watches Saber battle Caster's monsters. "If Saber can last until it runs out, she can win, right? Kiritsugu?"

"More importantly, is there still no sign that other Masters have entered the forest?" Kiritsugu opened his laptop. He and Maiya viewed the security cameras of the castle, showing that there is no one inside. Iri's shoulders dropped, seeing that he was not focused on Saber's situation.

"Are you kidding me?!" Qrow shouts in disbelief. "First, he ignores Saber, and now he's not concerned for her safety?"

"Either he has full faith in Saber's abilities or simply doesn't care." Ozpin comments but narrowed his eyes towards the Master.

"But if Saber dies, he won't be able to win the Grail." Glynda added.

"Faith it is then." James said with a slight hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"Maiya." The said woman turns to his superior. "Take Iri and run from the castle. Head in the opposite direction from Saber and Caster."

"A wise decision." Ren comments. "It is no longer safe given the situation."

"I can't stay here?" Iri says in worry.

"This isn't a safe place with Saber fighting elsewhere." Kiritsugu reasoned. "I'm sure someone else also arrived at the same conclusion."

"That would make sense." Winter admits. "With all this chaos happening, it wouldn't be strange for the other Master to take advantage of this."

"All right." The homunculus hesitantly agreed. Then suddenly, she felt a similar sensation from the balcony but felt pain in her chest.

"Looks like more uninvited guests are popping out." Roman comments while Neo wonders who it could be.

"What's wrong, Iri?" Kiritsugu asked, noticing his wife's reaction.

"Looks like another has arrived." Iri breaths out.

"I wonder who it could be?" Penny wondered.

Saber cuts down another Horror, but she begins to get exhausted.

"Oh no! Saber is getting exhausted." Velvet says, worried for the Servant.

"How?" Saber questioned as she glares at a smiling Caster. "Is there no end to his mana?" But she notices the book on his hand that showed an eery aura. "No... Could the source of his mana be..." She narrows her eyes at the Mad Servant. "So that book is your Noble Phantasm?"

"Took her long enough to find out!" Nora threw out her arms.

"I doubt she had time to investigate given that she is surrounded, Nora." Ren says to his childhood friend.

"Yes." The Demon Marshal admits with glee, making Saber clench her weapon tighter. "I learned how to command a demonic legion from the grimoire my sworn friend Prelati left behind. What do you think, Jeanne? Doesn't it bring back memories, Jeanne? Everything is just as it was back then. Your noble vigor and dignified air all prove you to be Jeanne d'Arc without a doubt!"

"Oh my Oum! No one cares!" Yang shouts in annoyance.

"Maybe for historians." D quips.

"Nobody asked you!"

"So why?!" Castor growled with a hint of hurt in his tone. "Why won't you awaken? Do you still believe in God's grace? You still think a miracle will save you from this predicament? How tragic! Have you forgotten the Battle of Compiègne? Despite all the humiliation you suffered, you're still content with being a puppet of God?!"

Ozpin flinched at the last part. It made him realize that he was nothing but a puppet to the God of Light for choosing to come back rather than thinking carefully about the price. And because of the countless mistakes, he made their world is now what it is today.

"Stop talking about Jeanne!" Jaune shouts in rage. "You have no right to say all that, not after what you've done!"

Hearing enough, Saber charges towards Caster, but his monster protects him.

"Take him down, Saber!" Pyrrha shouts as she roots for the Servant.

Saber cuts down as many as she can, but one Horror caught her by the foot. Losing her footing, the following Horrors did the same and bind her movements. She tried to break free, but exhaustion caught up to her, and the Horrors' grips were getting tighter, making her suffocate.

"Oh no!" Ruby shouts in panic as the others watched what would happen next.

But a red and yellow flash appeared, and horrors that bind Saber were killed. What saved her were Gáe Buidhe and Gáe Dearg.

Weiss gasped along with the others, not expecting this to happen. "Those weapons…!"

Saber drops to her knees and gasp for air. "How disappointing, Saber." The Servant of Lance drops down in front of Saber as he reobtains his weapons. "That swordsmanship was far from captivating enough to do the King of Knights' justice." Saber looks in surprise to see that Lancer is here.

