A/N: Hello, well now that exams are finished, I have some more writing time. These holiday stories may extend past the holidays but that might not be a bad thing right? This chapter is a little bit of a setup for what comes next, but it was important to get this out of the way. I hope you enjoy it.

There is a bit of dialogue taken from the very very beginning of the show, not mine. Belongs to Adam Eddy, ABC and the writers of One Upon a Time, just borrowing it. See if you can spot it. :)

Chapter Four: Best Made Plans

The drive to the Belfry condo was much much too quick for Lucy's taste, and when she saw her aunt was waiting out front for her, her frown deepened. She looked to her mom. "Do you really have to go Mom?"

"Oh Luce," Jacinda placed her hands on Lucy's shoulders. "I promise, I'll be here so we can watch Santa on the parade." She held out a pinky.

Lucy nodded. "Okay," Lucy hooked her mom's pinky. She then gave her mom a hug and grabbed her backpack. She hopped out of the car and walked to the condo, turning back one last time to wave.

"Lucy, come inside. It's freezing out here and I am not dressed for this." Ivy pulled Lucy inside quickly without so much as a nod in her stepsister's direction.

Jacinda pulled away, not letting her frown show until she was away from her stepmother's home. She called Sabine.

"Hey girls, how goes it?"

"Just me Sabine," Jacinda replied. "Victoria beat me and then said she was taking Luce for Thanksgiving."

"That witch," Sabine said. "Jacinda, you okay?"

"Yeah," Jacinda said holding back her tears. She was used to it. seemed no matter how hard she worked or what she did, she would never be the mother Lucy needed in her stepmother's eyes.

"Come for drinks with me." Sabine said.

"But, the shift…" Jacinda said. "I've got to go back." If she didn't make her part of the rent, it would just give Victoria more ammunition.

"Screw that, I'll cover it. Belfry may own the building, but you're my best friend. What she doesn't know, she can choke on. It's the holidays and you're having a crappy start, you don't need to smell Louie's fish breath. Meet me at Roni's, no arguments."

Before Jacinda could reply, Sabine had hung up. She shook her head and made the drive to Roni's.

"Well, if it isn't my least favorite elf," Henry was taking some boxes out to the car when he heard the last voice he wanted to hear, Jeb's.

"Hello Santa," Henry turned and forced a smile as he saw his neighbor, still in the Santa suit sans beard. Destroying the magic, of course.. "Make any other kids cry lately?"

"It's Christmas, why would I do that?" Jeb asked.

The kids can smell it a mile away that you're the least jolliest Santa on the circuit? Henry thought to himself. He placed his boxes down and opened his trunk. "Why are you still doing the Santa thing Jeb?" He asked looking at the man seriously.

"It pays the bills," Jeb said.

55 out of 365 days. Henry shook his head. He didn't know why he was expecting a different answer. "Happy Thanksgiving Jeb,"

"Yeah, yeah," Jeb scoffed.

Henry shook his head as he packed the last of the boxes in the trunk. He then pulled out his phone and sent a text to Tilly. I'm sorry. I was a jerk. Look I know you're at work...or something... but I'm going to be leaving for Hyperion Heights tonight. Can we talk before then? You still have your key? Just...let yourself in.

He sent the text with a sigh. Tilly had left at some point, out the window and down the fire escape he supposed since he hadn't heard the door or seen her come out. He was worried about his friend. He moved his boxes to one side, closed the trunk, and then checked his phone, knowing he had a few pickups for Swyft. He then went to get in on the driver's side and left.

Lucy was bored. Ivy had left, despite her grandmother's warning to do no such thing, and her grandmother had taken a business call. Surprise, surprise. She looked to her backpack, the book sticking out. A bit of escapism couldn't hurt. She pulled it out, and opened it up reading softly to herself. " Once upon a time, there was an enchanted forest filled with all the classic characters we know. Or think we know. One day they found themselves trapped in a place where all of their happy endings were stolen...our world….

It had been 28 years. Only two people knew the truth, and only one wanted the curse broken. And he had to get someone to believe him, his birth mom... the Savior. Ten year old Henry Mills knew he was going to be in a lot of trouble, but he didn't care. He had to find Emma Swan…."

Lucy stayed in her bedroom at her grandmother's house reading the book, her boredom soon forgotten as she read about the town of Storybrooke. These were some really really different fairy tales. Chief Sommers had been right about that.


Lucy jumped as she heard her grandmother, shutting the book quickly and shoving it under her pillow.


A/N: So Lucy is now at her grandmother's, Jacinda's having a rough time and Sabine offered to have a girl's night with her at Roni's. Henry and Tilly are still not on speaking terms, and Tilly has disappeared. But Henry is trying to make amends, while taking Swyft passengers and is planning to go to Hyperion Heights that night. Lucy has begun to read the book and is enjoying it.