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As Anarchy neared the battlegrounds he could hear gunshots and roars, the telltale signs of combat. When he was directly overhead the large clearing, he could feel the wave of fear washing over the group, mixed by small amounts of anger. He lifted both his legs over the side of Ares and let himself drop to the ground, impacting it and causing a small crater where he landed. He discreetly released the Skinbreaker, and it slunk off into the forest. He rose to his full height, towering over the battlefield as he ordered his Grimm to pull back temporarily. He observed the thorn in his side. It consisted of Ruby, Yang, Ren, Melissa, and Jaune. Interestingly enough, Yang still had both her arms and Nora was nowhere to be seen.

"And so I have finally found you. The rats scuttling in my domain." He spoke as he slowly paced back and forth in front of his Grimm, Dane scraping along the ground. "But two seem to be missing. Tell me, Arc, where are your friends?" He asked in a mocking tone. He could feel the anger intensify within the group.

"You killed her you bastard!" He screamed, angry tears starting to stream down his face. He looked ready to charge at any second.

"No, my boy." He chuckled deeply. "I have subjected her to a fate far worse than death. Her soul consumed by the Void, and her body subjected to slavery." Right at that moment, Pyrrha leapt out of the brush and took her place by his side in all her grimmified glory. This momentarily surprised him, as he hadn't ordered her to accompany him. And how had she gotten there so fast? But he was able to hide his shock, unlike the rest of the Huntsmen. Jaune looked like he was about to say something before Anarchy cut him off.

"Enough of this banter." He pointed Dane at them, wreathing it in flame. "Kill them for the glory of Ctoggha!" He roared as him and his soldiers rushed forward. He glanced at the Skinbreaker as it stalked the outskirts of the battle in its stealth form, waiting for the right moment to engage. He launched a fire wave, but all of them dodged except Melissa, who's holy shield successfully blocked the flame, though it did push her back quite a bit. Ren attempted to lunge at Anarchy's head, but he was tackled to the ground by the Skinbreaker in its combat form. It let loose a blood curdling shriek that sounded like a cross between a woman screaming and a wolves howl before it started clawing at him like mad. Anarchy turned his attention back to the rest of the fight. Jaune was dueling Pyrrha while desperately trying to convince her to stop fighting, Ruby and Yang were busy with the Beowolves and other Grimm, and Melissa had joined Ren in his fight against the Skinbreaker. While the Grimm fought with the ferocity of a rabid animal, it was also clearly skilled. It would easily dodge most attacks thrown its way and go on the defensive, only attacking when one of them was vulnerable. It was slowly whittling down their Aura. He was impressed.

He decided to deal with Jaune first. He didn't actually know what his Semblance was or if he'd unlocked it yet, and he'd rather not have a wild card like that. He brought Dane down upon him, but he was able to barely jump out of the way. Pyrrha, however, had been in the middle of lunging at him, and so took the hit instead. Not caring about the potential casualty, Anarchy continued to swing at the blonde boy. After missing the next three swings, he got frustrated and slammed Dane into the ground, sending Jaune off balance. In the moment of weakness, Anarchy punched him into a tree with full force, embedding him in the trunk. Before he could recover, he was grasped by Anarchy's tight fist. He had no way of escaping as he had dropped Crocea Mors when he was punched.

"What are you gonna do, huh?!" He yelled in defiance as he was lifted off the ground. "Are you going to do to me what you did to Pyrrha?!"

"No. You are far too weak and unworthy." He proclaimed as he started crushing Jaune. But before he could kill him, he felt something impact him in the side of the head, staggering him and causing him to drop Jaune. He looked down and saw Yang on the ground, her hair ablaze. He quickly looked over to where she had been, and saw Ruby dueling with the Alpha Beowolf, the lesser ones dead and disintegrating around them. He looked back just in time to see Yang barreling towards his face, screaming in fury. Out of instinct, he swatted her away like a fly with a mighty backhand and sent her flying into the forest. Jaune was shocked by that, giving Anarchy enough time to bring his ax down on him. It embedded itself in the ground, burying Jaune beneath its blade. Unsure if it had actually killed him, he intensified the flames around Dane greatly, intent on burning the boy alive. He thought he heard muffled screaming but after a few seconds it stopped. He rose Dane and looked in the hole. There he saw the burnt corpse of Jaune Arc, curled into the fetal position.