"Lancer!" Almost everyone in the viewing room shouted.

"Who are you?! Caster growled at the newcomer. "Who gave you permission to interfere?!"

"That's my question, fiend." Lancer says as he points Gáe Buidhe towards Castor and Gáe Dearg towards the Horrors. Saber quickly got up on her feet and stood back-to-back with the Knight of Fianna. "It will be my spear that takes Saber's life!"

"Yeah! Saber has backup!" Ruby cheered.

"With Lancer's help, the odds are now shifted." Glynda comments.

"Damn it… why did he have to say it like that…" Blake mutters with a hint of red on her face wondering if Lancer intentionally made an innuendo about his spear.

"You say something, Blakey?" Yang asked.

"Nothing." The Faunus replied almost too quickly.

Caster screeches as he scratches his head and pulls out his hair in frustration. "It was my prayers! It was my Holy Grail that brought her back to life!" He psychotically smiles. "She belongs to me. Every ounce of flesh, every drop of blood... Even her soul itself is mine!"

"Ugh! Why!?" Coco gagged at the sick description.

"That would be so romantic if it was so disgusting!" Velvet reacted the same way as her team leader.

"Make it stop!" Sienna held her mouth and stomach to save herself from throwing up.

"Hey, Caster." Lancer calmly says with a smile, not affected by Caster's madness. "I won't be meddling in your love affair. "If you're set on subjugating Saber and making her yours no matter what, then go ahead and try. However…" He then turns serious. "I, Diarmuid, will not allow you… to defeat Saber, who has lost an arm, in my presence!"

"Wow… Lancer really wants to finish his duel with Saber." Jaune says in awe as he begins to respect the knight.

"My respect for Lancer has now improved." Winter nodded, accepting Lancer's strong sense of honor while the rest agreed with her.

That threat actually made Caster back of a bit.

"Ha! Glad that made him back off." Qrow grinned, enjoying Caster's reaction.

"Lancer, you..." Saber muttered.

"Don't get me wrong, Saber. The only order I was given today was to defeat Caster." Lancer interjected but smiled. "Thus, I believe cooperation to be our best option here. Well?"

"I suppose that could get the job done." James comments admittingly bending words from a superior's orders don't really sit well with him but seeing how the situation is, he could allow it.

Saber lightly smiled at the offer and nodded, and turns to face Caster. "Just to be clear, Lancer… I could kill a hundred of those things with just one arm."

Lancer lightly scoffed at the King's boast. "That number is nothing to speak of."

"Are they having a friendly competition? Or are they flirting" Yang grinned.

"Yang!" Ruby shouted.

The two charges towards Caster, who gritted his teeth in rage. "U-Unforgivable... Don't get carried away, you bastard!"

"Wow… best comeback. Ever." Coco deadpans but grins, seeing that Caster is losing it.

At the outside of the castle stood the Master of Lancer.

"Kayneth!" Velvet shouted. "He's there too?"

"Looks like he's planning to face Kiritsugu." Ren points out.

"Glad to see that someone finally has the balls to join the fight." Qrow comments.

He held up a small glass vile. Inside it looked like liquid mercury.

"So the mercury does belong to him." Ozpin noted.

"Fervor, mei sanguis: Boil, my blood." He chanted as he spills the contents to the ground. Then the mercury gathers together to make a giant blob.

"What did he do?" Ruby asked, confused why the Master of Lancer said that.

"He's chanting commands to the mercury that is tied to his Magic Crest." D answers.

Then in a swift action, the main entrance of the castle was sliced down. Giving Kayneth and his giant blob of mercury the admission he needs.

"Whoa!" Jaune flinched at the action in surprise. "The mercery did that?"

"Since because is considered metallic, it wouldn't be strange for Kayneth to amplify it into a sharp-based weaponry." Penny explains, seeing the logic of it.

Kayneth walked in with his hands behind his back and began his introduction. "I, the ninth head of the Archibald family, Kayneth El-Melloi, have come. Einzbern Mage, let us duel for the Grail with our lives and our honor!"

"I doubt anyone would respond in a situation like that." Tai said. He admits what Kayneth did just now was honorable, but he doubts the Magus Killer will respond in kind.

