Yes, this is another "person from Earth gets transported to Remnant" but this one's different. I'm not gonna say any more, just enjoy my creation.

All Jason could see was white. Is this what death is? He thought to himself. He floated a while longer. Well this is boring, do I at least get to meet the Grim Reaper or something? That's when he felt something. It was like there was a rope tied to his heart and it was pulling him somewhere. Fuck, didn't know I still had one. That's when his back hit something. Hard. He was finally able to open his eyes and he saw a bright blue sky with a few clouds here and there. "The fuck?" he finally spoke. The last thing he remembered before blacking out, or, I guess, whiting out, was walking home from the bar and feeling a sharp pain in his neck before collapsing. As he sat up, he became significantly more confused. He was in the middle of a forest, God knows how big. "This feels familiar for some reason."

He went to rub his brow, but his hand hit something. "The hell?" He realized he was wearing a mask, and somehow hadn't felt it. He took it off and examined it. It was green and completely smooth. It didn't feel like it was made of plastic, but stone, or even marble. The strangest part though was its complete lack of features. No mouth, no nose, no little air holes, not even eye holes. It also didn't have straps, it just seemed to stick to his face. He put it back on, and it felt like it wasn't even there. He could, somehow, see right through it perfectly fine. "Shit, that's pretty cool. Think I'll I'll be keeping this."

He started inspecting the rest of his stuff. He was still wearing his blue hoodie and grey sweatpants. "Well, at least I'm not butt-ass naked." That's when he felt something on his back that wasn't the dirt. He went to grab it, and he found a pump-action shotgun that had been strapped to his back. "Ok, what the actual fuck is going on here?" He asked, slightly concerned. Then he found a button near the back that, when pressed, caused the stock to split open and a very sharp ax head to pop out. Jason was, understandably, quite a bit more concerned. "Ok, that's pretty badass, but why do I need this?"

Then he heard one of the bushes rustle. "Oh me and my big fucking mouth." He pumped the shotgun, happy to see an unfired shell pop out. He loaded it back in, retracted the ax head, and aimed at the bush. His heart pounded in his ears, he felt like it was going to pop any second now. He was filled with relief when deer strolled out of the bush without a care in the world. Jason laughed at himself for being so paranoid. Then he shot the deer for scaring him. "Fuckin' asshole." He grumbled with a snarl.

"Wonder how many shells are in this thing?" He started pumping the slide, and shells started popping out the side. But they kept coming. The shells seemed to be endless. "What kinda magical wonderland bullshit is this?" He picked up all the shells and loaded them back in, though it didn't matter, what with the seemingly unlimited ammunition. Guess I'd better start moving. He thought to himself.

As he started moving, he couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. "I wonder if I stole something's kill back there, and now it's angry?" That's when he heard a growl. He looked to his right, and saw a giant bear. Its fur was vantablack, and it had this weird bone mask with glowing eyes on it. Jason recognized it immediately. "No. No no no no, no fucking way. You're that thing from that shitty anime my friend made me watch. Fuck, what was it called." But he couldn't think about it anymore, as the bear charged him. "No no no wait stop!" He yelled in desperation, holding his shotgun up like a shield to block the incoming claws. But it didn't come.

He lowered the gun and was shocked to see the bear had, in fact, stopped. It was just standing there, staring at him. "What the fuck?" He said under his breath. He warily got closer, and the bear didn't react, just continuing to watch. He got right in front of the beast, and cautiously put his hand on its mask, expecting to lose said hand. But the bear still didn't react. "Um, sit down?" He asked nervously. The bear plopped down on the ground, never looking away. "No way." Jason said, as a grin began to split his face. "Can I control these things?" He had to see for sure. He pointed to a small, nearby tree. "Knock that down." he ordered, his confidence growing. The bear looked at the tree, then charged and barreled over it. Then it returned to Jason, awaiting further orders.

