Notes: Batman is owned by DC and was created by writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane. Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joel Shuster. This story is dedicated to Adam West and all of the wonderful people who have helped the Batman franchise.

Batman stopped some bank robberies and met up with his superhero allies. The team included Super Flyer, a black-haired guy who could fly, Ms. Detective, a blonde detective who's nearly as smart as Batman, Super Muscles, a strong guy who has the same type of venom as Bane, and Mr. Explosives, a guy who can blow up stuff with his hands. They had their own team building. Batman said, "The crimes were pretty simple, but there was a lot of them. I had to stop five bank robberies, today. It was very rough."

Super Flyer said, "Me and Ms. Detective solved half a dozen crimes. It was exhausting."

Ms. Detective said, "But it was also fun."

Super Flyer looked at her and replied, "Fighting crime is always fun, especially with you."

Ms. Detective blushed and said, "Thank you."

Super Muscles said, "Well, I had to stop a few robberies too. There's so many crimes in Gotham."

Mr. Explosives said, "I almost stopped a crime."

Batman wasn't fond of Mr. Explosives, from the beginning, and that sentiment hadn't changed. He gave Mr. Explosives a disapproving look and angrily asked, "Are you saying that you didn't even stop the crime?"

Mr. Explosives answered, "I almost captured the crook, but I got distracted by a pretty woman."

Batman sighed and said, "You're too easily distracted. You need to work on your concentration."

Super Muscles said, "I think Batman's right about that."

Mr. Explosives thought about what he could do. After a moment of thinking, he stated, "What I need is a girlfriend. I haven't had one in months."

Batman replied, "I'm surprised you've ever had one."

Mr. Explosives thought about it and said ,"I've thought of something."

Batman replied, "That's something you hardly ever do."

Mr. Explosives said, "Ms. Detective is a girl and I'm a guy, so we should date."

Ms. Detective tried to be nice, but she definitely didn't want to date Mr. Explosives. She said, "I'm sorry, but I can't date you."

Super Flyer and Ms. Detective had a delicate way, of how they described their relationship. They clearly were more than friends, but they were both too shy, to call themselves a couple. Batman said, "She's dating Super Flyer."

Super Flyer nervously said, "I'm not her boyfriend. I'm her close friend, who hangs out with her all the time and likes her more than anybody."

Batman said, "Your lies get more pathetic all the time, Super Flyer."

Mr. Explosives replied, "This is a ripoff. I'm a hunk and Super Flyer is a dork."

Batman angrily said, "Shut up and go sit in the corner. If you keep acting like this, I'll fire you."

Mr. Explosives whispered, "Why is our leader the harshest member of the Justice League? Working with Batman is a ripoff."

Super Muscles asked, "Did you hear the big news?"

Super Flyer asked, "What are you talking about?"

Ms. Detective said, "I think that he's talking about the new invention."

Batman said, "Oh no. I have been mad and worried about the new invention."

Super Muscles replied, "Yeah. A scientist invented a machine that makes people think they're in another reality where there dreams came true."

Batman said, "That machine is very dangerous. I wanted to have it destroyed, but it wasn't breaking any laws."

Super Flyer asked, "Then what should we do?"

Batman said, "Let's hope that no super villains try to steal it."

The next morning, Batman's phone rang. Commissioner Adam Bale was calling. Batman answered the phone and said, "Hi. What's going on?"

Commissioner Adam Bale said, "You and your teammates better come to my office. We got a problem."

Batman replied, "Okay." Batman hanged up the phone and said, "I need to go, Alfred."

Alfred Pennyworth walked by and replied, "But breakfast is ready."

Batman said, "I'm afraid I don't have time to eat it."

Alfred replied, "I suppose you could eat it for lunch."

Batman said, "I'll put it away for you."

Alfred replied, "Thank you. That's very nice of you." After Alfred walked away from the kitchen, Batman stuffed the cereal and toast in the fridge.

Batman and his four superhero teammates went to Commissioner Bale's office. Most of the heroes tried to walk into the room, with quietness and dignity. However, Mr. Explosives was loud and childish, which Batman was upset about.

Super Flyer asked, "What happened?"

Commissioner Bale said, "The scientist's invention got stolen." Batman facepalmed.

Super Flyer asked, "Who stole the invention?"

Commissioner Bale said, "Two-Face stole it."

Batman said, "I thought he was still in Arkham Asylum."

Commissioner Bale responded, "There's a rumor, that he bribed the guards."

Batman said, "Fire those guards and get actual security guards."

Super Muscles asked, "Do you know where Two-Face is?"

Commissioner Bale replied, "He sent me another letter."

Mr. Explosives said, "I think he wants to be your best friend."

Commissioner Bale stated, "Two-Face's letter says he will be at the second biggest bank in Gotham."

Batman said, "We'll be there, too. I promise that we will stop him."

Commissioner Bale replied, "Thank goodness for that. Best of luck, to you five superheroes."

Batman said, "I'm not sure if Mr. Explosives counts as a superhero."

Mr. Explosives frowned and replied, "Hey."

Ms. Detective said, "We better start getting ready for tonight's fight."

Batman replied, "I hate to admit it, but you're right. Let's hurry."

Batman, Super Flyer, Ms. Detective, Super Muscles, and Mr. Explosives started guarding the bank. As usual, Batman guarded the top of the bank by myself, while the others were separated in duos. Batman was silent and hid in the shadows, to project mysterious vibes.

Super Flyer said, "I'm a little worried about fighting Two-Face, this time. The invention he stole seems dangerous."

Ms. Detective responded, "I know. Two-Face will probably be more dangerous than usual. I'm a little bit scared of Two-Face, too."

Super Flyer said, "But I believe that we can still stop him."

Ms. Detective looked at her watch and replied, "We have already been waiting here, for an hour."

Super Flyer replied, "Well, Two-Face didn't tell us the exact time, that he will come. Batman wanted us to come, as early as we can."

Ms. Detective said, "Batman's always so careful and prepared. I have always admired that."

Super Flyer said, "You sure do love Batman."

Ms. Detective said, "Of course. He's my childhood hero. Of course I love you more than anybody."

Super Flyer replied, "Me too. I meant to say I love you more than anybody, not that I love myself the most. I'm not the best when it comes to talking normally."

Meanwhile, Super Muscles and Mr. Explosives were bored. Super Muscles noticed that Mr. Explosives was taking a nap. Super Muscles said, "You better get up."

Mr. Explosives asked, "Why?"

Super Muscles replied, "We all need to be super prepared, when Two-Face tries to start robbing the bank."

Mr. Explosives said, "Whatever." Mr. Explosives kept sleeping.

An hour later, Two-Face finally showed up. Two-Face said, "Soon, I will be the richest super villain in Gotham. Ha, ha!"

Batman jumped down to the ground and said, "You're a broke super villain and I will make sure that you stay broke."

Two-Face smiled and said, "You and your punk teammates better not mess with me, because I have the dream invention."

Super Flyer said, "We will defeat you even if you try to use the invention."

Super Muscles said, "Maybe I can grab the dream invention, out of his hands." Super Muscles tripped and failed. Two-Face won.