All he received was silence.

"Was expecting the silence." Tai said.

"I doubt Kiritsugu will waste that kind of time." Glynda comments, knowing the Magus Killer's personality.

The Master frowns as he looks around the area, then he notices a security camera. He smiles and begins to walk deeper inside. But he didn't realize the tripwire causing him to detonate two statues close to him that hailed pellet-sized bullets around the area, leaving a cloud of smoke behind.

This gave quite a jump scare at the audience.

"What was that?!" Weiss shouts, not expecting that to happen.

"Kiritsugu placed traps in the castle." Blake widens her eyes.

"A bomb that releases a hail of miniaturized bullets when tripped… that is both cool and scary!" Ruby says in awe while also shivered, not wanting to be in the line of fire even if her Aura can protect her.

"Ingenious… that could be useful against a swarm of Grimm." James comments as Winter and Penny took note of this information.

As the smoke clears, the blob of mercury surrounded him shielded him from the bullets.

"Of course, he can also use it as a shield." Sienna deadpans.

The shields drop showing, Kayneth with an arrogant smirk. "Mechanical traps of all things? Have you really fallen so low, Einzbern? He mocks then frowns. "Very well. This is no longer a duel, but an extermination!"

"He really loves to hear himself talk." Torchwick comments, earning a raised eyebrow from Neo giving a 'really' face.

Back in the conference room, Kiritsugu closes the laptop and prepares to leave to fight the enemy Master. But before he reaches for the door, he stops and gasps to see the line of mercury dripping out of the keyhole.

"The mercery?! How did get to Kiritsugu's location so fast?" Winter shouts in surprise.

"I see." Kiritsugu mutters, seeing the mercury making a few actions before pulling back to the keyhole. "Automatic Searching."

"It's even capable of searching for its target?" Ghira shouts in surprise.

"How is that possible?" Kali questioned.

He gasps and turns around to see the floor and table being cut open by the mercury. He raises his Calico and points for anything coming up.

Kayneth slowly rises from the hole he cut open by using his mercury as a platform. "Found you, rat." He smugly says.

"That thing is really versatile." Pyrrha comments.

The Magus Killer responds by firing his gun at him, but Kayneth used his mercury to shield himself.

"Regular bullets can't penetrate that armor." James comments. "I wonder if Dust-infused bullets are enough."

Kiritsugu stops firing, knowing that bullets won't affect it. This gave Kayneth a chance. "Scalp: Strike!" He commanded, making the blob stretch out four pillars to strike down his enemy.

"He won't be able to dodge in time!" Ruby shouts.

The Master of Saber charged towards the hole, but he knows that we won't make it. So he mentally chanted. "Time Alter: Double Accel!"

What seemed like time moved slowly except for Kiritsugu dashed towards the hole jumped down successfully, avoiding Kayneth's attack.

"What was that?!" Weiss's eyes widen in surprise at what the Magus Killer did.

"Did he just control time?" Winter shared the same expression as her younger sister while she mentally thought about her Time Glyph.

"This is Kiritsugu's unique Magecraft: Time Manipulation." D explains much to everyone's astonishment. "Note that he is not manipulating the time around him but himself."

"So you're saying he's accelerating himself? Like pressing a fast-forward button on a video?" Ozpin asked, earning a nod from the deity.

"With that kind of power, he can easily kill anyone without a problem, even against all of you in this room." This made almost everyone uneasy and wearier against the Master of Saber.

This surprised the Master of Lancer. "You created a Reality Marble in your own body to control time and accelerate… Looks like you do know a little magic." He scoffs as he crosses his arms. "But only a coward would rely on such petty tricks after having been trained as a Mage."

"Reality Marble?" Penny asked.

"An explanation for another time." D answered. "Trust me. The wait is worth it."

"Die and realize your place." His mercury platform drops him down to the lower floor and orders another command to it. "Ire Sanctio!: Track and kill!"

The blob starches out towards the room and begins to track the Master of Saber through the castle.

"So that's how he did it." Ren rubs his chin in fascination.

"Controlling time within himself must place great stress on his body." He comments as he patiently waits. The blob restores to normal as it begins to guide its user. "Found him. Now, how far can you run in that physical condition?"

