"Is this your home?" Sakura looked around, feeling a little uncomfortable. It had been around 3 weeks since she had first met Naruto, and since then she had managed to visit the alley nearly every other day. The two children had gotten close to each other, though Sakurastill knew very little about her newest friend.

"Don't got a home" he averted his eyes as he said this, as if embarrassed by his own response.

"What do you mean you don't have a home!?"

"Don't got one". Naruto held a confused expression as he said this. Why was Sakura making a big deal about this?

"Everyone has a home! How can you not have a home!? What about your parents?" Why was he being so nonchalant? Sakura knew she wouldn't be so carefree if she did not have a home! How was he being so casual?

"I dunno, jus' don't got one", he replied. "What's a parent?"

"...what?" she whispered, a horrified expression on her face. "You don't have parents?"

"I dunno. What's that? Is it a type of ramen?! Is it tasty?!" His face lit up like the sun at the thought of ramen. "I've had ramen before. It was really really good. I wanna eat it 'gain! It's my favorite food...! I think."

"I….I'll get you some ramen later. I have to go home now ok? I'll come back tomorrow, promise!". Sakura was on autopilot. She was dazed; the thought of being without her home or her parents frightened her, and she was feeling almost sick at the fact that Naruto had to deal with such things.

When he replied with an exuberant " 'Kay, bye 'Kura" and a wave, she promptly turned on her heels and left, deep in thought (as deep as any six year old could be anyhow). She would have to talk to her parents about this new development. She didn't understand how someone could not have a home or parents. It made no sense to her. She paid no attention to the world around her as she walked on her way home, barely noticing the black-haired boy around her age that bumped into her.

Sasuke Uchiha was a quiet and congenial boy. Being the son of a clan head, he had to be. Like many noble children , however, he was quite prideful- some might call him arrogant. It was because of this arrogance that he was following after his elder brother (whom on any other occasion, he would adore) with great reluctance.

Sasuke looked around in disdain. "Itachi, why are we in this disgusting place?" he questioned loudly.

"Mind your tongue little brother. We are here on behalf of our clan. It would do well to not upset the people we will soon be interacting with." Itachi was eight years older than his brother Sasuke ( who himself was only seven years of age).

Unlike his slightly arrogant younger brother, Itachi was notably more humble; a feat most impressive for heirs of the noble clans, doubly so for the eldest child of the Lord of a clan as noble as the Uchiha.

"What do you mean on behalf of the clan? What would our clan have to do in a place like… this?" Sasuke gestured with poorly concealed disgust to the ramshackle houses and the repugnant waste littered about.

"We are here representing the Uchiha police force. Something which you will one day be the head of foolish little brother. You'd do well to show respect to those you do not know. You never know who you may be insulting in the future." Itachi loved his little brother more than anything in the world. Yet it was this love that led to him being strict with his brother.

Their mother babied Sasuke, sheltering him from the reality of the world, and their father all but ignored him; preferring to give most of his attention to Itachi (and Itachi held an inkling that Sasuke resented him for this even if only a little.)

It was up to Itachi to truly make sure that his foolish little brother grew up to be a respected and powerful shinobi, one greater than even Itachi himself would become.

"What does it matter who I'm insulting? We are Uchi-oof" Sasuke was rudely cut off as someone bumped into him.

"Hey!", he yelled, turning to rant at the person foolish enough to knock the wind out of the heir of the Uchiha.

"How dare you-" He was cut off by the sight that he saw: a flurry of pink, hurrying away. "Hey, I'm talking to you!" His shouts had no effect on the pink-haired girl as she continued on ignoring him, rushing away to whatever destination awaited her.

"Take this as a lesson Sasuke", Itachi began "She doesn't know that she bumped into and ignored a clan heir. Our name may hold political sway, but to someone who doesn't know of or acknowledge it- well they can' be pushed around by it."

Sasuke heard his brother's voice, and he understood what he was saying, but it was all so distant- muffled almost. Yes, he heard his brother, but it was in one ear and out the other. How could it not be when he was still entranced by such a beautiful shade of pink?