Galactic Guardians

Author: AshK1980

Rating: Fiction Rated T

Disclaimer:I don't Pokemon, Sailor Moon, or Ranma 1/2. I only own the new Senshi and this story, so don't use without my written permission.

Last time on Galactic Guardians...

A chance encounter with a Green-Haired Sailor Guardian letting Ashley and Gary know about some unique Pokemon in China sent the duo on a wild goose chase all the way to Jusenkyo. Neither Ashley nor Gary got cursed, but Ashley became a water magnet just for being in Jusenkyo. After drying off at the Guide's hut and staying the night there, the Jusenkyo guide led them out of the valley and helped them set up camp. Once the duo was out of the valley and set up camp, Ashley and Gary went to sleep.

That night, Ashley and Gary went to bed but did not sleep very well. Why you ask, because of some strange dreams about being Sailor Guardians in the Silver Millennium. Ashley found herself remembering a life as Princess Solaria with her faithful Pikachu named Orion and her love Prince Shigeru of Atlantis. Ashley also found out in that dream that she was Princess Serenity's Cousin.

In Nerima, Ranma and Akane were also having strange dreams about The Silver Millennium. Ranma was Princess Ren of Phobos and Akane was Princess Akana of Deimos. Ranma was upset that he spent his past life as a girl.

The next morning, Ashley and Gary were on their way from China to continue their journey. They originally planned on going to Kanto, however they ended up in Juban for some reason. Pikachu then gained a crescent moon mark on his forehead. He then did a flip and a Locket and a Silver Rose appeared out of nowhere. Ash was then caught in a brief downpour, causing her clothes to cling to her body. The Locket had the symbol of the Sun on it. Ashley received the Sun Locket. Gary received a Silver Rose. They knew exactly what to do. They raised it to the sky and said the first thing that came into their mind. Whatever they said caused them to transform into Silver Rose and Sailor Solaris. No words came to Gary's mind, just the urge to raise the Silver Rose to the sky.

Ranma and Akane wanting to leave the chaos of Nerima behind, decided to move in with Nodoka in Juban. However that wasn't the only reason they went there, something was drawing them there. How long will the chaos stay away from Ranma and Akane? It probably won't be very long and it wasn't. When they arrived there they ended up getting attacked. Ranma was in Female form at the time because of a sudden downpour. Strange symbols appeared on Ranma-Chan and Akane's foreheads. Mars spotted this and tossed them some Henshin wands that appeared out of nowhere.

Ranma-Chan became Sailor Phobos and Akane became Sailor Deimos. Solaris, Silver Rose, Phobos, and Deimos helped the Sailor Guardians out and disposed of the monster. Team Rocket was also spotted and they were sent blasting off again. After De-Transforming the original Sailor Guardians headed to Rei's Shrine. Solaris, Silver Rose, Phobos, and Deimos also de-transformed and somehow felt that they had to follow them. Little did the four know that several more Galactic Guardians would be awakened over the next several days and months.

Episode 02: New Guardians Awakened: Out on a New World Saving Mission! Part II:

Enter: Terra, Callisto, and Ganymede

On the Road to Pallet Town...

Ashley and Gary decided it would do them good to travel together and catch some more Pokemon and protect Kanto as much as possible. However, the couple also decided to go back and visit the other regions as well.

One night Ashley and Gary were camping out, both of them in the same tent in separate sleeping bags of course, after Ashley fell asleep, she was taken to a place that seemed familiar, as if it was thousands of years ago, it was the Solaris Space Station Colony in the Solaris Palace.

Begin Ashley's Dream Sequence…

A short-haired Ashley stood face to face with a girl who looked just like her, similar build and everything, the only difference was that the girl that Ashley saw had much longer hair than she did at the moment, but something was familiar about this girl.

"Who are you why are you in my mind girl?" Ashley asked the long-haired girl in front of her, then continued, "It's like I know you from somewhere a long time ago. I've been having strange dreams like this one about you."

"I am Ashlynn. I used to be your twin sister in the Silver Millennium. A terrible disease took me from you. That is why you got all of the Solaris Powers. They were meant to be split between us. As were the Powers of Sailor Phobos were meant to be split between Ren and Ranko. It is nice to see you again Ashley." Ashlynn said.

Ashley took a moment to process everything, was this real, she decided to run with it because she could feel a similar vibe from the girl in front of her. It felt like it nearly exactly matched hers. She smiled at the other girl and hugged her. It was so great to see her sister again.

"So let me get this straight, you are the Twin Sister that I first had visions of shortly before I gained these powers? I just want to get my facts straight. Are you really my long lost Twin Sister. We were both heiresses to the Solar Kingdom?" Ashley asked herself.

"That is correct Ash," Ashlynn said to her Twin, "one of your names was Ash, which is short for Ashley, and one of my names was Lynn, which is short for Ashlynn. Also, we were heiresses to the Solaris Kingdom, not the Solar Kingdom. Ashlynn said to her Twin, while Emphasizing the "is" at the end of the word, Ashlynn then continued, "There is no Solar Kingdom, but there was a Solaris Kingdom. The Solaris Space Station was built inside the Solaris Kingdom, but you will discover more about that later."

Ashlynn then continued,"I'm here to tell you that you are only at half power right now because I've got the other half. I need to figure out a way to get my own body, even if it is for a short period of time."

Ashley thinks about what her twin sister said, then gets an idea, "I think my friend Sabrina can help. She is a Psychic Gym Leader. For you to gain your own body, you must focus everything in your mind to obtaining that body. For now I will let you stay in my mind with me, so this is our mind now. If you ever want to take control, just let me know, I will gladly oblige.

Ashlynn smiled and hugged her sister back, though she pointed to the hat that Ashley was wearing and her short hair. She didn't like that look. She also pointed to the blue jeans she was wearing.

"We need to get your hair-length back to normal, the way it was in the Silver Millennium, and we need to get you back into some skirts and dresses. You loved wearing those back then, why the change of wardrobe?" Ashlynn asked curiously with a puzzled look on her face, "the Ashley I knew would never wear long pants or a baseball cap and would never have just shoulder-length hair."

Ashley then smiled and looked toward Ashlynn, she then spoke up, "I used to have long hair and wouldn't be caught dead wearing a baseball cap. However, when I started my Pokemon journey, I switched my wardrobe to what you see now. I figured that I would be doing a lot of walking and going through a lot of forests which always have low hanging branches that could snag my hair and rip my skirts. Deciding it wasn't worth the risk messing up all my beautiful skirts and beautiful long blonde hair, I chopped my hair off and talked my current mother, the one I have in this life into getting me a lot of blue jeans and hats to keep my hair from going all over the place. After I transformed into Sailor Solaris for the first time, when I turned back into my Civilian form, my hair was long again, and since I was traveling, I really didn't like it that way."

"Well, since I'm going to be sharing your mind and body for a while until I am able to get my own, I'm going to be cohabitating your mind and body with my mind and body. I would really appreciate it if you would grow your hair out again and start wearing skirts and dresses again. We both have long-sexy legs, we should be showing them off not hiding them in jeans. Besides, I think your Gare Bear would appreciate you much more if you showed some more skin for him to caress and cuddle."

Ashley blushed at the suggestion from her Twin Sister. Ashlynn then made one more request of her.

Ash, could you please act a bit more girly from time to time. I know you were more of the tomboyish type back in the Silver Millennium, but there were times when you would be more like the girl you actually are. Could you please try to act more girly for me so I won't feel out of place when I switch places with you. I've been cooped up inside of you for sixteen years and really want to get out and enjoy things. It would mean the world to me Onee-Chan." Ashlynn exclaimed as she did the sad puppy dog eyes for her sister. This sent Ashley off guard as she giggled. Ashlynn then giggled as well. The two sisters hugged each other tight, then released each other.

Ashley then smiled at her sister, then addressed her, "Sure thing Lynn-Chan, if it will make you more comfortable acting closer to what I did in the Silver Millennium, I will happily oblige. I've been acting more girly since I started dating Gary. So yeah, I will do that to make you happy. I'm sure Gare Bear would enjoy me even more if I acted closer to what I acted like in the Silver Millennium as well. You have a deal little sis!"