"So using that ability takes a lot out of him?" Jaune asked, understanding somewhat of seeing how overpowered such an ability is.

Kiritsugu runs through the empty halls. When he turns to the corner, he stops and leans his back against the wall as he takes a deep breath, exhausted by using his magic.

"He looks so tired out." Nora comments. "I wonder how he's going to fight back."

He takes a deep breath and ready himself to use his time manipulation magic just before Kayneth's mercury found him. "Time Alter: Triple Stagnate." His heart that was beating rapidly suddenly stopped, but it didn't kill him.

"He can even slow himself down to the point his heart would beat that slowly?!" Blake shouts in shock.

"That doesn't look healthy at all." Kali says in concern.

"But why would he do that?" Sienna wondered for what reason the Magus Killer would do that.

"This thing doesn't have eyes to see with." The thought to himself as he stood correctly still as the string of mercury did not sense him. "If I slow my internal time to a third of its original… and my heart rate and breathing rate as much as possible..."

Kayneth walks in the same direction where the Magus Killer is but does not know it. "It won't be able to detect me." The mercury retracts itself as Kiritsugu was about to reach his limit.

"So that's why…" Pyrrha said. "The mercery can track him through sound or vibration."

"But since Kiritsugu is slowing down his body, Kayneth won't be able to find him." Ghira finishes.

The Master of Lancer walks to the same place as Kiritsugu and looks in the opposite direction of where he stood. "Kayneth!" The Magus Killer called out, surprising him.

He fires his gun towards him, but the mercury quickly shields him. "Fool! It's useless!" He arrogantly shouts.

"Why would he shout his name?" Roman raised a brow as if the Master grew a second head. "He had the perfect chance to kill him!" Neo nodded as she raised a brow, confused why Kiritsugu did that.

However, Kiritsugu throws away his Calico and pulls out his Thompson Arms Contender, and points towards Kayneth at the same time, smirking.

Episode 7

Forest of Demons


(The countdown goes down by two seconds.)

"Why did he just smirk?" Velvet shuddered, feeling that Kiritsugu was planning something.

"I don't know, but this cliffhanger is really making me watch more." Coco said.

"You do realize there is a chance that it won't be pretty." Blake stated that fact.

The leader of CFVY shrugged. "I know, but I can help myself wanting to know how it ends."

(Ending Theme: MEMORIA by Eir Aoi)

The viewers watched the ending like the opening but also noticed that Saber's weapon is also blurred.

A few of the viewers are fascinated by each of the Servants' images, making D explain that they represent the Servants' pasts, and he will explain only to the ones whose True Names are revealed.

(Ending Theme ends)

"I wonder what this preview will be." Penny wondered as she and the others began to listen.

The preview opens, showing Kotomine Kirei's Command Spell floating on the screen.

"That's Kirei's Command Spell!" Ruby says, remembering the Seal.

"Maiya-san, no!" Iri shouts.

"Did something happen?" Pyrrha said in concern.

"I've shamed myself as a mage!" Kayneth growls.

"Whatever Kiritsugu did, it really affected that stock up." Qrow grinned, hearing the frustration of Kayneth's voice.

"Tremble and fall into despair." Castor shouts.

"That creep doesn't give up, does he?" Blake frowned.

"Pierce it, Gae Dearg!" Lancer shouts.

"I wonder what he'll pierce?" Yang grinned in a playful tone.

"Yang! Gross!" Ruby squeaked, making her sister chuckle while mature viewers just sighed at her immaturity.

"On whose will did the both of you fight?" Kirei questioned.

"So Kirei is there as well." Ozpin comments.

"But who is he talking to?" James questioned.

"Prepare to die, fiend." Saber said.

Nora gasped. "Does that mean Caster dies?"

"We can only watch the next viewing to find out." Ren said to her partner.

Next Episode

Magus Killer

"Looks like we are finally going to see how Kiritsugu earned the title of Magus Killer." Tai said.

"Yup." D said. "Just know that it's not going to be pretty."

Some viewers feel a bit unnerved by that comment, but they ready themselves as they waited for the next episode.

To be continued…

Next update: RWBY Reacts to Attack on Titan. (A few chapters)