Hey musical lovers! I have an idea. Tell me what you think! It's also worth mentioning that these aren't the same characters we know and love. They behave differently, have different motivations and have been affected by different stories. They are Evan Hansen, Connor Murphy and Zoe Murphy, and so on, but they are different people in terms of maturity, and personality, if that makes sense. Anyway, enjoy!

"Evan, Evan, are you awake?"

Evan heard her mother in the doorway and looked up to see light flooding into her room.

"Mom," Evan asked as she sat up in bed. She flinched as she felt her back crack. "What are you still doing here?"

Evan's mom came into the room and sat on the girl's bed. She was wearing her scrubs for work. Wasn't it a Saturday? She should have the day off.

"I'm taking some overtime today," Heidi muttered slowly to her daughter, gauging the teen's reaction. Evan sighed. She was used to this. She didn't let her mom see her disappointment. Instead, she smiled.

"Okay, mom," Evan replied happily, "stay safe!"

Heidi breathed a sigh of relief.

"I will, have fun today," Heidi bid farewell as she left the room. Once she had closed the door, Evan wrapped her arms around her knees and sighed. She shouldn't expect anything less. But she had been so looking forward to having a day with her mom.

Evan's phone buzzed and lit up on her bedside table. Her eyebrow raised, she was curious who would text her at this time of day.

She pushed a strand of her mousy brown hair behind her ear as she leaned over to pick her phone up. Her long hair fell in her face as she moved so she grabbed the hair tie that never left her wrist and put her hair up.

"Why I keep it so long, I will never know," Evan muttered distainfully as she finally reached her phone and unlocked the device.

She smiled when she saw who the message was from.

"I shouldn't have expected any less," she laughed a little. Her only friend had texted her. He was on his way to pick her up and was telling her to use Jared as an excuse.

Evan replied that her mom wasn't home. He told her to get ready quick, he would be there soon and he had something he wanted to show her.

Evan hopped out of bed quickly and ran around trying to get ready as fast as she could.

Evangaline "Evan" Hansen was a sixteen year old girl going into her sophomore year. She had long light brown hair that extended to her lower back and light freckles on her face. Some people would call her beautiful if they were aware of her. But they weren't.

She also had social anxiety and depression. Her one friend, her best friend, was her escape. She never told her mom about him, or her therapist. Her mom wouldn't get it and her therapist would judge her.

Evan brushed out her hair, letting it fall down to her back before putting a little ponytail up in the back. She didn't know where they were going and he said he wanted to show her something. He always did like it when she dressed nice. So she put on a black skirt and her favourite white shirt. Her only pair of shoes, black hightops, finished outfit.

She checked her phone to see what his location was. Just as her phone screen awakened, there was a honk from the car outside. Evan raced through the house, grabbing her keys on the way. She locked the front door and then walked to the car.

It was nice out, warm and not too cool for six in the morning with a gentle breeze. Evan loved it. She got into the car on the passenger's side and buckled up immediately.

"That can't be my best friend," the driver teased as he messed with his shoulder length brown hair and adjusted his black hoodie. "My best friend hasn't worn a skirt in years."

"Very funny, Connor," Evan smirked back as Connor put the car into reverse and began backing out of her driveway. "Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise," Connor told Evan and she just playfully rolled her eyes. The sixteen year old boy next to her was her best friend, Connor Murphy. He was the rebellious one in his family and one day while skipping school all the way back in middle school, he met Evan. She had been sick but she still went out to buy her mom some throat medicine. It was that selflessness that drew him to her. He had just been trying to get his hands on some medicine to get high off of. Instead, he got high on her company.

They each were friendless, Connor was thought of as a freak drug addict while no one knew Evan existed. But Connor wanted to keep their relationship as friends secret because he knew that if they were seen together at school, Evan would finally get attention, just not the right kind.

So these weekends, after school time, and their occasional secret sleepovers were all they had.

