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(Peter's Point of View)

I stood in my cell, I paced back and forth in it, it was a four-foot by six-foot metal container. I knew I could break out easily enough, it was only a few inches of steel, it was little more than wet toilet paper to me.

I sighed as I stopped pacing I have not been fed in about a day, I hoped that they would feed me so I would not have to break out of the cell, it would be easy, I could kill everyone on the ship here and now, a simple Force Choke would be needed.

My spider sense went off and I jumped down from the ceiling and sat down in the furthest corner from the door. I smirked slightly as I saw a fat old man come in. The old man had gray hair and a beard he smiled jovially at me I saw he had some food in his hand, and I smelt wine on his breath.

I asked him "Who are you?"

"Iroh." He replied with a kind smile.

I smiled slightly and said, "I am Peter, Peter Perseus Parker."

Iroh smiled and tossed me the bread, I caught it and stood up and asked him, "Why are you taking me away from home, surely you can tell I am not an Air Bender."

He sighed and said, "My nephew thinks you the Avatar, you were able to dodge all of his attacks and managed to defeat his guards."

I sighed with him as I asked, "Why does he need me? I could have killed him and everyone here."

Iroh nodded his head though I could tell he did not believe me. He said, "Murder is almost never the answer."

I gave a dark grin and said coldly, "Murder and killing are not the same thing. You were a general, you lead people to death, tell me, was it worth it in the end. All those who died under your command?"

He stiffened up slightly as his eyes widened slightly, I saw that I had hit a nerve.

I smirked and said continuing, "I see that I hit a nerve, who did you lose, a brother, a son?"

Iroh's eyes narrowed as he said heatedly, "You do not know what it is like."

I darted and stopped in front of him and growled as I bore my three in fangs, "I lost everything! I saw my wife die! I saw my children murdered! Tell, I do not know what loss feels like!" I roared in his face.

To my surprise he did not even flinch as he stood over him my eyes blood red as he looked up to me, "I know the loss of a child. My wife died during child birth, he was all I had and he died."

I sighed and shook my head as I slumped then I said, "Let me guess, your nephew is like a son to you?"

Iroh sighed and gave me a nod.

My eyes returned to their icy blue color as I looked him over, I said, "Iroh, thank you, I will try to spare you and your nephew when I escape."

He gave me a confused look before I grabbed him and pulled him into the cell as I jumped over him and closed the cell door locking him in there.

I jumped into the ceiling and began to crawl up there, I stopped moving and closed my eyes as I began to sense where my Light Sabers were. I moved in that direction as I stayed to the ceiling.

A few minutes later I was in Zuko's room, I used the Force and pulled them to me, I clipped them to my waist and slowly made my way to the deck, I sensed that something big was about to happen, so I began to run towards the upper deck.

Once I made it there, I saw in the distance the flying sky bison with dots on its head and back.

I smirked as I quickly took out two guards and webbed them to the ceiling, I slowly began to take out the guards, there were only about a dozen of them, and I could tell they were not the best.

Soon Zuko was the only one on the deck and his lieutenant.

I slowly began to walk towards them, once I was only a couple of feet away, Zuko spun around and sent a fire ball to my face, I bent back, Matrix style as I did a hand spring to dodge a fire kick from the guard. I landed on my feet as I said, "You best check on your uncle Iroh."

Zuko gasped and roared as he shot fire at me, I growled and jumped over the flame as I landed behind his guard, before I hit him in the temple so I could knock him out without much of a fight.

Zuko growled as he began to kick and punch fire at me in a rage.

I could tell he was sloppy with emotions. I growled as I punched his fist breaking it, Zuko yelled out in pain as he clutched his fist, I did a round-house kick and knocked him out.

I sighed and shook my head as I placed my hand over his broken hand as I began to use the Force to Heal him, my hands began to glow a purple as I used Force Heal to heal his broken hand.

About fifteen minutes later Katara, Sokka and Aang landed on the ship, they saw how everyone was unconscious and then Sokka asked me, "Did you do this… alone?"

I smirked and then said to him, "You know it bud, but can we talk after we get on the road? I will tell you the story on the way to where we are going."




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