The Spectral Change By: Merlin Odinson

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'Force telepathy and noises'


'Start tape' "My name is Levi West and I am the most recent ghost rider. For many years now I have been traveling the multiverse. My universe is a bit of a nexus for the multiverse it's what's called the Assassins Creed universe . Though at the beginning of my journey I had no idea of the implications of this nor did I know about these other universes. I have been to many places over the years and I wanted to tell you about the first place I went to." 'End tape'

Earth/ Tatooine

(Levi's Pov)

As I was going on my third mission of the year I was pulled to the side by a mysterious old man wearing odd robes he pulled me rather forcefully and when turned around to confront him I was shot in the neck with a tranq dart. I then woke up in a desert with the suns beating down on me ...! Wait suns where am I as I looked around I noticed some people wearing collars were being dragged from a strange vehicle (Mandolorian Cruiser). I went over to see if they knew where I was and they all started crying Je'daii some in other languages that I somehow understood. As soon as they cried out the ones in armour started to shoot strange weapons at so with my limited study of my powers I changed form my clothes turned darker my skin melted off and I burst into black and red flames. As the flames start to lick my clothes they became tattered my weapons started to change to skeletal looking designs my blades and tomahawks became fire with chains attached to my forearms my skeleton coated itself in a strange black metal; and as I clenched my fists the ground cracked around me the very winds the sand and the metal around me floated up to my call. The armoured warriors in my sight started to back away until their commander rallied them. I then pulled out my tomahawks and threw one through the head of the commander as he died the soldiers tried to kill the slaves I pulled out my pistol and destroyed the enemies and freed the slaves. Two slaves came up to me afterwards and said if they ever had children that they would name one after me. I then asked where I was and they told me I was on a planet called Tatooine. They then told me that the ship is now mine by rite of conquest.

(Authers Note)

The hopes that I have for this story are simple but I know how to handle criticism so please criticise all you want I just need A beta reader and some help with Ideas I will not do Yaoi so I hop You like the First chapter of my story-Merlin Odinson