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"RAAAAAGH! What's going on out there?! Why haven't I received any UPDATES!? I need to know exactly what's occurred, YESTERDAY!" Psyphon is in a rage, his usual pale face now red hot with rage.

The Chimeran Hammer's bridge is in an uproar of alarms and reports as all around him, humanoid Bioids work and toil away at their monitor stations, each overseeing the ship's various systems, weapons, and troops.

"Bring up the monitors! NOW!" His impatience has reached its utter peak causing him to slam his fists onto the command counsel.

From all around him, Holographic screens seemingly appear from out of nowhere displaying the various events and confrontations happening across their mighty warship.

The Plus Ultra is still fending off their swarm of Vulture Droids and Malware's Frankensteined ship. A squad of heroes with an army of clones have sieged Hanger Number 7. A large number of drones are offline; probably destroyed and scattered across the ship's halls. Prisoners are tearing through the Dominator bots before pouring out of the brig. All the while more and more drones and bots go offline.

Little does Psyphon realize that he's not the only one paying attention, 'Dank farrik. Looks like they're having all sorts of fun out there.'

Disguised as a Bioid, Lucy Mann has no worries about being discovered, especially if she keeps up the act like she's just a normal droid manning its post. As a precaution she took over one of the stations nearest the massive entrance way to the bridge, giving herself the shortest distance to escape in an emergency but also far enough away to remain subtle while still within earshot of Psyphon.

"Rah!" He slams his fists into the console again. "Rojo you worthless bitch! You were supposed to hold the enemy in the prison! Capturing them was supposed to be a simple endeavor! And now we have prisoners starting to run amuck across the ship! Raaagh!" He turns to address the Bioids closest to him. "Deploy reinforcements to the prison immediately! I want every prisoner and Plumber back in their cells! Quickly!"

One of the Bioids addresses him, ^Sir, the closest troops are proceeding with their assault upon Hanger Number 7, should we divert some of their numbers to the prison?^

"Yes! Let SevenSeven deal with the intruders! Let him earn his pay!" He turns to the next Bioid. "What is the status of the Ideon Cannon?!"

^Ideon Cannon is at 75%.^

"Good. The moment it's charged I want us firing upon that infernal ship! If Malware doesn't want to be struck down he'd better move."

'Sorry, Psyphon but you're gonna have to account for some mechanical errors.' Lucy types away at her monitor, quickly accessing the ship's power system where she starts redirecting the flow of power to the shields instead of the cannon. It's a temporary fix, one they will surely realize in a few minutes but even adding five minutes is more time for her friends to succeed.

Psyphon scans the monitors before concluding that not all the intruders are accounted for such as that annoying pink human, the fast one with Engines in his legs, or that one brat with the pension to blow up all that he touches. "Locate any other humans aboard! I want them pinned and eliminated! I don't want any more surprises!"

That's Lucy's cue to switch tactics as she begins shutting down monitors. She knows they'll be located in the passageways leading to the cannon and power core; she can't have them discovering Iida's or Bakugou's operations. So, she shuts down any cameras in those sectors. Hopefully, this will be enough to guarantee their success.

Suddenly her earpiece begins to buzz, ["Firestarter to Purple Stuff. Firestarter to Purple Stuff. Do you copy?"] It's Cinder and he sounds panicked.

Like the trained spy she is, Lucy shows no outward reaction to the buzzing in her earpiece. "I copy." She reports. "But I thought we were going to go with Violet Terror, not Purple Stuff, ugh!"

Ignoring her complaint Cinder continues with his hurried report. ["We're in kind of a pickle here!"]

"So, I've heard. It's the talk of the entire ship. But hey it's a great distraction. Most of their forces are heading over there to stop the prisoners."

["That doesn't matter right now! We have another problem! It's Uravity, we've been separated from her!"]

Lucy's facade nearly breaks at the thought of the human girl running around lost and confused within the massive warship. "Any ideas where she could be?" She immediately begins scanning the ship's monitors herself for any signs of her.

["I can only assume she's lost within the lower levels of the ship, below the prison wing. If you can contact her, guide her back to the RazorCrest while we go after Izuku and All Might."]

"Copy. I'm on it." Lucy hangs up as she begins her own search. This will surely be interesting: she has to divert power from the cannon, scramble their scanners and monitors, hinder their communications, and divert their resources while simultaneously trying to locate one human girl inside this entire mess. 'Ugh! I sure got my work cut out for me. Well no one ever said this job was gonna be easy.'

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The camera shows Izuku Midoriya with his head hanging down before zooming up to show Vilgax's battleship floating over Earth's moon.

Sou kore kona itami ga~

Uravity Uraraka gazes up to the sky as the title appears from above her.

Sujikaki no nai monogatari ni wa~

She begins to walk forward as her friends slowly fade into existence: Pinky Ashido, Katsuki Bakugou, Shoto Todoroki, Creati Yaoyorozu, Tenya Ingenium, and Eijiro Red Riot.

Hitsuyou fukaketsu nanda~

Inko Midoriya holds a picture of her family as she cries and is comforted by Mitsuki Bakugou and Eirene Ashido.

Yoru no umi ni wa Tsuki ga isuwaru~

Unseen to them Cinder is at the door. He looks up with determination as he heads out to rescue his son.

Sugita kunou wo~

Katsuki Bakugo holds an old All Might card as an image of him and Deku as kids cheering as they hold their cards out appears behind him.

Bikasuru hima ga~

Nue looks down at a watch as anJusi image of him and Izuku in middle school laughing appears behind him.

Aru nara ima dake utsuseyo~

The screen splits between the two, both standing back-to-back, and with determined glares they both march away in opposite directions.

Ororkamono demo shoujiki te itai~

Panels shift and fold away, creating a portal, that reveals Izuku bound in an iconic ring of metal as Toshinori Yagi stares up at it in a mix of shock-and-awe and despair.

Haato ga sawagu yo~

Vilgax the Conqueror makes himself known from atop his throne. As he peers down at his inferiors with an air of ominous superiority.


Below his throne his minions have been assembled: Psyphon, Malware, Sunder, Ragnarok, SevenSeven, the Techadon, Rojo, and Nue.

Tatoe dareka wo kizutsuke tato shitemo~

Cinder unleashes a wave of flames as he mows through Vilgax's drone army with his blazing dual-edged spear! Before swiftly speeding away as the Techadon gets pulled in by Thirteen's swirling Black Hole!

Yuzurenai hikari ga arunda~

Pinky slides across the narrow hallways as Ingenium races by. They're followed by a sword wielding Creati and a Hardened Red Riot. Before the screen is consumed by pillars of fire and ice with Shot's eyes piercing back.

Mushi kaesu tsumori wa betsu ni nari keredo~

Uravity smashes through the ice before unleashing a wave of glowing gravity in every direction causing the army of silhouetted aliens to be blasted away.

Kono seaki de kono sekai de~

Bakugou rockets past her in a blaze of a Howitzer Impact that crashes into a grinning Nue like an exploding meteor.

Wasuregataki naru niwa mada hayai~

Vilgax looms menacingly over the Rising Star and the Symbol of Peace as nine dark threads of fate swirl through and around his form.

Yume migachi na shinisokonai sa~

Toshinori looks on at the teen with a look of shame that soon transitions to that of deterPinkytion. And in a wave of smoke a scowling All Might rises to meet the Mad Titan.

Zero kara hairiagare sora ga waretatte~

Vilgax's tentacles reach for the defiant Deku as the Omnitrix begins to spark and glow with inspiring green lightning.

Ano sekai e ano sekai e~

A massive discharge of green explodes outward, overtaking everything and swallowing up everything in a brilliant show of green light.

Nanjyukkai nan byakkai~

Deku gazes out towards the vastness of space from the portal window of his prison cell.

nanzenkai nomikonde~

While Uravity gazes out into the star-filled sky through the windshield of the RazorCrest.


Deku slowly raises his left fist towards the shrinking window.

nanbyaku nen~

Uravity slowly raises her right fist towards the expanding window.

nan zen nen~

The screen splits between the two, zooming in on their fists just as they gently connect. And the camera is blinded by flashes of green and pink before washing away to white.


A still Omnitrix lays on upon the moon, alone and in the dark, before the Sun majestically peeks out from behind the Earth over the edge and shines its rays of hope down upon it.

(Illustrated by Drag0n5on)

Ch.83 Acclamation

"EEEEEKKKKK!" If one were to guess they'd assume these screams were from a girl on a roller coaster, screaming her head off in terror and excitement. If only that were the case, Uravity thinks as she slides backwards along the labyrinth of vents!

The vents are big enough to support her weight. But they were built on a downward angle or maybe the ship is slanted to the side. Either way the smooth grimy metal gives her back no traction to slow down, forcing her along for the ride.

"AAAAAAHHHH!" She screams, hugging tightly to her furry passenger who howls and yips as they race through every twist and turn of the vents. "Hang on!"

"Aroooooooo!" The Spacedog howls in a fearful response.

"Aaahhh!" Suddenly there's a wash of dim light as the feeling of cold metal on her back vanishes, that's when she realizes that they've been shot out of the vent in midair. And before she can make out where they are she finds herself plunged into a cold vat of water and sludge.


The smell, the taste, the sensation of something sticky and oozing between her fingernails is enough to make her want to scream.

With frantic splashing Uravity gasps for fresh air but instead her lungs are assaulted by disgustingly putrid fumes: smelling of rust, rot, and other god forsaken odors. Making her gasp for breath as the mucky brown water stings her eyes. "*Cough! Cough! Cough!*"

Her new friend isn't faring any better, as the Spacedog hurries out of the horrid pool and onto some solid albeit unstable ground of scraps, trash, and sludge. With its fur and spacesuit completely drenched the dog has no qualms about shaking it all off although Uravity would have preferred it if it didn't do so anywhere near her face.


Sensing her discomfort, the hound spins around and hovers its nose around her face as if trying to encourage her.

"Ugh… T-thanks." Uravity gives the dog a light pat as she pries herself up and out of the muck. Her face scrunches up in disgust from the smells and the sticky water that's gathering around her ankles. "UGH! What is that smell?! Ew! Where are we?!"

In a word, they're in a dump.

That is literally the best way she can say it. It's a literal dump, an in-spaceship landfill, a trash collector, whatever it is it serves only one purpose; to hold the entire ship's waste! No wonder it's so gross and smelly. And that vent wasn't for air, it must have been a trash shoot.

The room itself is small in width but yet reaches so high that one of those Dominators could stand up in here, albeit if they remained bent down. Mountains of trash, scrap metal, sludge, and muck are collected along the edges of the room like a shoreline to a circular lagoon. A lagoon that is filled to the brim with water that just oozes slime and microbial horrors.

A shiver of disgust runs down Uravity's spine. "Ew! Gross! Why?! Just why?!"

She jumps and flails for higher ground, desperate to get her feet out of the sludge. But the mountains of trash are unstable causing her to slip right back where she started. "Ugh! Ugh! I can taste the smell! Ugh!"

The Spacedog lets out a whimper and a defiant huff before swatting at its far more sensitive snout.

Uravity instantly gets the message. "Oh, yeah, I guess this is even worse for you isn't it?"

