He paced the cell, the minutes and seconds ticking slowly

"Dude if this is your plan to escape by walking yourself through the floor, think again!" Ben quipped

Will looked at Ben smirked and tilted his head with a 'seriously' and continued to pace

"They ain't gonna turn up quicker with you getting in a state beforehand, how long has it been since you saw Sonny?"

"errrmmm, couple of months maybe, he brought some pictures of Ari's and couldn't look me in the eyes, so I told him not to come."

"Always the martyr Horton, so, our conversation from yesterday, you know you did it again, talking in your sleep…"

Will halts and stares at ben who is lounging in his bunk.

"Are you messing with me…Weston?" Will retorts

"Oh yeah ya know whatever to pass the time in this place, right? No stupid, you really are talking in your sleep, it's always the same thing, you ramble a million times Sonny, then no, then Adrienne, and then in the most coherent segment of the night you end with… I'm sorry I need to protect you, it was me, I was driving."

****Begin flashback****

Rafe begins to speak "Sonny I am so sorry for your loss and I know the timing sucks, but we really do need to know what happened that night if you can remember anything it would be of great help."

Sonny's pale shocked face unable to process the situation stared attentively at Will searching for answers in a fog of his own mind and Will sat patiently and lovingly

"It's okay Sonny, don't worry if you can't remember, take your time." Will softly spoke to him.

Sonny managed to speak "I… I don't, we were in the car on our way… errrr… I can't remember where were going… I vaguely remember holding Will's hand and then here."

Will's heart breaks for Sonny who is so completely unaware of the enormity of this, tears begin to roll down Will's face which take Sonny by surprise Will whispers "I'm sorry I need to protect you."

William stands from the bed and turns to Rafe and with great effort and skill replies "It was me, I was driving the car, I am the one who hit Adrienne, I am the reason she is dead."

Sonny gasped.

****End of Flashback****

"Oi daydreamer, calling radio Horton" Ben called.

Will looked at Ben and then at their cell door which was open, and the guard was getting impatient waiting for Will to move and sternly says "You wanna see your family or not Horton"

"No, no I'm coming, sorry" Will splutters and walks through the door, he can hear Ben in the background shouting out good luck and he smiles slightly but continues to pull at the skin on the side of his finger nervously.

In the visiting room Sonny paced the room whilst Ari continued to doodle on the paper, she brought with her and a small pile of drawings to the side of her for her dad. She intermittently would look to Sonny and then continue doodling.

Sonny went to go open the door to see if anyone was coming but he heard footsteps and took several steps back and turned away so couldn't watch Will be brought in, the sound of the door handle made Ari stop and as Will walked through the door she leapt from the chair and lunged into him, Will scooped her up and held her tight.

"ohhhh, my baby girl, you've grown so much" Will said as he continued to squeeze her, and she nuzzled into his neck. The prison guard shifted slightly and spoke.

"No touching"

Will turned with Ari still in his arms and retorted "she is a child and my daughter, and I will not stop holding her, take a break why don't 'cha"

"Come here Ari" Sonny said and turned head hanging down still unable to look Will in the eyes and held his arms out

"No, I want my daddy." She replied and then looked at the prison guard "You are mean, I want to hug my daddy"

The prison guard straightened his back slightly taken aback by Ari's remarks and said "5 minutes Horton and I will be back"

The prison guard left the room and Will sat at the table with Ari still in his arms "so what are these?"

"I made them for you"

"All of them?"

"Yeah when I get sad or miss you, I make a picture" both Sonny and Will gasp slightly in shock of Ari's admission, this was something she hadn't told Sonny.

"You know Ari, you can always come to me when you are feeling sad or miss daddy" Sonny tried as he sat down the opposite side.

Ari looked at Will who smiled at her and then at Sonny who still stared intensely at the table surface

"But…. But you don't like talking about daddy and always get sad when I did, you told Evan that as well"

Sonny's head shot up when Ari mentioned Evan and looked at Ari and then at Will's slightly confused face "I …. I errrr… no… never, you can always…"

"You said Daddy was angry at us, daddy doesn't look angry" Ari continued and nuzzled into Will more.

"Daddy is not angry at you sweet pea, I promise I am not angry with you."

