A/N: This all started with a curious idea. While there are plenty of Cthulhu Mythos/NGE crossovers, they all follow the same idea.

What if Lovecraftian Abominations replaced the angels?

I have a different idea. What if the angels were still around, NGE cannon was exactly the same, BUT the Lovecraftian Eldritch Abominations of the Cthulhu Mythos came out of nowhere. What would happen then.

Let's find out, shall we.

Chapter 1: The Doom that Came to Tokyo-3

In the beginning… there was Azathoth.

This truth is a foul and terrible thing.

There are places where things beyond the scope of mortal understanding exist. In between the infinite, there was a vast void. A place where things were and were not, where concepts were null and void, and yet it is anything but empty.

There was an entity referred to as Darkness, the Magnum Tenebrosum, whose body was this vast void. Darkness simply was not. It was the progenitor of Shub-Niggurath. Darkness was one of the first things to exist, but not the first. For there was the sibling of Darkness, the Nameless Mist, the Magnum Innominandum, whose body made all that was, and was the progenitor of Yog-Sothoth. However these two siblings were not alone in the void, and within it were many countless unknowable beings. This included a third sibling, who was the worst and greatest of them. Wandering this void was It. It was Entropy and It was Chaos. Heart, Soul, Magic, and Mind all in one. It was a Herald. A shapeless shadowed thing of infinite cunning and thought made manifest currently folded into itself to form the rough facsimile of what could be called a form. This living dimensional manifold wandered and schemed as it always did. Wondering often of how to further its esoteric goals beyond the comprehension of most thinking life in the cosmos.

The Third Sibling had gone by many names.

The Black Pharaoh.

The Bloody Tongue.

The Crawling Chaos.

The God of a Thousand Forms.

However, if asked, the creature most identified with the name of Nyarlathotep.

An infinite amount of vast iridescent spheres danced in this void, around the nucleus of true mindless chaos from which the three Siblings were spawned. These spheres, which were many a spiraling realities, was the many bodies of Yog-Sothoth. The Gate and the Key. Time and Space. Made of reality, but incapable of interacting with it to any meaningful capacity. Child to the Nameless Mist, Yog-Sothoth drifted around the terrible nucleus of creation.

Shub-Niggurath, child of Darkness rested here. A vast black nebula. Where Yog-Sothoth was time and space made manifest, Shub-Niggurath was life. Mother to all that lives, had lived, and will live. She was The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young.

Both these entities existed in this vast void. Both the children of the oldest of beings. However… stranger than any of them… was the mindless nucleus of creation from which all that was spawned.

Like Nyarlathotep It had many names.

The Daemon Sultan.

The Nuclear Chaos.

The Blind Idiot God.


It was the Father of the three Siblings who unknowingly conjured them into being. A great many flutes played tunes dangerous to mortal ears, and infinite drums beat a great beast to rest. As it always had, and as it always will, at least if one experience the curves of time. Nyarlathotep however was not so limited. The curves and angles of time were like clay to be molded. Roads and streets as easy to travel as a man could walk. It merely observed the being that birthed it, or perhaps dreamed it. For as great as the ever powerful Nyarlathotep was, it was nothing to the being that was lulled to sleep by the cacophonous noise of Gods both great and small. All fearing the eventual awakening of the Daemon Sultan. Of course, all things must end, as they do. Even for beings that had no real beginning, they too would be swallowed by the ever shifting madness that created all there was and all there would ever be. Though for now Azathoth was unaware of anything not itself. So long as it remained ignorant, reality existed.

Nyarlathotep pondered and thought as it watched its Father, the Greatest of the Old Gods sleep. Only it's ever present shifting indicating that this blasphemous thing was truly alive, if such a word could be applied to it. The Crawling Chaos turned away to observe the many iridescent spheres around it. The body of Yog-Sothoth was a wondrous thing. Each bubbling part of its innumerable bodies representing another universe within the infinite void. Each one ripe with beings which provided Nyarlathotep with entertainment. Nyarlathotep observed each universe. Gleaming history and events shone as it did so. Trying to find one to spread itself. A universe to corrupt or perhaps merely observe, depending on Nyarlathotep's mood. For the eldest child of Azathoth was a fickle being when compared to his siblings of the Nameless Mist and Darkness, who were merely content with both existing and not existing respectfully.

The Crawling Chaos chose one world at random, breaking the skin of reality and folding a tiny portion of itself into the universe. Colors without names and lights without source rippled across its surface as the fold in reality that was Nyarlathotep, superimposed itself across this particular cosmos. As it became all within this reality, it folded itself again and again and again, until it had a form it could use to examine the world it ended up on. The world it would grace with its presence.

The World it would make its new play thing, for a time.

A tall man walked down the empty streets examining his surroundings. It was a familiar world, one very much like the world it took an interest in. Earth, or at least it looked like it. There was a taste of something off. A taste that quickly made itself known to the first born of Azathoth. It was the taste of death, a great many deaths in fact, deaths that clung to the very air. Not in any tangible way a human would detect, in fact the clinging death was a part of the special plane of this reality itself. Intrinsic to it. Such a taste could only mean the future of this world was already stained with darkness and destined for horrors.

Nyarlathotep wondered if it could be made worse.

Simply by looking at key moments, Nyarlathotep learned everything about this world, and found itself interested. Its thoughts stopped when it observed its first human since arriving. A young boy standing in a phone booth, speaking through the device within. The Outer God smiled, remembering what seemed so long ago, when he last took human form to show off a great many inventions to the world while demonstrating his supernatural abilities to the evolved apes as if they were something else, something much more mundane. All to cause the dreams of those who witnessed these supernatural feats to be rent with screaming nightmares. It was a joyous memory when Nyarathotep took the name Nikola Tesla.