The Golden Retriever–Labrador Retriever mix smiles up at her before it instinctually brushes the side of its collar with its paw. Hitting a switch, it's fishbowl of a helmet closes, sealing the airtight while pushing out the foul odors.

"Huh, nifty. I wish I had something like that." Brushing her damp and sticky hair back, her fingers brush against her new headpiece provided to her by Thirteen.

"Oh! I do!" She elates and glides her fingers over the sides of the headpiece.

She tries to feel out where the switches are and after a moment she feels the unmistakable texture of a lone button.

Her ears perk up at the sound of a click. And then her entire vision turns pink as her own version of a fishbowl helmet surrounds her head. Touching the helmet; it's some sort of tempered pink glass, and although it doesn't look like it, it's slimmer when it first appears. It feels like there's inches of space between the glass and her face but in actuality it's only centimeters away. Meaning that Melissa Shield designed this helmet not just to be form fitting but also comfortable and durable enough to handle anything.

"Ah~!" She takes in the fresh lemon scented air with a huge sigh of relief. "Much better. Thank you Melissa!" She pats the helmet, making sure it's on tight before doing a spin and posing for her new companion. "What do you think?"

The Spacedog gives her a smile, its tail wagging happily as it sticks its tongue out to the side.

"Oh, what am I doing?!" Uravity instantly deflates, nearly falling to the ground but stopping herself since she doesn't want to sink any further into the horrid water.

"I'M SO DESPERATE TO IGNORE THE SITUATION I'M IN, THAT I'M TALKING TO A DOG!" With a groan she covers her face, or at least tries to against the helmet.

She wobbles in place unsure of what to make of all this: one moment she was in the prison, then there were robots, then rioting prisoners, and now this! It's insane, but…it's nothing to get upset over. She needs to keep her head or else she'll be trapped in this trash heap forever.

"Sorry, I'm just…lost." She admits in an attempt to comfort herself more so than to inform the precious pooch.

Sensing her distress, the Spacedog hums and presses its helmet to her hand as if trying to comfort her.

"Hehehe. Thanks, you're a good boy."


"Oops! I mean girl." Uravity corrects before giving the hound a once over; noting its JAXA labeled space suit. She has a lot of questions about this dog. Like where did it come from and why is it here? And why does it seem smarter than your average dog? But maybe she should start with a simpler question? "So, do you have a name?"

The Spacedog trots up beside her legs, turning her body to the side and giving the human access to her collar.

Leaning down she slides her fingers over what she presumes to be the dog's given name. "Cosmo."

"Bark!" The hound barks happily, her tail wagging so hard it's disturbing the air.

"Cosmo the Spacedog." Uravity hums, sing-songing the name. "That's got a nice ring to it, don't you think?"

With her tongue hanging out, Cosmo tilts her head as if in consideration.

"Well, it's nice to meet you Cosmo the Spacedog, my name's Ochaco Uraraka. Or I guess at the moment you can call me Uravity." She holds her hand open and much to her surprise, and to her delight, Cosmo places her paw in her hand.

"Bark!" Cosmo's tail wags even faster.

"Well now that that's out of the way. How do you suppose we get out of here?" She scans their trash prison until she spots the rusted and heavy looking portal door just in the middle of the wall before them.

Making her way to the door, she has to step carefully because of how unstable the shoreline of floating trash and metal really is. As she makes her way over she manages to hoist herself forward a ways by stepping onto a thick rubber pipe as Cosmo trots over it.

With all the trash and metal, they must climb over, neither notice as the rubber pipe slowly and quietly slithers back into the water.

"I think we're locked in. No handle. No control pad. And no other way out." Uravity states while examining the heavy door. There's not even a handle or window to look through, no doubt this place was never designed to let anything out. "What do you think we should do?"

Cosmo scratches at the door in response before giving her an unsure look when it doesn't open.

"Sorry. Just trying to distract myself. And I'm not gonna lie, this would be way easier if you could talk. Hm, maybe if I had Koda around."


Cosmo's ears jerk up and she instantly spins around. Her entire form goes tense as her muscles tighten while baring her fangs back at the seemingly empty trash filled lagoon. "Grrrrr!"

"Hey, what's the matter?"

"Grrrrr! Bark! Bark!"

A sense of being watched causes the hairs on Uravity's neck to stand on end and she spins around, expecting to take on a stray Drone or something. But there's nothing, nothing but the polluted lagoon and shores of trash and rust. There's not a sound except for the trash shoot occasionally creaking from some unseen moving weight. And yet the dog is snarling and snapping as if someone or something's there, just lurking out of sight. Leading Uravity to one conclusion, they're not alone in here.

If that is true then where is this threat going to come from? The trash piles? The lagoon? Is it invisible? Is it even dangerous? Just what is it? And where?

Water drips from the ceiling. Cold and grotesque. And yet unlike water it burns at the metal below like dripping acid. To which Uravity and Cosmo assume it's nothing but acid leaking down from some unseen pipes.

Unbeknownst to them, however, a skeletal mass stealthily slinks its way out from the trash shoot from above, the same one that shot them into this very compartment earlier.

Meanwhile, a hint of movement, a tiny scrap of metal rattles for the briefest of moments from the right side of the lagoon.

Uravity and Cosmo spin on a dime with fists and fangs bared for the incoming attack. But the mountain of trash is still once more, and nothing out of the ordinary catches their eye: not the rusted metal, sludge, or strangle bundle of black and green cloth wedged between some rusted pipes.

Uravity blinks, pausing when she spots the strange cloth as a sense of familiarity washes over her. "Is that?"

Uravity moves across the shore of trash and towards the cloth with Cosmo's growling turning into a series of ferocious and alarmed barks.

But Uravity doesn't dare look away, she needs to know for sure if it is what she thinks it is. She'll snatch it quickly and run back before anything happens. She'll be in and out in no time. As long as she-

A crushing cold grip latches onto her wrist like a vice causing the girl to scream! She attempts to yank herself away, but she is unable to break free of the iron grip. She pulls and pulls as she follows that black skeletal hand upwards along the wall.

"Hsssss…" A black skeletal mass has hooked itself to the wall like a nightmarish spider. It hisses and growls, its lanky limbs clawing across the metal with ease as it bares its fangs and secondary jaws at her. Saliva drips from its two maws in excess as its large, crested head curls up to meet hers.

Uravity gasps, "Not you again!"

"HSSSSSS!" The Xenomorph slithers the rest of the way out of the vent and hoists her up by the arm and towards it maws.

"YAH!" Not wanting that secondary set of jaws jamming their way through her skull she swings her body up and delivers a solid kick to the creature's chin.

With a hiss the alien lets go, and Uravity is dropped into the scraps of floating trash. The poor girl hisses in pain as scraps of metal scratch and sharply poke at her back, thankfully this new suit is far more durable then her last so she doesn't need to worry about infection since it doesn't break through, but it does nothing to dull the sharp pain.

The nearby pile of trash rattles and the bundle of cloth shifts as something within begins to stir.

"Hsss!" The Xenomorph drops from the wall, landing on all fours before rising to a stature that could rival that of All Might's. It prepares to strike, raising its razor-sharp claws back like it were playing with daggers. "Hsss-!"

"Bark! Bark! Bark!" Cosmo puts herself in between the alien and the human with fangs bared threateningly despite the glass around her head.

Even so the sheer boldness of such a move has the alien flustered and reassessing, it backs away hissing and snarling in return like a bear trying to scare off a loyal hound. But man's best friend isn't moving an inch, instead she holds her ground with ferocious intent. And then, like a lightbulb going off in her head, Cosmo stops barking and closes her eyes. She shudders and lowers her tensing body as if in a trance, as if focusing, with all her might.

Without any alarming barks coming its way, the Xenomorph is able to recompose itself. Before pouncing forward, its jaws ready to tear into the mutt until it's a bloody mess of flesh and fur.

"No!" Uravity lunges and makes it to the dog first! Like before she grabs Cosmo from the side before diving below the Xenomorph as it lunges past.

Its claws nearly scrape their helmets before the alien crashes into the shore of trash. "Hsssss!" Its tail whips across the air, batting against the piles of metal before spinning around and lashing out at the two with its spinney knife-like claws.

Acting fast, Uravity brushes her fingers over the rusted surfaces of the scrape beneath the two of them. Then with just one mean kick, the weightless pieces of metal rise creating a barricade of sharp rusted ends that drip with sludge and polluted water. Amongst the floating debris the bundle of black and green cloth hovers between them, but a heavy weight from within the folded cloth drops and plops to the ground with a metallic thud.

The Xenomorph backs away from the wall of scrapes before realizing it's nothing more than meaningless junk. With a hiss and a howl, the creature leaps through the floating wall, crashing through the rusted scrape with a ferocity like no other. It doesn't flinch nor hesitate as its hide is sliced, causing drips of acid blood to splash everywhere.

With Cosmo still in her grasp, Uravity pulls her foot back to deliver a swift kick to its snapping jaws.

*WHAM!* Her foot connects but it's not enough, it's hungry for more and it will devour-! "HSSSSS!" Suddenly, its entire body goes rigid and flails as jolts of electricity dance off its skin.

Uravity reels back in shock and confusion before turning away from the blinding flashing lights.

The withering, hissing Xenomorph flails and thrusts about. Its tail nearly bashing Uravity over the head. But that's not what has her concern, instead her attention's on the orange disc latched onto the Xenomorph's spine.


Kraab is clinging for dear life to the monster's spine as his hacking rod jams into its back to deliver a series of electric shocks. It's a valiant effort for him to hold on; he looks worse for wear, busted and broken, with an eye missing. Even his voice sounds scratchier and full of static than usual. "I-zz can-zz-t hold on f-zz-r long-zz!"

Shoving Cosmo off, Uravity springs into action with a OFA charged fist!

"Hsss!" With a whip of its tail Kraab is slapped away and the creature spins around ready to go after its original prey.

"Get away from us you BITCH!"

Instead of sinking its jaws into bloody flesh, a pink glowing fist sinks into its skull. With a burst of energy that blasts it across the trash containment. It's sent rocketing over the polluted lagoon before crashing into the mountain of trash and scrapes on the other side with a thundering clash that brings the entire mountain down onto the writhing monster. Metal clangs and splash into the lagoon, causing waves of sludge to crash until all falls silent. The creature remains unmoving, buried underneath the trash pile.

Uravity gets ready in case it decides to come back for a sequel. "Is it gone?"

Kraab slowly and wobbly scuttles up the nearest pile of rubbished pipes. "I-zz I think so-zz…"

Uravity lets out a deep sigh, grateful that she has a moment of peace. Even Cosmo relaxes, becoming less tense without any signs of movement coming from the collapsed mountain.

"Hey, Kraab are you-"

"HSSSSS!" The Xenomorph rises again, crashing through the collapse like a zombie rising out from the grave for delicious brains! "HSSSSS!"

Uravity, Cosmo, and Kraab are caught completely off guard! The creature's moving far too fast, thrashing across the polluted water far faster then they can react!



The Xenomorph is suddenly brought to a screeching halt, its entire body somehow having been pulled back by a web of withering rubber pipes that just suddenly shot out from within the depths of the lagoon!

The rubber pipes, no, the tentacles constrict around the shrieking alien like pythons before lifting it high into the air then plunging it down into the thick murky depths in a blink of an eye. The water gurgles and bubbles as the alien thrashes for freedom or purchase of any kind, but it's no use as the black oozing pool becomes still and silent.

