Almost a dozen children gathered around a humorous peddler after he started closing his wagon that he brought to Katolis. He was a strange man, but the children loved him because he told the best stories, which is what they came for.

"A story, please." One child said.

"A new one." Another said.

"Okay, okay, children." The peddler said. He began pondering combing through his mind for a worthwhile story. Then, an idea popped in his head. "All right, boys and girls. This might be the best story you're ever going to hear. It features two boys, an elf, a toad, an egg, and a lamp. Long ago, there were only six primal sources of magic: sky, stars, sun, moon, earth, and ocean. But one day, a human mage discovered a seventh source: dark magic. It allowed humans to take the natural life essence of others to cast spells. The dragons and elves didn't like that, so they split Xadia into two. There have been tension between both sides of the continent for years, and then, war broke when the dragon king was slain and his egg was destroyed. But that's only part of the story."

"Mr. Peddler." A your boy interrupted. "If you don't mind, could you sing please?"

"Yeah." A girl concurred. "Your stories are always better with songs."

"Oh, I don't know." The peddler said bashfully. When he looked back at the children's pleading eyes, he gave in.

"Oh, close your eyes and imagine

A new world to live in

That is well divided and split

With dragons one side

And the other will provide

Humans with unpredictable grit

Once, the lands were one

But that all came undone

By the humans' want for might

Magic was their desire

Which led to something dire

Back in a Xadian night"

It was only one night until the full moon, and that's when a small team of Moonshadow elves planned to assassinate King Harrow of Katolis. When a guard was unfortunate enough to find their secret camp, the elf leader, Runaan, sent the young elf, Rayla, to kill him before he could warn the king. For a moment, she was actually going to do it, but she changed her mind as she didn't have the strength to take a human life. He disappeared back to the castle.

"There's the moon and the sky

The sun will catch your eye

Three of six Primal sources

The stars, ocean, and earth

They all have their worth

To play in magic forces

But the humans turned to dark

By taking the hearts

Of other creatures striking fright

A war broke, but it can mend

By a kind group of friends

In a magical Xadian night"

Prince Callum was staying up at night practicing his drawing skills. He can sketch a good picture while his step-brother, Prince Ezran, slept through the thunder with his glow toad, Bait. They were blissfully unaware that both their lives would change very soon.

"Xadian niiiiiiiiiiiiights

Like Xadian daaaaaaaaaaays

Each twist and each turn

Gives a chance to learn

That there are other waaaaaaaaays

Xadian niiiiiiiiiiiiights

And Xadian plaaaaaaaans

Either right or wrong

Either weak or strong

There's still the same laaaaaaands"

Callum wasn't the only one too focused to sleep. The royal advisor's children, Soren and Claudia, were busy as well. Soren, the young guardsman, was either working out or practicing his weapon-handling. He knew he had to help Callum practice in the morning. Meanwhile, his sister Claudia, a young enthusiast of dark magic like her father, studied her spellbook just because.

"Bad choices are made

When you're angry or afraid

That's just how it works in real life

But either right or wrong

What can make us strong


And as for the royal advisor himself, Viren was in his study along with his parrot companion, Iago. Viren couldn't help but be curious about a certain full-length mirror he obtained before. He knew there was something more to it than meets the eye, but he couldn't figure it out. He had attempted every spell he could find and so far, the mirror had no reaction. With each try, he became more and more frustrated internally. He eventually gave up for the night and headed to bed.










About the Dragon Priiiiiiiiiiince"

Ezran and Bait had just got through the chef with their lives and still stuffed with jelly tarts. They escaped through the hallway when they bumped into Ezran's caretaker.

"Prince Ezran."

"Oh, hey, Dalia." Ezran said with a nervous chuckle.

"Did you steal from the chef again?" Dalia chuckled.

"Maybe." Ezran responded almost hesitantly.

"Well… I won't tell if you don't." Dalia whispered.

"Thank you, Dalia." Ezran said as he continued down the hallway. "You're the best."

Iago was just done with his breakfast in Viren's study with the wizard himself.

"What's up, Viren?" Iago said.

"I've got something for Claudia and Viren, Iago." Viren said.

"I swear, if you want to pluck me again…" Iago growled. "You do know I Just regrew my tail-feathers, right?"

"Iago, your little sacrifices contribute to protecting the kingdom." Viren said. "A feather, a talon clipping, saliva. You are a viable source of ingredients. Probably has to do with your speech or something."

"I swear, the only reason I'm putting up with this is because it's considered my rent for living in this sweet castle." Iago ranted.

"Then luckily for you, what I plan right now doesn't involve you." Viren said just as the door opened up. His two children walked in.

"You wanted to see us, dad?" Soren asked.

"Yes." Viren said. "It appears we're having visitors from Xadia on the way. Unwelcome visitors."

"What, like mistrals or something?" Soren asked.

"He means assassins." Claudia corrected her brother.

"I know." Soren said.

"Soren, I need you to find their secret camp and stop them." Viren said. He then pulled out a small box. "These assassins are Moonshadow elves. They draw power from the moon. This box holds a special moth that is drawn to moon magic. Just follow it and you should stop the elves from doing something… drastic."

"You mean kill the king." Soren said.

Viren flared up and looked outside of the open window and saw Callum looking up with a face that said he overheard. Viren slammed the window shut and shoved the box in Soren's hands.

"Keep this discreet!" Viren ordered. "We don't want to make a scene!"

"How did the kid hear us from down there?" Iago asked.

"Dad, if they're Moonshadow elves, then they'll draw power from tonight's full moon." Claudia said. "And if they do…"

"They'll be unstoppable." Viren assured.

"Well, rest assured, I'll find a way." Claudia vowed. "After all, unstoppable is just another kind of stoppable."

"What?" Iago asked.

"I don't know." Claudia said. "It made more sense in my head."

"I bet." Iago rolled his eyes. "Well, have fun chasing elves. I'll be staying up here where everything is awesome and the elves won't have any reason to skewer me."

"No, but I'm starting to have one." Soren said.

King Harrow gazed out into the sky from the window of his throne room. His deep sigh didn't display a lot of good expectations. Just then, his head guard entered the room.

"Your majesty, Soren and the guardsmen have been sent out to search for the assassins."

"Thank you, Hakim." Harrow said. "In case they don't become successful, I want you to notify the guards to double our defenses, especially at nighttime."

"Right away, sir." Hakim marched out the room and closed the door behind him leaving the king alone in the room.

Harrow returned to his throne and tapped his head thinking of a solution. Then, a thought passed in his mind. Slowly, he emerged from his throne and walked right next to it. He knelt down and lifted up one of the bricks in the floor. Underneath, he found a filthy rag covering something. Harrow lifted it up and removed the rag revealing a bronze oil lamp shining as if it was brand new.

Harrow stared at the trinket and gave a slight sigh. "Can I?"

Author's Note: After much deliberation and a majority of my voters said yes, I have decided to move on with this story and include song parodies. I do not own the songs I'm basing them on, and I will be changing the lyrics, and even the song titles sometimes. How this works is I am going to include one song per chapter (maybe two with reprises). I don't know all the songs I am going to do, but I do have some good ones for the future. If you have a request song for me to parody, I am open to hear. All I need is the song title and a certain event in an episode of the series. Obviously, the song featured here is a parody of "Arabian Nights" from Aladdin (2019). As much as I love the original version and Robin Williams, I do enjoy Will Smith's more upbeat version. I'm sorry if this chapter isn't very descriptive or long as it should be, but I am going to only have scenes that I am changing by putting Aladdin characters in. I am having some difficulties, but I can move on with it. I hope you all like my very first musical story. Any and all comments are welcome.