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AN) This picks up at the end of episode 6 season time to fix it. This story is fantasy and maybe sad, violent, strange, crazy and slightly comedic in parts I hope it's entertaining. This old southern hippie is a romantic. 'Jonerys' will happen grins. Ready, set -time to read.

Drogon was in grief. The pain of losing his mother was profound. Humans had no idea that a Dragon could grieve because to most they were monsters. Oh, but Dragons are as smart as any of the scaleless humans if not smarter. Emotions they have are felt deeply just as the tiny wingless creatures they are bonded to. Drogon could always hear his mother's thoughts and words, he could feel her pain as she died.

Drogon knew what Rheagon's human bother Jon had done. He knew why Jon had killed his Mother. Her thoughts had changed the closer she had gotten to that accursed chair made of metal. Drogon was furious with Jon but could hear his thoughts and could not blame him. His Mother was dangerously filled with red rage and black hate so strong she could destroy every major city in the realm. As her son he could only obey her such is the bond between humans and Dragons. Drogon burned so many humans it made him feel dirty inside. Drogon turned to the thing that changed his Mother and drove her to become a Tyrannical merciless shell of her former self. He burned the Iron throne until it was nothing more than a melted blob of smoldering metal.

Drogon then turned, he took his mother gently in his foot and flew east to get as far away from that evil that changed her so maybe she can rest in peace. Drogon flew for days until he found a place he thought no one would look for his mother, some say the birthplace of dragons, Asshai.

Asshai a dark land. It is said there are no children there. The Buildings are made from a black substance that seems to reek poison. The waterways are poison with deadly fish that glow at night and uneatable. Hulls of lost ships are in the port, many a sailor has been lost and never returned. A dark land of foreboding with the god Rhollor is worshipped at the massive Temple to the red god.

He landed on the front. Four dozen people there standing guard in a circle and in the middle two large elephants. They looked up at Drogon and moved back, the circle of people became a line. With a loud emotional roar gently laid his mother's lifeless body on the steps of the front porch of the Temple all, those guards and two elephants were witnesses. Drogon allowed them to take his mother inside. Then he flew away to the Mountains of YiTi to rest and reflect on the meaning of life.

Dead Daenerys opens her amethyst eyes and finds she is in a place that is lighted all around and white. The place she was in felt neither cold or hot. She was wearing a dirty grey robe full of bloodstains and scorch marks which covered her from her neck to her feet. There was no breeze and as she looked around she saw a mass of people robed in pure bright white. She wondered why she was wearing such awful grey until the first person a little girl looked up to her accusingly and simply said, "Why?". Daenerys could not move nor could she answer. Confronted by those she killed in King's Landing was a shock. A long line stretching as far as her eyes could see. Each man, woman, boy and girl asked the same thing. They looked at her accusingly, eye to eye with an identical haunting question."Why?"

In two days that seemed like years, non-stop, over and over again each victim came Daenerys had no rest. Each child was so painful for her to see. 36 hours passed and the line was endless still. She realized there was no end on sight frightened, alone, horrified she knew this was the 7 hells.

King Bran The Broken was as he was called, broken. Bran was miserable. The brokenness that he felt was not his paralyzed back and leg. His mind and soul were broken in half, and one half no longer belonged to Bran. Since he woke up he found out he had been controlled by The Bloodraven's ghost! Constantly at war for dominance was the new norm. The Three-Eyed Raven parasite with power and now resisting was the real Bran Stark. The emotionless green seer seemed dull and boring. It took all his mental energy to BE Bran and his emotions were the cost he paid to be Bran. When he green saw then for a few fleeting minutes, he could be the old Bran and he could walk and feel again. That other part, the three-eyed part, was a voice in his head only he could hear. This voice demanded to be heard and Bran obeyed for the sake of the realm or so the three-eyed raven said. Eight out of ten times Bloodraven would leave and fly into a raven or some other animal to keep as much of the realm as possible under surveillance. Neither side was happy. Each time Bran resisted the hold of the Three-Eyed raven got a bit weaker. However, Bran thought without the power of the three-eyed raven he would only be Bran the broken human, a powerless King.

Arya's voyage was long. It Took Arya a few days to get her sea legs. After a day she could stomach food. She paid the Co-Captain well so it was a voyage from Westeros to the Jade Sea. Vague as that sounded she agreed with the Captain that once in familiar territory to stop at a port of the captain's Choosing. Arya kept a diary with details like crew names, duties, activities and any sightings. A seasoned map maker and painter were aboard to map the journey and any new land they discovered.

So far The ride on the North's finest ship the Nymeria was a fairly uneventful voyage. Arya would train with her sword and keep her water dancing alive. She kept to herself not wanting to spark any romantic fires on the ship it would be too awkward and she missed her Gendrey.

Arya would sit close to the edge and relax watching sea birds, the fish leaping, sea turtles munching on seaweed and shark fins a constant tag along to the good ship Nymeria. Then she noticed a lot of fish and various sea creatures heading swiftly in the opposite direction of the ship. She looked up as she felt the air cooling down and saw the clouds in front of them getting a pitch-black in color. Nymeria was heading pell-mell into a huge storm

Sansa at first was happy to be Queen of her very own country. She had power, she was also the Stark of Winterfell. Queen Sansa, she thought it had a nice ring to it. Queen Cersei was evil devious and yet taught Sansa to play the game of thrones quite well. Queen Daenerys went mad which Sansa assumed would happen but she could not help but wonder if she would have stayed sane, would The Dragon Queen have worked with Sansa after taking the Iron Throne.

Sansa was weary. Time after time she could not accept any of the long lines of suitors. Some suitors were handsome enough but after Bolton and his rapes and torture, they would expect an heir, Sansa was afraid of sex. The only husband she ever had who was really good to her was the imp. Tyrion can never leave Kings' Landing forced to be Bran's Hand.

Being queen was tedious, boring, and lonely. Sansa had no siblings at home anymore. Arya took the ship that Sansa had built for her and is now off on some quest to see what's west of Westeros. Bran is not really Bran and he stays in The Red Keep at King's Landing. Jon was in the far north but will not return her letters. Jon has cut himself off from her. Sansa wonders if she would ever see him again.

Her own Hand, Meera did her job advising her, screening potential suitors and when the day was over would go to the Library and read. It is lonely at the top.

Jon Snow is on a hunt with his dire wolf Ghost. They live in a large wood shack with a thatched roof and straw insulated walls. They spotted a huge Elk and were ready. Jon waited quietly with a long sharp spear as Ghost silently stalked the huge beast from behind. Ghost sprung biting the Elk in the leg forcing the Elk to run in Jon's direction. Jon set the spear in the ground in a wood notch and the Elk ran right into the spear! The spear went straight in and punctured its heart. The Elk fell dead before it hit the ground.

That night after butchering the meat he made sure the rest of the families in the small village each had fresh elk meat. Jon also had one-fourth of the meat for Ghost and himself.

Sleep finally came he had the same damn dream, him killing Daenerys and blood filling the throne room and he wakes up before drowning in blood. Jon woke in a sweat and then wept. Filled with that unwelcome new companion of his, horrible guilt all he could do was weep. He was never known to smile and at the art of brooding he was a master. Another letter from Sansa, he threw it in the fire.