. . . . .

"THIS SHIP IS A NIGHTMARE!" Uravity cries out in anguish.

"You don't ev-zz-en know the half-zz of it…" The wobbly Kraab grumbles as he takes his thinner claw to his throat area and begins adjusting and repairing his communication box. "Aw, much better…" That static voice effect is gone now.

"Kraab!" Uravity wails as if just remembering that he's even there!

"Hey, kid."

"Kraab…" She tears up as she gently lifts him out of the trash.

"It's good to see you, kid…"

"What-what happened to you?!"

"Let's-let's not worry about me, we need to get out of here first. Okay?"

"O-okay! Yeah! Before that thing comes back!" Uravity gestures nervously towards the quiet lagoon.

"That was a Dianoga," Kraab explains. "They like to stowaway on ships. Don't worry…they have a slow metabolism, so it won't be back for a while. Hopefully…"

"Oh… Are you okay?"

"I am, thank you…"

"For what?"

"For coming to look for me…" If Kraab could tear up he would, he's touched far beyond what he's ever felt before. "I know I give you humans a hard time, but…just…thank you. It really means a lot. I'm so grateful. Thank you."

Uravity may be granting him a smile but it's nothing but a FACADE! She can't even look him in the eye as her body trembles with a sense of shameful guilt.

. . . . .


"I'm dealing with a lot okay! My mentor and best friend were kidnapped right in front of me! Plus, if you were gonna sneak aboard then why didn't you say anything!?"


That comment gives Uravity pause, and it seems that Kraab is also taken back by his own confession.

"He…has my friend." Kraab almost shyly admits, turning away as if hiding a blush, while simultaneously gesturing towards the fallen bundle of green and black cloth.

Uravity slowly, almost fearfully grabs the item in question, and raises it up allowing the bundle to unfurl to reveal the back hoodie with the stitched in symbol of the Omnitrix sewed onto the left breast.

'Deku's hoodie!' As she takes in how tattered and worn it is, her mind races with theories on what could have happened to her dear friend: Is he alright? Is he hurt? Why is this here? Just what are they doing to him?!

She turns to Kraab, hoping he has answers, but she stops when she takes in just how damaged he is. He's missing an eye, his usual shiny shell is scraped and dented, one of his claws is missing too with only a tangle of wires fringing out from within.

"They really did a number on you, didn't they?"

"Not just me…" The memory alone of what Vilgax did to the kid is enough to shake him.

And even though he leaves it unsaid, Uravity can already assume that whatever Kraab knows will not do a thing to alleviate her worries.

So instead, she'll make sure they move fast enough to put an end to Deku and All Might's suffering. "Then we need to hurry!" She takes the hoodie and ties it around her waist for safe keeping. "Now, how do we get out of here?"

Kraab half-hazardly waves over towards the door. "You can try the door, but good luck, it's made out of reinforced durasteel."

Uravity approaches the door, setting Kraab down to the side as she examines it. "Is there really no way to open it from this side?"


"Then I'll make one!" Uravity steps back, her fist reeling as it glows blindingly with energy before charging forward with all her might.

*DIIIIING!* The door barely rattles but yet it echoes across the room with a toll so heavy it rattles the polluted water and its surrounding shore of trash and muck.

"Owww!" Uravity grips and waves her throbbing hand.

"Idiot! I could have told you that would have been the outcome!"

Cosmo lets out a whimper as if embarrassed on the girl's behalf.

The three, however, silence their whining as they spot a small amount of bubbles rising from the bottom of the lagoon. And as the bubbles rise, their hearts drop as they come to the same conclusion; she might have inadvertently rung the dinner bell.

"I thought you said it wouldn't be back for a while!?"

"I never said I was an expert!"

"YAAAHHH!" Not wanting to drown in what has to be the grossest and foulest water to ever exist, Uravity immediately tries to break the door down again, it rattles in place and once again releases a thundering toll. *DIIIIING!*

She tries again and again and with every toll the amount of bubbles in the water increases.

Meanwhile, Cosmo begins to pace, unsure of what to do as Uravity goes at it. But the hound soon stops and has a look like she's just reached clarity. The pooch settles down, standing in place with her head down, her face scrunching up with her head twitching as she concentrates on something unseen.

But neither the human nor the cyborg take notice as both begin to panic.

"That's not gonna work! Did you seriously come here alone!?"

"What?! Of course not! Mr. Midoriya, Principal Nezu, and everyone else is here too!"

"Then call them for help!"

The lagoon is like a rumbling geyser now! Bubbles and water are splashing up as the Dianoga is undoubtedly racing towards the surface.

"Ahh! No time!" She states while taking a sturdier stance by digging her feet between the hard metal debris and sludge for support as her fist glows brighter than the punches before.

Cosmo follows suit, focusing so hard that she doesn't even notice the slimy tentacles slithering out from the bubbling surface.


"AROOOOOO!" Cosmo releases an ear-piercing howl that matches the ferocity of Uravity's own roar, her eyes flash with something ominous and ethereal, almost wondrous as an invisible force rushes past Uravity and Kraab. This invisible shockwave rattles the entire hall, even rippling the crawling tentacles, shattering them into atoms as this invisible force crashes into the door along with Uravity's fist.

*BAAANG!* And with that the heavily reinforced door is sent flying off its very hinges.

A silent damage alert pops onto the monitor, alerting anyone that notices that a trash compactor has been damaged. However, this alert seems to go unnoticed by most of the Bioids since all their attention is derived to surveying the ship for intruders and maintaining order. But one Bioid is not like the others, and she quickly takes notice of the alert.

'A trash compactor door has been breached? Odd, none of them should be operating right now.' Lucy frowns, pondering the circumstances, which leads her to assume only one thing. 'It has to be Ochaco!' Her Bioid disguise forms an out of place grin as she hurries to shut off the alert. 'I found you~.'

Uravity blinks in disbelief, almost like she didn't actually expect the door to be blasted open. "We're free…? We're free~!" She cheers joyfully. "I did it! I did it! I did it!"

"No way… You did it…" Kraab can't believe it either, the disbelief is almost sickening.

Cosmo smiles, her tail wagging happily as Uravity cheers and sings her own praises. The tethered and ripped up remains of the tentacles squirm and jerk but a quick growl from the hound has them hastily retreating back into the lagoon.

"Come on Cosmo! Hurry up girl! Before that monster comes back!"

"Bark!" Cosmo hurries and follows Uravity out.

As she passes by Kraab, the little cyborg hops onto her back like she was a horse. "What's with the pooch?"

"What's up with you?" Uravity frowns as they find themselves back in one of the ship's many hallways. "Time for answers. How'd you get here? Where's Deku and All Might? What happened to all of you?!"

"I want answers too ya know! What happened after Kamino?! Are there really only 6 other Plumbers on this whole ship?! Just what was your plan?!"

"So, yada yada yada…" Uravity immediately goes into a spiel about everything starting with the aftermath of the Kamino Ward and the coverup that followed like why and how she went about revealing the truth to her friends, or the totally bullshit reasons the Plumbers refused to send help but also how their Plumber friends came anyway, and then she goes over the overall plan to storm the castle and save the king and prince of U.A.

"Sheesh! Sounds like I missed a lot of plot development!"

"You did. But now it's your turn to catch me up!"

"So, yada yada yada…" Kraab immediately goes into a spiel about everything starting with Vilgax's crash landing in Kamino Ward, about how he stowed away on Vilgax's ride and followed them to All Might's and Deku's location, and how Vilgax managed to gather up a crew of insane psychopaths that are calling themselves the Negative Nine.

"The Negative Nine? That's such a cool name!" Uravity gushes for a moment at the name which causes Kraab to face fault to the floor. "But in all seriousness that makes sense, or at least that explains why Rojo and Sunder were here. But Nue's here too? And Malware? Damn, those two alone are gonna be enough trouble as it is. We better warn everyone." Uravity goes for her come set on the side of her head piece when she notices a little red-light blinking, indicating that someone from somewhere is trying to hail her.

["Purple Stuff to Pink Cheeks. Purple Stuff to Pink Cheeks. Do you copy?"]

'Who came up with these codenames? Bakugou?' Uravity grumbles before answering the call. "Lucy? Is that you? It's Uravity."

Lucy lets out a sigh before muffling it so as to not get caught by those potentially listening in. ["Thank goodness. Cinder called saying you got separated. Are you alright? Are you in a safe location? Do you need any assistance?"]

"I'm alright, smelly but alright. I fell into a vent, and it shot me out in a trash collector. But the good news is that I managed to locate Kraab."

"Bark!" Cosmo lets out a sharp bark.

"Oh, and Cosmo too!"


"Kraab's Deku's cyborg friend and Cosmo's a Spacedog!"

["...Oh, never mind. Anyways, now that I have your location I will guide you back to the RazorCrest as per Cinder's orders."]

As Lucy gives Uravity her next orders, Kraab remembers a key detail he failed to relay to Uravity earlier. "Oh! That reminds me the Omni-"

"Hang on!" Uravity shushes Lucy and subsequently Kraab too. "Listen! Thanks to Kraab I now know where All Might and Deku are being held! They're being held in the arena against their wills. And Nue, a member of the League of Villains, is with them! And so is Vilgax!"

Kraab nods along before trying to interject his vital piece of info. "Yeah! And also-"

["Well that's not ideal. But it does explain why I haven't had eyes on Vilgax yet, I'll see if I can locate this arena and scout out what's waiting there for us. If we're not careful our guys might be walking right into a meat blender."]

"We have to hurry! We have to get to them before the villains pull anything!"

["I agree. I'll notify Cinder and Magister Nezu right away."]

Kraab, at this point, has lost all his patience after being ignored for so long. "HEY! I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY!"

Uravity spins around and immediately chides him. "Then say it! No need to shout."

He gives her a seething look of annoyance before he finally lays it all out. "It's not just Deku we have to worry about. We have another issue at large: Vilgax. Has. The Omnitrix!"

One could hear multiple hearts dropping in that second, catching them all off guard with their breaths escaping them.

"There's no way…"

"Way…" Kraab reaffirms. "He had a device tailor made to extract the Omnitrix right off of Deku on a genetic level. Their connection was completely severed!"

["Oh god…then…then that means, Cinder and everyone else will be fighting a multi-superpowered Overlord."] Lucy's breath shakes across the com-set. ["The Mad Titan…"]

"Yes and no. There's more to it!" Kraab exclaims. "He didn't put the Omnitrix on himself, instead he gave it to one of his minions to take to the science wing!"

Uravity frowns. "What for?"

"I don't know, but it can't be good. But that's not all Vilgax had. He had this machine, he called the Charlotte Project and these Nomus."

"Nomus?!" Uravity's in disbelief, just how much were All For One and Vilgax working together? How did any of them never find out about this? Just how far did it go?

"Nomus." Kraab confirms. "And he managed to take their Quirks!"

A wave of fear nearly shoves Uravity to the ground, "L-like…like A-All For O-One?!"

"I-I guess, all I know is what I saw! H-he was wielding some crazy p-powers! He was stronger, s-scarier, and deadlier than before…there wasn't anything Deku could do to win…" Kraab shakes and shivers violently, his loosened bolts rattling against his dented haul. "It was like watching a lamb take on a lion."

