Yep, another Miraculous themed story! This time with our favorite small Might joining us!

Deku: Author-san, please tell me I'm not gonna end up as Luka, like how Naruto-senpai ended up as Adrien in your other fanfic?

In the background, Naruto and Adrien were shouting "Oi!" And "Hey!" respectively and in a hurt or offended tone.

Ha ha ha! Never fear for that won't happen!

Sir Nighteye: you are not All Might, your wrinkles are off by five inches...

But I was only having fun... shaking my head, anyways, this story is a bit wanky so just try to picture it! Sorry if I make characters a little to OC at the beginning!

Plot: I'm sure everyone remembers Episode 12 of My Hero Academia right? All Might VS Nomu, Deku charging in to help his predecessor, Bakugou saving Deku by punching that "warpgate basturd" as Bakugou would say to the ground and holding him down, and of course the big news of the Villains retreating and the end of the USJ. Well what happens if Bakugou was seconds late to the fight and Deku was sucked into the warpgate which glitches out when Bakugou takes down Kurogiri, making the warp quirk user actidently sending Izuku to the world of Ladybug and Cat Noir... this is what happens!

I don't own Miraculous or My Hero, you all know if I did, Deku would not have been origally Quirkless in My Hero, and Adrien would notice Marinette more in Miraculous lol!


Flashes of light coursed throughout the warpgate as Izuku was floated in the empty space. He remembered just before getting caught by the sudden wormhole seeing Kacchan flying through the air about to tackle the purple mist villain.

"I guess this must be a side affect of his quirk if he lost concentration..." Izuku muttered as he allows himself to pass out from exhaustion.

Not a second later, the nearly passed out Hero in training felt a rush of air hit his face. The UA student opened his eyes to see it was suddenly night time... and he was falling from the sky.


As he got closer to the ground, he closed his eyes, not only knowing that unless a hero noticed him falling, he'd be a bloodstain on the floor soon, but to prepare himself for the end in case he isn't caught by a hero.

Suddenly, Izuku felt someone grab him, speaking French in a soothing tone, which let him calm down and opened his eyes.

And then he saw that two kids, roughly his age if he had to guess, were the one to save him, and that he was in Paris, but it looked different than the pictures he saw.

So Izuku did the best thing he could think of.

Passed out, freaking out his saviors as he did.

The female teen hero looked at her male partner, who was staring at Izuku.

"You know him Chat?" The female asked

"M'Lady... I think that this kid is from an anime I like watching..."


"I don't understand it myself but I'll take him home with me, hopefully I can find my old Translator earbud I used to wear whenever I had to deal with people from another country..."

After promising Ladybug that he won't reveal himself to the kid, Cat Noir picked up Izuku and ran off.


Now at first I was gonna have it be where Izuku woke up in a dumpster and takes a job at a local comic book store after finding out he's not in his dimension anymore, but then I thought... "Chat-Adrien likes anime, so why not have him take Izuku in!"

Next chapter, if everyone wants more, will be about Izuku waking up, finding out that he's a protagonist of a anime show, and bunking up with Adrien while he's stuck!

Ja Ne!