Regardless this boy was special. There was a scent to him, the scent of great and terrible things to come. The scent of a foul destiny outside of his hands.

Then a giant monster destroyed the building Nyarlathotep was standing next to.

Unflinching, even as debris fell around it, the Outer God examined the titanic beast that came from nowhere. Its proportions oddly human, if a bit exaggerated. The white bird mask was interesting, and reminded the Black Pharaoh of the days of the Great Plague and the doctors of that era. Hardly a strange entity compared to what the Outer God has seen and been throughout its long existence. It could almost be called mundane by comparison. At least compared to most creatures that lurked within Darkness.

Idly, Nyarlathotep noted the young human dive into an automobile that had sped up through the carnage as the military forces attempted to down the monster.

Nyarlathotep decided this would be an interesting universe to toy with, but first, to see what this world had to offer first.

Shinji Ikari watched in awe at the massive beast that had nearly stepped on him as the car sped away. Hie eyes glued to the giant that swatted helicopters from the skies like they were little more than flies. However... despite the spectacle of a rampaging monster, he found his eyes were drawn to the figure of a man who stood unafraid in the middle of the street.

The woman who picked him up, Misato Katsuragi, who was driving like an absolute maniac, had narrowly missed the man as he just stared at Shinji. Misato honked the horn.

"IDIOT! RUN!" she screamed as they barreled down the streets in all but a straight line.

Shinji, possessing a very healthy self preservation instinct, clung to the seats as he shook from side to side. Thank god for seatbelts, otherwise he felt as if his face would become acquainted with the windshield.

As they left the area, Shinji turned around to watch as the man stared back, completely ignoring the utter chaos going on around him. As soon as Shinji noted the figure was looking back at him, he also realized that their eyes had met... and it was not the eyes of a man that looked back at him. Shinji found his mind conjure the image of a Three-lobed Burning Eye. It gazed at him, and Shinji stared back, unable to do anything but look at this thing that looked like a man... but something told Shinji that it wasn't. Alas the car continued moving, and as soon the figure left Shinji's view he turned away, rubbing at his eyes. Something about the figure felt... wrong somehow, so wrong that despite the giant monster and crazy driving, the strange figure was thrust to the forefront of his mind. It made his head squirm a bit. In fact, after witnessing the figure and that eye, Shinji felt...weird. It was difficult to describe, but it was a nagging feeling that something within him changed, even though he felt exactly the same as before... not counting the adrenaline running through his veins right about now. Maybe that was it... or maybe not, Shinji never claimed to be an expert on human anatomy.

Perhaps looking at that strange man had changed him somewhat? Shinji shuttered, as he found that thought quite chilling indeed.

"You'd think a GIANT MONSTER RAMPAGING THROUGH TOKYO would get people to start running, but NOOOO, I almost hit the one guy who thinks he's seen it all. Fucker, he's probably from New York." complained Misato.

Shinji went to observe the woman before him... who was currently driving down a bumpy freeway that made certain parts of her jiggle quite agreeably.


Shinji felt aghast upon realizing he was staring.

"You've been to New York?" asked Shinji desperately trying not to embarass himself and probably failing.

It was at this point that Misato looked to Shinji... an act that caused a particularly frightening swerve, though Misato quickly regained control of the car... if it could be called control.

What madman gave this woman a license?

"So you're the Third Child?"

"... I have brothers? or umm... Sisters?"

Misato laughed at the reaction as Shinji attempted to rewind time with his brain. Sadly it failed spectacularly as instead the future turned into the present and then the past in one fell swoop. The miracles of time continue to astound.

"No it's not... Eh, you'll see when we get there. Anyway, the name is Misato, Captain Misato Katsuragi. I'm in charge of you now."

She's being vague. Which was a bit alarming as it meant a surprise was coming, and Shinji loathed surprises. The giant monster was a surprise, and a particularly terrifying one at that. Seriously that was a horrible thing to happen at precisely the same time as getting the one word letter from his father that consisted only of the word "Come."

Not the best letter in the world, but Shinji was sure there were worse ones out there...

somewhere... London maybe... didn't Jack the Ripper give the police letters? Yeah, there we go, so the letter his father sent him was not in fact the worst letter ever received in the history of forever.

So Shinji put his elbow on the cars armrest and rested his head on his palm as he stared out the window... doing his best to ignore the tree Misato almost hit.

"In charge of me?" asked Shinji.


"I'm too young to have a boss you know."

Shinji meant it as a joke... but when he said that Misato flinched a bit, something that caused a sudden bout of shame within Shinji.

"I'm sorry."

Misato shook her head.

"No, it's alright. You're... not wrong." said Misato.

Well this was awkward.

"So... giant monsters huh?"

"We call them angels."


Misato hummed to herself as she pondered that as well before she answered.

"I dunno."

The rest of the trip was quiet between the two. Shinji looked back to the distance where the Angel continued its rampage.

The Angel as it was called was a fairly interesting specimen. Though its actions were so very dull to the Outer God. So single minded in its pitiful objective. The Bloody Tongue watched as the creature effortlessly tore through the human armies of tanks and aerial vehicles. War machines doing little against the strange barrier the creature seemed to be able to conjure on a whim, these orange octagonal barriers were the creatures AT-Fields according to Nyarlathotep's scrying. AT... Absolute Territory or Absolute Terror, the terms seemed interchangeable based on what the Elder God could discern. The Angel strode past the humans war machines as it continued on its path, a straight line to an underground lair, the Geofront, where it sought to reunite with its progenitor. Each step the angel took destroyed tanks, though it seemed merely incidental, and the angel didn't seem to actually notice the attacks at all. The JSSDF, it seems, were more than unprepared for such a behemoth. It made Nyarlathotep somewhat nostalgic. In addition the creature had a most interesting name and title. Sachiel, the Angel of Water. It was an... interesting name, one that gave the Black Pharaoh... ideas.