Uravity can't believe her ears. How can a machine steal Quirks? Just what kind of machine is it? How can something like that even exist?

Lucy must be thinking the same thing as she struggles to come up with an appropriate response. ["I'll…I'll inform the Magister immediately. And Cinder…! And Patelliday…! We'll figure this out. We-we just need time to figure this out."]

"We don't have any time!" Uravity shouts, not caring at all if she's heard.

["But we can't rush into a fight we can't win!"]

"But what if we could?!" She insists, desperate and grasping for answers. "What if we got the Omnitrix back?! And what if Deku was able to team up with Cinder, All Might, and everyone else?! Then what?!"

["Well that would certainly improve their odds."] But Lucy doesn't sound convinced.

Kraab however… "I see where you are going with this. But there's just one thing, we don't know where this science wing is. And she can't guide us to and from the place while also reporting back to everyone else."

["I can locate the lab and send you its location. But there's no way I can guide you and keep you away from patrols while simultaneously diverting power away from the cannon and interfering with surveillance."]

"That's just great. So, then, what do we do?!" asks Kraab who really doesn't expect a good answer. "We can't just wander around and hope for the best!"

Uravity hates to admit it but the cyborg's right. They can't just run in blind, especially not alone. Kraab is currently useless in a fight and if they're spotted before they get there, that'll mean less time for her to get the Omnitrix back to Deku. If only there was an efficient way for her to find the science wing, get the Omnitrix, and then Deku. But what?!

"Wrrr. Wrr. Woof!"

Uravity peers down at the dog who's jittering in place with an excited tail and lol of the tongue. "Hey, girl…not now."

Cosmo frowns, and lets down a whimper, her tail failing. But then she rudely jams her snout into the hoodie wrapped around the girl's waist.

Startled, she shoves the dog's head away. "Woah, hey!"

"Grr. Bark!" Not deterred, Cosmo suddenly clamps down the black cloth and pulls, tripping Uravity forward.

"Cosmo! Stop it!"

Lucy, having heard the panic in Uravity's voice, calls out in worry. ["Uravity, what's wrong?!"]

"Cosmo, she-..." She pauses as the dog whips the hood around like a chew toy before letting go and taking off down the hall.

Cosmo sprints and stops just ten feet away before looking back at the girl expectantly. "Bark!"

"I…I think she wants me to follow her."

["Excuse me?"]

Kraab is watching the dog too, carefully observing its path. 'That way won't lead us to the arena…' He starts to consider the possibility. "Ya know. The Omnitrix was bound to Deku for a long time and was bonded to his genetic code. Which means-"

Uravity suddenly lights up in excitement. "It would have his scent!"

"It would be reeking of his scent." affirms Kraab.

"Cosmo!" Uravity turns to the dog who is happily wagging her tail. "Can you lead us to the Omnitrix?!"

"Woof!" She woofs as if answering back with a firm Yes.

With excitement that this can be done, Uravity quickly speaks back into the com set. "Lucy!"

["I understand. I will report everything we know back to Cinder and Magister Nezu. And in the meantime-"]

"We'll go to get the Omnitrix back."

THE PREVIEW for Ch.84:

'Such a short amount of time yet it will surely feel like an eternity.'

"We might not have the skills or the powers to sneak past them all. Nor the knowledge necessary to tamper with alien technology. But as for you two..."

"I know, I was there. But that doesn't mean that I agreed that we would do it! Honestly! Primates are so quick to presume!"

"So, that's what it does."

"You're capable, far more than we or yourself give you credit for."

"I trained All Might. I think I can handle a pair of teen girls."

"Ha! Take that you samurai-cosplaying weeb!"

"Let's hurry! No doubt those humans aren't faring too well without us."

"This is it everyone! We must make for one final push!"

*Sooooo I will be the first to admit it. But this chapter…was probably not what you were all looking forward to so much. At the time the idea of Ochaco fighting a Xenomorph was so cool. And now…I realize that I probably could have cut this whole thing out and combined it with the next chapter. Buuuut it took a month to write the whole thing so I wasn't going to just toss it! It was a matter of pride at this point. So, here we are. But I promise the next chapters are gonna be something else. Especially if the preview (as seen above) for the next chapter is anything to go by!

*UPDATES* So, this is how the updates for the next 4-5 chapters are going to work. I will post a new chapter every other Friday. So Ch.84 will be posted June 28. Ch.85 will be July 12. Ch.86 will be posted on July 26. Ch.87 on August 9. And, finally, if all goes well, we will see the finale of this arc with Ch.88 on August 23. OR it ends on September 6 depending on if I need to make the final chapter a two parter. *NOTICE* This finale is subjected to change based on how the last 25% of this Arc ends up.

*Like mentioned earlier, the last 25% of this arc is not complete (honestly I barely started this week because of how busy it's been). My hope is that by posting every 2 weeks I can buy myself more time to work on the finale. Plus, I want to hear feedback and see what you guys are excited to see. So yeah that is my plan. But like always "life finds a way" and I am going to be extremely busy the rest of this summer: like I am losing all my weekends from here on out. And that is literal. I am straight up gonna lose my weekends, not because of anything bad, but just for my own life's sake kinda deal. Either way the weekends have been when I can get the most writing done. And since I will be losing them from here till August, I cannot promise that I will even have the finale of this arc ready to go by the deadline of August 23/September 6. So, please bear with me and I hope to hear from you all as our dear friends rescue Deku and All Might.

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Responses for "Guest" reviewers from Ch.82:

Thunder Dragon: Okay time to review.

The bot Chopper nearly killed everyone with the Prison Break, Also the good guys are working hard and are relying on blind luck and brute force. This is not Good.

Also can I make a suggestion? You need to look at the Ben 10 and My Hero Academia crossover fanfic called Master Control. You will love it. It got on to TvTropes so you know it is good.

Also on implementing Cosmic Entities and Cosmic Level threats and possibly Dagon you can look at Silver Surfer 1998 on Disney Plus

Guardian-Sigil: Oooooh! I remember that story. I haven't read it but I remember seeing it around for a while

Side note I am leaning towards not including Dagon or his followers…but that isn't set in stone. So if I do decide to lean in that direction I will keep this mind

DeadCool14: Great action focused chapter, and yes I indeed caught the references.

Deku HAS to get Zedd now (or well later), it would be unfair for Ochako to have the cool dog, specially one with super powers. I even have ideas to give Zedd some abilities, so that she isn't just the Nemetrix.

If that was the boys' reactions, then when Deku sees Uraraka he's gonna full-on nosebleed XD

Will Deku also get a moment like that with the girls?

Where are those Dominator Droids from?

I kinda expected Tetrax to show Mina up with the hoverboard. Oh, maybe he could do that when Midnight is around and that's what gets her attracted to him XD. If you'll actually do it, of course

Could the S.A.G.E Gun be modified to work like the weapons in Dead Space?

Or, what if, Deku can modify it to work with his aliens, like he can turn it into brass knuckles for Four Arms

After this is all over will Hisashi start making model train sets like in Alien Swarm? Maybe to do something relaxing and stop smoking?

Since pure Mechamorphs can remember the blueprints of whatever they upgrade, can Malware do the whole kaiju thing whenever he wants?

Guardian-Sigil: Hahahahaha! References galore! Had to get them all out of my system before we get into the juicy stuff

Zedd will definitely appear down the line, but who will get her is for discussion. But it won't be Deku he already has a pet-I mean companion (i.e. Kraab)

Will Deku also get a moment like that with the girls? Well he kinda already did during the summer camp…just…minus the "outfit"

I made up the Dominator Droids on my own. Other readers suggested taking inspiration from the Ben Ten video games and I found diagrams of 3 types of Sentital Droids and 1 of them was white and another was kinda orange. Sooo the idea bloomed from there. You like them?

I have plans for the S.A.G.E. Gun; don't you worry

Hahaha! Hisashi might need a hobby for sure. Other then smoking but that's more for when he's under extreme stress

No. Malware cannot go all Kaiju whenever he wants. My logic is that the suped-up Upgrade quote-on-quote deleted those "blueprints" sort of speak when he defeated Malware. Plus Malware was combined with Wolfram in that moment so the transformation would be incomplete. But that said, Malware could always pull that Kaiju trick again down the line if he was determined enough to find a way

DeadCool14 (again): Is Deku gonna be jealous that everyone got to use the arsenal of alien guns except for him?

Will Deku have that Spiderman moment where he lifts something really heavy but without his powers?

And maybe that scene from Spiderman 2 where Spidey saves Mary Jane from the wall but with Deku and Uraraka?

I didn't say it had to be exactly like Don't Drink the Water, it could have just been someone's Quirk. Someone could be using their Quirk to make a fake Fountain of Youth, maybe a downside to the de-aging is the loss of memory.

I would really like to see your take on that episode. I imagine one thing would happen is that Mina would try to mess with little Deku to make him have a meltdown like in canon but it doesn't work and he calls her and Ochako mean bullies like everyone else so instead to cheer him on.

No, I'm not saying that Upgrade would create his own machines, just saying he could use his shapeshifting more. He just makes those shapes using his body and since his body is very malleable they wouldn't be very solid, but it would still be helpful. In case Deku mistransforms he could resort to that instead of worrying about finding suitable machines or just relaying on his eye-laser, that could be dodged

I think both Deku and Uraraka should start having feelings for each other after this is all over, I mean, how can one grow through so much together and help raise each other up to such a degree and not feel love for each other?

I imagine they both decide to put their feelings off during the exam because they don't understand them, and they either talk about it after or they finally realize that it's a crush after they encounter Darkstar and Kai. I mean, the beating Deku will give Darkstar later on feels a bit more than one would give for just a friend. And it could all culminates during Heroes Rising, where Ochako shares OFA with Deku via kiss

Oh! What if they become each other's comfort pillow? Maybe after Vilgax and Zs'Skayr Deku would sometimes get small panic attacks and Uraraka holding his hand or hugging him calms him down, and same thing with her

Guardian-Sigil: He'd feel left out but he won't be too jealous since he already has his own personal blaster and hoverboard

Aw, yes, that all inspiring scene…most likely he'll have his equivalent of it

I need to rewatch Spiderman 2 because I am blanking on the scene you are referring to

Well as for the Fountain of Youth…Eri is a character that exists… I will just leave that there ;)

I don't want to give Upgrade shapeshifting in that sense since Goop, Bloxx, and such already exist

Again I don't want to get into shipping. I like cool action, funny moments, and adding easter eggs. And not setting characters to go on dates. Not hating, I just don't want to spend my time writing about that stuff

And please I don't mean to offend, I just wanted to be honest

But sweet and wholesome moments are always welcomed

DeadCool14 (again x2): I think you should add Aggregor. In that arc Ben was pushed to his moral limits since being traditionally heroic only lead to the death of the Andromeda and the Guardian of the final piece and being brutal seemed to be the only way. He even went as far as to put people in danger to try to stop Kevin and then tried to kill him; it could be used as a set up to the final confrontation between Deku and Henzu, where he decides he needs to be ruthless and has kill him to stop him for good. That could be Deku 9,000's canon event, why he became cold, distant and ruthless, because he decided that to save lives he couldn't be the hero he always wanted to be nor a kind person, but a relentess warrior that destroys without discrimination if it's necessary.

