Galactic Guardians

Author: AshK1980

Rating: Fiction Rated T

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon, Pokemon, or Ranma ½; they are owned by their respective creators. I am only writing this story to show appreciation for all three Anime/Manga/Video Games.

Episode 13: Solaris Princess Saga Part X: Solaris Princess Revealed!

Last Time on Galactic Guardians…

The final Prism Crystal was revealed. Everything was going along fine until Ashlynn fell ill. Delia finally got to see her Daughter that was still born and resurrected. However it was short-lived. Ashlynn eventually died and faded away after her Star Seed merged with Ashley's Star Seed. Her whole room eventually disappeared. The two Star Seeds of Solaris were finally reunited as one forever. Zoisite showed up and took the final Crystal which was inside Genma. They had to get the final Prism Crystal Back. Failure was not an option. They had to find the Solaris Princess. It is also to be noted that Gary proposed to Ashley. Ashley accepted and was now happily engaged to Gary. Unfortunately, an urgent matter came up regarding Ranko. What will happen? Will the Solaris Princess be revealed? Read on to find out!

Nerima District: Tendo Dojo…

All of the Galactic Guardians were in Nerima at the Tendo Dojo. Ranko had just recently fainted and fell ill. She was in bed. Ren was there as were the other Galactic Guardian Senshi. Nodoka was also there as she finally got to see her long-lost daughter for possibly the last time.

"Mother could I speak to Ren alone. Thanks for coming to see me. It was nice to see you again Mother cough cough." Ranko said as she coughed up blood.

"Okay sweetie. I love you goodbye." Nodoka said as her and the other Galactic Guardian Senshi left the room.

"Imouto-Chan what is wrong?" Ren said.

"It is time to bring the Phobos Senshi count down to one. Only one Senshi per planet or celestial body can be around." Ranko said.

"What about Misty and Gary?They both represent Earth don't they? So why do they get to be around? Shouldn't Mamoru be the only one that represents Earth?"

"That's different," Ranko said as she coughed up some blood, then continued, "Misty and Gary were royalty on Earth in the Silver Millennium, but they were Princess and Prince of Atlantis respectively. They each have a Copper Crystal. Misty and Gary were Twins in the Silver Millennium. Both Gary and Misty are Endymion's cousins from the Silver Millennium, but were born to a totally different family in this timeline." Ranko then began to fade as her eyes started to close

"Ranko, no don't go! I just met you! Who will run the Command Center?" Ren cried.

"You will be able to find someone, I know you will," Ranko said, then continued, "the same fate will befall Deanna, when the time comes, someone else will step into the reins of running the Mt. Silver Command Center. My Star Seed must now merge with yours once again to put you at full strength. Goodbye Ren, my dear big sister, Ranma my dear big brother."

"Goodbye, Ranko my dearest Little Sister." Ren said as she cried. With that Ranko's Star Seed merged with Ren's. Ranma then reverted to his male form and left Ranko's room for the last time. Once Ranma left Ranko's room, it vanished like it never existed.

"Kasumi-neechan. You must take over Ranko's post since she is gone." Akane said.

"Of course I will Imouto Chan. I accept those duties." Kasumi said.

"Guy and Gals," Gary said, we have to get back that final Prism Crystal."

"Yes that is very true." Misty said, then continued, they will want the four that we have. We can't let that happen."

"Ash we have to get to Mt. Silver Deanna is fading fast."

"I understand, the best way to get there is our Sailor Teleport," Ashley said as she transformed into Sailor Solaris. The rest of the Solaris Court, Gary and Misty followed suit.

Ranma rushed out to do some thinking while Solaris, Silver Rose, Terra, and the Solaris Court used their Sailor Teleport to pick up Darcy's parents so they could See Deanna one last time. That didn't take very long at all and Rhea explained everything that happened to her parents. Once Rhea's parents were located in the middle of Solaris, Silver Rose, Terra, and the Solaris Court, the group teleported to the Command Center. Akane saw Ranma storm out followed shortly by Nodoka in tears. Akane then decided to follow Ranma and Nodoka to see where they were going. It wasn't long until Akane caught up with Ranma and Nodoka and took Ranma by the hand, "Ranma, we have to get back to the Dojo so we can meet up with Solaris and everyone else."

Ranma nodded as he motioned for Nodoka to follow them back to the Tendo Dojo.

