AN)Ten Years After ,something I have seen in other fics ,time jump or skip or hop skip and a jump .Its brief. For this story it's how I end on a high note .I did say high well In this story a high note seems appropriate since so many of the characters within do get stoned .

Nine months after the wedding Daenerys and Jon were relaxing with a cup of sweet tea when the Dragon Queen said "oh wow Jon! man my water broke !"

Jon shot out of his chair and helped Dany to the Meister .Sansa ,Kim and Arya were soon at her side as Jon was shooed out by the Meister. Tyrion joined Jon in the next room. Jon was pacing and brooding ,worried and yet excited. It took hours and finally ,the door opened and Jon rushed in. Tyrion quipped "Jon I don't think the baby will come any faster no matter how much you pace. You see this?"Tyrion held up a joint and lit it "This is p[ot that I took and soaked in arbor gold ,do try some before your feet walk a hole in the floor ." Jon sat with Tyrion and they passed the joint around and Jon was able to mellow out.

The Starks had twins and word of this reached everywhere from far north to the From the hot sands of Dorne .Dany's labor was intense but she just grunted and pushed gritted her teeth screamed a few times more like a roar then she cussed up a blue streak then the first baby was born and she then felt the need to push again .Sweaty by the time she pushed out the second baby dragon wolf a son she was tearful, happy and exhausted. She said "Dig it now I am mother of dragon wolves.

Their daughter who was first born was given the name Alysanne. She had Dany's facial features and eyes and stark brown hair like Arya's a recessive gene from Jon. She was reserved ,did not cray as much but when she did she could rattle all of Winterfell. She observed everything and internalized quite a lot .Her first word was a tiny sentence " Momma and Poppa Jon groovy."

In a few years it was apparent she was a happy learner loving books. She remembered every detail of stories she heard. This included but not limited to gossip ,jokes ,and Uncle Tormond's braggadocio. every detail .She had her

Their son Pypar named after Jon's friend from the wall Pip. Pypar had White blond hair like his mom and nearly black eyes which when the sun hit his face just right the black was actually deep purple. Pypar was active and curios , he liked to laugh .he loved building blocks first while teething then later he began to build miniaturized keeps .He would go watch the builders and run here and there pick up hammers, nails , he ran Dany ragged . Pypar saw the tilt yard and would go to the place to look at the training swords .he would pick up a stick and challenge a tree whacking it hard. Arya watched him and decided to teach him water dancing while little. That kid took to it like a fish to water. Pypar's love for building blocks, sword play and humor, impressed his dad. Jon nicknamed his son Rowdy .His grandfather Rhaegar was tall and it looked like he would be tall too he had big feet already.

Jon and Dany took the kids to see where Poppa Jon had lived beyond the wall. Uncle Tor was so good with them. Sal made cornbread and northern bean soup for them the kids loved it.

Nette would travel south once a year to visit the Starks. Dany learned to cook two things from carol and she gave the recopies to Sal and Nette .Pizza and pancakes was what she learned. Carol had gotten the pizza and pepperoni recipe and then gave Dany that and a box of Buisquick from which Dany got a lot of ideas and made sure she could find a way to make that flour. Dany found out that food tasted good when she cooked it ,Jon begged her to make pancakes for him they were THAT good .

At Jon's old shack they got The chest Sansa sent him, when they returned to the manse The Shield of the Laughing Tree was hung up in the Children's room. The shelf above the main hearth had Jon and Dany's swords. Dany also had The CCR Poster framed and hung on the wall. The front door was painted red. When the kids were 7 Jon had a small sword made for Rowdy Pypar and pone for Alysanne she would not feel hurt. Gendrey made them.

Two telepathic dire wolves Ghost and Nymeria's had three litters of pup. Each one was no less than ten cubs . Alysanne and Rowdy were three they could talk very well and so Nymeria brought each of them a cub from the third littler and plopped one in front of each toddler . Then Alysanne and Pypar grew they named them . Pypar named his wolf Hairy dog markings of a German shepherd were striking but it was a dire wolf with yellow eyes and hyper active like Pypar. Alysanne named her wolf Shaggy boy. Shaggy boy had white fur like Ghost that was long like a collie and curly et the ends and red eyes.

Jon found the first letter Dany had written him after her resurrection .Jon walked up to Dany showed her that very scroll, she smiles wide hugged him ,kissed him and said "My old man ."

Winterfell got the addition and it only took a year. Builders were hired from Essos ,YiTi as well as free Folk and North men. The five manses were state of the art for the time with privies, plumbing ,running water, showers ,lantern holders, big hearths in each room , warm chairs ,sofas with lamb's wool covers. Each manse had huge beds. Each privy had both tub and shower something Jerry and Tyrion discussed in great detail. each one had a walk in closet for clothes. The rest of Winterfell was improved over the next five years ,Sansa kept the builders busy .

A secret room was put in a cave by a certain waterfall that Dany and Jon knew about .There was a nice bed there and a dresser with a change of clothes for them .When they had a quarrel the make- up session would usually be there.

The YiTi builders helped Parameswara set up a new tilt yard of a sort .The Dragon's Way School of the Four Disciplines and Meditation. Arya was the first graduate. When Pypar was older he and his sister would join.

The Gold Glow has taken different people along with Dany or with Dany and Jon and the kids to different places. The Green man who missed the wedding got a visit and was taken to Winterfell to see the kids when they were two years old. Both sets of twins who were close.