"Thank you big sis!" Ashlynn said to her twin as she hugged her close. The two had to turn to the side a bit because their chests were interfering with their hug a bit, but other than that it was a very nice reunion.

"Lynn-Chan, you said that Ashley was one of my names in the Silver Millennium, did I have another name?" Ashley asked of her sister.

"Yes you did Ash-Chan, but you are just going to have to find out for yourself!" Ashlynn said as she pulled down her eyelid and stuck her tongue out at her Twin Sister.

Ashley returned the favor, giggled and smiled, she then hugged her sister once again. She was going to ask Ashlynn more about Sailor Phobos current incarnation until memories of said Sailor Guardian cropped up giving Ash a bit more of an understanding of her past.

Ashlynn then spoke up toward her sister in a matter of fact-type tone, "I think you seem to have figured out Ranma's condition. If you were born in this time as a guy and fell into Spring of Drowned girl you would be acting as girly as you've seen Ranma act in female form. Thank goodness you were reborn as your true gender in the Silver Millennium in this time period. It would be a heck of a mess if you didn't."

Ashley nodded in agreement, then remember about Ranma in the Silver Millennium.

"Ranma is Ranma. Oh wait a minute her name was Ren in the Silver Millennium wasn't it?" Ashley said.

"Ranma-Chan was known as Ren and Ashley was one of your names in the Silver Millennium." Ashlynn said.

"One of my names?" Ashley asked curiously, then continued, "What is my other name? And do I have to be your twin sister all the time in this mindscape? If not will you die? Also do I have to act girly all the time, it's really gettin' on my nerves."

"No you don't and no I won't. I've just been trapped in the back of your mind since you were born. I just want a little bit of time out. That's not asking too much is it?" Ashlynn asked with tears in her eyes, then answered the rest of Ashley's questions as she wiped her tears she wasn't going to break down in front of her big sister, "your full name is Solaria Ashley Ketchum, Princess of the Solaris Colony and Kingdom, but that will be covered in more detail at a later time. A lot of things have to happen for you to regain your Princess form, for right now you just have a female civilian form and Sailor Guardian form known as Sailor Solaris. Also your questions about your Princess form will be answered in due time, right now I just want to see you again my dear sister and I won't die because technically I am already dead. I will eventually regain my true body and stay outside of your mind, but for right now we have to share this mind. You also don't have to act overly girly all the time." Ashlynn then broke down into tears again thinking she would be sent away into the back of Ash's mind never to return again.

"Please Ashlynn don't cry. I take it that when I transformed into Sailor Solaris for the first time in Millennia, you surfaced again?" Ashley asked.

"That is correct. Actually I was meant to be a twin sister in this time to you as well. My body was stillborn. So I have camped out in your mind for the last sixteen years." Ashlynn said.

"Mom told me something about that. I guess I forgot. I guess we have to share a body and a mind," Ashley said.

"I have my own mind bro. Anyway, we can never get separated, at least not at the moment." Ashlynn said.

Ashley then spoke up again, "Hey Lynn, can we have these talks regularly when I dream. It would be so nice to talk to you again after so long. Being an only child in this time is kind of lonely at times. Especially when I'm not with my Gare Bear. Could you talk with me at night from time to time little sis?"

"Of course I will Ash," Ashlynn said to her older twin sister, "it would be so nice to do that and I won't be lonely anymore."

Ash nodded to her sister and smiled. She then embraced Ashlynn once again, "you have a deal little sis. It would be my honor to talk to you again Lynn-Chan."

Lynn nodded happily and smiled, "the honor is all mine."

With that, the dreamscape vanished

End Ashley's Dream Sequence.

The Next Morning…

Ashley woke up refreshed and ready for the morning, she had her Gare Bear and her sister. This made her really happy. She had decided to grow her hair out during the rest of her journey with her Gare Bear to make her Twin Sister happy.

It would be six months until the duo of Ashley and Gary would return to Pallet Town. During the six months, Ashley's hair would grow out to waist-length like it was so many years ago and Ashley would wear skirts every now and then and let her hair breathe by putting it up in a ponytail with a purple or red bow and forego the hat as well.

Ashley and Gary's six month journey helped the couple grow closer as they went out on a few dates with each other. At night, so Ashley would wake up Gary with her sleep talking, she opted to sleep in a separate tent. However the couple would continue to travel together through various regions without a care in the world.

Six Months Later, after Gary and Ashley went their separate ways temporarily...

"Look Pikachu," Ashley said to her starting Pokemon, "it's Pallet Town, though it seems to have grown in leaps and bounds since I left for Kalos, let's head home shall we?"

"Pika Pika! Pika Pi!" Pikachu said happily as he nuzzled his trainer, luckily Ashley didn't become paralyzed because she was used to it by now, six years of traveling with an electric type Pokemon has rendered her immune to paralyzing techniques from her best friend and starter. Ashley and Gary spent six months traveling together since that battle in Juban. Gary got tired of being slapped by Ashley every time he stared at her clothes clinging her her body so Gary went his separate way from Ashley while Ashley headed back to Pallet. Gary wanted to do some more training to be a Pokemon Professor like his Grandpa.

As Ashley and Pikachu made their way home, they finally came to a more familiar setting, her home neighborhood that not only housed her house, but Gary's house, as well as Professor Oak's lab. It's good to see some things never changed, especially her childhood home. Ashley knocked on the door and a very familiar Psychic Pokemon opened it. It was Mimey, her mom's Mr. Mime, "Hey there Mr. Mime, is Mom home?"

Mimey nodded and stepped aside for Ashley to come in. She immediately headed to the kitchen where her mom was preparing food as always.

"Mom, I'm home," Ashley announced as she with Pikachu on her shoulder made her way into the kitchen.

"Welcome home dear," Delia said with her ever present smile, then continued. "How was your latest journey with Gary honey? It's been more than one year since you left for Kalos. Where have you been? Also, I don't remember your hair being so long when you left for Kalos. Did something happen?"

"What are you talking about Mom? I don't have long hair. I haven't had long hair since I left Pallet when I was ten." Ashley said to her mom as she unconsciously moved a stray lock of hair out of her eyes. "Wait a minute, when did my hair get this long?"

Ashley then looks at Delia and asks her something, "Mom did you get the collection of skirts I asked you for when I called you last? I'm tired of wearing these Baggy Jeans now. I've been wearing jeans and cargo pants every year since I started my journey."

"I did dear, but you still haven't told me why your hair got so long." Delia said as she held up a mirror for her daughter to see herself in. Delia was right her hair had gotten quite a bit longer in the past six months. While she didn't want to cut it anymore, she did want to do something with it.

"I guess I didn't notice that my hair had been steadily growing over the past six months or so. I just unconsciously went back to caring for my hair the way I did when I was younger and it was longer I didn't really pay attention to it getting long. Gary did mention that my hair was growing, but I didn't believe him. I guess I should've listened to him more. Thanks for letting me know mom, I'm going upstairs to change and do something with my hair now."

With that Ashley hugs her mom tight and kisses her on the cheek. She then heads up to her room with Pikachu on her shoulder. As she entered her room she opened her closet. She nearly squealed as she looked at all the skirts her mom had gotten her. She is finally able to wear skirts now that she's sixteen years old. Gary will be very surprised when he sees her. Ashley blushed at the thought of her Gare Bear seeing her in a skirt for the first time in years. She quickly took her jeans off as well as her Over-the-knee socks. She quickly pulled out a pair of dark blue knee-socks and her dark blue skirt. She would keep her shoes for now. She had to think about whether she wanted to switch footwear at a later time.

Once she was dressed, she took her hat off and stood in front of the mirror she teased her hair a little bit, brushed it carefully. She then put her hair in low ponytails. Gary was going to be so surprised. He always did like it when she wore Twin Tails when she was younger. She tied up her hair and looked in the mirror she then turned around a few times and loved the feel of her skirt spinning around while she spun. She then inspected her ears, surprisingly her not wearing earrings very often didn't cause her pierced ears to close up. She took out a pair of silver Star-Shaped Earrings and put them in. She looked at herself in the mirror again one last time. She giggled liking the way she looked. She then closed the door to her room and sat on the bed and motioned for Pikachu to look at her. Calling out his Adviser name, brought his Crescent Moon out of invisibility to his forehead.