For as interesting as this entity was, it was much too familiar to the God of a Thousands Forms. Perhaps that familiarity could be alleviated with a simple yet... interesting change. Perhaps... an invitation was in order. After all Nyarlathotep had a very extensive family tree, and there was no reason to greedily hold this new reality to itself. Yes an invitation was most agreeable.

But who to invite?

Well, this creature, this Sachiel was of the Water... so why not another creature of the water.

Calling to the higher dimensions, Nyarlathotep sent his malicious intent across dimensions to send out a simple invitation... and it was accepted.

For but a moment, the world was still, waves of water frozen in place as forces beyond mortal comprehension imposed itself on reality. Then the universe was rewritten and quickly changed. The sky turned an inky black with billowing dark storm clouds that had not been there previously. The air and sky itself seemed to shriek with unbreakable terror as lightning struck the ocean over and over again, sheeting it in a layer of dancing electricity across its surface. Deep beneath the flooded ruins of what once was a city, the ground opened into a single deep chasm. Immediately water poured into the now hollow cavern below and, slowly but surely, a large whirlpool formed as the waters were sucked down. Yet, against all logic, the sea began to rise rather than fall. The Swirling waters danced among the ruins as it spun, twisted, and contracted, tearing apart all in its path. The already destroyed ruins crumbling to dust and loose debris as the coral on the ground was torn from the sea bed to begin orbiting the dancing vortex. The Maw of the whirlpool drank in the waves and the ruins as all around it became a chaos of rubble and ruin. Loose coral began to grow like cancer and drift towards the starving maelstrom. Piece by piece the hollow of the spinning water was filled by coral polyps, marine invertebrates, and mystically enchanted seawater. As the last bit of coral entered the vortex, it ceased spinning. Then, suddenly, the whirlpool lifted up, spinning once more in the opposite direction as it became a rising waterspout. Then the waterspout cracked forward like a whip as it turned from water and coral, into something... other.

A long tail of flesh formed from the narrow base of the collapsing cyclone. The tip of the tail immediately bisected to form a fish like fin. Billions of schools of bewitched fish that were called by the manifesting beast swarmed around the fleshy tail as it crashed into the sea, each individual fish then began dissolving as it made contact with the skin and began merging together to form large Azure scales.

The Maw the waterspout began to grow jagged spikes like teeth, before it finally, the water imploded into skin, meat, and flesh. A reptilian snout took its first breath of the new air as its many a mismatched asymmetrical teeth of various sizes flexed in their gums. Large unblinking amber eyes ripped violently from the smooth flesh, each one staring blankly in either direction as more fish leapt from the waters, seemingly taking flight as they began to coat the skin of the reptilian terror to be woven to its form. Tall, sail-like fins emerged sickeningly down the center of the beast's serpentine spine as four limbs grew from the now incorporated coral that the maelstrom had swallowed.

Long tendrils of seawater flows upwards and were forced to where the creature's neck which was covered in large, swollen, and sagging gills that opened and closed rhythmically. In stark defiance of the laws of physics, each opening of the gills was highlighted with the rising of water towards them, as if the ocean itself desired to nourish the beast with fresh gulps of the sea.

Coral continued to drift, mold, and ripple to form the creatures vast shape. The reptilian head rose as its swollen gills took in the sea.

It controlled the seas, it bent the seas, and it was the seas.

Then it breached. Tall sails that adorned its back flapped in the wind as its head emerged from the depths. It observed the ocean around it, through its unfocused and unblinking eyes, the Ocean was now a part of it, before looking to the distant island where billowing smoke could be seen rising.

It's long finned tail slammed against the water, bringing with it a large Tsunami. Then it started to open its mouth.

Bulbous sagging gills, which almost looked infected, opened to pour gallons upon gallons of seawater back into the ocean.

Its mouth continued to open.

Razor sharp teeth parted further to reveal a throat lined with backwards facing teeth that lined the inner esophagus, going all the way down into a dark parody of a stomach.

Its mouth continued to open.

It took a deep breath as its mouth finished opening to a complete 180 degrees as a loud bellow thundered from its throat, rattling the spines down its throat. It was a terrible roar unlike any ever heard by mortal ears. One that scarred the mind and seared the soul.

Bokrug, the Water Lizard had come.

Sachiel had long grown tired of the constant barrage of attacks the children of Lillith sent at it, and the Angel retaliated accordingly. It slammed its arms into one of the many humans aircraft that swarmed like gnats around it. Explosions bombarded its skin as it decimated the helicopters in its arms path before it lifted its leg and stomped on a nearby tank that had yet to escape from under Sachiel. As his foot made contact it exploded much like the other vehicles as the humans performed a tactical retreat. Sachiel did not follow, merely continued striding forward in its single minded goal.

Then came the storm, and as the skies darkened, the Angel stopped moving to shift its gaze to the skies above.

It ignored the continued blasts of missiles from the retreating humans, they did very little against its AT-Field/ So Sachiel began to observe its surroundings as it slowly looked out over the horizon, towards the ocean it had previously emerged from. Deep within the Angels core... there was a foul squirming feeling. Its previous apathy to all but its goal replaced by emotions no human had names for, but were somewhat analogous of confusion and trepidation.

