Lunch Delivery M7 ATF AU

The slender figure waring a restaurant logo cap headed out of the elevator at the federal building with 4 large pizzas. Reaching the door labeled "ATF Team Seven", she hit the buzzer with her elbow to let those inside know she was there. It was her first time delivering to the office, so she wasn't quite sure what to expect.

The door was quickly opened to let her in and a handsome man with long, sandy hair jumped up and greeted her, practically drooling as he did so. He then reached to take the top two boxes from her.

"Hey! Great! I'm starvin'!"

A tall form with dark hair and a mustache immediately swept in to intercept the smaller man.

"Uh uh, Tanner. Half the supreme will be gone before you get to the break room if you carry it." Long arms reached to try to take the boxes away from the lean figure.

The shorter man responded by pulling a football move and skirting around the taller agent, pizza still firmly in both hands. The delivery lady had the feeling that one hand would have been fishing inside the top box for a slice and shoving it in the drooling mouth if he hadn't needed both to keep the pizza secure. She followed sedately behind the dueling duo with the other two boxes as the rest of the team rose and rapidly headed for the break room.

The duo, identified as Buck and Vin, were still jockeying for possession of the first containers as she entered the break area and sat her two pizzas down on the table. Buck finally gained possession of the box containing the supreme by sheer force, wrestling it out of the wiry sniper's hands. The delivery woman couldn't help laughing at the pair as Vin tried to get the box back while Buck simply used his superior height to hold it out of reach of the shorter man.

A gorgeous blond who was apparently the team leader came out of his office and offered excuses for his companions as he held out money to pay and added a generous tip.

"Sorry about this ma'am. They both like supreme and they both have big appetites."

He paused and shook his head at the still bickering agents, a green gaze suspiciously like a mild glare spearing the two.

"To be honest, Buck has a legitimate reason to try to get to the pizza first. Tanner may look scrawny, but the man can eat like a horse. If he gets to the food first, he can devour enough for two men before the rest of us get to the table."

At the words, the two men suddenly realized how their behavior probably looked to the pretty delivery lady and they stopped fighting over the supreme and turned to give her matching apologetic grins.

The smiles were almost devastating, as was the resigned one that the lean blond gave her. The long-haired one called Vin bobbed his brows at her teasingly, and the lanky brunet winked and gave up the pizza to preen a bit. The rest were attractive as well, and each bestowed a wry grimace on her and gave shrugs that showed off the various broad shoulders.

Another shake of the gold head of the leader drew attention to his chiseled features as he handed over the money. The lady almost missed the bills, she was so busy trying to discreetly look the tall form up and down. One corner of the sculpted mouth curved up as she made it to his face, bringing a flush to her cheeks. Giving a chagrined smile, she took the payment.

"Sorry! I'll get on out of here and let you enjoy your lunch."

"Thanks, Ma'am. 'Preciate it." "Yeah, thanks for bringing it up!" "No problem. Thanks" and other responses followed her out, putting another grin on her face.

She sure hoped these particular agents ordered again soon. She'd be more than happy to bring their lunch delivery any time!