Chapter 1 – The bonds that tie us

The pain seared through his head and the restriction on his neck dug deeper as his eyes fluttered open. Where was he, what happened, who was he? …

He raises his left hand to touch his forehead as he feels a dripping sensation and hisses, blood trickled down from the large gash that had been inflicted…. He barely turned his head to see someone to the side of him unconscious and then the realisation

"Oh god we are upside down" the panic and fear began to rise in him

He reaches with his right arm to the companion in the car and yells as pain courses through his shoulder and recoils his arm, before biting his tongue and trying again he doesn't know why but he needs to touch the persons hand, he finally succeeds as tears falls and as his fingers interlace with the others one word falls from his mouth before falling unconscious again



Will groans as he feels pressure against his chest, his arms feeling heavy as they hung above his head towards the roof of the car, he looks to his left and sees Sonny unconscious and holding his hand, he squeezes with no response, he gently unlaces their hands and checks his own head and body for any injuries. He pulls the seatbelt away from his jugular slightly where small droplets of blood trickled down his chin and onto the roofs interior.

He decides he is as well as could be expected and needs to get himself and Sonny out, through the fractured windscreen a shadow is coming closer, has someone come to help, the shadow approaches, staggering slightly, the person is now in front of the car and Will can see

"My god, Adrienne, are you alright?" Adrienne stares blankly at him before crumbles to the floor like a sheet of paper

"Adrienne!" Will's adrenaline kicks in and within seconds using his hands he braces onto the floor of the car which is the roof and releases his belt, his whole body curling on himself and pushes his way out of his side window.

He brushes as much glass as possible off him and stands, becoming lightheaded and swayed for a few seconds, he closed his eyes and breathed trying to focus before opening them again and rushing round to Adrienne, he felt her neck for a pulse but couldn't find one. He tried her wrist, nothing. Will started to panic, he screamed for help but no one was around this part of Salem, especially at this time of day as well.

Will glances back to their totalled car and Sonny behind the wheel, he looks back to Adrienne and the area, her car was slumped off the side of the road, a realisation came to Will and scared him, their car and her car, god Sonny.

Will taking one more look at Adrienne brushed her eyelids closed and stumbled to the driver's side of his car with Sonny still inside. Without thought he braced Sonny's neck and released his belt, using Sonny's dead weight to make his landing a little easier, he dragged him from the wreckage and pulls him round the car to the side.

There was a coat in the back seat that Will also grabbed and placed over Adrienne, Sonny couldn't see this, he prayed beyond anything that Sonny wouldn't remember and how would he ever be able to tell Sonny what he did.

Will found his mobile which hadn't been damaged in the accident and he dialled the Salem PD and reported the accident. He sat there brushing Sonny's hair, feeling his heartbeat and his breath rise and fall.

In the distance the sirens rang and a police car eventually pulled up. Rafe ran out


"R….Raffeee…. Here!" Will fumbled

Rafe ran to him, quickly glancing at the coat covering someone before reaching Will and Sonny

"Will, what happened? Ambulance are on their way, is Sonny ok?"

"I'm not sure he was unconscious in the car when I woke, I got out and brought him here, and I… I saw … Adrienne" he stammered and pointed to where the coat lay on her lifeless body

"There…. There was no…. no pulse… oh God Rafe… Adrienne has no pulse"

Rafe slowly walked to her body and reached under the coat to check if he could find a pulse and there was nothing, he sighed and looked to the sky and said a silent prayer for her and he rose and came back to Will and Sonny, "I'm sorry Will, I can't find one either I think she is, has died."

Will dropped his head, how was he going to explain this all, Sonny would never forgive himself, how would Justin look at his son again without the knowledge of knowing he killed his mother, his wife.

Before Will could say anymore the siren of the ambulance screeched through the night air and over the horizon the ambulance appeared, Rafe rose and waved it down whilst Will clung onto Sonny a little more tightly "It's going to be alright Sonny, we will get through this, somehow we will get through" he whispered.


Will woke startled, sweat drenches him and the bed, he glances around his surroundings and sighs when he realises where he is… The same mundane bed, the same mundane walls, and the same Orange outfit and sadly the same cell mate he has had to put up with for the last 6 months … Ben Weston.

Why now with the nightmares, the memory flashes again, he had already resigned himself to his fate, anything to protect his husband. A husband who hadn't spoken or saw him for 2 months.

Across town in Salem, Sonny sat after organising a drink with Evan, he smiled to himself about the impending meet, except his body began to spasm and he clutched his head, a flashing image appears to him, he is upside down in a car. His body is in agony and he gasps aloud as the same image flashes, he is upside down, he turns to see Will unconscious.

Sonny grips his head, the pressure like it is in a vice, he squeezes his eyes shut the smoke coming around them, the shattered windscreen, he calls out with no sound

"Will…" within seconds Sonny comes to on the floor next to the bench where he was sitting, he grips his head which now feels more like a headache, he looks around but no one is in sight, he clambers to the bench and composes himself, he thinks over the image that came to him

"That isn't right, Will was driving that night" Sonny says dismissing the possibility and heads off to see Ari.

With one last thought of that image …. "It can't be, could it?"

To be continued