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It has been one year since I crash landed here in the chain of islands known as the Fire Nation, it has been twelve months as a slave to the house of Ozai, the ruler of the nation. They have not fed me in months, and I have been forced to keep my healing slow otherwise it would raise suspicion.

I have been able to piece together some things about this world, it was divided into about four nations, or it was, there was the Fire Nation who could control fire, there was the Earth Kingdom where people could control stone and earth, and the Water Tribes and Swamp Folks who could control water, there was a fourth but they were slaughtered, the Air Nomads.

I was unable to read their language, but they did speak basic that I could understand.

I sighed as I sat in my cell awaiting my guards to escort me to the palace where Ozai or his daughter would question me where I came from, and I would tell them something along the lines of 'Beyond the Stars', or 'Not from this world', and they would beat me and torture me, and I would not let a single scream out.

Who am I?

I am Peter Perseus Parker, the former Jedi, Bounty Hunter, formerly The (Unexpected) Ultimate Spider Man.

I chuckled to myself and muttered "How the mighty have fallen." I sat in the cell that was barely large enough for me to stand, there were no windows or doors, Earth-Benders opened a hole in the wall and brought me to Palace again and everything repeated as it has been for the past fifty-two weeks.

It could have been worse, and I would rather not think of it being worse, knowing the Parker Charm and how it works…

However today was different, Ozai seemed to be in a better mood, he asked me in a regal tone, "Have you heard of the Avatar?"

I shook my head and said to him trying not to piss him off again and getting shocked by lightning, though I would prefer Lightning over Fire, I am used to Force Lightning, but fire is harder to defend against. I said, "No I have not, who or what is an Avatar?"

He looked down at me from his throne and said "A person who can bend all four elements and their extended parts. They are to bring balance to the Spirit World and the Four Nations."

I gave him a nod and said "Fire Lord, what does this have to do with me? I am a stranger in a strange land. I know nothing except what I have overheard or was told." I half lied to him, I was able to use the Force to look around the war-torn world, I could sense the Dark Side burning and the destruction of nature.

Ozai said to me in a knowing tone, "I know you should be dead. The poison should have killed you weeks ago."

I mused to myself in my head '…and that was why my spider sense and the Force was warning me about…' I shrugged and said, "I do not know what to tell you, maybe I am immune to poisons." I knew I actually was immune to most venoms and poisons and toxins, plus I had a healing factor and an enhanced metabolism.

Ozai said with a shark-like grin "Yes or perhaps you are able to purify it using chi."

I knew what Chi was, and I knew how to use it to an extent due to my old friend Danny Randle, also known as the Immortal Iron Fist. He taught me how to use it to aid in healing, strengthen my body and to relax. I shrugged and said to him, "Perhaps you are correct, I maybe using Chi, or maybe you are wrong."

He glared at me with fire in his eyes as he said to me, "Insolent Insect!" He waved his hands in a circular motion and shot a powerful bolt of lightning that hit me in the chest knocking me back into the wall, cracking the stone.

I groaned and glared at him with loathing and anger, but I did nothing… yet.

The Fire Lord smirked and said to me coolly, "You survived yet another attack, most would have died from the first attack let alone this one…"

I wanted to kill him, but I could feel the Force warning me not to, at least not yet.

He shot lightning again this time at my head knocking me out cold.

(Line Break)

(Peter's Point of View)

When I woke up, I felt something different in the Force, I felt as if there was another Chosen One, I knew that the Avatar was awaken or was born.

I knew I would have to make my break for it soon, or else the window of opportunity would close before it truly opened.

I closed my eyes as I focused on the wall in front of me, I sensed two guards just outside, one Fire-Bender and one Earth-Bender, I used the Dark Side of the Force to drain them of their life force, turning them to dust and giving me some much needed strength as with one powerful Force Push I knocked a hole in the wall, I quickly used my Spider Sense and the Force to guide me to the nearest sea facing wall, I lowered my shoulder and run full speed into the wall, with a sickening CRUNCH my shoulder dislocated but I made a hole just big enough for me to wiggle through.

I popped my shoulder into place and began to ran towards the harbor, I was going to steal a boat and head south, that was wear I sensed I was needed.

I reached my hands out using the Force, though it must have looked like I was hugging air until three light sabers flew into my arms, they were made out of Phrik, Cortosis and Mandalorian iron also known as Beskar. The three most indestructible material that can block a Light Saber.

I put them on my hips as I summoned my suit, it was all black with a deep blue spider on the chest and back.

I stole a small fishing boat and began to sail south.

After I took the fishing boat I headed south, I knew they would expect me to head north or west to go to the Earth Kingdom, so I went the opposite direction hoping to throw them off my trail, as well as heading south would also bring me to my destiny. I could sense the Force guiding me there.

I was glad I made my suit able to keep me warm on Hoth, because it was freaking cold here at the South Pole. I kept my mask and suit on to keep me warm until I would arrive there. Once I got there, I would be forced to take off my mask, I could change my suit to just be a plain black suit, I really wish I was able to get my armour from the ship, but alas I was lucky to even make it to shore with my light-sabers.

I sighed and shook my head as I looked out to see a storm coming towards me and my little boat, I really hoped that it would not sink, if it did I was not sure I could survive the cold long enough to swim anywhere. I shuddered at the thought, I did not leave just to die here, I still had to get back to my Wife Ava Parker.

I closed my eyes and used the Force to push the boat forward faster, but the weather stood there ominously.





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