Deku doesn't even have to scan the Andromeda 5; a difference in power between them should be enough. I mean that's probably why Aggregor wanted them, because they were the strongest among their species (that he found first)

Have you ever considered getting help with the story? Not that I'm volunteering, I would not be helpful at all XD. But y'know getting some people to help you so you can upload faster or when you're too busy with life, help with the spin-off?

Maybe someone to help with the romance aspect? Like, they help you make a side-story focusing on that while you just add small sprinkles of it in the main story?

Guardian-Sigil: I don't dislike Aggregor but I have reasons not to include him. And that's cause we have characters who…how should I say…resemble him. Or I guess, resemble his themes, and that I may use as inspiration for later. Basically, it's the logic of not having Melissa Shield at U.A. because the story already has a high-tech engineer in Mei Hatsume; kinda deal

And as for asking for help. I rather keep this in my hands. Yes it will take longer but I feel like it's better then trying to explain to someone else how I'm imagining this all

DeadCool14 (again x3): _ _ .com_/r/Ben10/comments/12tu85v/uaf_vilgax_redesign/

This is that UAF Vilgax redesign I told you about. Only delete the first three (_) the rest are needed.

And there is also a Vilgax made by CreatureFeature that would work really well too

Will Psyphon be like Nebula, like he can self repair aswell? Because he's a cyborg too. The scsene when Drax blasts Nebula would be perfect with him XD

Mina is gonna use Gwen's tracking ability?

Will Deku go to Ojiro to ask him for help about controlling his tail as Humungousaur? So he can slam people on purpose or grab and throw them with it?

When Deku gets Ampfibian, will he get some payback on the teachers and Pussycats for the Trial of Truth by using his mind-reading power? He asks them for help to train it and uses that as an excuse? Maybe make Pixie-Bob admit her actual age? Or that Aizawa actually thinks Ms. Joke is pretty? XD

Can Humungousaur choose how much he grows or is it just from base to full size? Also, can he armor up without growing first? That would help save in energy, and also maintain his manuverability

What if Grey Matter was like a Gliding Tree Frog? They have webbed hands and feet that they use as parachutes to glide. Either all Galvans could do this, stretching their limbs in such a way where they can do it, but they either forgot, don't use it or have evolved out of it, since they can fly with their technology. It could Grey Matter being more of a recon alien, and it would help him get into other places easier

Guardian-Sigil: Um…the URL was deleted. Try again with every letter "_" and also tell me the Title and Artist as well as what site it's on so I can track it myself

I have not thought about Psyphon's own powers TBH. But that's not a bad idea

Mina using Gwen's tracking? I forgot how Gwen used it. But I think Mina could eventually do something similar, but it'd be more of a radar type situation

Deku might go to Ojiro for help. Heck maybe that should be a series of Omakes/shorts where Deku gets help from classmates to learn his own aliens

Deku won't be that vindictive but it would be fun to get payback

Humungousaur cannot choose. It's one of two sizes and that's it.

Hmmm, I rather keep Grey Matter as is

DeadCool14 (again x4): *Will you do an Omake on Ochako's birthday? Maybe the Midoriyas actually fly her and family to Hawaii? Deku could do the sky drawing from Gwen 10 with Heatblast, he makes a speech to her, the both get caught up in the moment, he calls her by her first name and she kisses him on the cheek, and then they both explode into red XD

Guardian-Sigil: Sorry to say but no. I couldn't get to it, been busy focusing on work, life, and this current arc

Blue-Ranger Lyric: Wow, this chapter turned out to be more hectic than I thought I would be, with the Frankenstein Malware Ship going up against The Plus Ultra, the fights that's happened in the prison, and I imagine the fight in the hanger will be very hectic too, and I'm willing to predict that the Cannon group will be facing off against the Techadon and the Power Core group will be facing off against Nue, and I'm willing to bet that Ochaco will end up in a dumpster area and find Kraab there, and I have to say, it's interesting for Ochaco to get a new friend like Cosmo The Dog, now I'm wondering what kind of adventures they'll have together, and I'm not sure if it was strongly implied, but I got the feeling that Sunder has been killed off, especially if he didn't survive that explosion, and I see it was Tetrax that was All Might's Cellmate, very nice, and I can imagine Vilgax will not be happy with Rojo's failure to stop the intruders from not only going any further, but allowing the prisoners to escape too, and I'm also left to wonder how many people from the main group will break off to get the Omnitrix back, Unless Ochaco will be the one to do that when facing off against Ragnarok, in any case, I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next in this arc~

P.S. I'm curious what Ochaco had little reaction when Rojo called Deku her Boyfriend, I would have thought she would have gotten at least a little flustered about the thought of that, unless she actually thinks Deku is her boyfriend, but what say you?

Guardian-Sigil: Well 1 of your guesses was spot on. Now let's find out how right you were for the rest ;)

No, Sunder's not dead. He's alive…he's just…not gonna be moving for a while but we'll see him again

Yup, Tetrax Shard was All Might's neighbor. I tries to imply it "when he moves it sounds like shard of glass rubbing against each other" which is the sound effect used whenever tetrax and Diamondhead are on screen and moving about

And well as you've seen after this chapter it's gonna be Ochaco, Cosmo, Kraab and eventually Mina and Gran Torino to go off and get the Omnitrix back. Will they succeed? Stay tuned to find out!

I thought about giving Ochaco a reaction to that scene. But it cut the flow of the chapter in that moment so I decided against it. But in my head Ochaco was feeling more rage and fear than anything. Basically the situation itself was worth more of her attention then the verbal jab from a villain

Guest: Regarding what you said about the shipping thing, I'm not looking for any dating and all that, I'm just hoping for ship teases that shows that the characters have feelings for one another and sometimes think about them, and act a certain way when they interact with each other, like complimenting each other, blushing, just subtle things to show that there might be a future for those characters, nothing big and fancy, just some teases every here and there, that's all

Guardian-Sigil: Ship teases…? Now that I can do! But just as long as you don't expect anything of them until like the epilogue or something

DeadCool14 (again x5): *For reference: What JoJo pose did Tetrax make? lol

Also Happy (late) Holidays and a very Happy New Year!

Guardian-Sigil: The one pose/strutt everyone thinks of when they reference JoJo in any media

And Happy New Year to you too!

Metal Lizard: Now that was chaos with the Villain the Robots and the Prisoners Cosmo the Space-dog was definitely a surpise there and I wonder how he'll help Ochaco? and with all the Aliens that on Vilgax's ship casing havoc and could be a problem for The Plumbers and The Negative 9.

Guardian-Sigil: SHE is a good girl. And of course SHE will help Ochaco! And yes I know in the comics and other media Cosmo is a boy buuuuut I love the Guardians of the Galaxy movies soooo they won out here

Guest: I have been reading this story for years and you never disappoint. This story is in my top 3 favorites online. Please continue the great work and good quality!

Guardian-Sigil: I will! Thank you so much for sticking around and the support. And especially thanks for your patience!

Guest: Hey, I found a video that talks about Alien X and some dark themes that could come from using that transformation, But even if you don't use the information, I still hope you enjoyed the video regardless.


Guardian-Sigil: Sorry but the link isn't working. I think that either some of the URL is missing OR the video was taken down. If you could try one more time I would appreciate it. Also tell me the name of the video, who posted it, and such so I can at least track it down myself

Clock X: Great chapter I gotta say I admire the fact that you accepted,admitted and are looking to correct your mistakes in Ochako's character as a protagonist and beginning to balance her instead of her making her too I really look forward to how you handle it.

Btw,I have a few questions if you don't mind.

are you gonna have Izuku unlock Atomix?Like He is one of my favs in Ben 10 and while I get that you don't want to unlock aliens like Atomix,Way Big and Clockwork so soon because they are beyond planetary levels of power(Clockwork having restored multiversal timelines at once)but I would just be happy to get a hint about the in-universe timeline when you will introduce Atomix,like just saying that Atomix will introduced during the Shie Hassakai Arc or smth like that?

can we expect Izuku to unlock Gravattack?More than Gravattack being powerful,I am rather invested in reading about Izuku's struggles as Gravattack and Ochako helping him in learning about his capabilities even though her gravity powers are weaker and limited than his.

Izuku have his own 'Holding the Big Bang in his hands' or 'Using Alien X to restore the universe' kind of moment?I don't mean to say it to establish Deku as the OPiest in the verse(just having access to the likes of Way Big,ClockWork and Atomix cements him as the strongest) but rather to have him do it as a way of showing being the Greatest Hero in the Universe,who is willing to recreate the Universe or even hold a big bang in his hands to save the universe.

don't take Izuocha's relationship in the sibling I get it you don't wanna include ships in the story,not even the canon MHa ones like Izuocha,but I would appreciate you keeping them as best friends and leaving it as a possibility that they might get together in the future even

Guardian-Sigil: I'm trying my best. Again it was just a detail I overlooked for the sake of time and admittedly maybe some laziness on my part.

And I'd be happy to answer your questions. If I skip some it might just be because I don't want to spoil anything

Yes, Izuku will at some point unlock Atomix. As well as Alien X, Way Big, Clockwork, Gravattack, Kicken Hawk, Swampfire, N.R.G., Echo Echo, and every other Ben Ten alien that is canon (seen in the show) into this story at some point or another. Most of the aliens are all planned out already. For example I already plan on giving Deku an alien during the Shie Hassakai Arc. But I won't say who ;) I like surprises

Will Deku help create the universe…probably not. BUT only "time" will tell

Yeah, I don't want to get far into shipping either. So, we're good

TangoMPT: Ok so 3 or 4 chapters left for this Arc. Can't wait to see how it all ends. Will he making any big announcements at the end of this arc? Seems like then would be the perfect time to do it since we've just got done with a really extensive arc.

Also I know you mentioned that you haven't read 5YL yet but have you watched the Motion Comic version of it over on the Ink Tank YouTube? They have the first 6 chapters released already as videos.

Guardian-Sigil: Well more like 4-5, or maybe 6 chapters to go. And yes I will have an announcement or two at the end of this arc

I have been meaning to start 5YL, I promise I will get on it!

Gddggvd: I hope izuku gets back the omnitrix in this arc.

Guardian-Sigil: Well then hopefully Ochaco can keep her promises

Grimm: hey I have a question, will we see more techniques from the aliens? I always love when they give names to the techniques that the characters use, for example the fire tornado from Heatblast or the Halo run from XLR8, I can already imagine how some names for various aliens such as;


gravity knuckle: which consists of a punch with increased gravity

the repulsion cannon: which is a gravity wave directed at the opponent

or even use techniques from other animes such as gash bell's gurabirei

ditto (this one occurred to me because of the joke and reference it implies XD)

clone wars: a pack of Ditto that duplicates itself without stopping (I imagined it as a countermeasure for the sad man' parade of twice)


To get away from Endeavor's techniques you can use your own techniques or use characters like Ace from One Piece as inspiration (his attacks are on YouTube)

Guardian-Sigil: I for sure want to give all the aliens new techniques and Special Moves! Actually when this arc ends I need to sit down and list out every move I've given each of them. Because, I will admit, I forget

Guest: Hola! ¿Has oído hablar del meme de Ben 10 #Chaquetrix? ¿Qué piensas? ¿Estarías dispuesto a hacer una breve historia de qué pasaría si Deku obtuviera eso en lugar del Omnitrix?