"Orion-Chan, how do I look?" Ashley asked as she stood up and spun around her low twin tails swinging around along with her skirt while she was spinning, "do you think Gary will like it?"

"Why are you so worried about Gary liking it Ash?" Orion asked curiously. Orion then saw the blush on Ashley's face and understood. The six months the two were traveling together they had gotten really close even gone out on some dates and kissed. I think it helped that he became Silver Rose the same day she became Sailor Solaris.

"You know very well why I'm worried about Gare-Bear liking it Orion," Ashley said to her starter as she blushed, "he's my Boyfriend and I'm hoping to marry him someday." There, she said it, she had finally admitted how she felt about Gary. She had always had a small crush on Gary but didn't say anything because of how bad he treated her whenever they would meet on their separate journey's through Kanto. Once Ashley defeated Gary's Blastoise with her Charizard, the two resolved their differences and they got along a lot better. Gary was her inspiration for traveling to Hoenn with just her Pikachu by her side. Once she was ready, Orion deactivated his Crescent Moon and jumped on her shoulder. Ashley then remembered about her Espeon that she raised from an egg when she was younger. Eventually her Eevee evolved into Espeon shortly before her journey, but since Espeon's were relatively rare in Kanto, Ashley decided to leave her at Oaks Lab and play with it when she returned from her journeys away from Misty and the others. The time had come for her to get her Espeon back. She knew Gary had an Umbreon and it was a handsome male Umbreon at that. Once she resolved what she was going to do, Ashley headed downstairs and pointed to the purple and White Pokeball that was on the mantle, "Mom, I'm taking Esperina with me. Is that okay with you?" Ashley said then asked.

"Of course you can take her with you dear," Delia said as she cooed at the way her little girl looked, "you look so lovely dear, I'm sure Gary will be thrilled."

"Thanks Mommy!" Ashley said as she jumped into her mom's arms almost knocking her down, but luckily Delia kept her balance and quickly set her daughter down,.

Delia giggled as she looked at the blushing Ashley and sweat dropped, "Ashley dear, you're too big to be doing that anymore. Please don't do it again."

Ashley chuckled and blushed out of embarrassment, "I'm sorry Mom, when I saw all the skirts you had gotten me I was overjoyed and wanted to see if you could still catch me if I did that. I see you can, but I do admit I am too big to be doing that now. Thanks for taking care of Esperina for me, but I think I will be taking her with me along with a couple of my other Pokemon."

Delia nodded and handed Ashley Esperina's Pokeball. Ashley grabbed her purse, which was now a bit smaller than her other one, but still had room to hold everything she needed, strapped it across her chest with the bag itself resting on her left hip and headed out to meet Gary at Professor Oak's Lab. As Ashley went out the door, her mom called to her, "By the way Ash, those earrings look beautiful on you. I was wondering when I would see you wearing them again. You look beautiful. Good luck with your little date."

As Ashley walked out the door, she blushed at the "date" remark, "Mother, you're embarrassing me."

"Sorry dear." Delia said as she quickly hugged and kissed her daughter. She was off again, hopefully she would stay around Pallet for a bit longer, but Delia wasn't counting on it. Knowing her daughter, she would soon be embarking on another adventure.

After exchanging goodbyes with her mom, Ashley headed off to Oak's Lab to get four more of her Pokemon.

As she made her way to the Oak Pokemon Lab she ran through her mind which of her Pokemon she would take with her. She should take a starter from a couple of regions and then see if she can find her Greninja somewhere in Kalos, but it's pretty far away from Pallet, but she really missed her Battle Bond Pokemon. Now she just needed to figure out a way to get to Kalos for a quick trip to get her Ashley-Greninja Back. Suddenly, the fog that engulfed her in Jusenkyo after she had left it with Gary appeared again and the same Green-Haired Sailor Guardian known as Sailor Pluto encountered her.

"Greetings Ashley Ketchum, I can help you get your Greninja back, but we need to keep in mind that he may not be done destroying the remaining pieces of the Red Z Plague that covered Kalos after you competed in the Kalos League. He may or may not want to come back with you. Meet me in the woods on Route 1 once you retrieve your next three Pokemon and we will go get your special Greninja." Sailor Pluto said as she addressed Ashley.

After listening to Sailor Pluto, Ashley spoke up in response to her,"Thanks, um Sailor Pluto. I can't believe all the Pokemon that I left behind. I know I did it for them, but I can't help but miss them so much. I raised them with care and love, it was sad to let them go, but it was what was best for them. I will see what Greninja wants when we encounter him again. However, I'm guessing that I have to be in my Sailor Solaris form to pass through your Gate of Time don't I?"

Sailor Pluto regarded Ashley's question and gave her the appropriate answer as always, "No, not really, but it will be much safer that way. You have a soul in you from a long time ago for sure, the Time Gates will recognize your Sailor Solaris form, but not your current incarnation's form. That will take a while before it will recognize that. I will meet you in the Forest on Route 1 after you have retrieved your Pokemon. Farewell for now Sailor Solaris."

Ashley nodded in understanding as she waved goodbye to Sailor Pluto. Once she waved goodbye to the green-haired Sailor Guardian, said guardian vanished back into the mists of time.

Once Sailor Pluto vanished, Ashley continued her way toward Professor Oak's Lab. She was excited to get going to her next adventure, even if it meant she had to fight some evil entity from a long time ago to do so. Once she got to Oak's Lab, she released her Esperina and smiled, "Esperina dear, please go find Umbreon and Gare Bear. I'm going to retrieve three of my Pokemon and I will join you shortly."

Esperina nodded, nuzzled Ashley and did as she was told. Ashley made her way inside and into Professor Oak's Lab and waved at Professor Oak and smiled, "Professor Oak, I would like to pick up some of my Pokemon. I've decided to pick three of my favorite Pokemon, then head to Kalos with a friend to see if she can help me track down my Greninja."

"Ashley, my girl," Professor Oak said with a smile, "which Pokemon would you like to take with you today?"

Ashley smiled at her Grandfather figure and gave him a hug, "I would like to take my Charizard, Sceptile and Krookodile with me. That way I will have one more spot open on my team. I decided to take Esperina with me to Kalos to introduce her to my Greninja. Greninja will be my sixth Pokemon."

"Very good my dear," Professor Oak said as he went out into the yard for a few minutes and retrieved the Pokemon she requested. After Professor Oak retrieved said Pokemon, he returned inside and handed Ashley the three Pokeballs that she asked for.

"Thanks Professor," Ashley said with a smile, "when Esperina comes back with Gary and Umbreon, could you send them outside where I'll be waiting for them. It's time that I helped Esperina grow stronger once again. I also enjoyed traveling with Gary so much that I want him to travel with me again." Ashley then blushed and looked down to the ground after telling Professor Oak about her plans to travel with Gary somewhere.

The old professor knew what was going on, the two were really close when they were younger, he could also tell that the two young kids had a crush on each other, but Gary's attitude toward her when the two first started their journey had driven a wedge between the two. It wasn't until their match in the Johto League that the two started to become really close once again. "Very well Ash, I will let Gary know to meet you outside when Esperina returns with them."

Ashley smiled and gave Professor a tight hug, cracking his back in the process, but Professor Oak didn't mind, the excited, yet sometimes shy young lady had slipped one of his discs back into place making him feel a lot better. Once Ashley released the professor, she headed outside with her reacquired three Pokeballs on her belt and the supplies she needed in her bag. She sat down on the bench and waited for Gary to return.

When Esperina returned with Gary and his Umbreon, she ran toward Ashley happily, she nuzzled her trainer and sat very quietly next to her. Esperina was too big to ride on Ashley's shoulder so she just walked on the ground beside her just like Gary's Umbreon did.