"Hey, are you hungry," Connor asked as he made a turn onto a road Evan had never seen before. "I'm going to stop at this icecream place."

Evan looked out the window and saw they were approaching a little shop that looked to have a drive thru and an outside seating area. At the top of the building she saw the words "Al a Mode"

"I don't have any money," Evan whined, "you should have told me, Connor."

"Relax Pipsqueak," Evan raised an eyebrow at the name, she would never get used to it, "I can pay for you. What are best friends for, right?"

Evan wasn't about to complain. After all, she loved ice cream. Connor ordered some sort of sundae and she got vanilla on a cone. It took about thirty minutes of driving after they finished their icecream for them to get where they were going. It looked like the middle of nowhere.

When Evan stepped out of the car she took a look around, trying to locate any trace of other people. They were on a dirt road surrounded by high oak trees with small wood fences lining the road. The fences looked old, worn, and abandoned.

"Did you bring me out here to murder me," Evan asked Connor with a little bit of sarcaism. Connor closed his car door and rolled his eyes before walking over to her.

"Yes, my best and only friend, Evan. Out of all of the people in this world I could murder, it is totally you!"

With his last words of "you" he grabbed her sides suddenly causing her to squeal.

"Stop it, you Stupidhead," Evan squeaked as he began to tickle her.

"Make me," the teenage boy challenged as he brought his body closer to Evan's, wrapping his arms around her waist, picking her up all while continuing to rub her sides.

"You give me no choice," Evan wheezed out through her laughter. She attacked her friend's stomach with her own fingers, causing him to drop her and collapse. The girl landed firmly on her feet, Connor couldn't say the same.

"Ow, that hurt," Connor mumbled as he rubbed his butt where he fell on it. "Okay enough playing around. I have something to show you."

He stood and took Evan's hand, sending shocks down her body. He pulled her toward the fence and hopped it himself before gesturing for her to do the same. Evan slowly climbed over it, being careful not to hurt herself. When she was on the other side, Connor took her once again and led her slowly through the trees. It was sort of dark, after all, the sun was barely out.

"Where are you taking me," Evan couldn't help but wonder aloud.

"It's a surprise," Connor told her once again.

"You know," Evan grumbled as she tripped on a stick, "I'm getting real tired of hearing that."

Connor just laughed, but it was a nice laugh, the kind that made everyone instantly like the person laughing. Evan knew that if Connor chose to let other people see this side of him, he would make so many friends and people wouldn't avoid him and gossip about him. But for some reason, he stayed shut off from everyone at their school and his family.

Evan only wanted the best for him, so much so that she would give up their friendship if it meant people would start being nice to Connor.

"Cover your eyes," Connor whispered as he stepped behind Evan and put his hands over her face.

"Connor-" Evan began in exasperation but was cut off.

"Sshh. Trust me," he said gently next to her ear. She couldn't help the little shudder of pleasure when she felt his breath hot on the side of her face. "Now take a step forward."

Evan did as he said. She felt herself moving through some leaves and suddenly the ground beneath her seemed to change. It wasn't hard dirt and debri anymore. It felt softer.

Connor suddenly removed his hands and Evan blinked her eyes open. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. An open field with gorgeous green grass that looked almost orange in the rising sun light. There were apple trees surrounding the whole field and some in the middle. The area was so big Evan couldn't see to the other side.

It was so beautiful.

"My parents used to take me here with my brother," Connor told Evan as he came to stand beside her. "But that was before they stopped caring."

Connor went silent and looked to Evan. He seemed to be scanning her face for some sort of approval.

"I love it," Evan told him as she flung her arms around his neck and jumped up to hug him. He, in turn, wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his head in her hair. He felt relieved he could share something like this with her without judgement or criticism.

Evan pulled away from him, looking him up and down.

"You know, you really will overheat in that hoodie," Evan informed, her small motherly instinct kicking in. This would only happen with Connor, she would never have the courage to say something like that to anyone else.