( r/Ben10/comments/

1991kwh/chaquetrix_context_and_some_lore_only_text/) quitar el parrafo

Si no es gratis, ¿cuáles son los precios de comisión?

Guardian-Sigil: Pervert… NAW I'm just messing! Yes, I have heard about the Chaquetrix, too. So, I guess we're all perverts here. Hahaha! Anyway, it is certainly a "unique" idea and I have been a fan of what if Ben's aliens were sentient or like Stands from JoJo's Bizzare Adventure

I maaaay do an Omake with this premise but maybe after we get through this arc

Guest: What if you have a chapter where in the future Izuku and Ochaco have a daughter who has an Omnitrix and gets transported to the past and meets past Izuku, Ochaco, the rest of class 1-a, eraserhead, midnight, president mic, Nezu and all might.

It would be an interesting chapter to read.

I hope you consider the idea.

Guardian-Sigil: Well I plan to eventually start a spin-off of this story that has all the time travel, dimension hopping, and Professor Paradox stuff. Adding that to this story would be…too much

BlueRanger-Lyric (again): As a Proud Australian who's reads your Fanfic, I would love to see "Happy Australia Day" to all fellow Australians and all who support and love Australia!~

Guardian-Sigil: Oops. Maybe…tell me what day that actually is next time



Guest: Hello, same person from the Eon-in-main-story-NEVER comment. You are doing such a great job writing, I think it's incredible how you've been doing this for so long.

Some fan-art of that half of Class 1-A, teachers, and friends experiencing The Midoriya Special would be very interesting to see.

Was that an Among us reference with Lucy and the vent there?

SO MANY REFERENCES IN THE PRISON, I am certain that I didn't catch all of them. Someone, not necessarily you Guardian-Sigil, is going to need to make a list and post it.

I called it! Tetrax was All Might's prison neighbor.

I see that Cosmo the Space dog (MARVEL) is joining Ochaco for a while. (I think is't Cosmo, not positive about that guess)

Not asking for inclusion but Drako from TMNT 2003 had the coolest design in my opinion, except when he was fused with that one guy for some reason.

Until next chapter! And stay safe in this mad world we live in.

Guardian-Sigil: Thank you, that means a lot especially with how much i unintentionally make you guys wait for the next chapter

I have some pieces of fanart on the way, the artist is just taking a while to finish them

An Among Us reference? I don't know that seems sus to me ;)

I thought I left a list of references at the bottom of the chapter. Did I not? Just checked, the list exists

Yup! Tetrax was All Might's neighbor! Needed a way to bring him back and I did!

And you guessed right again, it was Cosmo! (MCU version)

I never watched the 2003 TMNT. Do you recommend it?

Guest: How did you feel about the resurrection of the Ben 10 fandom from a month ago?

Guardian-Sigil: Wait, it died?

Guest: Can we get a cameo of the Fallen from Destiny.

Guardian-Sigil: At some point I'll throw him in as a cameo, I'm sure

Guest: I'm wondering, when will Izuku's Omnitrix recalibrate like how Ben's Omnitrix recalibrated in the first episode of alien force?

Guardian-Sigil: I guess you'll have to be left wondering cause I ain't telling ;P

Guest347: I just realized something after binging the fic for weeks and that is;

Why has Izuku called Uraraka by her first name yet? They're supposed to be best friends and their bond is compared to that of a siblings in arms relationship(maybe even lovers if in another universe/timeline). I know its pretty unnecessary from a certain standpoint but they've been friends for more than a year now and he still hasn't called Uraraka by her first name, you don't have make it so, but it makes sense that Dekyu(I'm calling him that because of kyu is the no. 9 in Kanji and it sounds cute) is getting used to calling her Ochako(Ocha if you want). Tsu calls her Ochan in the Japanese dub, which is another reason why I advocate this

I really hope you consider that one day in a special moment Dekyu will call her by her First name soon, not for the sake of shipping but show a small gesture on how close and how far they've come since they met. You can try the idea or don't, its up you in general

Guardian-Sigil: I'm sure it'll happen down the line

Guest: I read this masterpiece again, and I'm curious about how the work will continue, especially after Deku recovers the Omnitrix.

If you still have plans for Deku's story traveling through the multiverse, I have two versions of him as a suggestion.

1. Izuku as Pegasus Saint, from Saint Seiya

2. Izuku as the Shadow Monarch, from Solo Leveling

Both are from worlds at a power level far above MHA, especially the first, and both worlds would force Izuku to use Atomix, Way Big and Alien X, and would be worthy adversaries for the enemies of these worlds.

Finally waiting for the next chapter.

Guardian-Sigil: So I plan on doing a separate spin-off of this story where all the time travel, dimension hopping shenanigans can happen

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x2): Hey, I found an interesting video of a "What if Deku had a Quirk" and thought that it could be a potential idea for an Alternate Universe Idea for your Fanfic, especially if the Deku of this Universe meets Professor Paradox, but what do you think?


Guardian-Sigil: The URL didn't work. I think parts of it got cut off. Also please next time tell me the name of the video along with who posted it, so I can just find it on my own

Guest: Are we going to see Looma before long. I really want to see the fight between her and one of the !-A boys and they get engaged as a result. I really want to see their reaction to that.

Guardian-Sigil: I want to do that chapter for sure. When it'll happen? I have no idea yet, but it'll happen

IvyHarleyT: I'd give Izuku Bloxx for the obstacle race just to see the confusion on everyone's face as what seems to be a being of Lego traverses the course and to see AllMights reaction to another form. Great chapter, I am absolutely loving this work of art. Stay safe fellow plumber

IvyHarleyT signing out

Guardian-Sigil: Thank you! Make sure you take care out there as well

Guest: Since the all know about aliens now after the abduction arc you should have a scene like in MIB when J had his first day and we saw all of the arriving aliens.

Guardian-Sigil: Duuude, you have no idea how happy you're gonna be

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x3): By the way, out of curiosity, if you ever decide to make alternate universes with different Deku's and different Omnitrixes, would you every consider including fan made Omnitrixes, like say the Chambatrix, the Carnitrix and arguably the most popular of them, the Chaquetrix (AKA Charmetrix) or will you sick to the official alternate Omnitrixes or make up your own different Omnitrixes for your fanfic?

Guardian-Sigil: Still too early to tell if I want to include them. For now I'll stick to my ideas for the time travel/dimension hopping spin-off story

Guest: Just an idea for an OVA but you could do something like from the episode Ken 10 but instead it could be with Eri, Kota, or Katsuma doing their first internship with Deku and they are trying to impress their hero and have his support.

Guardian-Sigil: That would be something

Gddggvd (again): I just imagine izuku transforming intro whampire and says: (whampire in the day time , in the dessert) and then screaming like crazy.

Guardian-Sigil: I love that scene. To the point that it lives in my head rent free

Guest: I have something interesting for you, Alesso08 (on twitter or X) adapted William Afton to the world of Ben 10, cool right?

Guardian-Sigil: …Who's William Afton? Ooooh! I get it

Guest: Look what I found on Twitter, something you can use for Echo Echo and Ultimate Echo Echo if you want to.

htt_ _m/trixth_ealien/sta_tus/177379289_460160_9224?s46_&tmVie_fVi5R1_Fl0CCO_aoh-pw

I hope you like the idea of it.~

Guardian-Sigil: They are very cool. Thank you for sharing!

Guest: Here's a link to some non-canon aliens you can use if you want

htt_ps:/ben1_ _ /w_iki/Cat_egory:Non-C_anon_Alie_ns

Guardian-Sigil: Thanks. I have access to the Google too :)

Guest: For your next Halloween OVA you should do a heist like in Brooklyn 99.

Guardian-Sigil: Believe me, I have thought about it

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x4): Hypothetical question, if Izuku was given a Sotoraggian and given the common theme of their names, would it be named Tenten like what the fandom named a Sotoraggian transformation for Ben, or would you call it Ninenine with you giving almost everything revolving around Izuku nine instead of ten?

Guardian-Sigil: I have thought about this and it would be Ninenine mainly because of the Deku being the 9th holder theming I keep referencing


you_ /P7dk_OzYlc_ME?sibzjEq_OFeix7Vf41b

Guardian-Sigil: I'm sorry but the link's not working. Either the video was taken down. Or parts of the URL were cut off. Either way I have no idea what you're referencing

Send me the "name" of the youtube video and who posted it along with the URL. This way I can at least look it up myself

Guest: Hey I have a question, now that you have also adapted the movies, will you adapt the new You Are Next movie? Since it is not canonical, will you adapt it in the other fanfic as a three-ove special?

Guardian-Sigil: I don't know. I need to see it first and also by the time we get to the vigilante arc and such I may or may not diverge from cannon at that point

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x5): I was quite surprised and intrigued with this Fan Made idea of a list of Banned Aliens from the Omnitrix, but what do you think? Would you like to use/hint/tease the idea of a Ban List for Izuku?

Here's the video where I found out about it you_ /7s_2djnqCz_cc?siJvUBP_cu891P-zU6U

Guardian-Sigil: The URL didn't work. I think parts of it got cut off. Also please next time tell me the name of the video along with who posted it, so I can just find it on my own

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x6): Hey, I just now thought of some additional equipment Izuku could use while in his human form, like if he does have or loses his hover board, he could ether be given a jet pack or rocket boots for increased mobility, and ether a wrist mounted retractable blade or a hand held sword for close quarter combat, or even a power gauntlet for powerful punches, and a grapple hook to ether capture, increase mobility or to grab onto things at a distance, because Izuku will need a variety of equipment so he's prepared for any and all obstacles that coms his way during his hero work, but what do you think of these ideas here?

Guardian-Sigil: I did think about giving Deku more gear for a while, but I actually think I need to cut out some equipment of his. Like the Omni-Shield, he only got one chance to use it as of now so I'm probably gonna drop it

PhoenixCinder: If you actually like the power struggle so much, then wouldn't it have been better to have Izuku start out with Fasttrack instead of XLR8?

Guardian-Sigil: Yeah, but, who likes Fasttrack?

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x7): Out of curiosity, if you were to give Izuku a Chimera Sui Generis Transformation, and given the nature powers you've given Vilgax, would it look something like this? ww_ _ /de_rp999_99/art/Ben-10-Suck_er-Punch-10_K-Gax-932428769 and if so, would you name it Gax or Sucker Punch or would you like to make up a name for that transformation?

Guardian-Sigil: it would probably look something like this, yes. Keep in mind I try to keep the descriptions of most of the aliens vague so you the reader can envision your favorite version (Classic, AF, Ultimate, Omniverse, etc.). Not sure what name I would give him: Overlord, Overkill, Payback, Sucker Punch, Gax, Reach, there's too many options!

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x8): I thought of something you could try when you introduce Albedo who looks exactly like Deku and you have then side by side and Deku's friends have to try and figure out who the Real Deku is, I thought of deep questions certain characters could ask, like Aizawa ask him how long Izuku's detention was after the day he went into a blind rage, or Todoroki asking what they talked about during the Sports Festival, or Bakugo asking him where he got the name Deku from, or Uraraka asking him what the name Deku means to him now and who changed the meaning of it for him, or maybe Hisashi asking him what he wrote in his last letter to him, but what do you think about the idea of those? And would you think of an explanation on how Albedo would know the answers to all but one of those questions, because there has to at least be one answer he couldn't figure out, like something as emotional as the Meaning of Deku now and who changed it for him, but what do you think of the idea of that?