"Hey Ashy Girl, what was so urgent that you wanted to see me right now?" Gary asked curiously, though he was very happy that he was dating her now, she still didn't really call upon him unless it was a date or official world-saving business.

Ashley smiled and passionately kissed her love, "well, that Green-Haired warrior that we encountered six months ago showed up and offered to take me to Kalos to see if I could get my Greninja to come back as a regular member of my team. The other Pokemon besides Pikachu and Esperina that I have are my Charizard, my Sceptile, and my Krookodile. I have enough room for one more Pokemon on my active team and I chose Greninja. I would love it if you would come to Kalos with that woman and me to see if we can get my Greninja back. I'm planning on searching far and wide to see if I can retrieve the other Pokemon that I let go to their own devices. I kept their Pokeballs on me in case I ever encountered them again. Would you please come with me? We have to meet her in the Forest of Route 1 and we have to transform to do so, she has a way to transport us anywhere as quickly as possible."

Gary smiled as he picked his Ashy Girl up into his arms, "sure thing Ashy Girl, I would love to go with you. Besides, it's been kind of boring around here for quite some time. We could use a bit of an adventure. Let's go!" With that Gary carried Ashley Bridal Style to the appointed location, though once they got there and he set Ashley down as she pouted and looked away from Gary.

Gary noticed this and got worried, "what's up Ashy Girl? Why are you so pouty all of a sudden?"

Ashley sighed and hugged herself while turning her back to him, "you didn't even notice what I was wearing or how I have my hair done. You are totally rude! I can't believe someone like you is actually my Boyfriend, I for one thought you would be struck in awe at what I was wearing. I completely wasted my time getting all nice and pretty for you. We have known each other all our lives, I expected more from you Gare Bear!"

Looking at the expression Ashley was wearing on her face, along with the outfit that she was wearing, Gary figured out what was bothering her. He took that in stride and brought her closer to him and looked into her brown eyes as he moved a stray lock of her blonde hair from her forehead. "Of course I noticed how beautiful you were, but I wasn't sure if you wanted me to make a big deal out of it or not. Given the circumstances that when I stared at you in your soaking wet outfit six months ago, I got a double slap across my face. I didn't want to get slapped again. You are very beautiful in that outfit especially with your long legs and beautiful hair the way they are now. I love that outfit on you. I was hoping you would take to wearing more skirts from now on. Will you do that for me?"

Ashley giggled as she passionately kissed her love smack dab on the lips and answered her Gare Bear's question, "of course I'm going to wear more skirts from now on silly, I like them much better than the baggy jeans I once wore. Though, that totally won't keep me from being the world's greatest Pokemon Master! Now let's transform and wait for that nice lady that we met so many months ago."

Ashley, after looking around making sure there weren't any innocent bystanders around, raised her broach to to the sky, waved her hand across it and shouted those words again, "Solar Prism Power Make Up!" Once she said those words, a flurry of lights later, Sailor Solaris was standing where Ashley once was with her long now free-flowing hair blowing in a non-existent wind.

Taking that cue, Gary pulled a Silver Rose out of thin air and transformed into Silver Rose. The couple then waited for the Sailor Guardian of Time to appear and take them to where Greninja might be.

In a matter of minutes, Sailor Pluto had sent Sailor Solaris and Silver Rose to the field in Kalos where Ashley had left Greninja shortly before she returned to Kanto. Sailor Pluto gave the two Heroes communicators that also functioned as Portal devices. It used technology from the Gate of Time and the Gate of Space. As soon as Pluto did that, she explained to Sailor Solaris and Silver Rose how to use the communicators and vanished within the Gate of Time aiming for Nerima where she would give Ranma and Akane similar communicators.

After making sure that no innocent civilians were around, Sailor Solaris and Silver Rose dropped their transformations and waited for Ashley's Greninja to show up. It didn't take long at all, then Greninja showed up and tackled Ashley to the ground and hugged her, this caught her off guard for a split second, once that split second was over, she hugged her Greninja back. Greninja opened Ashley's bag and fumbled through it, once he fumbled through it, he came across the Pokeball he once had. He quickly tapped the button, sucking himself into it. The ball shook once and stopped. This told Ashley that Greninja wanted to go with her. It also told her that he was done with whatever he had to do in Kalos. Once the pair was reunited, Ashley looked to her love and started to activate her communicator. Once Ashley did that, Gary did the same and the couple quickly returned to the forest of Route 1 just North of Pallet Town.

In Petalburg City the peace was shattered by an obnoxious scream echoing throughout the entire town causing the citizens of Petalburg to run around in terror like chickens with their heads cut off.

May Haruka Maple was out practicing combination attacks with all her Pokemon. The reason she was doing this was to get ready for the next contest she was competing in. She heard a scream coming from the center of town. She recalled her Blaziken her Venusaur, her Snorlax(Munchlax evolved), her Blastoise(her Wartortle evolved into Blastoise) her Beautifly and her Delcatty(she evolved her Skitty after she learned all of her attacks) into their Pokeballs then she headed into the center of Town.

Monsters were running rampant. She needed to do something and since she only had her Pokemon she sent them out and they were holding their own against the monsters. They were seriously outnumbered so they needed help. She then knew now was the time to act. She was the first Solaris Court Member to awaken and she had been awake for six months just like Phobos, Deimos, Solaris, and Silver Rose. She had to find her Princess and her soulmate. She wasn't sure why, but she had a feeling that Ashley and Gary were involved somehow. She held her Henshin pen up into the sky and shouted, "Io Power Make up!" Transforming for what seemed like the thousandth time into Sailor Io since she gained her powers six months ago. Ash, Gary, Ranma and Akane had it easy, they had six months of peace and have just recently had to battle again, she had to fight all sorts of crime lords and stray monsters throughout Hoenn for the past six months. Who was behind all the attacks? Now wasn't the time to worry about it, she had a mission. "Lava Blast!" she shouted as she sent red energy balls from the arms she had crossed in front of her chest. Once the energy balls hit the monster, they turned into molten lava and melted the monster on contact turning it into monster goo and causing it to disappear, unfortunately more monsters kept on appearing and attacking.

In Pallet Town, a very wet and cold Ashley thanks to a random rain shower, and Gary felt an ice cold feeling roll down their backs. They knew that something was up. For some reason they were sensing a disturbance in Petalburg City in Hoenn. This was highly unusual. They usually couldn't feel danger from so far away. However it must have been really serious if they felt it all the way in Kanto. They knew they had to get to Petalburg to protect their precious friend May, who might or might not be in trouble. Ashley sent out her Charizard, and Gary sent out his Skarmory. Ashley activated her Mega Ring on her wrist causing Charizard to Mega Evolve into Mega Charizard Y. The two Pokemon Trainers quickly transformed into Solaris and Silver Rose, hopped on their Pokemon and were off to Hoenn to check on their friend.

In the Juban District of Tokyo, Japan, Makoto Kino felt a dreadful feeling come over her. However this time she felt a disturbance in the Nerima District and in Hoenn. She figured that since Io had been a Guardian for six months just like Solaris and Silver Rose, she felt she had more important matters to deal with in Nerima. Taking that in stride, Makoto transformed into Sailor Jupiter and made a beeline for Nerima, though when she got there she would see that Phobos and Deimos had it well under control. Seeing this, she returned to Juban, De-Transformed and went to meet her friends at the Crown.

In Petalburg City Hoenn, Io was fighting her heart out sending Lava Blast after Lava Blast melting and destroying the monsters. More kept on coming and just wouldn't let up. She was outnumbered. She needs help and fast. Just when she was about to lose, Sailor Solaris and Silver Rose showed up and started helping Io out. Throwing Silver Roses and Solar Beams toward the monsters. The two Sailor Guardians and one Man in Formal Wear quickly disposed of them restoring peace to the city.

"Thank you very much for helping me out," Io remarked in gratitude toward Solaris and Silver Rose, "however, I will not join you yet."

"Huh?" Solaris asked of Io, "Why not?"