Sachiel watched, and waited. For what, it did not know, but it waited all the same.

"What the Hell is going on, where did that storm come from? It wasn't there a second ago!"

screamed Shigeru Aoba as computers alerted the staff of NERV about the sudden unexpected storm.

"I've found the epicenter… Getting a visual now." Said Maya.

Through the screens, they looked out at the rising seas, their cameras, for the first time, off the angel, and on the ocean.

"It would just be our luck that a damn hurricane comes right as the Angel does." Said Aoba.

"But… If it was a hurricane, we should have had time to prepare. That's a category 5 storm, they do NOT just come out of nowhere." Said Makoto.

Before anyone could say anything, a clinging mist came from the ocean, and two glowing amber dots, like eyes could be seen hidden within.

"What… the hell is that?"

Everyone stared at the thing for what felt like an eternity. Before something unexpected happened.

"It Sees us."


Down below, one of the personnel had fallen and was backing away from the screens, flailing his arms madly.


Gendo Ikari ignored the madman's screams as he looked to the screens to see that indeed something was moving in the fog. Something very large that was not the Angel. His eyes narrowed. Gendo Ikari did not like surprises. His wife deciding to become a part of a giant biomechanical robot was a surprise.

Then it roared.

Gendo felt his teeth rattle as the cacophonous unnatural sound blared in the speakers. It was the bellowing of a thousand crocodiles, a roaring dragon, a million lizards chirping and screeching. The roar tore through the landscape, shattering windows and parting the sea.

This was not in a part of the scenario.

"There is nothing like this in the Scrolls." said an older man behind Gendo.

"I am aware Fuyutsuki." said Gendo plainly.


Where the HELL was the Third Child?

Sachiel took a hesitant step back as the roar reverberated around the buildings. The Angel continued facing the sea from which it came as the humans machines of war ceased to pelt it with impotent attacks. Rising mists emerged from the sea, clinging to the air like so many tendrils as it made its way across the land and seemed to creep and crawl around the destroyed buildings.

Its birdlike mask quirked as it examined the strange thick fog that crept from the sea. It did not take long for the fog to waft around Sachiel and continue deeper into the city. A cold haze that cloyed the air like a miasma of salty air. Sachiel scanned its surroundings, watching as the fog move in ways that felt... off, though in ways that could not be put into words. It was almost as if the mist was a living thing, though that did not encompass whatever strangeness was intrinsic to this mist. Sachiel was fully prepared to ignore this unexpected, but ultimately irrelevant development, before something else happened.

A wave taller than Sachiels waist rushed from the same direction the fog had come from and was barreling down the streets, tossing vehicles and debris around before dragging it with it. Sachiel did not lose its footing as the waters crashed into it and continued past it, taking a sizable amount of the humans tanks that had failed to get far enough away. The Angel merely continued looking towards the sea. Something ticked within the soul of Sachiel, a feeling that whatever it was that was out at sea was not just worthy of its attention, but to ignore it would be a grave mistake. Thus Sachiel continued watching and waiting.

Then a third event happened. Unlike the mist or the wave, this one was far stranger and much more unsettling as it went on. It started when Sachiel noted movement below the water. Across the buildings and swimming in the depths, were what could only be billions of strange aquatic lizards who swam through the waves and cut through the sea, before they breached the surface to crawl and climb up the still standing buildings. So many lizards crept up the towers and skyscrapers as they crawled into the broken windows to fill the insides. Others remained clinging to the side of the building to bask in the salty air as more and more lizards came and slowly coated the landscape in a sea of scales and claws. Every square inch the homes and businesses that stuck from the water was covered in legions upon legions of lizards. All the while, thousands of giant salamanders swam around Sachiel. Just like the lizards, the salamanders numbers were frighteningly high, so high that the waters darkened from the myriad of shadows below the waves.

Sachiel further observed the strange plague of reptiles and amphibians that covered absolutely everything around it. The Angel noted that they were all staring right at him, unblinking and unafraid of the Angel of the Water. Each reptile simply observed him for no discernable reason. This behavior was most assuredly not normal for any form of reptile, not that Sachiel was aware of that. It would have been unnerving to any man who found itself in a similar situation, but to Sachiel it was merely a curiosity it could not understand. A sudden spike of unnamed emotion tore through the angel as it felt that this plague of scales was but a prelude of something to come. A final calamity that was about to make itself known. Sachiel shifted its attention elsewhere, out towards the flooded city where something was stalking through the mists. Briefly, a large shadow made itself known to Sachiel as two glowing points within the blinding fog grew larger and larger. It did not take long for Sachiel to realize they were not growing, rather something was walking in the water, and it was moving towards him.

Then, without warning, the mists fell, and IT stood in the flood.

It was a spindly quadrupedal water lizard much like the ones that now coated the buildings, but far larger and with a beard of squirming tendrils. Even to the angel it could tell this was a foul and unnatural beast, one that was astoundingly old. It resembled a lizard, but there was no doubt that whatever this creature was it was NOT a natural animal, but rather some nameless thing doing a poor imitation of one.

It was far more accurate to call this thing a fragment of the seafloor that had ripped itself from the ground and took the vague shape of an aquatic lizard as its form.

