A/N: The Roleswap AU is an au I came up with where Fred and Velma's parental situation is switched: Fred is the biological son of Mayor Jones, while Velma is the much quieter daughter of Cassidy Williams and Ricky Owens, stolen by Angie Dinkley.

This timeline was supposed to be peaceful.

Velma had said it was free from the Evil Entity's influence. Each member had happy and proud families. Nobody was dead. All masked monsters were petty crimes or grudges. Everything was supposed to be good.

Right now, it was a harsh reminder that horrible people still existed.


She shook her head. "I'm sorry." Her gaze was focused on the timer. When it had started, it was twenty seconds. It was at fifteen now. "I…the time. There's not enough."

They had been on the trail on the ghost of a bank-robbing gunslinger. Everyone had chased him into the heavy-duty vault. When they turned, he was slinging the door closed. When the locks clicked into place, the bomb had started counting down.

Fred let out a strained chuckle, meeting eyes with everyone. Shaggy and Scooby were holding each other tight. Daphne, without a word, gripped his hand. Velma stood alone, staring at the bomb on the door. She glanced back when he cleared his throat. He gestured everyone close. Soon, everyone was holding each other.

"Well, we said not splitting up. Makes sense that applies…here too."

They had been so close to fitting in the lives that the 'good' timeline had set up for them. Fred and Daphne were supposed to be married next year. Shaggy was going to get his cooking degree soon. Velma had finally stopped tip-toeing around her parents and girlfriend, worried that if one wrong move was made she would be plunged into another war or they would die.


Eyes clenched.


Velma's fingers dug into the sleeve of Daphne's sweater and Scooby's fur. Fred gripped the collars of Shaggy's shirt and Velma's sweatshirt. Daphne held Scooby's collar and Fred's shoulder tight. Shaggy gripped Fred's shoulder and Velma's hand in Scooby's fur.


Scooby held on who he could, tail wrapped around their ankles.



Everything went dark.

Groans rang out. Eyes opened and people started sitting up.

Velma looked around. They were sitting in a familiar room with a black and white floor and red curtains. "The Sitting Room…?" She froze when she saw a certain section. "No."

People's best parts, frozen in perfect statues.

"No, no, no!"

Ignoring her friends' cries, she scrambled in. Looking around, she was glad to see Cassidy Williams wasn't among them. (Hadn't she been though?) Velma paused at one best part- Ricky Owens, a teenager. (Why was he so young?) Before she could touch him, a throat cleared.

Nova was staring at them.

"Hello again, Mystery Incorporated."

"What are we doing here?" Shaggy said.

"First, to apologize. I left you in a world that you did not belong in, where you had to struggle to fit in the mold of a person that never existed." She sighed, sounding rather sad. "I intended to fix your memories to fit with the timeline, but you had never left anything here, so I could not. Here is my second reason."

Nova took a breath.

"In the 'good' timeline, you died. But, I can place you back in your original timeline, a few days before your battle with Obliteratrix. This will be your second chance, a way to fix things and make them better. Or, I can allow your souls to continue down the road to the Underworld."

The gang exchanged looks. A silent agreement was forged.

"We'll take the first," Fred said. The others nodded in agreement.

"I have one condition for this: you may only tell one person.


Nova nodded, and then a flash of light overtook them…