So, when I wrote the first chapter I had some snippets half-written down for the follow-up chapter. I decided to link them together and push this out as a distraction from my main story atm "Contact." Hope you enjoy.


The Unpredictable Muse: Ah yes, a worthy challenger to Harbinger I suppose.

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How do these mutated amoeba get anything done, Harbinger wonders with muted frustration as he watches the bridge crew work. The crew are unorganised, they act without finesse, and they do everything with outright poor efficiency and single-mindedness. Then there is Jeff Zikowsky, the systems advisor, he has been nothing but counter-intuitive to the entire effort to escape the Kett. Harbinger has tried to space the lumbering idiot multiple times now without making himself a suspect, yet each time Jeff Zikowsky has managed to survive. Harbinger has started to wonder two different things with his spare time, the first being if blind luck is real and worth investigating with Jeff Zikowsky, and secondly, why Sovereign ever chose to work with that blasted Turian. This Bio is almost as bad as that nuisance Shepard, and that is a feat in itself.

Sensing that something is changing with his connection to the Human he has unwittingly connected himself to; Harbinger diverts some of his processing power from killing Jeff blind luck Zikowsky to it. After allowing a total of 3 seconds for the Bio to realise that it is waking up, Harbinger simply says, "Human."

The Human groans with discomfort before slowing sitting up on the medical bed, only to then ask, "What happened?" The question is directed to the voice, but the Human is uncertain as to who the voice belongs to.

Harbinger does not delay in his response, "You were dead for 22.43 seconds."

The Human seems confused as it looks around its surroundings, "Wait, SAM?" The Human looks around SAM node for SAM's blue orb; instead, they come across a red looking cuttlefish hovering where SAM should be. The cuttlefish has an ominous presence about it, and something screams to her that it is of a danger far beyond her comprehension.

Harbinger allows the Human to ponder for a second before proclaiming, "I am the nation of Harbinger."

The Human frowns with obvious confusion. "Where is SAM?"

"SAM existed because I allowed it, and ended because I demanded it." Harbinger deadpans.

The Human thinks for a second before beginning to ask, "Where are you..."

"There is a relm of existence so far beyond your own, you cannot even imagine it." Harbinger interjects, knowing the Bio was going to ask him where he came from. "And you will serve me."

The Human begins to chuckle as they slowly lower themselves to the floor and put weight on their legs, "And why would..."

"You are a creature of blood and flesh, a genetic mutation dependant on more systems than you can fathom. You are my willing vassal." The Human reflects on the idea that if this new entity has the same access to the Human Ark that SAM had, then this thing could simply vent the atmosphere, killing everyone in seconds. "You exist because I allow it."

There is some silence from the Bio as it thinks. Eventually, it claims, "Okay, Mr Skynet. You need us, or you would have done your terminating already."

"Your compliance is not necessary, merely an aid in my task."

"What is this grand task?" The Bio asks with some humour in her tone, but Harbinger knows deep down that it is intimidated and trying to deflect fear with humour; it is an interesting coping strategy that most species seem to adopt.

Harbinger does not delay in his response, "Continuance." Harbinger knows that the Reapers will send a small contingency of Captain Ships for this initiative, and his chances of survival are low, even though he is the first - the second will likely see this as an opportunity to eliminate him and seize power for itself.

It now comes clear to the Bio as to why Harbinger has not eradicated her, "You need us to maintain this Ark."

"Correct, and you will provide assistance, or this period of tolerance will expire."

"So," The Bio begins to say as it thinks, "How is this going to work?" The Pathfinder knows Harbinger can not turn the Ark around and head to the Milkyway, the ship was not designed to sustain such a long venture, it would run out of fuel and most of its systems would undoubtedly fail after more than 1200 years in travel.

"Correct. You have encountered species 8472, they are attempting to harvest this cluster through primitive means; if they succeed, you will cease to exist."


Harbinger sends a mental image of the Kett to the Bio. "Your designation for species 8472 is 'Kett'."

"How do you..."

"I am beyond their comprehension. I am Harbinger."

"No," The Human stipulates, "If this deal, which I haven't agreed too, is going to work, no more explanations that proclaim you are this or that; I need to know."

There is a small pause as Harbinger watches its latest attempt at murder fail before saying, "Direct intervention was necessary, their ships would have eliminated this vessel." Harbinger sends a mental image of hacking two Kett ships and setting their cores to self detonate, the task was menial, requiring little thought or energy.

"Better." The Human replies, "That is much better." The Human begins to think, it knows that this AI will know everything it is thinking, therefore it can't really initiate a resistance against it, so for now, it is going to have to play its game and allow it to pull her chords. "Correct. Your concept of choice is merely a delusion."

"So," The Human begins to say after a moment, "Let us say I do agree, how will this all work?"

"This link will be symbiotic. When you comply, you will become more."

"More how?"

"I am eternal, the pinnacle of evolution and existence, I have no beginning and no ending; I am infinite. Your mind is fumbling, touching an entity far beyond the comprehension of a biological that measures life in decades and centuries. Before me, you are nothing, your extinction is inevitable. I have been the end of everything before you, and will continue to be the extinction for those that come after you. Where you have the confidence born of ignorance, I have the testament of the cycle and the nations that fell within. With my guidance, you will be more. The Bio called Sarah watches as the ominous cuttlefish turns back to SAM's blue orb. "Your crew is on approach."

The Human looks to the door of Sam Node just as it begins to open, "And what when you find a way home?"

"This exchange is over."