"I have my own reasons," Io said toward Solaris and Silver Rose, "I will reveal myself to you eventually, I still have to patrol to keep monsters in line in case some other monsters show up. You two have to protect Kanto, once the Solaris Court is complete, I will join your cause."

"We understand," Silver Rose said to Io, "as of right now, you are the only Sailor Guardian in Hoenn. There is no doubt in my mind that there is at least one other that will show up in due time, I know we will meet again when the time is right, but will you show up to help us out every once in a while?"

"I may just do that, I feel a strong connection with you two," Io said as she smiled and gave them the peace sign, "I will see you around."

Solaris and Silver Rose nodded and smiled and returned the gesture, they knew they would meet the green skirted Sailor Guardian of Io down the line.

Io giggled and took off into the sunset after waving goodbye. Solaris still had so many questions to ask, one of them being who is the Solaris Court? She was sure she would find out when the time was right. As of right now, they had to return to Kanto.

'Sailor Solaris, Silver Rose, I have a feeling who the two of you are and that I know you from somewhere, and not just from the Silver Millennium either. I feel as if we traveled together for a short time in this lifetime as well. I guess I will find out eventually.' Io thought to herself as she continued into the sunset.

Solaris and Silver Rose had the same feeling Io did, but what could it mean? Well that was a question for another time. Right now they had to finish off the remaining monsters.

It wasn't long until Sailor Solaris and Silver Rose finished the last of the monsters in that area. Once their work was done, they returned to Pallet Town.

In Pallet Town, a Silver Skirted Sailor Guardian was fighting off some monsters, she had long reddish-orange hair, viridian green eyes an ornate tiara with a black-colored jewel in the center. Around her neck was a silver choker. Her Sailor Guardian outfit was similar to Solaris' only the skirt and sailor collar were silver, the bow on her chest was black with a silver brooch in the center. The ribbon on the small of her back was also black and just as short as Solaris'. On her feet was a pair of Silver High-Heel Shoes that were laced with a Criss-Cross Pattern spreading from the top of her foot to just below her knees. Her elbow-length gloves had silver piping at the top of them. She also had a pair of diamond-shaped dangling earrings of a lighter silver color with a dark criss-cross pattern engraved on them.

Arriving in Pallet Town, Sailor Solaris and Silver Rose thought she looked familiar as memories flashed through their heads. Not only that, the couple gasped at her face, it looked like an old friend of theirs. However, Silver Rose felt a deeper connection with the reddish-orange head. One that transcended Millennia. Solaris took in the appearance of the girl, specifically her face.

Right before she could ask any questions, more monsters showed up, Solaris sighed and addressed the other two present with her, "Okay, Silver Girl, and Silver Rose, we need to split up and cover more ground. Orion, you're with me. Silver Rose, you go with the Silver Girl. We have to take care of these monsters at once."

"Right!" The two said as the group of four split up into two groups of two as they tackled the many monsters.

"Sand Spiral!" Silver Girl said as she let loose her attack in the form of a spiraling swirl of sand.

"Silver Rose Storm!" Silver Rose exclaimed as he threw his Silver Rose up in the air and created a storm of Silver Rose Petals, a powerful attack, but not nearly as powerful as the Sand Spiral was.

"Solar Beam!" Sailor Solaris exclaimed as she let loose her attack. Eventually the three protectors of Kanto backed the three monsters against each other as they reformed into one. The monster looked like a humanoid Ninetaies. A Female Humanoid. The three heroes then destroyed it.

Silver Rose and Sailor Solaris went over to the Silver Girl. Sailor Solaris was the one that spoke up first, "we need to get some place more secluded. It looks like all of the damage that was done repaired itself after we destroyed that monster together."

The silver girl and Silver Rose nodded in understanding with Solaris. The trio found themselves in a secluded part of the woods around Pallet Town as Orion dropped his Crescent Mark and smiled as he ran over to the silver clad girl, "Pikachupi! Pika Pika! Pika Pikachu!"

Sailor Solaris knew immediately what Pikachu was saying, there was only one person that Pikachu addressed as "Pikachupi" She squealed and ran over to the Silver Clad Girl. It had been so long since Solaris had seen this girl, not since the Kanto Battle Frontier!

"Misty?! Is that you?! OMG! I never thought I would see you again! Wow!" Solaris squealed.

This caught the Silver Clad Girl off Guard as she realized just what happened, she knew why the yellow clad Magical Girl had called her Misty, "Ash? Is that you? You became a Sailor Guardian too?"

Solaris sighed, there was no way to hide it now, she dropped her transformation and their she stood in her Kalos uniform that was modified with a skirt and long Knee-Socks, "I guess that means that you are my best friend Mist! It's great to see you again after so long!" Ashley chimed, this caused the silver clad girl to drop her transformation revealing a young lady with long orange-red hair, viridian green eyes. She was wearing a yellow v-neck top, with a pale yellow camisole underneath it. On the shirt was a blue wave. She was wearing a mini-skirt, a very mini-mini-skirt that showed off her long legs. On her feet was a pair of what looked like Ashley's first set of tennis shoes she used to wear on on her first journey with Misty and Brock through Kanto, the Orange Islands, and Johto. The biggest difference was instead of red white and black of Ashley's original shoes they were actually blue and yellow. The two girls hugged as Silver Rose coughed to get Misty's attention.

"Oh yeah, Ash, who is that guy in a Silver Suit? He's Dreamy!" Misty said with a blush and looked away. This immediately set Ashley off as she growled.

"Keep away, he's mine!" Ashley exclaimed, a bit angrier than she intended, Ashley realized this and apologized to Misty, "Sorry Mist. I didn't mean to sound angry at you. Silver Rose drop your transformation to show Misty who you really are."

Silver Rose nodded in understanding, when he dropped his transformation he smiled, "hey Misty, it's been a while. It's nice to see you again."

Now that Silver Rose revealed himself as Gary, the trio looked at each other and wondered what the heck was going on.

Misty was the first to speak up, "um yeah my Azumarril suddenly started talking one day after she gained a Crescent Moon mark. She then did a flip and this pen thingy was laying on the table that she had flipped on. I picked up because it was drawing me toward it. Once I picked up I said the first words that came to my mind, "Terra Power Make Up" when I said those words when I raised the pen up to the sky, I transformed into that outfit. I guess I'm Sailor Terra. So Ash, you're Sailor Solaris, Gary you're Silver Rose, and I'm Sailor Terra. Are we going to be gaining anymore people?"

Ashley nodded toward her best friend and smiled as she linked arms with Gary, "yeah, there are supposed to be three more I believe. Sailor Pluto, the green-haired woman that I encountered said that you, Sailor io, Sailor Rhea, Sailor Triton, and Sailor Ganymede would awaken soon. I met her six months ago when Gary and I transformed for the first time."

Gary nodded in agreement with Ashley as he spoke up, "we had to fight a monster in the Juban District of Tokyo. That's where Ashy-Girl and I transformed for the first time."

Ashley giggled and blushed at the pet name that Gary had for her, she smiled and addressed him back, "I couldn't of said it better myself Gare-Bear."

Misty had a question, "so um Ash, are you… together with Gary now? Last I remember you two had just finished your match against each other and had reconciled, so now you're dating Gary?"

Ashley giggled and nodded with a blush, "yep, I am and I am so happy. Gary is traveling with me for a while. After talking to Professor Oak, Gary and I have decided to go to Alola next. Will you be coming with us?"

Misty smiled and nodded at the now taller girl. Misty was 5'6" tall while Ashley was 5'7" tall. If she had to guess Gary's height, she would guess about 6'2" by now.

"I would love to travel with the two of you," Misty said excitedly, she then turned to Gary, "if that's okay with your Boyfriend that is."

Gary nodded as he held Ashley close, "sure, the more the merrier, but don't forget she's mine!"

Misty eeped and nodded. She had always felt a bond with the blonde girl, however she really didn't see her that way that Gary is talking about. She wasn't sure if she would ever find someone, but she didn't mind because now she was traveling with friends again. Exchanging goodbyes, the Trio went their separate ways. Gary and Ashley heading down the hill to Pallet, and Misty heading off to Cerulean City once again.