The eyes were the first clue to the utter wrongness of this beast. They focused on nothing, and seemed completely incapable of movement or blinking. In fact the eyes did not resemble any reptile, rather they resembled the dead-eyes of a fish. Closer examination revealed these eyes did not sit in sockets, but were actually growing out of the skin. Indeed this creature didn't seem to have eye sockets. It was subtle, but horrifically uncanny. Then there was the teeth. No two teeth were exactly alike, a mess of canines, needles, razors, and short spikes. All were completely asymmetric and sticking out at random from the creatures cartilaginous jaw. There was also the unsettlingly long tongue that occasionally flicked from the creature, and at one point, hung limply from its mouth before being quickly sucked back in. On the creatures back were protruding spines from the vertebrae that were linked with blistered skin that resembled fins. Further examination revealed that the creatures scales were in fact flattened fish forced into a shape vaguely reminiscent of lizard scales and the parts of the beast not covered in these living scales were in fact a strange and unsightly breed of coral. The massive Azure Lizard stared unblinking at Sachiel, before nictitating membranes slid over the eyes and disappear so quickly that it was simpler to believe it was a simple trick of the light. A long neck with bloated red gills held up a lizards head, one with teeth that grew inside the mouth and around its gums. A long tail swung behind it as the lizard began to rise its neck upwards.

It was grotesquely unwholesome and Sachiel knew this thing was an indescribably ancient being that dated back to the very beginning of the universe or may even predate it entirely. It was a malignant cancer that was already ancient when ADAM came to be. A foul beast that could not exist inhabiting places that could not be, who imposed itself upon reality, yet was unmistakably separate from it. Sachiel was changed by the mere act of observing this entity. Its previous goal of reuniting with ADAM all but forgotten. All Sachiel knew, all it desired, all its soul demanded was that this foul thing cease to be. Sachiels inhuman psyche splintered as it blindly charged Bokrus. The titanic leviathan merely stood still as it observed the approaching angel... Then it opened its mouth much too wide to be comfortable.

Sachiel froze when it gazed down the beasts throat to see it was lined with teeth all the way down the beasts throat, one that ended in a pitch black sea, and as Sachiel gazed into the beasts throat, knowledge came.

Foul and terrible knowledge best left unknown was raped into its mind and soul. Knowledge of the monsters that lived before the nothingness that predated the universe. Knowledge of all things wrong and blasphemous. This creatures Reptilian form was merely an illusion. A suit of armor wrought from earthly matter. One crafted as a gross misrepresentation of the true abstract thing at the base of its own throat. For down that cavernous gullet lined with teeth was a horrid awareness in place of a soul. A festering wound within foul seas and a treacherous abyss of viscous waters. A trench without end. One that walked. One that lived and could not die. Yet it was not a living things nor had it ever lived. An unliving, undying Sin of creation.

Who can understand a thing like that... ?

The Angels soul was crushed and it lashed out in abstract existential horror at the thing that had shattered the blissful ignorance it once possessed with forced unwanted knowledge of its own insignificance. Then Bokrug spewed out a malignant mist as it roared a sound that shook the surrounding glass, some of it shattering further into dust. The lizards and salamanders that had covered the buildings dove back into the waters as Bokrugt charged. Faster than its large form suggested it were capable of. It slammed its massive bulk into Sachiel.

The Angel fell to the ground as Bokrug clamped its jaws around Sachiels Shoulder. Jerking its head side to side like an enraged animal, the creature fed on the L.C.L that flowed from the wound and salamanders and lizards that seemed to follow the beast leapt from the water and seemed to try and crawl inside Sachiels wound.

A burning blade tore from Sachiels hands and pierced Bokrugs side, forcing Bokrug to let go.

From Bokrugs wound came not blood, but water, mixed with seaweed, salamanders, aquatic lizards, and fish.

The Water Lizard stared blankly at nothing before it roared and dove into the flood waters that swallowed the city.

Sachiel watched as Bokrug seemed to melt into the water, though a dark patch betrayed where it was. A burning blade shot from its palm towards the shadow... only to pass through nothing. Sachiel quirked its head right before water exploded from the Shadow, water that was slowly molding itself back into the hideous lizard. As soon as Bokrug reformed it crashed into the Angel, throwing both of them back into a building that was now crumbling into dust and debris. Bokrug began clawing at the Angel with long spindly claws of venomous coral.

All the while it tried to fit Sachiel into its mouth, which had opened wide like a snakes in an attempt to swallow the Angel of Water whole. Despite the lizard being slightly smaller than Sachiel, the angel KNEW this thing could indeed swallow it whole.

Sachiel did not know what this thing was, but something about this creature summoned a feeling of superstitions fear, if such an emotion could be ascribed to the Angel. Its form was not built to deal with a creature such as this; as such it was at a severe disadvantage.

Then the lizards claws struck the S2 Engine of Sachiel and it cracked. Sachiel flinched as the lizards and salamanders in the waters began crawling up his body and attempted to bore and crawl into the core, and Sachiel knew that it was done.

Sachiel dove forward, wrapping around the Lizard, before detonating its core into a massive roar of the lizard died down as it, and the surroundings were swallowed by a blinding light.

Sachiel was no more.

As the smoke cleared, It was replaced with a foul mist, one that began to clump together to form a familiar reptilian shape.

Bokrug reformed itself, but it did not move.

Still like a statue, it stood unmoving. Indeed the strange materials that made up the water lizard made it quite easy to mistake for some atrocious statue. There was no indication it was even alive. No steady rise and fall of the chest to indicate breathing, no twitching skin, or blinking eyes. Just a squamous loathsome beast that crawled from some nameless stygian abyss from a bygone era.