"You are angry with Daddy then?" Ari said

Will looked sympathetically at Sonny and answered "no, I could never be angry with Daddy either."

Sonny glided his hands through his hair and placed them clenched on the table he looked up directly at Will and stared into those blue eyes he missed. "I'm sorry; I seem to be making a mess of this"

"Sonny, don't." Will answered reaching his hand out to place on Sonny's halting mere inches away and bringing back to his side of the table. He looked down to Ari whose breathing started to slow and her eyes drooping, she was falling asleep in the warmth of Will's arms.

"I am sorry, I know you this wasn't your idea for today, I am grateful"

"I didn't realise that she wasn't telling me when she was missing you, I never wanted to make her feel like she couldn't come to me, however much the problem between us was."

"Sonny, it's a very big problem between us, I killed… well anyway so Evan, good listener, is he?"

"He is David's babysitter, he has helped me a few times with Ari when I couldn't look after her or Gabi couldn't."

"Is he nice?" Will questioned unsure he wanted to know the answer "Will, I… we…"

"Kissed? I know, you forget grandma Kate has been around you two."

"It wasn't her place"

"She was only looking out for me, you know that, just like your mom" Will stopped when he realised what he said and looked guiltily towards Sonny "Sorry I know I shouldn't bring her up"

"I need to ask you something?" Sonny says dismissing Will's previous comment


"Were you driving the car that night?"

"I said I was"

"Are you a hundred percent sure?"

Will became nervous and stuttered "wwww…whhhyyy do you ask Sonny?

"I had just arranged to meet Evan and all of a sudden this searing pain came, and I had a flash of us in the car upside down, I looked across and saw you unconscious."

"We both were in and out but when I woke you were unconscious, and I got myself out and pulled you out."

"That wasn't what I was asking, I know you pulled me out, the problem I have is in the flash, and I was in the driver's seat not you, so I will ask again, Will was I driving?"

"I'm sorry Sonny I don't know what to say but I was in the driving seat, we were on the way home and I lost control of the car and hit her, our car hit hers… have you spoke to anyone about it?"

"Like who?" Sonny asked

"A doctor or a shrink?" Will suggests, "Perhaps you are just trying to still process the idea it was me, I'm sure Evan will be able to help you decipher it."

"Will, it's not, nothing like that… we are still married…"

"So if we weren't you would? Sonny don't answer that I don't need to hear you say it"

Sonny rose from his seat and paced the room, he was trying to hard not be angry, but this was very confusing to him.

"You are the one who told me to stay away."

"Because you can't look at me directly without being angry or hating me, how are we supposed to have a marriage when you can't stand to look at me, just like you did back then with Paul."

"Really you are dragging that up again."

"I'm not dragging anything Sonny, but look, I'm in here and you are out there, finding solace, comfort, needs from another man, we are never going to be able to get through this together."

Arianna wriggles slightly in her sleep causing to cease talking and practically hold his breath. Ari sighs heavily and continues to contently sleep in her father's arms.

"I really hoped we could… can get through this." Sonny answers

"But we both know that won't happen will it, Sonny I think we are going to have to admit the reality of this, I need to let you live your life… without me in it."

Sonny glares intently upon Will's face see no hint of this being a joke

"What you saying Will?"

"I think we should get a divorce"

Sonny rises from his seat and paces the room whilst he acclimates to the giant pain he feels at hearing those words, divorce, again, it was never meant to be like this, his life with Will and Ari was never meant to be like this.

Sonny looks to Will and replies "Will, I think it best I take Ari and go, we need to talk about this again when we don't have our daughter here."

Will gently lifts from his seat and transfers their sleeping princess into her father's arms and walks to the back of the room and leans against the wall with his hands behind him clenching them hiding his true feelings whilst his face remained emotionless.

"There is no need Sonny, I have made my mind up, the papers will be in the post to you." Will replied and turned around and head hung low with his gripped hands and quiet tears' now falling to them, Sonny gasped and was about to speak but the door opened and the guard came in.

"Times up gentleman"

Sonny began walking through them his last words were "Goodbye Will" and he left not waiting to hear a reply, the door shut and Will fell the his knees and cradled his face and he whispered "Goodbye Sonny."

To be continued.