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Chapter 1 Romeo's Evil Plan

Romeo's POV

One night I was in my lair working on something evil. And that something is I am building a machine that can transport me to another dimension or and this other words universe.

"soon I will get ready and go to another universe and destroy that one with a little help from somebody and that somebody is Captain James Hook hahaha!" I laughed evilly.

Connor's POV

" Hey Greg?" I called his name.

" Yeah Connor!" He said to me.

"do you think I don't know but do you think if...

that's when I was interrupted by Amaya.

"guys guys guys I just saw Romeo with a big giant machine he's probably planning on something evil we got to stop him before it's too late.

PJ masks we're on our way cuz into the night we save the day...

Narrator night in the city a brave band of heroes all ready to start messing with your day Connor become

Connor: Catboy!

Amaya becomes

Amaya: Owlette!

Greg becomes.

Greg: Gekko

[music plays]

The PJ masks!

"All right where do you think Romeo is going?" I asked Owlette.

"I have know idea Carboy." She said to me.

" Guys, I think I know where Romeo went." Gekko said to us.

"Where Gekko?!" I asked him.

"Neverland!" He said to us.

"Neverland?" I questioned.

"come on we'll take the portal to Neverland."

and so cat-boy Owlette and Gekko, all took the portal to Neverland to find Romeo hopefully they can find them on time.

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