"Hammer Head!" Deimos said as she took out a monster.

"Tiger Roar!" Phobos exclaimed taking out another monster.

After Sailor Phobos and Sailor Deimos took care of the monsters in Nerima, the duo headed into a secluded Alley. Knowing no one else was around, the duo de-transformed back into Ranma and Akane and roof-hopped back to their new home with Nodoka in the Juban District.

The Next Morning...

Ashley and Gary were confused, why did Io just decide not to join them right away? It didn't make sense. Ashley turned to Gary and asked him a question, "So Gary, who do you think the mysterious Sailor Io is?"

"I have no idea Ashy-Girl," Gary said to his Girlfriend, "there is something familiar about her though. As if we've met her before."

Ashley nodded in agreement with her Boyfriend. Together the two Guardians decided to seek council from the Sailor Guardian of time. As the two Guardians were heading to the Hikawa Shrine to meet Pluto, one of those random rainstorms appeared and drenched Ashley and Gary as always. Pluto then appeared out of a time portal before they were even a block from the shrine.

"Pluto!" the now angry and drenched Ashley exclaimed as she wrung out her Jacket and glared angrily at Pluto, "why did you do that!?"

"It's part of my job description." Sailor Pluto said to the blonde and auburn haired Pallet Natives, then continued, "I have a feeling you have a lot of questions you want to ask me in regards to Sailor I. I will answer them to the best of my knowledge without revealing too much to you. I have to be careful what I reveal."

"Why?" Ashley and Gary Chorused as they looked toward the green-haired woman.

"Because," Pluto said to the couple, "knowing too much about the future could create multiple time Paradoxes and we don't want that at all. Follow me to the Shrine and I will explain what I can when we get there."

With that Sailor Pluto headed toward the Shrine with Ashley and Gary following closely behind.

Misty was out for a jog, she had taken a bus to Juban to do some shopping when she saw Ashley and Gary head with a Green-haired young woman about eighteen years old, well she looked that way, in reality she was really much older. Feeling a bit of Suspicion for the Green-Haired young woman, she stayed at a safe distance. She followed Ashley and Gary, but it was a ways back. She was wearing the same outfit she had on yesterday. No it wasn't the exact same one, she now had a collection of those types of outfits. She continued to follow Ashley and Gary.

Meanwhile in Crystal Tokyo...

In the thirtieth century, familiar pink-haired girl was in her room when her parents summoned her to the throne room. Chibi-Usa had no idea why she was summoned there all of a sudden. Why did she have a bad feeling about this though?

Chibi-Usa was summoned to the throne room by her parents Neo-Queen Serenity and Neo-King Endymion.

"Mom, Dad, what's wrong?" Chibi-Usa asked.

"I've got some stressing news my daughter." Neo Queen Serenity said.

"What is it Mommy?" Chibi Usa asked.

"I need you to go back to the Twenty-First Century and help out Solaris, Silver Rose, Phobos, Deimos, and Io, as well as the other Sailor Guardians yet to be reawakened." Neo Queen Serenity said.

"Who are they?" Small Lady asked.

"The next two to be awakened are Sailor Callisto, and Sailor Ganymede. In the Twenty-First Century they are known as Giselle Seiyo from Pokemon Technical Institute Kanto, Japan and Casey Nanako from New Bark Town Johto, Japan." Neo Queen Serenity said.

"How bad is it getting?" Small Lady asked.

"It seems that Queen Beryl is back, and I have a feeling there is more to this whole thing. One of the most recently awakened Sailor Guardian, Sailor Phobos is a victim of Jusenkyo. He/she is starting to act a bit weirder than usual. I don't know all the details, but Pluto has been keeping tabs on this Sailor Phobos and her Soulmate Sailor Deimos." Neo Queen Serenity said, then continued, "your destination is Juban District, Tokyo, Japan."

Neo Queen Serenity handed Chibi-Usa her Time Key. Though she may not be small anymore, to Usagi of the 21st Century she would always be Chibi-Usa. Chibi-Usa took the Time Key from her mother and set her sights on Juban once again. Her destination this time, the residence of Nodoka Saotome, though, she may just drop in on Usagi just to give her a hard time.

Meanwhile at the Hikawa Shrine…

The group of Sailor Guardians from the inner Solar System had gathered along with Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru. They were waiting for Sailor Pluto to appear so they could start the meeting.

"So what exactly did we have to get up so early for?" Usagi and Minako chimed together as it looked like they were about to fall asleep.

Rei then scolded the duo, "it's important Sailor Business Bun-head! Besides you shouldn't be complaining, your Mamo is here with you." Rei then gestured to the man that Usagi was holding onto for dear life.

"Yeah Usagi," Ami said to her leader, "Setsuna insisted that all of us be here. I don't know why, but it must be important if she also brought the rest of the outers here. Something must be going on."

Hotaru held her head, "I have a feeling that we will be encountering threats we've faced before, but this time, we are going to need more help. It seems that a new team of Sailor Guardians has been called in. They just reawakened six months ago. Setsuna Mama told me their names, Sailor Solaris, Silver Rose, Sailor Phobos and Sailor Deimos. It seems Sailor Phobos and Sailor Deimos along with Sailor Terra and one other were known as the Galactic Ambassadors in the Silver Millennium. Though I have no idea what the Galactic Ambassadors were used for. It's weird."

Haruka and Michiru comforted their adopted daughter, Haruka was the one to speak up first, "it seems that back in the Silver Millennium we interacted with them a lot. I have no idea why, but I think we have four others that are our counterparts so to speak, but they won't be awakened for a bit longer. At least I don't think so."

"The sea is churning," Michiru said worriedly, "I guess a lot of danger is on the horizon. We must be patient and wait for Setsuna to get here with our guests."

Shortly after they mentioned that, a big thud was heard outside the Shrine. Usagi and Mamoru got up and rushed out there hand-in-hand to see what the big thud was. When they got out there, they were surprised, a slightly older Chibi-Usa had landed unceremoniously on her butt. She got up and rubbed it. She was wearing the Juban Junior High School Female School uniform. Usagi and Mamoru rushed out to hold their now older daughter. She looked to be twelve years old now. Hotaru was also twelve years old.

"Chibi-Usa?" Usagi and Mamoru chimed together, "what are you doing here?"

Chibi-Usa sighed, "Mommy sent me here to help out a newly awakened Sailor Guardian, but I have no idea where he lives so I locked onto the place I know best in this District. I think there is one more I'm supposed to help as well, but he isn't awakened yet. I was sent here to help Sailor Phobos, but Mommy also told me that a Sailor Rhea was going to awaken soon as well."

Usagi and Mamoru helped Chibi-Usa up the stairs of the shrine. Once inside the shrine, they let Chibi-Usa go. She rushed into the room and hugged Hotaru tight.

"Hotaru, it's so great to see you again!" Chibi-Usa smiled as she hugged the purple-eyed girl, "we need to hang out again sometime."

Hotaru returned Chibi-Usa's hug, "I would like that, oh by the way, Haruka-Papa and Michiru-Mama have moved to an apartment here in Juban with Setsuna Mama. So I'll be going to school with you. Haruka Papa, Michiru Mama, and Setsuna Mama are my legal guardians. It's going to be great to actually go to school with you."

Chibi-Usa nodded in agreement with Hotaru as the two tweens released each other.

After the two tweens released each other, Setsuna came in the door with Ashley and Gary, followed shortly by an Orange-Red haired girl. Ashley and Gary were surprised to see that Misty had followed them. Though the couple should have seen that coming though. After all, Misty had awakened around the same time they did.

Ashley, Gary, and Misty introduced themselves and showed them their transformations showing who their Hero forms were. Once they de-transformed, they took a seat on one of the couches in the main room of the Shrine.

Shortly after Ashley, Gary and Misty showed up and revealed themselves, Ranma, soaking wet and in his female form along with Akane arrived. The two girls introduced themselves and Ranma demonstrated his/her curse for them and explained what happened. Ashley then realized that Ranma had been to Jusenkyo and fell into the Spring of Drowned Girl, which if this had been another reality, she would have probably been male and fallen into the Spring of Drowned Girl too. Though, that's an alternate reality and another story altogether.