He turned back to the last three. The Skinbreaker had lured Ren into the brush, dashing between trees and tormenting him before striking out and random and cutting him. Melissa had been about to charge in after them, but stopped when she heard Jaune get cooked alive. She turned her attention to her brother and they locked eyes.

"You do not belong here, dear sister." He spoke in a threatening tone.

"Neither do you." She spat back.

"Touche." He chuckled before charging her. He took a right swing at her and she tried to block it, but the force of it sent her tumbling across the ground. He went to kill her by bringing his ax down on her and burning her the same way he killed Jaune, but he didn't notice that Ruby had killed the Alpha and was barreling towards Melissa until she tackled her out of Anarchy's reach. He raised his ax and was about to continue his assault, intent on killing them both, when he heard someone screaming in agony. He looked over to where Melissa and Ruby were, and noticed Ruby was clutching her stump of a leg. He looked back to where his ax had hit the ground and saw her severed limb laying there. He put two and two together and realized. Ruby had saved Melissa, but he had still accidentally caught her leg. He started laughing at Ruby's bad luck as he made his way over to where Melissa had used Ruby's skirt to staunch the bleeding. She looked up at him with pure hatred in her eyes as she stood up and roared in pure rage. There was a bright flash that had Anarchy blocking his eyes. When it died down, he lowered his arm and was surprised by what he saw. Melissa had transformed in much the same way he had. She was completely covered in golden armor, leaving not an inch of skin exposed. She had shed her shield and now had a longsword forged of white steel. But what surprised him the most was that she now stood at his massive height.

"Finally, a true challenge!" He yelled before he attacked her. She blocked it with her sword before pushing him back. They traded blows but could not hit each other. One would swing and the other would dodge or block, and this dance repeated for a few minutes. Then Anarchy suddenly dropped Dane and grabbed her sword by the blade with both hands, fighting through the pain as he wrenched it from her grasp and tossed it to the side. Shocked by this he was able to land a strong punch on her stomach, denting her armor and causing her to cough. She quickly retaliated with an attempted knee to the groin, and he blocked it with his hand, but it left him open to a punch to the jaw. The punch was enough to stagger him and pin him around.

He quickly grabbed his ax that was next to him and turned around to continue the fight, but was stopped dead in his tracks when Melissa pierced his chest with her blade, it going right between the rib armor, black blood pouring out. He dropped his ax to the ground and stood there for a moment. Grasping at the sword before looking up at his sister and into her white glowing eyes from within the helmet as the red light in his helmet started to fade. Then the light faded entirely and he went limp, Melissa pushing him off her blade and leaving his large body in the dirt.

Sometime Later

All Grimm across the world were going ballistic, attacking anything and everything that wasn't a Grimm. The people attributed this to Anarchy's death, but the truth resided above their moon. For hidden behind it was a massive swirl of blackness and seething rage. This was Ctoggha. And He was the current embodiment of hatred. Every other moment a tendril of darkness would lunge out at Remnant, before reeling itself back in. It was locked in this internal battle. Anarchy had been the first time He had directly communicated with a Champion, and He had started to see him as His son. The only thing preventing Him from annihilating Remnant and subjecting all of its inhabitants to an eternity of torture for what they had done was the promise He had made to Anarchy. He had promised him that he would get the glory of destroying Remnant, and He wouldn't take that away.

He could revive him, but there were only two ways that would be possible. The first was his corpse being cast into the Pit, but that would be impossible as Anarchy's body was being contained in Atlas for research. The thought of them poking and prodding at His son's body caused several tendrils to lunge out and almost hit Remnant, before they were pulled back.

The second was for Ctoggha Himself to go to Remnant in a physical form and go to his corpse and revive him, but that would significantly weaken Him and make it possible to kill Him. He quickly made up His mind. He forged a vessel worthy of Him on Remnant and planted His soul within, then made His way to Remnant, intent on bringing His son back to life. And He would kill anyone who would get in His way.

Holy shit that was intense. The mighty Anarchy has been slain, but for how long? How much shit will Ctoggha wreck during his stay? All will be revealed.

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