Their life had been so calm, so peaceful and happy since leaving Llanview that it was kind of unreal. Their relationship had always been fraught with so much drama and chaos that they had either created themselves or fell into but here they were on another continent and it was making a big difference. They got to know each other again and they made plans and shared their dreams just like before they broke up, although they were both determined they would never let what happened before ever happen again.

Now Joey was at the point where he was ready to pop the question and ask her to be his forever again. He just wanted the moment to be as perfect as it could possibly be. It had to be a lot better than the first proposal all those years ago had been, so he puzzled over it and puzzled and puzzled over it some more until he was literally up pacing at night.

On the sixth sleepless night, Kelly finally confronted Joey about his anxiety when she woke up for the third time in one night because he was loudly stumbling into furniture in the dark. She flipped on the light. "What are you doing, Joey?" She asked.

Looking at her now, hair all in disarray and skin completely makeup free, he decided that he had never seen her look quite so beautiful. In that moment he couldn't resist blurting out, "Marry me, Kelly, marry me!"

She looked incredibly surprised. "Are you – are you serious?"

"Yeah," Joey said. "Very serious." He then moved over to his sock drawer where he had stashed the ring, a newly purchased one, a symbol of their new beginning. He then walked to her side of the bed and got down on one knee.

"I was planning a proposal that would rival any other. We'd go to dinner and we'd dance and you'd look amazing in a dress that matches your eyes and I'd be in a suit and tie. Our song would be playing in the background as I popped the question but in this moment, I just can't wait any longer to ask you to be mine again. You've never looked more beautiful to me."

Kelly's eyes misted. "Eye boogers and all?" She joked.

He nodded. "Eye boogers and all… I love you, Kelly Cramer, and I want – no, I need – you to be my wife again. You are all I've ever wanted and you're the only woman that I've ever truly loved. So what do you say? Will you make me a very happy man and marry me - again?"

Kelly grinned as a tear slid down her cheek. "Yes, Joey, yes I will marry you. It's always been you for me too and I want to be your wife - again."

Joey smiled and slowly slid the ring onto her finger. Then he kissed her and she laughed and smiled into it as they fell back onto the bed together. This was their life now. And it was good