Hi! RoxyGoth here. This idea came to me in the dead of night last night, it's based of a fan-art comic that I can't remember the name off.

I have written TMNT fanfiction before, but this is a lot darker than what I usually write. The only other fanfic off mine which is even vaguely like this is called 'Shaken but not broken' which is one of the first fanfic's I ever wrote and as such is an embarrassment to me. Hopefully this one will be a lot better.

03 turtles. Leatherhead will be OOC.

This was the day, I decided as I looked round my own part of the sewers. I have the chains, I have the bed, I have everything I could possibly need…

…Except the turtle.

I sighed and ran a hand over the top of my head. I would just have to be patient. After all, it would all be worth it…eventually, after a bit of panic. And a lot of 'searching'.

I sighed again and picked up the clipboard. No harm in reviewing it…

"Bed-" I muttered under his breath looking at said object. I tell you what I'd had a lot of fun getting THAT into the lair. Thankfully I had Donatello to help him who was an expert at getting objects which looked like they really shouldn't be able to fit into the sewer, into the sewer.

I remember Donatello saying. "This'll be a lot better than those old rags you've been sleeping on." As we struggled through the sewers with it.

I had smiled back and agreed pleasantly. "You have no idea…"

Cue Donatello explaining that he did and recounting the times he and his brothers [those bloody stupid brothers!] had slept on the floor until Splinter had managed to salvage them some matrasses. Well. Just one to begin with. Then he managed to get another one. Then another [which much to Donatello's frustration he and Mikey, as the youngest, had been forced to share] and then finally one more and the entire thing was sorted.

"…So I totally understand what you're going through." Don finished, with that cheery smile on his face.

"Thank you, my friend." I said, thinking how damn CUTE he looked with that smile.

That had been last week. I'd come to a realisation since then. And that realisation was simply that I'd be alone forever more. I am a mutant alligator after all. Partners don't come ready made.

I considered what to do. I couldn't stalk the rooftops for a human. Despite the obvious biological differences, I was much to terrified of what the humans could DO to me for that to ever be a feasible option.

So that severely limited my options. Then I had my brainwave. Donatello. Sweet, lovely, little Donatello. With his adorable smile and scarily good ninja moves. That guy is good, which is amazing because I said that to him once and his reply was, and I quote. "Ah, I'm not that good. Leo's much better."


He's ALWAYS comparing himself to his brothers! I hate it! And having met said brothers I personally don't see it. I mean, yes, they might BE better than him at ninjutsu, I'd like to see any of them set u wifi in the lair. Not to mention manage to get clean [okay, clean-ish] water. And just be so…wonderful in general.

Yes. Donatello was the one. If nothing else he was the only one that could keep up with my level of brilliance. [And I AM brilliant, I know that. Again, thanks to Donatello. Sweet Donatello…]

So, to re-cap. Everything is in place. The checklist is complete and all I need now is my favourite turtle. I asked him over to ask for a second thought on a new science thing I'd been working on which was much to complicated to tell him over the phone. [He did sound mildly affronted when I said that, and I felt bad. I will apologise. And later, when he's in my embrace, he'll see that it'll all be worth it.]

A knock at the door. I grinned and snapped my glasses on my face.