Guardian-Sigil: I haven't quite thought out how or when I'm gonna introduce Albedo. But when I do this is certainly a good idea

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x9): Oh, and maybe also Iida asking Izuku if he wanted the credit for defeating the Hero Killer Stain for that same idea trying to figure out who is the Real Deku?

Guardian-Sigil: That is a good question

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x10): So after looking at 5:16 of this video htt_ps:/you_ /DIH_y6J23FVk?siwzuuu_4vDYnBs3cR7

And after watching this short video htt_ps:/you_ /3tTL1_5K2gdU?si196wy_ERnjpUefGTF

It made me wonder if you would do this gag to two characters that look and feel like their dating but technically aren't, like for example ether Ochako with Izuku or Kyoka with Denki or Mina with Ejiiro or maybe Momo with Shoto or even Toru with Mashirao, and have it play out similarly to the examples I've given, but what do you think of this gag idea?

Guardian-Sigil: The URL didn't work. I think parts of it got cut off. Also please next time tell me the name of the video along with who posted it, so I can just find it on my own

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x11): After looking at a Danny Phantom clip with Danny against Skulker, it made me think of another gag you could use in your Fanfic, where let's say for example, Izuku was fighting Vulkanus and Izuku asked him "What do you want Vulkanus?!" Then Vulkanus says something like "My Girlfriend say I'm a lousy Con Man, and selling the Omnitrix from your severed hand will change her mind" Then a stunned Izuku says "Wow…" then Vulkanus asks with a grin on his face "Frighten now?!" When Izuku says with a blunt but still shocked face "No… I can't believe you have a girlfriend…" Then Vulkanus stats with a mad but also hurt face "Now that just plain hurts…" But what do you think of this idea of a gag? And it doesn't have to be Izuku and Vulkanus, I just used them as an example for this gag, if you want to use it or now

Guardian-Sigil: Hahahahahahahaha! Yes to everything! Hahahahahaha!

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x12): So when you do write the part where Big Chill makes his Little Chills, will you use similar information and number of kids as what 5YL did with "The Ice Pack" from this link http_ _ _m/wiki/The_Ice_Pack Or will you do your own thing with their numbers, names and personality, and will you have Izuku be more involved with them as they grow up, so they don't feel abandoned like he use to? Because I can also imagine Tenya and Shoto expressing how important it is for Izuku to be a responsible parent for his children, even if Bakugo keeps calling him "Mommy" and I wonder what Aizawa thinks Izuku should do in regards to his Little Chills, but what do you think?

Guardian-Sigil: I will be doing my own number but the names are fine. That said…they won't be characters. Like do not get attached. They will show up and be gone just like in the show

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x13): htt_ps:/5_ _ _m/wi_ki/The_Ice_Pack

For the Little Chill thing I was talking about earlier

Guardian-Sigil: The URL is still broken but at least this time you gave me enough context so I could look it up. So thanks

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x14): I recently made a Commission with RZGmon200 to make a redesign of Omniverse Heatblast to make him look a little more like the Classic Heatblast, and I was wondering if you like it enough to have it as what Heatblast would look like in your TV Tropes site of your Fanfic

And here's the link to it~ htt_ _iant_ /rzg_mon_200/a_rt/Co_m-Heat_blast-re_design-1045464109

Guardian-Sigil: So I should state that I have no control on what gets posted to the TV Tropes page. I wasn't even the one who set it up. Heck I didn't know it was a thing until after the page was made for this story

And also, dude…I think you were robbed because if you pull up clipart of Heatblast Omniverse it is that exact piece of art you got but inverted and with a watermark

Also you picked the one alien who's design stayed consistent throughout each series: an alien like Stinkfly or Big Chill probably would have been better

Guest: After looking at this TikTok of the scene in HTTYD 3 about Hiccup warning Toothless about the dangers of relationships, it made me think that when Kraab and Hisashi noticing Izuku acting wired, and Inko realises that Izuku is in love, and at this point, Izuku could start having a crush on Ochako, and I can see ether Hisashi or mostly Kraab warning him by saying something like "Trust me Kid, Relationships are nothing but pain and misery" and as a result, earning a hit from Inko who is less than happy for ether of them saying that to Izuku, with them then saying "What did I say?!" But what do you think of the idea of that?

ht_tps:/ww_ _kt_ _m/ _ash_tonic_/vi_deo/7177577367425027370?_t8lqd32wWF50&_r1

Guardian-Sigil: It's certainly fun and cute. But I probably will never use it. Sorry but I don't really have any interest in writing about romance and shipping. I'm here for the cool action set pieces, dialogue that I "think" is witty, and references!

Guest: Hey Dude, I just recently found out that it's been Officially Confirmed by the creators of the Ben 10 Franchise that Ben can transform into a Dolphin and a Lab Mouse, so it makes me wonder if you'll have Izuku use those transformations too, be it in the main story or in an Omake chapter, and if so, would you include other intelligent Animals as well, like what's in this link here ht_tp_s:/se_ntie_ntme_d_ /which-animals-are-most-intelligent/ Or do you not want to include them all together?

Guardian-Sigil: No. He will only be transforming into Aliens that we have seen Ben Ten transform into in the SHOW. With only 2 exceptions; one being Rattle from the Halloween Special OVA in my side-story

quakers: is this ever coming back or is it abandoned

Guardian-Sigil: It's abandoned

Guest: When are we going to see Grand Admiral Thrawn?

Guardian-Sigil: Maybe someday

SwagN3rd: It's probably terribly late to say this (that's what I get for being late to the party, I didn't discover this story until recently) but wouldn't Arctiguana have been better? I say this because a good part of the fandom agrees that Big Chill is more or less a fusion between Arctiguana and Ghostfreak, now that Big Chill appeared first, the appearances of Arctiguana and Ghostfreak instead of being "a new power? Awesome!" Rather they are going to be like "another one? cool I guess", you know what I mean?

Guardian-Sigil: Yeah it is late. And I get it. I do. But for the record, I did not give into the masses. I always planned on giving Deku Big Chill before Artiguana. Was it the best decision? Maybe not. But it's what I chose. Plus I did have a certain logic behind it but I won't get into it due to spoilers. And finally I plan on giving Articguana some new abilities/powers to give him the boost and appeal he really needs

PhoenixCinder: Okay, well, that sounds great, but how about a reference here in this universe of the Green Lanterns and maybe even the Nova Corps? How about a cameo since the world of RWBY introduced us to a teenage version of Jessica Cruz and in the Marvel universe there is a fairly young Nova Corp named Samuel Alexander.

Guardian-Sigil: I have ideas for the Green Lanterns and maybe the Nova Corps. But that won't be for a long long long long time (years down the road)

Guest: Hey, I found a potential look you could use for Myaxx on Twitter. And here it is.


Guardian-Sigil: Very cool!

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x15): Hey, I just thought of something, since Detective Tsukauchi now knows about the existence of Aliens, will he then find a way to convince Inspector Tezuka and maybe even Fat Gum that that the "Villain" Hisashi was helping wasn't really a Villain, but just a fan of Cinder's who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the that the reason he didn't go to the police to clarify anything was because he was scared of going near the police because of his past encounter with them, and so Tsukauchi tries to paint it all as a complete misunderstanding and unfortunate situation, and maybe that could help them or at least Fat Gum give Hisashi another chance, and try and rekindle their friendship with him, or at the very least start trusting him again, but what do you think?

Guardian-Sigil: Nope. I have no real plans to address it. But to be honest all my ideas for after this arc are jumbled and under consideration so I have no real answers for you. Especially for relatively small issues/interactions

Guest: I'm curious about something. If at the end of this arc, if Izuku decides to finally forgive All Might for that day. Will Izuku get at least one of All Might's merch for his Dorm to symbolise the Izuku is willing to except All Might as his Hero again? Especially after watching All Might willingly fight against Vilgax and sacrifice his own Power and Hero Career to save him, in the hopes of finally making amends with him?

Guardian-Sigil: Potentially, it is something I've been trying to figure out for a while. Not quite sure how I'm going to go about it quiet yet

Guest: After watching this video here, it got me thinking of some characters talking if ether Bakugo or Rath would make it back, then ether Rath or Bakugo crashes somewhere not too far from them, then ether Bakugo or Rath emerges from the crater and loudly and triumphantly announces "I'm Back Bitches!" But what do you think, would you use something similar to this idea, or would you even want to use it at all?


Guardian-Sigil: The URL didn't work. I think parts of it got cut off. Also please next time tell me the name of the video along with who posted it, so I can just find it on my own

But in any case I would for sure use this reference at some point!

Guest: This video was just released, and if you decide to do IzuOcha stuff in this fanfic, I hope you'll do something similar to this~


Guardian-Sigil: The URL didn't work. I think parts of it got cut off. Also please next time tell me the name of the video along with who posted it, so I can just find it on my own

Guest: Oh, I could also see Kraab doing the "I'm Back Bitches!" too, but what do you think?


Guardian-Sigil: The URL didn't work. I think parts of it got cut off. Also please next time tell me the name of the video along with who posted it, so I can just find it on my own

But I guess I already brought Kraab back. Yeah this suggestion might have come a little too late but I'm sure to use it at some point

Guest: After looking at this short video, it got me thinking, what would happen if this happened to Kraab for ether a whole Chapter or for an Omake, and I can see Mina being the one that keeps talking about his memories and Bakugo remarking that this is an important and not wanting Kraab to talk to him, but what do you think?


Guardian-Sigil: Hahahahahahahahaha! Okay, that was gold! Definitely have to use this one somehow some way

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x16): Something accrued to me when remembering a certain scene in the "Secret of the Omnitrix" movie, and things are currently going in this arc, what if after losing Izuku to Vilgax and getting him back, it could cause her to realise how much she really cares for Izuku and doesn't want to lose him, caring about him more than she realises, makes enough to sacrifice herself to save him from the Florauna ambush, and after Izuku loses her, thinks she's dead and then finds her alive again, maybe that could help him realise that she matters to him more than he thought before, and that would cause the two of them to be even closer than before, maybe even get them to start considering if their feelings for each other might be deeper than ether of them previously thought, and could be the spark that could start them developing deep and maybe even romantic feelings for each other, or something similar to that, but what do you think about this idea bud? I hope you'll at least consider this idea as a way to at least get IzuOcha started from that point and have it brought up and sprinkled here and there throughout the story, but it's ultimately up to you if you want to use this idea or not.

Guardian-Sigil: Maybe. it is a super sweet and impactful scene for sure. But I have little to no interest in writing about romance and shopping. teasing ships sure, but going throguh with them doesn't really interest me. Not that they are bad but I just prefer writing cool action scenes and stuff

I'm a simple guy (shrugs)

Guest: I found this piece of Fanart of the Forever Knights, and am curious as to see what you think of it.


Guardian-Sigil: Those are cool. And they might work since I was gonna have the Forever Knights operate as different factions or rather as different kingdoms. So would be nice to differentiate how each one looks.