Mt. Silver Command Center…

Solaris, Silver Rose, Terra, and the Solaris Court arrived in the Command Center and motioned Rhea's parents to follow her to Deanna's room. The Shuu's did so. When they arrived in Deanna's room, they saw her leaning over her bed and throwing up blood into a bowl that she had set on her night stand.

"Mama, Papa," Deanna said as she had stopped throwing up blood, but was still coughing it up occasionally, "I'm so happy to see you one last time. As you know I had a disease that took me from Darcy many years ago in the Silver Millennium. I was reincarnated inside of her when she fell into Nyannichuan at Jusenkyo. I'm guessing Drew has told you about our previous lives?"

Mr. and Mrs. Shuu nodded as tears fell from their eyes. The two embraced their long lost daughter and then let go of her and looked toward Darcy as she shifted back to Drew. "Mama, Papa," Deanna said to her parents, thank you so much for seeing me, now I must speak to my brother alone."

Nodding in understanding, Mr. and Mrs. Shuu left the room and closed the door behind them.

"Big Brother, I must leave this world now and return my Star Seed to you so it can once again merge with you," Deanna said as she embraced her brother who quickly shifted into her sister, "our two Star Seeds must once again become one. Thank you for everything Big Brother Drew, Big Sister Darcy; I'm glad I got to see you again."

The two sisters embraced one last time as Deanna faded from sight never to be seen or heard from again. The room around Darcy vanished as she quickly re-transformed into Sailor Rhea and joined the others. Sabrina had teleported into the Command Center volunteering to run it in place of Deanna and Ashlynn. The group obliged and Sabrina teleported Rhea's parents back to LaRousse City in Hoenn. Solaris, Silver Rose, Terra, and the rest of the Solaris Court updated the data when Callisto showed up and waved Terra over.

"Terra," Callisto said to the Princess of Atlantis, we need to get back to Nerima and show Kasumi how to run the Computer."

"Oh yeah, I guess we do need to do that. Let's go!" Terra said as she opened a portal to the Nerima Command Center. Callisto and Terra stepped through the portal. Once the two stepped through, it closed behind them.

In both command centers, as well as in the skies of Juban, Jadeite, Nephrite, and Zoisite appeared as Holograms…

"Galactic Guardians otherwise known as the fake Sailor Guardians," Zoisite's Voice called out from the hologram of Zoisite, cackled and continued, "we have five of the nine crystals needed for you to form the Bronze Crystal. If you don't come to Celestial Tower in Unova within twenty-four hours, Jadeite, Nephrite, and I will unleash an army of Youma upon the Regions of Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, and Galar. You must bring your four crystals, and we will give you the other five. You must reveal your identities to us in order to spare all the insignificant lives on this backwater planet!"

"Oh by the way," Jadeite said to everyone, "Sailor Moon and her Sailor Guardians cannot be in your company! It must be Sailor Solaris, Silver Rose, Sailor Terra, Sailor Callisto, Sailor Phobos, Sailor Deimos, Sailor Rhea, Sailor Triton, Sailor Ganymede, Sailor Io, and Sailor Titania only. If you show up with Sailor Moon and the others, we will unleash the army on this Earth without hesitation. Hand over your Prism Crystals or lose your beloved planet, including Sailor Moon and the others!"

"You have twenty-four hours to comply!" Nephrite said as the three Dark Kingdom Generals cut the connection."

Ashley quickly contacted the Sailor Guardians of both groups. She told Sailor Moon not to come to her aid or the whole Earth would be destroyed.

Outside Celestial Tower…

Ashley, Gary, Ranma, Akane, Misty, Giselle, Drew, Duplica, Casey, May, and Dawn had just exited from their portal that they used their Portal Coms for. Ashley was the first to speak up as she held her broach, "guys, the time has come to find our Princess. Time to Transform! Solar Prism Power!"

"Right!" Everyone chimed in harmony as they summoned their wands.

"Phobos Power!"

"Deimos Power!"

"Terra Power!"

"Callisto Power!"

"Rhea Power!"

"Triton Power!"

"Ganymede Power!"

"Io Power!"

"Titania Power!"

"Make up!" All the girls exclaimed together.

Gary raised one of his Silver Roses to the sky causing him to transform.

Now that all eleven transformed they all entered the Celestial Tower which was crawling with a Youma Army that was made from all the Pokemon that were in the Celestial Tower.

"Look what those Dark Kingdom Cronies did with all the precious Pokemon in here!" Solaris exclaimed in shock, "we have to be careful not to harm them too much. We just have to weaken them to where they faint and are out of commission for the time being. Let's do this everyone! Time to get our Prism Crystals back and find our Princess!"