"Ho-ly shit, this is fucking awesome." Jason said, barely able to contain himself. "I can't fucking believe it. I'm in, what was it called, RWBY, rwby, that's what it's called. Are you fucking kidding me? I'm stuck in that shitty show my friend made me watch with him." His excitement started to be replaced with frustration. "Why the fuck am I stuck here, instead of literaly anywhere else? I knew this felt familiar, but how the fuck?" He started getting angrier. "Why the fuck am I stuck here?! This is fucking bullshit, I was doing just fine at home, and now I'm here! It's not even a good goddamn show! FUCK!" He yelled, blasting a tree out of anger.

Jason started taking deep breaths to calm himself. "Ok, ok, calm the fuck down. This looks like the Emerald Forest, maybe I can find Vale and do some shit there." He chuckled. "Maybe I can join up with Torchwick or Cinder and fuck shit up. Oh, that would make this a whole lot better." He looked back at the Ursa, he remembered they were called. "I think I'm gonna call you Chuck. C'mon Chuck, let's go. Maybe we"ll run into some of your friends on the way there." Jason said as he and Chuck started to walk in a random direction.

3 hours of walking later

"Jesus Christ, how deep in the forest did I get dropped in?" Jason asked himself while taking a break under a tree. He was absently petting Chuck while thinking to himself, Grimm are surprisingly fluffy. During the three hours, he had, in fact, ran into more of Chuck's friends, picking up three Beowolves and another Ursa into his group in the process. It seemed the way his semblance worked is that all he had to do was tell a hostile Grimm any command, Jason had decided telling them to "wait" was enough, and they would be under his control. He had also carved an X into Chuck's mask so he could tell the difference between him and any other Ursa he picked up.

He heard wings flapping above him and, hoping it was a Neveremore, looked up to call it down. Instead, he saw a regular crow, but it seemed to be watching him with curiosity. Jason was immediately suspicious. It was a bit of a long shot, but it could be Qrow, the sneaky bastard, and he didn't want Ozpin to know about him. Yet. Jason thought, chuckling to himself. To test it, he aimed his shotgun at it to see if it would fly away. It didn't, which made him relax a little, but he was still wary. He decided to shoot it anyway, just to be safe, but the distance was too much and the spread caused the pellets to miss. The crow flew away, and Jason was immediately annoyed. "Dammit, should've gotten closer." He chastised himself. But, what's done is done, so him and his Grimm moved on.

Another hour of walking later, Jason finally saw what he was looking for. Vale. Or, at least, its wall. But there was a bit of a problem. There were giant turrets on the wall, likely to kill any Grimm that got to close. "Fuck, forgot about those." Jason turned to his Grimm. "Alright guys, you're free to go and do what Grimm do best. I'll see you guys later." He then turned around and started walking towards the wall. When he got there, he was disappointed to see that he hadn't been lucky enough to start right at the entrance and had to walk around.

After some time, he found one of the gates. He wasn't sure what to expect, but was a little surprised to see a single guard outside, looking bored out of his mind. Did they seriously just leave the poor bastard out here? I guess he doesn't have much to worry about, what with the turrets and all. Jason walked up to guard who was thrown off by his mask.

"Hey buddy." Jason greeted. The guard wasn't as happy.

"Why are you wearing a mask?" The guard asked, his grip on his rifle a little tight.

"Hm? Oh, sorry, I just like masks. Do you want me to take it off or?"

"No, it's fine." He said with a sigh. "Huntsman I'm guessing?"

"Uh, yeah. Can you let me in?"

"Why were you… y'know what, I'm too tired for this. Head on in." The guard said as he opened the gate.

"Oh, thanks. Have a good day."

"Yeah yeah."

Jason went inside, thanking the guard as he did. Well, guess I'm luckier than I thought. Then he had an idea. He faced the guard again. "Hey, do you know when classes for Beacon will be starting? I forgot."

"Why? Aren't you a little old for school?" The guard asked, confused.

"A friend of mine, his kid is starting there, and I wanted to get her something before she goes."