"Okay," Ashley said as she looked toward Setsuna, "this Sailor I girl, though I think it's short for Sailor Io, I could be wrong, what is her issue, why won't she join us in our battle and who is the Solaris Court?"

Setsuna sighed as she set forth on telling everyone assembled what she could, "in the Silver Millennium the Galactic Guardians were split into three groups, the Solaris Court, the Galactic Ambassadors, and the Galactic Enforcers. The Solaris Court, much like the Sailor Guardians of the Inner Solar System, consisted of four members, Sailor Io, Sailor Rhea, Sailor Triton, and Sailor Ganymede. The Galactic Ambassadors consisted of Sailor Terra, Sailor Phobos, Sailor Deimos, and Sailor Callisto. The third and final faction of the Galactic Guardians, worked closely with the Sailor Guardians of the Outer Solar System, their names were Sailor Titania, Sailor Eris, Sailor Miranda, and Sailor Haumea. That's all I am permitted to tell you at this moment. I'm not even sure myself what the Galactic Ambassadors were for."

Setsuna then looked toward Ashley and Gary and continued on, "as for Sailor Solaris and Silver Rose, they were the leaders of the Galactic Guardians. The two main factions of the Galactic Guardians, the Solaris Court, and the Galactic Enforcers were the protectors of the Solar Princess, though, I'm not sure if there was an actual Solar Princess or not. I can't really say if there was or not, however the Solaris Court protected the supposed Solar Princess much like the Inners protected Princess Serenity. I don't know for sure, but I think the Solar Princess and Princess Serenity were cousins. So they had similar stations in their various kingdoms. That is all I am permitted to say for now."

"Well that helps us out a whole lot!" Ashley exclaimed Sarcastically, then continued, "but considering the ramifications for knowing too much of your future, I can see why you're so secretive Setsuna. So who wants to meet all of our Pokemon?"

All the Sailor Guardians and Mamoru raised their hands, Ashley giggled and looked toward Gary as she spoke to her love, "Gare Bear, we should head outside into the grounds of the Shrine so we can give our Pokemon some stretching room."

"Gare Bear and Ashy Girl?" Usagi, Minako, and Chibi-Usa chimed together.

"I agree with you one hundred percent Ashy-Girl!" Gary said as he went outside along with Ashley with Misty close behind.

Usagi and the others followed our trio and so did Ranma and Akane.

"COME ON OUT EVERYBODY!" Ashley, Gary, and Misty all said together as they sent out their Pokemon.

Ashley sent out her Espeon named Esperina, Charizard, Sceptile, Krookodile, and her Greninja. Pikachu then joined the group with his Crescent Moon Symbol shining brightly. In this form he is known as Orion.

Gary sent out his Umbreon, Blastoise, Arcanine, Nidoking, Electivire, and finally his Skarmory.

Misty sent out her Azumarril, who had a Crescent Moon Mark on her forehead, her Staryu, Starmie, Newly Acquired Vaporeon, Golduck(Psyduck Evolved), and Gyarados.

Ashley was ecstatic, she was so happy for her best friend, she had finally obtained the Vaporeon she had been wanting for so long. Ashley knew without a doubt that Misty would achieve her dream of becoming a Water Pokemon Master!

Usagi, Mamoru, Ranma, Akane, and the rest of the original Sailor Guardians were struck in awe at the collection of Pokemon they saw before them. Rei and Makoto just remember something as well, they each sent out a Pokeball, Rei's was red and purple, while Makoto's was green and yellow. Once the Pokeballs opened, Rei's Flareon, named Felina, and Makoto's Leafeon named Leon appeared in two flashes of light.

Usagi and the others were jealous, they wanted Pokemon of their own. Pokemon are very abundant in this world now, so why couldn't they find one. Ashley saw the looks on the other Sailor Guardians' faces as well as Mamoru's face and smiled. Gesturing to her other two friends Ashley signaled for them to give them some empty Pokeballs. Misty and Gary nodded and handed each of the original Sailor Guardians and Mamoru rucksacks full of assorted Pokeballs of every type. They then explained which Pokeball is best to be used on which Pokemon Types as well as at night and during the day. The trio explained in detail what each Pokeball was used for.

The group listened intently and took notes, at least everyone but Usagi and Minako. As Ashley and company were explaining things, Usagi and Minako's eyes glazed over and they quickly picked up one of Rei's Manga and started to read it. Rei saw this and glared at them, "Usagi, Minako what are you doing with my Manga, I haven't read those yet! Give them back!"

The Inner Sailor Guardian Trio began to argue and fight over the Manga. Right before the manga were about to rip, Azumarril, Vaporeon and the rest of the Water Pokemon drenched the Inner Senshi Trio, Orion had enough and he sent a Thunderbolt toward the three of them. The mix of the water and electricity sent the Inner Senshi Trio reeling, landing flat on their backs and twitching in pain on the ground unable to move because of Paralysis. By some miracle, the Manga didn't get harmed at all.

Suddenly a news report came up on Ami's computer. Apparently New Bark Town was getting attacked by some monster army. It showed various Officer Jennies and other Police Officers trying to take them down with guns. They weren't working very well. Then among the fighters on the news, Ashley and Misty saw two familiar faces, one was of a purple-haired girl about a year younger than Ashley and Misty trying to fight off the monsters with an Electivire, Beedrill, Raticate, Pidgeot, Meganium, and a Jolteon. The other one was young lady the same age as Ashley, Misty, and Gary wearing what looked to be a Pokemon Technical Institute Female School Uniform with a Golem and a Marowak. Ashley and Misty immediately recognized them as Casey Nanako from New Bark Town, Giselle Seiyo from Pokemon Technical Institute. The group of several girls and two guys felt a cold chill go down their spines. Suddenly, the two girls Foreheads were illuminated with strange symbols, one of the Jovian Moon Callisto, and the other one of the Jovian Moon Ganymede. Mako knew those symbols instantly. Ashley, Misty and Gary looked toward Setsuna.

Ashley spoke up, "Setsuna-San, we have to get to New Bark Town and fast. We need to take Mako, Ranma, and Akane. Something tells me that Mako has something to give those two girls that are friends of ours."

Setsuna nodded then looked toward the rest of the Sailor Guardians and Mamoru, "Ashley is right, Makoto, you, Ranma, and Akane will come with Ashley, Misty, Gary and me."

Setsuna then looked toward Mamoru, "Mamoru, I need you and the other Sailor Guardians to stay behind in case this district gets attacked. Do you hear me?"

Mamoru nodded as he motioned for Makoto to go with Ashley, Setsuna, and Company, "we will do our best to protect this place. You go help those two girls."

Setsuna and the group that was heading to New Bark Town nodded as they pulled out their wands and Gary pulled out his Silver Rose.

"Solar Prism Power Make Up!"

"Terra Power Make Up!"

"Phobos Power Make Up!"

"Deimos Power Make Up!"

"Jupiter Crystal Power Make Up!"

"Pluto Crystal Power Make Up!"

Gary just raised his Rose up to the sky and transformed into Silver Rose. Once the transformations were done, Setsuna opened a Time Portal that would take them directly to the location. She then explained to Ashley and Company that Sailor Titania, the Sailor Guardian of Space will more than likely be the one that will transport them to places in the future. Once she reveals herself, that is.

Ashley and Company understood as they stepped out of the portal not too far from where Casey and Giselle were.

New Bark Town Johto…

Casey and Giselle were backed against the wall after having told the cops to evacuate everyone else. They told the police that they could handle things from here. The symbols of their Guardian Stars glowing brightly on their foreheads glowed even more intense when Ashley and Company were near. Setsuna saw this and handed Jupiter a communicator similar to the ones on the wrists of Solaris, SIlver Rose, Terra, Phobos, and Deimos. She also left two more for Jupiter to give to Casey and Giselle.