"Yes! Let's go!" Everyone else said in unison as they started taking out the Youma, but not destroying them.

As the group of eleven was making their way through the floors, they continued to keep a lookout for any other Pokemon that have been turned into Youma. Not finding any, the group made their way to the top. Sailor Solaris and Silver Rose told the others to be on the lookout for for anymore Youma that used to be Pokemon. They also told the others to keep any trainers from heading up to the roof to ring the bell.

On the Roof…

As the group reached the roof, Jadeite, Nephrite, and Zoisite were at the top.

Solaris encountered Jadeite along with Silver Rose, Phobos and Deimos. Io confronted Nephrite along with Rhea, Callisto, and Terra. Finally, Triton, Ganymede, and Titania confronted Zoisite.

"You all know the deal," Zoisite cackled, "reveal your identities or this world suffers. Show me your Crystals first."

Solaris sighed as she brought out the four Crystals that she brought with them. She then ordered everyone to drop their transformations. She then looked toward Esperina, Orion, and Andromeda letting them know to go find the other five Prism Crystals. Io sent her Glaceon with the group so they would have a better chance of finding them with another sniffer.

Jadeite, Nephrite, and Zoisite cackled and was just about to tell Beryl that they found out the identities of the Galactic Guardians when the whole area of the Celestial Tower roof was engulfed in a bright light. Purple and gold Surrounded Ashley as her eyes lost their pupils and she was in a trance. This blinding light was too much for the generals to take. As the trio of generals covered their eyes, all nine crystals came together and circled around Ashley.

Her civilian outfit was engulfed in a bright light as purple tights formed on her legs from her hips down to her feet. Her tennis shoes became golden yellow and morphed into high heels. The fingerless gloves on her hands went from red and black to golden yellow and gained fabric on her fingers and thumbs. They then expanded to armpit-length gaining a single piece of purple fabric at the top of them. Her hair became a lighter blond and became much more wavy as it remained waist-length. The hat on her head was replaced by a purple bow in her hair and a braid at the back part of the top of her head. White beads materialized on either side of the top-of-the head braid while six small beads with six white pointy protrusions appeared in front of the beads that accented her top of the head braid. The center of her bangs became similar to Eternal Sailor Moon's bangs leaving a very apparent half circle space in the center of them. Her Planetary symbol appeared on her forehead and immediately became a golden circle in the center of her forehead. Yellow star-shaped earrings materialized on her ears followed by a choker made completely of yellow beads materialized on her neck her top immediately morphed into one that was very low-cut exposing a bit of her cleavage as it became a low-cut golden tank top with purple in the center with x-shaped laces connecting the two sides of the tank top. A purple and gold belt with a circular jewel in the center materialized around her waist. The belt she now had around her waist was attached to two golden roses on her hips. A purple gown materialized around her waist and reached to the top of her now High-Heel Clad feet. Her hips were accented by two pieces of golden-yellow material that appeared out to the side going all the way down to just above her ankles. This completed her transformation into Princess Solaria as she posed sexily and put her arm around Silver Rose. In her left hand she held her Solar sun wand. The Bronze Crystal finished forming as it took its place in the center of the golden circle that adorned the top of her wand. Princess Solaria stood there in all of her glory.

Once her transformation was complete, from Kanto to Juban memories assaulted all of the Sailor Guardians from both the Solaris Kingdom and the Moon Kingdom. The light was still blinding the generals, so the other Sailor Guardians and Gary quickly transformed into their Sailor Guardian forms and Silver Rose respectively. The light finally died down allowing the generals to see. They couldn't believe their eyes, Princess Solaria had been revealed and they had no idea who she was in Civilian form.

"I am Princess Solaria of the Solaris Kingdom. I do not appreciate you trying to destroy this world. Together with me, Silver Rose and all the Galactic Guardians present will now send you far away and you won't be getting the scoop of our secret identities at all, at least not this time around."

Princess Solaria came out of her trance and looked over herself. She now remembered everything from her past life and her current life. She remembered being Princess Serenity's Cousin and remembered that Eternal Sailor Moon was actually Princess Serenity her cousin from the Silver Millennium. She remembers herself and her entire group working together with the Moon Kingdom to combat the Dark Kingdom invasion and dying, as well as being reborn. Everything was crystal clear to her now. Everything was also Crystal Clear to Silver Rose and the Galactic Guardians as Silver Rose removed his eye mask and becoming Prince Shigeru, Princess Solaria's destined true love.