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x17): Hey Guardian-Sigil, I would like to let you know that if you would like to make Commissions of Artwork for your Fanfic with the InkTank artists, I have links you can use to contact them and make commissions with them, otherwise I would be more than willing to make the commissions for you on your behalf, but only if you would like me to.

Here's the links for you



Guardian-Sigil: Thanks but no thanks. I appreciate the offer and what you're trying to do but I can take care of this kinda stuff on my own. You don't need to pay for anything on my behalf

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x18): By the way, I found another Artist you or I could potentially make commissions with for your Fanfic


Guardian-Sigil: Thanks

VanillaLion: to "SwagN3rd", honestly, I think the reaction of "I mean I'll take it, but I already had a better version of this" is more accurate, and as for you author, not to offend you, I love the story and I like your work, but I honestly think you made a very bad decision when you chose to give into popular demand and use Big Chill instead of Arctiguana, the only three things Arctiguana had going for himself were that first he is one of the only two ice aliens, second that he had made his appearance long before Big Chill did, and third that he was first seen under a special circumstance, which is that the first person who used him was not the protagonist (Or at least not the main Ben) it was a future version of himself, between the fact that Big Chill appeared first and that Arctiguana will probably appear with the main Izuku and not some kind of alternate version, he already lost two of the things that made him memorable, Ghostfreak is less affected by this because he still has his own special circumstance (I'm referring to the whole Zs'Skayr escaping thing), but I think it's pretty clear why this decision doesn't look good to me.

Guardian-Sigil: Well it's all good to me either way. I was gonna give Articguana some new powers anyway to differentiate

Plus if being repetitive was an issue then Deku wouldn;t already have 3 different electrical based aliens

Guest: I looked at some of these TikToks and I was wondering if something like this from KND (Kids Next Door) sound could be used in your Fanfic, like as a joke maybe? But it's up to you if you use this idea and with which characters, I hope you'll at least think about it bud

Here's a list of them





Guardian-Sigil: Hahahahahahaha! I love this! I love this! I love this! Absolutely, yes!

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x19): I was recently thinking about how plain and simple Spitter is as a transformation, that all he has do is spit geysers of Slime, and I thought "Is that all he can really do, not really strong or flexible as a standalone alien compared to the other transformations" and then I started thinking, what if Spitter could spit more then just slime? What if he could spit other kinds of liquids, like a slime that slippery like grease, or a quick hardening liquid that hardens almost immediately after contact like quick cement, or an acidic liquid that can melt through almost anything, or a Gelatinous liquid that could be very sticky and flexible to trap opponents or maybe even to increase it's own locomotion, but what do you think of this idea, would you like to use it since you've added powers to aliens before, to you want to keep Spitter how it is?

Guardian-Sigil: That is an idea. I have some other abilities in mind too like maybe he can bounce around like a bouncy ball or something

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x20): I thought of something else that could potentially work in Arctiguana's favour over Big Chill, especially in regards to their Ice Powers, like what if Arctiguana's Ice Beams are stronger and Colder then Big Chill's Ice breathe, like for Big Chill, it takes him a little longer to freeze things were as Arctiguana's Ice Beam can almost instantly freeze whatever it hits, and that helps balance them out, especially since Big Chill can do other things too, but what do you think?

Guardian-Sigil: I always assumed this was the case. But I got several powers and abilities of my own in mind for Articguana

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x21): Hey, remember that Aizawa's Hashi idea I talked about before, well I found art of the ones I was talking about plus one more, and here they are~ I hope these pieces of art will help you figure out what you would want in Aizawa's Hashi, be it ether using what's here, or making up some of your own ones, depending on how many students Aizawa has in "The Hashi" or whatever you want to call it, regardless, I hope these help you~





Guardian-Sigil: Thanks

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x22): I just looked at a comment on the TMNT Hashi scene, and what it said seems interesting to me, and I thought you should hear it, maybe it help figure out what punishment Aizawa could give to each of his students in his Hashi, and here it is

"The turtles are punished with exercises that highlights their weaknesses.

Leo has trouble with balance, so he is balancing himself along with eggs.

Mikey can't seem to sit still, so he is forced to maintain one position or else he'll fall.

Raph has trouble doing delicate things so he basically knits while maintaining his balance.

And Donny has issues with focus so he has to keep that ping-pong ball moving all while maintaining his balance on a platform."

"How so?"

"Raph's temper, Donnie's concentration, Mikey's patience and Leo's perfectionism."

But what do you think about this, will it help, or do you want to use this Hashi thing at all?

Guardian-Sigil: It'll help. Not sure when I will get to all these but I'll try

Guest: Vilgax Fanart I found and curious of what you think of it


Guardian-Sigil: Woah, now that is epic. Very cool

Guest: Now that Power Loader knows about the existence of Aliens, it makes me wonder if he'll get an Astromech Droid of his own, since I can definitely see him having one, even on U.A. School Grounds, and I'm also curious how long it'll be before Mei Hatsume ether finds out by sneakily following Power Loader to Plumber Base, or if Power Loader decides to let her in on secret so she can help him with understanding Alien Technology and how to integrate them into U.A.s own technology, because I see Hatsume finding out about Aliens at some point, especially if she gets really curious about Alien Tech

Guardian-Sigil: Power Loader with an Astro Mech…WHY NOT!? And yeah I kinda have a vague idea that Hatsume will find out

Guest: I reread the chapter where it showed Ghostfreak's vulnerability to the sunlight, and I thought of another way you could fix this inconsistency, what if it was because the Omnitrix Izuku still has is a prototype and still has some issues and errors, what if that was the reason Ghostfreak's skin didn't protect him from the sunlight, because the DNA of that transformation was ether imperfect, incomplete, faulty or there was a glitch regarding that transformation, resulting in the protective skin not working and Zs'Skayr being able to influence that transformation, something that Azmuth could fix and make the transformation more complete and be fully under Izuku's control, with the Skin doing it's job and with no changes of Zs'Skayr being able to control it, especially if Izuku gets Ghostfreak back after losing it, but what do you think?

Guardian-Sigil: Nope there is no inconsistency. In this universe all Ectonorites are weak to sunlight. Period.

Guest: Have you thought about Henzu maintaining the alien powers he absorbed after returning to normal?

Guardian-Sigil: He won't retain them plus by then I hope to introduce Albedo so two people walking around with the same powersets as Deku is too much

Guest: Something I found to be rather interesting with how much Ochaco cares about Deku. Even against Bakugo


Guardian-Sigil: Oh, snap! Bakugou's got nothing

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x23): By the way, I don't know if this was asked before, but since Aoyama is no longer the U.A. Traitor, how are you going to explain his Quirk and everything else about him, since his entire story arc is about him receiving Navel Laser from All For One in exchange for him being one of All For One's disposable pawns and entering U.A. So he could do All For One's bidding from within?

Guardian-Sigil: He was born with a Quirk and he has no association with AFO

But I might still change this but as for now this is my story's cannon

Guest: Vilgax is going to be the big bad for the whole series right. Like how AFO is.

Guardian-Sigil: Absolutely. Think how there's Thanos (Vilgax) and Dr. Doom (AFO) in Marvel comics

Guest: oye si ases un cap espesial de y si izuku tubiera el chaquetrix. hahaha. aeias que en ese universo fue hisashi quien sugiroo crearlo

talves hisashi cuando era un adolesente en sus 17 y aun no conosia a inko y mo tenia novia. conosio a azmuht y bueno paso lo que paso

hahaha me imagino las acraa de todos que toda esta mierda paso por culpa de un hisashi que solo queria perder si virginidad. siendo un joven de 17 años

hahaha. me imagino la inetrasion de algunos con las alien del chaquetrix. xd

Guardian-Sigil: It would be a sight to behold

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x24): There's something I've been thinking about a lot lately, and it has to do with Way Big, more specifically how I think others would react to his name, like I can imagine other characters saying something like "Of all the names you could have given that transformation, you went with "Way Big"?! I mean you could have named it Titan, Giant Man, Colossus or even Ultraman for Peter's Sake, but "Way Big" Really?!" Or something along those lines~

P.S. How big do you plan on making Way Big, since his size hasn't been very consistent in the canon, like in some episodes his larger then a gigantic statue and in some especially, he's smaller then skyscrapers, so what size are you thinking about giving him? Personally I think he should be large enough for him to be able to contest with Titans from the Monsterverse, or at the very least Kaiju from Pacific Rim, but what say you?

Guardian-Sigil: I had the same thought but I've been sticking with all the OG names up till now so I'm not gonna change that trend. I'll make it sure, not to worry

I still have no idea how big I'm gonna make him. Been struggling with that myself honestly

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x25): A commission I made for the Techadon you can use as reference for your Fanfic, especially since it's the appropriate colour you describe it to be, in Omniverse Art Style~


Guardian-Sigil: I will admit this is cool. And a better design than the OG Techadon from Alien Force. Thank you so much, I will definitely refer to this. Next time the Techadon appears in story check out latest chapter on the AO3 site and you'll see the artwork there

Guest: Hypothetical question, if you had decided to have Izuku start with 10 aliens instead of 9, what would you most likely have chosen to be Izuku's 10th starter alien?

Guardian-Sigil: Not sure…I have ever alien's entrance planned out. And it's been so long since I made that list. Hmmm…maybe…man this is a hard one. Um, Eatle, or may ChamAlien, or Crashhopper? I'm really not sure. Good question

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x26): Out of curiosity, if you were to ever consider including the Antitrix to your fanfic, would you give it to Vilgax since he created the watch, or if it had to be given to a Human character, would be an OC (Who could also be Quirkless) who was taken in by Vilgax to receive it in exchange for his/her service and loyalty to him, or to Shigaraki so the League of Villains could have an Omnitrix wielder of their own or to a cured Henzu so can be Izuku's equal and opposite, but what do you think?

P.S. If you were to give it a look, would you use the Reboots design or some Fanart redesign, like these two I found, and I hope you like them~



Guardian-Sigil: I am assuming this is a concept from the Ben Ten reboot. I tried to watch it but it's not for me. So I will not be using any elements from that show

Sorry, but the designs are cool

Guest: It looks like we're entering what I assume will be known as the Epilogue Arc of the MHA Manga

Guardian-Sigil: Epilogue Arc? I don't think so. MHA ain't ending quiet yet. Second Year at U.A. here we come!

Guest: I found this short video from Family Guy, and I'm hoping you'll use this joke in one of a future scene, ether in your main story or in your side story, just as long as it gets used somewhere, if at all


Guardian-Sigil: The URL didn't work. I think parts of it got cut off. Also please next time tell me the name of the video along with who posted it, so I can just find it on my own

BlueRanger-Lyric (again x27): Out of curiosity, if you were to give Albedo's Heatblast it's own look, would you make the colour of it's flames Red to fit the theme of him being red, or Blue to make it look or feel like his flames are hotter then Izuku's Heatblast?

Guardian-Sigil: Not sure. Like I mentioned before I have vague/jumbled ideas for the small details for everything after this chapter. Do I know that will have Albedo yes, do I know how his interaction with Iida will be like? No. Will I have the Forever Knights? Yes. Do I know every fine detail of their different factions' uniforms? No. And I rather not put my foot in my mouth and promise one idea and then find out I like something better

Sorry again for the vague answers but it's cause I don't really have an answer for you