Chapter 1-Dash's Idea.

"Wait, I bet Syndrome's probably changed the password by now. How do I get into the computer?" Mr. Incredible asked as his family readied a rocket to the mainland.

"Say please." said a voice.

Mr. Incredible smiled as he looked behind him and saw a white-haired woman in the control booth. She smiled back.

A few minutes later, the four Supers had made it to the control booth and the woman told them how to work the rocket.

"And that's everything you need to know." the woman said.

The four Supers smiled before they noticed she looked apologetic.

"I'm sorry, you four, for everything he and I did." she said.

"Apology accepted, Mirage." Mr. Incredible said.

"Good luck to all of you." Mirage said before she started to walk away. Suddenly, Dash rushed and grabbed her arm.

"Wait, Miss, why don't you come with us?" Dash asked.

Mirage looked surprised.

"Hold on, son. She worked for Syndrome." Elastigirl said.

"But, she helped us, and Dad did say she helped him, so she must have changed. If she didn't want to make right with her ways, she wouldn't have helped us." Dash said.

Me. Incredible looked surprised before he smiled, realizing that Dash was already coming of Super age. He had realized something about a villain not easy to realize; that Mirage could be redeemed.

"You make a good point, Dash. Mirage, come with us. We can give you a better life than Syndrome ever could." Mr. Incredible offered.

Mirage thought about it for a few minutes before she said, "Very well." and followed them back to the rocket.

Later, after the rocket flew back to Metroville and the Supers made it to the Omnidroid, Mirage was asked to watch the kids before Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl ran outside it, only for the Omnidroid to corner them a second later. The woman and two kids made a run for it, only for the robot to step in front of them, cutting them off.

"Vi! Dash! NOOO!" Elastigirl shouted as the robot moved to crush them, only for Violet to put up a forcefield that shielded them, but resulted in Violet being knocked out when the Omnidroid decided to slam down on it.

"Violet?!" Dash asked before the Omnidroid came down to slam the three of them before Mr. Incredible got under it and held it up, allowing Elastigirl to grab Violet while Mirage carried Dash to safety.

"Stay here, OK?" Elastigirl said before she rushed back to the fight.

As they watched their parents and Frozone fight the Omnidroid, Dash and Violet noticed that they were focusing on something before they heard their father shout, "SYNDROME'S REMOTE!"

"Remote?" Dash asked.

"It controls the robot. If we can get a hold of it, we might can reverse the Omnidroid's functioning and maybe even destroy it." Mirage said.

"In that caseā€¦" Dash said before he ran out into the streets.

"HEY, DAD! THROW IT! THROW IT!" Dash shouted.

"GO LONG!" Mr. Incredible shouted before he threw the remote like a football. Dash chased after it, earning the worry of his mom, sister, and Mirage as he ran after it, successfully catching it as he ran across a pond and was rescued from laser fire by Frozone. However, the Omnidroid caught on to their plan and caused Frozone and Dash to lose the remote by throwing them out of the water they were ice-skating across. Mr. Incredible ran for the remote, only for the Omnidroid to catch him in a detached claw. Violet, who was invisible, grabbed the remote and narrowly avoided being attacked. She ran and joined everyone else as Mr. Incredible tried to free himself from the claw and Frozone and Elastigirl tripped the robot.

"Mom, I've got it! I've got the remote!" Violet said before Mirage took the remote and pushed a button that freed Mr. Incredible.

"I know how this works. Leave it to me." Mirage said with a smirk.

She then cut on a voice activation mode and said, "This is Mirage. Activate Fourth of July Protocol."

"Verified." said a voice before the Omnidroid shot up high above the city like a rocket and blew itself up, saving thousands of innocent lives.

Everyone looked at the spectacle before they all smiled at each other.

"Dash, you really did make a good decision." Elastigirl said, causing Dash to smile before they all noticed citizens cheering.

On a nearby rooftop, Syndrome awoke and, upon seeing his robot had been defeated, growled, "No!" furiously.


"We've frozen all of Syndrome's assets. If he even sneezes, we'll be there with handcuffs and a box of tissues. The people of this country are indebted to you." Rick Dicker said.

"Does this mean we can come out of hiding?" Mr. Incredible asked.

"Let the politicians figure that one out, but I've been asked to assure you that we'll take care of everything else. You did good, Bob." Rick said.

"What about her?" Violet asked, pointing at Mirage with her thumb.

"She's been declared innocent, seeing as how Syndrome was the main one behind the loss of all the Supers terminated and she did help save the world. But, we must ask that she be kept under your watch." Rick said.

"Thank you, Mr. Dicker." Mirage said before she heard Elastigirl say, "I didn't call a replacement!" as they pulled up to the Parr House.

They rushed inside and were caught in Syndrome's Zero-Point Energy. The angry villain had baby Jack-Jack in his arm.

"Shh. The baby's sleeping. Don't worry, I'll be a good mentor. Everything YOU weren't. Who knows? He might even make a good SIDEKICK. And, Mirage, since you chose to betray me, you can suffer WITH THEM!" Syndrome said as he threw them through a wall and flew out of a hole he blew in the ceiling.

"He's getting away, Bob! We have to do something! We have to do something NOW!" Elastigirl shouted as they ran outside and looked to see Syndrome flying to a jet with Jack-Jack, only to stop a few seconds later and start jerking around violently before they saw one of his boots break.

"We have to stop him! Throw something!" Elastigirl said.

"I can't! I might hit Jack-Jack!" Mr. Incredible said before they saw Syndrome hit the wing, dropping Jack-Jack.

"BOB, THROW ME!" Elastigirl yelled before he did just that, allowing her to successfully catch Jack-Jack.

"THIS ISN'T THE END OF IT! I WILL GET YOUR SON EVENTUALLY! DO YOU HEAR ME?! I'LL GET YOUR SON!" Syndrome taunted before he saw a black car flying at him.

"Oh, no." he said before the car hit the front of the jet, setting it on fire and causing it to explode a few seconds later, the wreckage falling on top of the Incredibles, who had luckily been shielded by Violet at the last second.

"That's my girl." Elastigirl said.

"Does this mean we have to move again?" Dash asked, causing everyone to laugh.

"Oh, man, THAT WAS TOTALLY WICKED!" said a kid on a tricycle nearby.

Later that night, after they had been brought to a local motel by Rick, Mirage was fixing to go to bed, when she saw Dash walk by in his pajamas.

"Hey, Dash, was it?" Mirage said. Dash looked at her.

"Why did you bring me back here with you? Your father told you what I did and you know I used to work for Syndrome." Mirage inquired.

Dash smiled, "Simple. You seemed to want to make up for your past misdeeds, and you seemed like you could use a friend, someone better than Syndrome could ever be." he said.

Mirage looked surprised before she smiled, "You may be a showboat, but you do have a big heart, even towards your enemies." she said.

"That's something else. Don't call yourself our enemy anymore. I want you to be our friend, especially because you helped us save the world." Dash said before he extended his pinky.

Mirage smiled wider, "Okay." she said before she made it a pinky promise.