Dany brought Arya and Gendrey and both Lannister couples to Makaha to meet with Gerion Lannister and his family there. They stayed a moon .

Carol and Jerry's was a go to place in what Sansa nicknamed 'The new World' over a dozen shopping trips. One trip they made was different ,Jon n Dany ,Gendrey n Arya ,Tormund n Sal , Tyrion and Sansa all went with Jerry n Carol to Michigan .They got ring side seats to experience Wrestle mania 3 ,main event was Hulk Hogan facing Andre the Giant. Jon smiled as he wondered if Hogan would face a real giant like Won-Won .Most of his group were respectable and cheered and booed but Dany was on her feet outraged at the antics of the bad guys.

They went to Six Flags over Georgia. They went to Disneyland in California and Texas where Tormond took the 75 dollar challenge at one restaurant he ate the huge thick steak, baked potato, salad, broccoli and drank the coca cola in less than an hour. A new thing for the big man to brag about. He gave the commemorative T-shirt to his spear wife Sal.

Drogon The Great as he is known throughout the world is just as affable ,wise and telepathic as he was when he first got his powers from the gold glow pot . He adopted the north and trained his babies who grew wiser as their bodies grew wider and longer than Drogon The great. Drogon the great enjoyed his life better than he ever has . Drogon also loves his riders Kinvara and Parameswara. He has taken them around the world many times. He went with Dany and his riders to Carol and Jerry's to see Cecil .Drogon flew up and down the Atlantic coast ,he was a sight to see .

Carol and Jerry registered Cecil as an American Dragon and after newspaper articles, magazines and many visits by authors of fantasy novels, zoologists and celebrities Cecil was famous and by extension so was Carol and Jerry. Drogon therefore was no shock to see but still was a curiosity.

Arya and Gendrey have three sons Steffon, Axel and Rickon .They live well at Stormsend .The people of Stormsend accepted that The Warden of the Storm lands enjoyed working as a smith. He trained also enjoyed sparring with his wife slowly learning the four different disciplines of the king fu style of martial arts. They quarreled about her training when she was pregnant. Arya won of course.

Bran was King and he busied himself outshining the former kings in the past century. Queen Meera and he had two heirs Princess Jayana and Prince Eddard . Prince Eddard fell for Alysanne at a young age and so fostered at Winterfell.

Alys married Calvin three years after Jon and Dany's wedding. Calvin treats Alys well and loves her. They had one son they named Oxahl ,they call him Ox.

They also had three daughters Mayna, Joliya and Roxanna.

Missandai and Torgo had a daughter and they named her Felicity after Missandai's sister in London. Felicity had her eyes on Axel Baratheon he would chase her until she caught him. The hemp growing farms they set up in the other Summer islands prospered that part of the world became known as "Groovy Islands. Dorne and Groovy Islands were strong business allies with the North .

Kinvara and Parameswara had a son named Lakilaki (sounds like LuckyLucky). Kinvara wrote a book about her long life. It was given to be copied by hand which took a few years. Once copy she gave Jerry who then got it published .Kinvara the life of a Red priestess was its title. In America it was considered a fiction but Jerry and carol knew different.

Jaimie and Brienne had a set of twins two girls with black hair and blue eyes .Lannetta and Lindetta . A few years later they had a boy Lann. The twins were called Netta and Detta .Lann had light blond hair like his mom was tall he was buck toothed, bookish as his ancestor was called quite clever academically. Behavior wise he was goofy, silly, and laughed at everything "uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh that was cool" Jaimie called him Butthead .He was smart and when he grew up would write three comedic adventure stories. His best bud was Pypar he would make that kid laugh. Pypar would teach him sword play and Butthead would teach Pypar funny stories about the old maid and the silly Knight Brienne said he was incorrigible.

The north prospered from trade with the far North ,Essos and The south. Food, textiles, hemp ,furniture, and iron wood. The far north also benefitted from un unlikely source, tourism .The cold was great for winter sports. Tyrion who thought up skis and ice skates impressed Jerry who told him about sleds ,toboggans and ice skating rinks. The Free Folk prospered.

Pypar was betrothed to Gwinna Harlaw he made her laugh and he found that her kisses were addicting. She spent six moons in Winterfell where Pypar encouraged her to attend Parameswara's classes. And Rowdy Pypar spent six moons in Harlaw exploring every Iron island with Gwinna. Gwinna was petite and innocent looking blond with blue eyes that belied her penchant for playful mischief. Her face was cute and would become a heart shaped .Pypar was enamored to the max. It was a good match .

Alysanne was betrothed to Prince Eddard who fostered in Winterfell both shared a love for books and Prince Eddard likes to write stories .

Sadly the masters tried to turn Dragon bay into Slavers bay again the Tiger warrior of Lys and Volantis murdered many and word got to King Bran the gold wolf growled The master's rebellion ,it was a foolish rebellion and was squashed like a bug .Combined forces of the Islands and Westeros ,King Bran fought tearing people up as a werewolf, Jaimie at his side a were lion, Brienne with her super strength was a force of nature . It was woop ass ago-go.

The rest my friends, well, 20th century technology came early to Westeros cars, ships, planes ,TVs, movies, so many things like that .

King and Queen gave way to President ,Congress of Lords and House of representatives for commoners .

that concludes this saga hope you liked it as I liked writing it.