Author's Note Happy new year! So it's time for another Chapter of this epic Crossover between the PJ masks and Captain Jake. So, sit back, and enjoy the Chapter...

Chapter 4 Amaya and Connor are alone

Connor's POV

It was still a normal day on Neverland. too normal in fact. So, Amaya and I decided to hangout with each other.

"Hey, Amaya do you want to hangout with me?" I asked her.

"Sure." Amaya said to me as I smiled.

"Ooh, Connor and Amaya sitting in a tree, g." Greg said to us as Amaya and I blushed.

"Come on Amaya." I said to her while dragging her our of the hideout.

Izzy's POV

After Amaya and Connor left, I looked at Greg with a mad face.

"That wasn't very nice Greg." I said to him.

"Ooh, Greg and Luna girl sitting in a tree, g." Cubby sang to him.

"Cubby!" I said to him.

"And don't you dare say it to me and Jake cuz we're already a couple." I said to them.

"Yes ma'am." The two boys said to me as Captain Jake came in.

"What's going on in here?" Captain Jake asked us.

"Nothing." we said to him.

"Okay!" Captain Jake said to us as he started to kiss me.

"Captain Jake not in front of Greg and Cubby." I said to him as I blushed.

"Well, let them look besides, they both have girlfriends anyway." Captain Jake said to me.

"Guys, you better come look at this." Cubby said to us as we walked to the window and saw Connor and Amaya sitting on the sands while holding hands.

"Aww, so cute and adorable." I said to myself.

"Yeah, that make a great couple." Captain Jake said to me.

"They sure do." Greg and Cubby both said at the same time.

"I think they're going to kiss." I said to them as we continued to watch.

Amaya's POV

As Connor and I were outside The Hideout, we looked to each other's eyes.

"Amaya, you have the most beautiful face ever. you're cute, adorable, sweet, and kind.

"Aww, thanks Connor. you're pretty cool too." I said to him as he blushed.

"Should we, kiss?" Connor asked me as I started to get butterflies in my stomach

"I guess, I mean that's what couples do right?" I asked him.

"Yeah!" Connor said to me as we leaned in to each other and kissed.


"Sorry, I couldn't help myself." Izzy said to us.

"It's okay Izzy." I said to her.

As Connor and I continued to kiss, we rolled around in the sand. so basically, we were making out.

"That was... amazing." I said to him.

"Yeah it was, and thank God I was wearing a condom." Connor said to me.

"Yeah it would be really bad, if you got me pregnant." I said to him.

"But what would happen if I did?" Connor asked me.

"My parents would think you're a bad person, and they would not let me hear you anymore, or you will go to jail." I said to him.

"I have never been in jail, and I don't think I would do well in there." Connor said to me.

" So let's wait until we're in our 20s." I said to him.

"Sounds like a plan girlfriend." Connor said to me.

"Oh, Connor." I said to him.

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