"Nah, I'll be fine," Connor assured her as he brushed some hair out of his face. He then grabbed her hand and started running through the field, all while yelling some song lyrics. Evan couldn't help but giggle at his antics.

He let go of her hand, causing her to go stumbling forward, as he ran on to do a cartwheel or two. Evan couldn't tell since she landed face first in the dirt. She crawled over to where he had landed on his back in the ground. His arms were spread wide and his chest was heaving.

"You don't run much, do you," Evan teased as she came to sit next to him.

"What, and you do," Connor fired back while turning to lay on his side, watching her. By this time, she had noticed some flowers growing nearby and had picked some, beginning to braid them into a crown. "You, know," Connor began, "sometimes I forget you're a girl"

That surprised Evan. She knew that her personality wasn't like that of most girls but she certainly had the body of one. Now Evan wasn't one to brag, but she knew she was definitely more well endowed than other girls. Not to mention, she had a very girly face and the longest hair of anyone in their grade, probably in the school. Big boobs and long hair, how she didn't get noticed was beyond her.

"That's a little rude, don't you think, Connor?"

The boy shrugged, "it's the truth."

Evan finished her flower crown, fully aware of the fact that Connor was still watching her very intently.

"And done," she exclaimed before carefully placing the crown on his head. He pouted as she did so but he stopped squirming as she adjusted his hair to frame his face along with the ring of flowers. "You look simply beau-"

But Evan couln't even finish her sentence as Connor jumped up and kissed her. Right on the mouth, real quick and it was done in seconds. Evan squealed and jumped back at the speed of light.

"What the hell was that for?!"

Connor at this point was laughing his ass off and rolling around in the grass. He may have been laughing but Evan was freaking out What the hell was this?! Did he like her? No, he couldn't. But why else would he kiss her? And why was Evan so happy? She wanted to walk over to him and do it again. What was the feeling she had in her chest?

"Don't worry, Pipsqueak," Connor's voice brought an end to her thinking, "I just wanted to try something. No feelings attatched, I promise."

He stood up, back turned to Evan and he began to stretch. "Now I gotta show you the pond," he said, still completely unaware of Evan sitting in the grass behind him, not moving an inch. "There are the most cool fish and frogs swimming around in there!"

It was at that moment that Connor heard a small sniffle behind him. He turned sharply, the flower crown almost falling off his head. Evan was hunched over in the same spot but her face was hidden. However, Connor could undoubtedly see tears on the lower half of her face.

"Pipsqueak! Hey, Evan!"

He ran over to her and crouched down, cupping her face in his hands. He started desperately trying to wipe her tears with his hands. He didn't understand emotions, especially girl ones.

"Evangeline! Look at me, what's wrong? Please talk to me!"

And then he got it.

"I'm so sorry I kissed you. I didn't realize that it would upset you. It was a dumb joke and I promise I'll never do it again."

Evan could feel him wrapping his arms tight around her in assurance. She wanted to tell him something. But how could she? There was no way she could know how he'd react. She could just keep her mouth shut, stop crying and move on and everything would be fine. She wouldn't have to risk pain or humiliation. But this was her best friend. And maybe...just maybe.

"Connor... " she leaned away and looked him in the eye, "were you really joking? Because..."

She took a huge breath, on the verge of tears from fear alone.

"Because I'd be fine if you weren't. Joking that is." A pause. "You know what, nevermind! I'm sorry for being so dumb, I have no idea what I'm saying. You know, it's suddenly really hot out here so we should head to that pond."

At this point, Evan was away from Connor, palms and forehead a sweating mess, and moving in one general direction. She hoped to everything that Connor would just let it go.

"So which way are we-"

But Evan was once again cut off by Connor grabbing her waist and spinning her around to hug him.

"It wasn't a joke," was all he said as he hugged her tighter. Evan breathed in his smell and hugged him right back.

And right then, she wished that moment would last for forever.