XX Day XX Month, Year 20XX

Special Report Log

Enter Password: 17-16-23-11-63


Initalizing System...Please Stand By

Location: Alnus Hill, Falmart

Update: In the passed recent years, Alnus Hill was once a holy site.

However it was torn as a fabric of reality by a certain goddess from the world of Falmart. [See Itami's Bellnahgo expedition]

This connected the Ginza, Japan where it was invaded by the Imperial Empire.

Thus this in spurred JSDF and its American allies to take action. This would call on specialists from UNIT where they had this situation in Britian before. [See Lake Vortigern incident]

Evenually the allaince of Japanese, American, and British have changed the fantasy world forever.

It all soon finished properly with the last hostage being free and returned safely to Earth.

During Itami's expedition, UNIT's legendary benefactor alongside with Kate Stewart and Capt. Jack Harkness of Torchwood somewhat convinced deities of this world to strengthen the "fixed point in time": the "Gate's" infrastructure.

It was soon determined that Princess Pina would head the empire to its new age pretty soon. She let the JSDF to select certain the worst of the worst to be put on trial which the lightest sentance would be house arrest. As slavery is abolished, it becamed a huge crime to commit human trafficking. The empire was forced to reform its ecomony due to it.

It was determined by promient members of the Hague's International Court of Justice, and the International Criminal Court to place Prince Zorzal under high surveillance of house arrest. Reports indicate of him having humane psychiatrical care.

City-state of Italica have gained its independence. Alongside with the surviving vassal states of the Empire. Once-been king Duran was selected to represent them. He is also known for giving permission to Itami's quest to slay the flame dragon.

Prince Diablo was selected to represent the governance of now thriving city-state Alnus Hill. It soon became famous tourist destination from Earth, and residence to many nationalites alike in this turned-international city. Technology ran rampant.

Kate Stewart and Capt. Jack Harkness bid thanks to their legendary benefactor, who once helped out during the thwarting certain causalities in Ginza incident and providing assistance in these missions. (It isn't reported, due to his advice of not mentioning him-his information is highly classified)

This is Agent Bo signing off, as the one of UNIT's recorders forgot to update this file.