The Geofront stood silent as everyone around watched the display with abject horror. Gendo stared wide eyed at what he saw. The video feed did not fully catch everything, parts of it were missing, but for the smallest fraction of a moment, everyone looked down the lizards throat. The cameras shattered immediately. It was a glimpse that spanned such a short amount of time that it could scarcely be said to have happened. The destruction of the video feed was a mercy. For it was thanks to that their eyes did not have time to adjust to truly see what it truly was.

None dared break the silence... at least.. not at first.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OUT THERE!" screamed Misato as she entered the room, with a young boy following her like a puppy.

Gendo blinked as he looked down. It took his mind a moment to catch up with everything, but for but a moment he saw himself below him, before realizing it was actually his son.

Shinji looked up at Gendo blankly as his eyes turned to the giant robotic... thing that was not far from him. He quirked his head at it as Gendo spoke.

"Hello Shinji."

Shinji turned his gaze to look once more at his father.

"Hey." he said simply.

Shinji stared at his Father who seemed distracted about something if his face was anything to go by. At least Shinji assumed that is what that face meant. It didn't last long however a Gendo turned to a nearby blonde woman.

"We're moving out."

WIth that an argument started that Shinji found his mind tuning out instinctively as he looked to the shadows. Something was drawing his attention to those dark corners. Focusing his eyes Shinji could swear he saw the same man from the street. He thought back to that burning eye. The man seemed to be looking at the giant robotic thing not far from their current location before turning his head towards Shinji, an act that made Shinji immediately avert his gaze. Upon doing so, he heard someone yell his name.

"SHINJI!" shouted Misato.

SHinji blinked as he turned to Misato, who was staring at him oddly. Actually, looking around, it seemed that everyone was looking at Shinji with odd looks. Even his father. A fact that made him more than a little uncomfortable. Shinji shrank into himself.


"What... What did you say?" asked Misato.

Shinji thought to everything that had happened, and could not recall saying anything but a simple greeting to his father. Yet everyone was looking at him like he uttered something particularly worrisome.

"I didn't say anything?"

The blonde woman cleared her throat, catching Shinji's attention.

"You... you said...It's name is Bokrug the Great Water Lizard. Destroyer of Sarnath."

Shinji shook his head.

"No I didn't what are you..."

"Enough!" shouted Gendo causing Shinji to flinch... at least until he noted that his father still looked quite shaken.

Gendo in fact did feel shaken by what he heard his own son say. While the words themselves perhaps sounded like nonsense... Something told Gendo that what Shinji spoke was fact... in spite of the fact that there was no way he could know such a thing. It was a strange cognitive dissonance to know that two mutually exclusive concepts were both facts. It was a fact that Shinji could not know what he said. Yet it was also a fact that he spoke the true name of that creature. There was something about the name... Bokrug that not just fit the strange lizard thing... but was face. It did not just put a name to the creature, but fit it like a glove, and Gendo did not know why. Never before had a name or word fit so well in as far as Gendo could remember.

The creature WAS Bokrug. No other name or title made sense. The name Bokrug was as essential and intrinsic to the beast as the soul was to man and angel alike.

But how did Shinji know the creatures name.

Gendo pushed the thoughts from his mind. Shinji took in everything as it became clear exactly why his father called him here. He wanted him to pilot a giant robot. You'd think that would be something you'd want to include in a letter instead of just "come". Maybe his father wasn't as bright as he thought, or maybe it was a manipulation tactic... probably the latter.

Whatever the case may be... Apparently Shinji had said something that set everyone on edge. He wasn't sure why his brain decided to do that, nor why he couldn't remember saying it... But the strange figure that had been there previously felt like the most important thing to focus on. Even though it was no longer there, something about it felt important. Far more important than whatever was going on right now. For reasons Shinji could not fully fathom, he felt as if everything happening in this room was remarkably insignificant in the face of the mysterious figure and the lizard thing.

Shinji looked to the robot... Or Evangelion as he heard it called. There was something terribly familiar about it. Almost as if Shinji had seen it before once upon a dream. There was an invisible connection between the Eva and himself. One that wiggled in his mind and dredged up forgotten memories.

"Do you know what happens to the things that you forget?"

Shinji blinked as he tried to see if he could figure out where those...words that were whispered in his mind and carved into his skull had come from, but he saw no source for such an odd question, more like a riddle than a question. It however had to be pondered on later as he found himself thrust out of his musings and into the present.

"You want me to pilot that?" Asked Shinji.

Gendo would have sighed in relief if his station had allowed it, instead he stared at his son with stone faced conviction.

"That is why I called you here."

"The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry." Said Shinji.

For the second time today, Gendo was floored by what his own son had said. There was no questioning it now. Either his son knew FAR more than he should, or, more terrifyingly, he knew far less than he thought. Ever since sending Shinji away, Gendo made sure to know everything about his son as possible. Detailed psychoanalysis reports, journals upon journals of his day to day activities... Realistically Gendo knew his son as well as he knew himself. He should be capable of anticipating everything his son would do or how he would react to any given situation. Gendo made damn sure that his son was not going to be something that would blindside him later down the line.

And yet that is exactly what was happening. There were two possibilities. Either Shinji knew things he could not know, or it was mere coincidence that he would say just the right... Or perhaps wrong things.

Gendo did not believe in coincidence.

Shiji remained silent as he stared back at his father. The wriggling in his mind returned, and Shiji found his head filled with nameless impressions that seemed to be bleeding from his father. The impressions were hard to describe, they were something that was so simple as to be nameless. It was analogous to concepts that were instinctively known but nebulously defined.

Have you ever found a word that you knew exactly what it meant and how to use it in a sentence, but could not adequately describe what the word meant should someone ask you to?