Casey and Giselle were backed into a corner. The duo held their heads after they returned their fainted Pokemon. "Oh no! After a peaceful time since we watched the news report about the incident in Juban, the world is in danger again and we are needed to save it!"

Their symbols showed brightly on their foreheads as Super Sailor Jupiter tossed wands toward the two girls that were fighting. An ice blue one toward Giselle, while a Navy Blue one headed straight for Casey. Super Sailor Jupiter Spoke up, "Giselle Seiyo, Casey Nanako catch these pens and say the first thing that comes to your mind right after you catch it!"

Giselle and Casey nodded as they caught the wands.

"Callisto Power Make Up!" Giselle Shouted.

"Ganymede Power Make Up!" Casey exclaimed.

Right after they said that, an Ice Blue light engulfed Giselle, while a Navy Blue light engulfed Casey.

When the lights died down, Sailor Callisto and Sailor Ganymede stood in place of Giselle and Casey

As Sailor Callisto, Giselle's outfit consists of an ice blue skirt, sailor collar, chest bow, lower back bow, and broach. Her hair is about the same length as it is in her Civilian form complemented with an ice blue bow in her hair. She also has ice blue ornaments in her hair as well. On her hands is a pair ofwhite elbow-length gloves with Ice Blue piping. She also has the standard white short-sleeved leotard on her torso and chest just like all the Moon Kingdom and Solaris Kingdom Sailor Guardians do. Her outfit is completed with a gold Tiara with an ice-blue jewel in the center and ice blue dangling diamond-shaped earrings. On her feet is a pair of ice blue high-heeled shoes with ice blue ribbons going from her feet all the way up to her knees.

As Sailor Ganymede, Casey's outfit consists of a navy blue skirt and collar. Her collar is outlined in white just like the other Sailor Guardians. She also has a navy blue choker around her neck. Her hands are graced with Elbow-length gloves with navy blue piping. Her chest bow is bright orange as well as her small of the back bow. Her forehead is graced with a golden Tiara with a navy blue jewel in the center of her forehead. Her ears are graced with a pair of navy dangling Moon-Shaped Earrings. Her outfit is completed with a pair of high-heeled knee-high navy boots with a white outline on the top of them.

With two new Sailor Guardians awakened, the odds went up a notch in favor of Sailor Solaris and company. Of course the group did what they could with their hands and feet for combat first, especially considering how powerful the attacks from Sailor Callisto and Sailor Ganymede can be. The seven Sailor Guardians and one man in formal wear started to attack with their hand to hand combat skills and their Pokemon first of all.

Their Pokemon were doing a decent job taking out several of the smaller monsters, however it wasn't meant to be. Eventually, the energy of the Pokemon were tapped out and now it was time for them to rely on their magical powers. With that said, the Sailor Guardians and a guy in formal wear let loose with their attacks.

"Solar Beam!" Sailor Solaris exclaimed as she sent out a golden beam of light toward her enemies blinding them and burning them in the process.

"Sand Spiral!" Sailor Terra exclaimed as she sent out Spirals of Sand Magic blinding the monsters, while at the same time causing damage to them.

"Tiger Roar!" Sailor Phobos exclaimed as she sent out beams in the shape of an open Tiger Mouth that swallowed its prey whole. The Fiery confidence beam engulfed the monsters with no problem at all.

"Hammer Head!" Sailor Deimos exclaimed as she sent out several hammer-shaped beams of magical power taking out a few of the monsters.

"Dead Scream!" Super Sailor Pluto exclaimed as she sent out an Eerie purple planet-shaped ball of power destroying some of the monsters along the way.

"Jupiter, Oak Evolution!" Super Sailor Jupiter Exclaimed as she let loose her combination Leaf and Lightning Attack.

"Silver Rose Barrage!" Silver Rose exclaimed as he sent out several thorny Silver Roses toward the monster.

It was now time for Sailor Callisto and Sailor Ganymede to shine with their attacks. Closing their eyes and focusing on the magic deep inside of them, the words that they haven't said in Millennia immediately come to their mind.

"Ice Storm!" Sailor Callisto exclaimed as she clasps her hands together in a prayer position as she collects ice crystals around her hands. Once she collects enough ice crystals, they coalesce around her clasped hands as she raises them above her head and pirouettes. Once her energy is built up, she points her clasped hands toward her enemy and lets loose her attack, freezing her enemies in the process before they break apart. This took down several of the monster army, but they kept coming.

"Ganymede!" Solaris and Company exclaimed grabbing the purple-haired Sailor Guardians attention, "it's time for you to grab your destiny! We have to take down these monsters as soon as we can!"

Sailor Ganymede nodded as she prepared her attack, with a shout of "Rock Throw!" Sailor Ganymede raises her hands above her head summoning magical rocks that her powers allow her to manipulate and control. Once her rocks are gathered she holds her hands straight out in front of her sending them toward her enemies or an obstacle that needs to be mowed down. The obstacle in this case was the remaining monsters, once her attack was powered up, she let loose her attack. The monsters were now destroyed and all the damage that had been done by the monsters was fixed in a matter of a few seconds.

With the monsters destroyed, Sailor Solaris gave Ganymede and Callisto Portal-Come devices. Callisto thanked Solaris and placed the device on her wrist and so did Ganymede. With that, Super Sailor Pluto opened a time portal for them back to the Hikawa Shrine. It's time for the others to meet Sailor Callisto and Sailor Ganymede.

Well the threat was upended for now but who knows when the next threat will surface for our Galactic Guardians to take care of.

Meanwhile, in Jusenkyo…

Drew was confused as he was walking through the springs with his trusty Roserade by his side. Suddenly a rock somehow landed in the path where is foot was going to land. He stepped on the rock and fell face first into one of them many accursed springs. Roserade looked frantically around for his trainer and was about to panic when a light green-haired girl emerged from the spring. When she got herself out of the spring, she stood up in really baggy clothes thanks to her now slimmer and more petite form. As female Drew inspected herself, she let out an eardrum breaking scream. This brought the Jusenkyo Guide to her rescue. He sighed and took her to his guide shack, careful not to get any of the accursed water on his body.

"So sorry honored customer, you fall in Nyannichuan, Spring of Drowned Girl where 1500 years ago a girl drowned in this spring. Now cold water turn you into your current form, while hot water reverse effect." The Guide said as he poured boiling water on the light green haired girl.

"Does it really have to be that hot?! I don't think it needs to be boiling!" Drew exclaimed as he felt as if he was on fire from the boiling hot water.

"No honored sir, does not need be boiling." The Jusenkyo Guide said, then continued, "you stay here with me tonight and I take you out of valley tomorrow. You want tea to warm up? It cold out there honored sir."

"Hot Tea sounds good, thank you very much." Drew said as he took out his sleeping bag, which luckily was dry because it was in a Waterproof bag. With that Drew and the Jusenkyo Guide had a cup of tea and talked as much as they could about Jusenkyo and what Drew being cursed meant.

Eventually, Drew and the Guide fell asleep,only Drew's sleep was much less relaxing than the Guide's sleep. He was in a royal palace, which didn't surprise him much at all because he had a dream to be the World's Greatest Pokemon Coordinator like Dawn, Drew and Zoey do, however what surprised him the most was seeing himself as his female self wearing a beautiful long Princess Dress and she was hanging out with some people who looked like May and Ashley. What did this dream mean? He would have to find out for himself.

Meanwhile, at the Imite House…

A certain blue-haired Twin tail wearing girl was having strange dreams of a coming disaster and her helping out in a ridiculously abbreviated girl's Sailor Suit. She also saw herself attending a huge Gala wearing a long flowing Princess Dress.

What will happen now? Stay Tuned as more Galactic Guardians is revealed. Be on the lookout.


Next Time: With Terra, Callisto, and Ganymede awakened, the Solaris Court Team is nearly complete while the Galactic Ambassador Team is now complete as well. The members of the Solaris Court that have yet to be awakened are Rhea and Triton.

Next Time on Galactic Guardians - Episode 03: New Guardians Awakened: Out on a New World Saving Mission! Part III: Enter Rhea and Triton Coming Soon! Be on the Lookout!