"Oh it starts in, like-" He checked his scroll. "-3 days actually."

"Oh shit, that's way sooner than I thought. Well thanks for the help."

"No problem, good luck finding something."

Jason turned away and walked further into the city, earning some strange glances from people because of his mask. That's when he realized he had a problem. Whatever deity had brought him here hadn't bothered to give him a scroll. How am I gonna get the money to buy one? They're probably expensive as hell. He decided to think while he walked. After a while he got an idea. He started to go towards the more rundown neighborhoods, in the hopes of finding something. Half an hour later, he heard what he was looking for. Someone getting beat up.

He looked in an alley to see two thugs beating on a woman. A wolf Faunus, it looked like. "Yeah, this'll do." he said, pumping his shotgun. It was nighttime so there shouldn't be anyone out and about. And since most of the Faunus lived here, he hoped the police would be slow to respond should someone call them. The thugs didn't notice him as he got closer, they were distracted doing what racists did best. The woman they were beating on had been reduced to whimpers. He almost felt bad for her.

Without warning, he pointed his shotgun at the first guy's head and pulled the trigger. The point blank blast reduced his head to a fine, red mist. The guy's buddy was startled by the blast and spray of blood and fell on his butt. He got up quickly and tried to draw something, likely a gun, but wasn't fast enough and took a chest full of buckshot for his mistake. The woman on the ground was now huddled in the corner, her terrifying savior standing over the corpses of her attackers. He turned to her and she was about to thank him until he wordlessly grabbed his gun by the barrel with one hand and extended the ax head, making a loud shing! She was confused at first, but confusion changed to horror when he began to raise it above his head. "NO, WAIT, PLE-" She didn't get to finish as he lodged his ax in her skull, killing her instantly.

Jason was breathing hard. He had swung the ax so hard it had almost reached the woman's neck. He had to really pull to get it free. "Holy shit. That was fucking intense." After staring at her corpse for a minute, he snapped out of his stupor and began searching the bodies. The headless guy actually had quite a bit of Lien on him, maybe even enough to get a scroll. He heard ragged breathing when he got to the second guy. The poor bastard was still alive, though barely. He looked at him with fear in his eyes. He tried to say something, but couldn't since his lungs had been torn to shreds. He had finally went limp by the time Jason had finished looting him.

As he was looting the woman, he heard a gasp at the mouth of the alley. He turned and saw a kid, possibly a teenager, standing there staring at him and the woman. He also had wolf ears and a tail. Is he- Jason couldn't finish his thought. "M-mom?" the kid asked as tears began to well up in his eyes. Oh fuck. Jason started walking towards the kid, who was paralyzed with fear and didn't run. Jason firmly grabbed him by the neck, not enough to choke him, but enough that he wouldn't be getting away, and held him against the wall. "Listen here you little shit, you tell anyone about me, and I'll come to your fucking house, and kill you. You tell whoever asks that some thugs killed them. Do you understand me?" He said with killing intent in his voice.

"I-I-I-" The kid stammered out.

Jason slammed him into the wall, tightening his grip. "DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!" He yelled.

"Yes yes, just please don't kill me!" The kid cried.

"Good. Now get the fuck out of here." Jason said, dropping him to the cold, hard concrete. The kid ran away, crying his eyes out. Jason watched him leave, then finished looting the woman's body.

He left and heard sirens in the distance. "Fucker better stick to his story."

45 minutes later and Jason was relaxing in a hotel room for the night. The man at the front desk gave him strange looks when he came in, but didn't turn away his money. He was lying on the bed, with his mask resting on the nightstand, alone with his thoughts. Letting that kid live will probably come back to bite me in the ass later, but what's done is done… What the hell brought me here? None of this makes sense. I should be at home, nursing a hangover, maybe even eating at Denny's. Jason let out a stressed sigh. Maybe some sleep would help. Yeah, that sounded like a good idea. Not even bothering to undress, he got up, turned off the light, then slumped back onto the bed, his world going black the moment his head hit the pillow.