That is what these impressions Shinji got were. They were exactly that. He knew exactly what it was he was feeling... But could not find the words to describe it.

The best Shinji could think to describe it was that for reasons that were beyond him, he did not feel alone anymore inside his own head.

All this happened in the span of but a moment as father and son looked at each other before Shinji broke the silence.

"I'll do it."

Never before had Gendo felt so powerless after getting exactly what he wanted.

Bokrug continued standing still as a statue as the waters around it crashed into the surrounding rubble. Waterlogged corpses dripted past the Great Water Lizard as it continued staying abnormally still. It was at this point, massive vault like doors near the ground Bokrug stood at opened, causing flood waters to immediately begin pouring into the hole as a large mechanical abomination rose from the ground. Bokrugs head turned to the thing, but its eyes did not focus. After a moment it turned away, and instead of fighting the new foe it lifted its body up, standing on its hind legs, and began to head back to the water.

The flood retreated with it, almost as if the water were following it.

It didn't get far before the mechanical titan stumbled into it. Bokrug froze as the blade the mechanical creature held haphazardly bypassed his scales and pierced his skin. It stood still for a moment, completely motionless as water and sea life gushed from its wound. Slowly, its head began to turn in a jerky fashion as it's 'beard' of tendrils lashed out in every direction. Then it faced the mechanical titan, who had pulled the knife from the wound, and assumed a stance that looked far more fearful than threatening.

Bokrug turned from the titan, to observe the wound it had caused. As it stared at the wound, it scabbed over with coral. Bokrug then turned back to the robotic titan, and turned fully around so it was facing it.

It once more stood motionless. Even its tendrils hung limply from its face, before it inhaled. Water flowed up the beasts scales, and headed for its gills as its chest rose. Then it roared and the remaining waters around it began to twist. Bokrug outstretched its arms, an act that seemed to be dragging the waters with it, then, it stepped forward. As soon as the lizards foot made contact with the ground, a wave of water as tall as the Eva came from behind the giant lizard. The wave slammed into the lizard, but it did not budge, in fact from what Shinji saw, the water seemed to flow around it and reform itself back into a massive typhoon, one that was directly heading toward the Eva.

Instinctively Shinji lifted his arms, and the Eva followed as the sudden tsunami slammed into him and pushed him back several dozens of meters until a building that was behind him stopped him from going back any further. Shinji felt the building he smashed into, and felt it as it crumbled around him. As he attempted to steady himself, the giant reptile slammed into him, gripping the Eva with its abnormally long fingers that circled around the Eva's neck.

Then he felt the jaws clamp around his head.

Within that maw, Shinji saw the inside of the mouth, and its throat was lined with hundreds, if not thousands of teeth long as the Eva's fingers. Deep in the darkness of it's throat however, was something… else.

It was the sea, the ocean, rivers, and lakes. It was the waterfalls, typhoons, cyclones, and hurricanes. It was the waves and the tides.

It was all this and more.

Yet it was also something else. Something other.

For anyone else who would have stared into the abyss of this beasts throat, they may have gone mad. Shinji however, was not most people.

It was peaceful in a way, terrible and horrifying as well, but peaceful nonetheless, almost humbling really.

It wasn't until the teeth sank into the Eva's neck, that Shinji fully grasped what was going on.

Shinji screamed, and the Eva went Berserk.

"Do you know what happens to the things you forget?"

Shinji opened his eyes. He could have sworn he heard a voice, but all he saw was an unfamiliar ceiling. Observing his surroundings assured Shinji that he was alone, but something told Shinji not to trust his eyes. He did not doubt that someone or something was here. Watching him. Yet it did not reveal itself.

Shinji pondered what he thought he heard. It was a question, a simple question, yet also somewhat abstract. Almost like a riddle, but something told Shinji that the question was quite literal. Shinji did not know how he knew this, or why... but he felt like he did. It was also something interesting to ponder.

Maybe Shinji's own mind came up with it. Shinji doubted it, but it felt better to think that he was the one who thought up the question. The alternative was far more horrible.

Nyarlathotep stood atop the buildings as the EVA stood on the platform to be lowered back underground until it was to be called again. Currently the Black Pharaoh took a seemingly unassuming form of a normal human. His elbows on the rail as he watched the disappearing Evangelion with an amused expression. This place was looking to be very promising. He got off the rails, preparing to further explore the planet, to see what this world had to offer, only to see an old man standing behind him. Though Nyarlathotep was more than aware the man was there, he simply choose to ignore this individual... until now.

Nyarlathotep smiled.

"Hello Nodens."

The man glared at the Outer God, not that he could do anything. Nyarlathotep was far, FAR stronger than he was.

"You are far from Azathoth's domain."

"Not entirely true, this world skims the boundary of its influence. As far as I am concerned, this world is close enough for a bit of entertainment. Do you want to get in on the fun Nodens? Or get in the way of mine?" Nyarlathotep chuckled. "No need to answer Nodens, I already know."

Nodens looked over the buildings, to the Dead Sea where that surrounded a dead city.

"This place is tainted by others, this is an exercise in futility. You cannot break what is already broken Pharaoh."

"There are things here that is very much whole or in large enough pieces to crumble further. It matters little, I do as I please when I have no duties to attend to. Back in Fathers domain I have schemes in motion but schemes are for the future, this place that skims the edge of fathers influence is merely a distraction for the present."

"Future... Present... Past... Meaningless concepts for ones such as you."

"Only if I wish them to be. Should I desire to experience the curves of time, then it is so."

Nodens closed his eyes.

"I cannot stop you, but I can say this much. If you remain here, you will find me to be an obstacle."

