Chapter 8: Roller Skating.

Mirage awoke to find Dash on the couch, eating cereal and watching Johnny Quest while Violet talked to Bob.

"Good morning, everyone." Mirage said.

"Morning, Mirage." Dash said.

Mirage made herself some eggs before Bob went to go get Jack-Jack from Edna, whom had been working overnight to study his powers.

Later, she was watching TV and saw a commercial for a new skate park that had just recently opened up. She watched it and smiled, thinking Dash would like it. She walked to Dash's Room, where he was playing video games.

"Hey, Dash, have you heard about that new skate park?" Mirage asked as Dash paused the game.

"Yeah, it looks really cool." Dash said.

"Well, how would you like to go with me there, today?" Mirage asked with a smile.

"Yeah!" Dash said, excited.

Later, Mirage and Dash had arrived at the park, which was called Skate World. After they got their skates and skateboards, they looked around at all the different stuff they could do.

"Hey, Mirage, check this out!" Dash said before he skated on the board over to a rail and jumped on it, grinding all the way across before jumping off at the end and flipping the board, landing perfectly.

Mirage clapped, "Impressive!" she said before she went to the skate pool and rode down the side of it before she did a figure 8 on the walls and then flipped up in the air, doing a one-handed stand on the board midair before she landed perfectly, drawing the applause of a few who had seen it.

"Mirage, how do you skate like a pro?!" Dash asked.

Mirage smirked, "I've seen a few skating competitions on TV." she said.

Later, they had put on their skates and were skating around, performing tricks and even skating in crazy ways, such as Mirage spinning around on one skate while the other was lifted up and Dash skating backwards, being careful of others.

Soon, though, something came up. A kid taller than Dash skated up behind him and pushed him down with a mean smirk, causing him to skin his knee.

"Oops." the kid said sarcastically.

Mirage rushed over and helped Dash up, who was fighting tears from the sting.

"Are you okay, Dash?!" she asked with concern.

"(Sniff) Yeah, I think so." Dash said.

Mirage glared at the boy, "Young man, that was uncalled for! Apologize to him right this instant!" she ordered.

"Why should I apologize to that little shrimp?" the boy asked arrogantly.

Mirage gritted her teeth before she helped Dash over to a bench and sprayed his scrape with Neosporin before placing a Band-Aid over it.

Dash smiled at her, "Thanks, Mirage." he said.

Mirage smiled back, "You're welcome, Dash." she said.

After lunch, an announcer said, "Attention, skaters, the weekly skate contest will begin in a few minutes."

Dash and Mirage looked interested before they noticed the kid who pushed Dash was entering.

"Hey, Dash, leave this to me. I'm going to teach that kid a lesson." Mirage said.

Dash gave a thumbs-up. He watched as the contest went on and clapped when Mirage stepped up. The kid from before had done impressive stunts on a skateboard, including a triple air flip. Mirage looked to top that, so she started out with a traditional skateboard descent and ascent before she did multiple flips mid-air and came down holding the board above her head, which worried everyone else, only for her to reveal she was on skates. She skated on the walls of the skate pool and actually started to ride the board on her hands, leading to another airborne flight. This time, she had the board under her, but her skates were gone. She landed and skated two loops around the borders of the pool, taking high-fives before she kicked the board and revealed she was wearing her skates on her hands. She hand-skated a lap and met the board by flipping onto it and skating an entire spiral right to the middle of the skate pool.

Once she stopped, she raised her arms in the air and said, "Ta-Da!" drawing applause from everyone watching.

"Folks, we have our winner!" the announcer said as he handed Mirage the trophy. She smiled as she held it up and had her picture taken for the paper. She smiled while winking and giving a peace sign.

"Man, Mirage, your skating was totally awesome!" Dash said as they headed back.

"Thanks, Dash." Mirage said with a smile.