Princess Solaria and Prince Shigeru stood in the center, while Phobos, Deimos, Terra, and Callisto were on their left; and Io, Rhea, Triton, Ganymede, and Titania stood on their right.

"Jadeite, Nephrite, and Zoisite," Princess Solaria called out toward the Generals, "if you know what's good for you, you will vacate this area and return to where you came from. If you don't leave, the eleven us will send you into a world of hurt. Make your choices wisely, vacate the premises, or be prepared to have your last stand here!"

The three generals looked toward Princess Solaria and Prince Shigeru who were both giving them a death glare along with the other nine. Taking the time to be smart, they just teleported from the Celestial Tower Roof and returned to their base in Dark City.

Using her new found power, Princess Solaria unleashed her power and healed all of the Youmafied Pokemon. The darkness from around the peak of the tower vanished as she lost her Princess Transformation, once again becoming Ashley, and literally falling into Prince Shigeru's arms unconscious. Prince Shigeru once again transformed into Silver Rose, picked Ashley up Bridal Style. He then took to the roof. He eventually landed in an alley not too far away and de-transformed into Gary. He then carried Ashley to the nearest Pokemon Center so she could rest.

At the Pokemon Center about 5 hours later…

Ashley woke up in a bed with Gary sitting beside her in a chair. Everything that transpired five hours ago entered her mind as she smiled as her love held her hand.

"Did all that really happen?" Ashley asked.

Gary nodded and spoke up, "Yes it did Ashy-Girl. You sent those Dark Kingdom punks packing, but I have a feeling they will be back. I'm sure of it. We have to be ready for anything, as they will want revenge for us giving them the what-for beating they deserved."

Ashley smiled and nodded as she spoke up, "I know they will be back, and they are going to want my Bronze Crystal, they may even want Usagi's Silver Crystal. We have to be very vigilant from now on. We can't let our guard down for anything. Contact Usagi and her friends. We need to hold a meeting. The meeting will be held at the Hikawa Shrine tomorrow. By then I'll be able to be up and around."

"I will do so, right now you just relax Ashy-Girl you've been through a lot today," Gary said to his love as he kissed her on the forehead.

"Thanks Gare-Bear," Ashley said as she grabbed Gary's face, brought it down and passionately kissed it, then let it go, she then looked toward her love and continued, "I'll rest now. See you tomorrow my love."

"See you tomorrow Ashy-Girl." Gary said as he gave Ashley one last passionate kiss, got a hold of Usagi and the others on his communicator and set up the meeting.

The next morning, Ashley was released from the Pokemon Center, headed home and prepared for the meeting later that day.

Dark City, Kanto…

"Jadeite, you deliberately disobeyed me and went after the Prism Crystals instead of finding out the identities of the Galactic Guardians," Beryl stormed she then looked toward Nephrite and Zoisite who were laughing at the disposition that Jadeite was in, "you have no room to laugh, I am giving you a new mission, help Jadeite find out the true identities of the Galactic Guardians, my main interest is the Solaris Princess and her court. I have next to no interest in Sailor Moon and her team. They are out of reach, you must also continue to gather energy to revive our great ruler. Do you understand? Don't fail me this time or you will face the consequences!"

All three Generals nodded in obedience and warped out to their base of operations in Tohjo Falls.

Well another adventure has concluded for our heroes/heroines.

To Be Continued...

Next Time: The Galactic Guardians are at Rei's place. Ranma/Ren and Drew/Darcy explain how they gained their manhood back. I won't go into much detail about that. Also something drastic happens to our favorite couple thanks to the Dark Kingdom. What is the Dark Kingdom planning? To find out you must stay tuned.

Next on Galactic Guardians - Episode 14: Return to Juban coming soon to a Fanfiction site near you.

Author's Note:

I'm not sure when the next chapter will be posted. Episode 14 will be the final episode of the Solaris Princess Arc, and I will start preparations for the final battle with Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom. This version of the story more than likely will not last 46 Chapters. I will do my best to make it up to everyone in Galactic Guardians R, which is the next story in this Series. At this time, I'm not sure how long Galactic Guardians R will last. I have to re-watch the rest of the first Season of Sailor Moon before I can complete this story. Please be patient and don't demand me to "update soon" I will greatly appreciate it. ~AshK1980