"I wouldn't have it any other way my dear dead Nodens."

Nodens said nothing. One moment he was there, and the next he was not.

Nyarlathotep knew Nodens cared not for this world, no, Nodens was far more interested in ruining the Crawling chaos's fun simply out of spite. Which was bound to fail. As far as Nyarlathotep was concerned, Nodens just became another piece in the game, an entertaining one, but still a piece in the grand game. A game he intended to play very well.

Then Nyarlathoetp thought to the boy... the one who gazed into the throat of Bokrug, and was at peace.

Such a thing was not impossible. Great Old Ones themselves were not intrinsically harmful to a sane mind. In reality it was what the Old Ones represented that caused most mortals to snap. Great Old Ones and the Gods above them were simply put, absolute undeniable proof to the utter insignificance of humanity at large. It was all a matter of perspective. If one believed that humanity were the center of the universe, that they possessed a grand destiny, then viewing a Great Old One shatters that notion. If however a person had no delusions as to the importance of their race, then viewing a Great Old One was merely an affirmation of their belief. Granted all Great Old Ones fall square into the Uncanny Valley based on human sensibilities, but nothing about them was harmful to sanity. There were of course exceptions to this rule. Psychic connections between a human mind and the vast mind of an Old One always caused damage that could never be healed, and there were Old Ones whose visage could in fact damage sanity, but these were the exception, not the rule.

As such the boy not falling victim to soul crushing existentialism was not in and of itself unusual... but for him to find a measure of peace, no matter how small... now that... was most definitely interesting and fell far outside the norm. This boy, this Shinji Ikari was someone to keep an eye on.

Nyarlathotep intended to do just that.

Gendo stood on the bow of a mid-sized ship to see the aftermath of the Evangelions Rampage. What was Bokrug was now a massive colony of coral, ome that was growing around one of the Tokyo-3 skyscrapers where Bokrug had... Died is not the correct word. The foul lizard was indeed still alive, or whatever parody of life that foul tjing possessed. The Coral as a whole warped and twisted around the skyscraper, still in the vague shape of a long necked lizard.

However at the tip of the skyscraper was a large hollow cave that had previously been Bokrugs head and mouth. Now the maw opened into a waterfall without end. Constantly spewing a deluge of water that spilled constantly into the streets. The water never seemed to stop falling, even though it had no discernable source. Whatever thing had been at the base if the lizards throat was still there, spewing its contents. Currently the necessity of a massive channel had to be commissioned to divert the waters from the city back into the sea. All attempts to stop the waters flow or move the coral carcass of Bokrug had failed. There it would remain, forever. A monument to the utter ignorance of humanity for things beyond their understanding.

"It's haunting." Said Fuyutsuki.

Gendo nodded, despite himself. To see living coral wrap around a skyscraper only to end in a never ending waterfall was a sight that instinctively rubbed Gendo the wrong way.

"What if it isn't the only one?" asked Gendo.

Fuyutsuki chose not to answer that. It was something far too terrible to imagine. Gendo continued.

"The scrolls do not tell everything… they are merely instructions on the Moons, the Seeds, and the Spear. Everything we have done is based on what the Scrolls reveal about them. These things however are… far beyond that. Possibly far beyond the First Ancestral Race. How can we fight something like that?"

"We fought this one and won." said Fuyutsuki.

"Did we?"

Fuyutsuki, looking to the endless waterfall, did not answer.

Shinji laid down his head as his mind was filled with visions of the creatures he saw. Both the giant bird masked creature and the... other Thing. Both were strange, and yet... One was unquestionably stranger.

The lizard, if it could be called that, was the main subject of debate for everyone he met in the Geofront. Some spoke in hushed whispers, filled with superstitious awe at the strange titan that appeared. It struck Shiji as... Odd. It was obvious that everyone expected the first creature... so why not the second?

Then there was the inevitable question of how they knew a giant monster was coming, and they had such sufficient prep time to construct a massive robotic... Thing to fight against it.

So why was the second creature such a surprise for them. They obviously knew that something was coming.

Then Shinji recalled what he saw at the base of the lizards throat.

Recalling what he saw within, it was not all that surprising. Until he saw it for himself, Shinji never expected... That.

Giant monsters were one thing. Many had appeared in movies and manga.

But what was in the lizards throat was... Not quite a monster. In many ways that lizard wasn't just a who or a what... but a Where.

A place where there was only an endless sea. One with no surface or seabed. Just endless water where there was indeed geography, but it wasn't quite down. A place where the seafloor wasn't quite as deep as the ocean went.

It made Shinji's head hurt trying to wrap his mind around it.

Yeah compared to that the Angel was hardly anything special. Shinji stopped his musings when he sensed that he was not alone. Opening his eyes, Shinji saw a familiar stranger standing at the foot of his bed. He stared at the man... And waited.

The figure stood silent as he touched the child's mind... And found that this child was not quite... Normal. The image of a Three-lobed Burning Eye was carved into the child's mind. An image Nyarlathotep knew well. An image that no mortal could conjure without severe repercussions. Scrying the child's mind, the Outer God found that the image of the eye had fundamentally changed the boy. In fact it seemed to have opened his mind. It explained why when the child looked down the maw of Bokrug, he felt a modicum of peace.

An open mind after all was a dangerous thing. Who knows what would try and fill it up.

Now there was an idea.

Nyarlathotep had come to a decision. This child... This Shinji Ikari was to be his most valuable piece in the games to come.

"Do you know what happens to the things you forget?"

Shinji shook his head, and Nyarlathotep smiled.

"Would you like to know?"

Shinji nodded.