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Chapter One - Motivations

Ichigo and Renji soon arrived on the rooftop where Orihime was healing Rukia. "You lost control didn't you?" Rukia asked Ichigo after noticing the grim expression on your face

"Yeah." Ichigo mutter with fear clearly evident in the tone of his voice

"If you are worried about that hollow inside you then you should ask Kisuke for help. I mean the guy is the one that trained you after all." Rukia suggested

"No. He has already done enough by training me. This is a problem I have to figure out on my own. Besides something about my hollow isn't right and I'm not talking about the fact that he is trying to take over my body." Ichigo shot down Rukia's suggestion, his voice still sounding kinda sad. "I'm going home Rukia. There is something I need to do but first I'm gonna need some sleep." he continued before jumping down the rooftop and walking to his house. Truthfully he wasn't planning on sleeping once he gets home. No, he had something different in mind.

Rukia, Renji and Orihime then looked at each, trying to figure out Ichigo's actions but none of them have the slightest clue on what the strawberry was up to.

"You think Ichigo will be alright?" Orihime asked, obviously worried about her crush

"He will be. The guy is one tough bastard. I don't think his hollow be much trouble to him." Renji reassured her but he knew his words were empty, the last part at least. He did see the last part of Ichigo's fight. His Hollow had the arrancar of the ropes and was about to finish off Grimmjow before Ichigo managed to regain control. Truthfully it also made Renji worry about Ichigo.

Rukia on the other hand, was simply staring at Ichigo's shrinking figure while still trying to figure out the strawberry's action. 'What are you planning to do Ichigo?' she thought worriedly

-Ichigo's house'

Arriving in his house after a few minutes, Ichigo opened the window and returned to his body, removing the bandages on him shortly after. He then layed down on the bed and started to think hard. What really got his attention was what Grimmjow said. 'Whatever that thing was.'

It was only then that Ichigo realized that if it wasn't for his inner hollow, Grimmjow would have crushed his head already. He then reflected on his battles in the Soul Society and remembered something very important. The only reason he ever made it out of that place alive was not simply because of his efforts but because his hollow saved his life, especially in his fight with Byakuya where his body was creaking from the strain of using his bankai without proper understanding of how it works or getting used to its spiritual pressure. It wasn't only that though, in his fight with Zaraki and Renji, his hollow formed a mask on his body, which according to Hanataro and Yoruichi, absorbed the most fatal of blows from his two opponents.

Realizing that his hollow has some sort of motivation and not just trying to take over just for the hell of it, Ichigo wanted answers and so tried to enter his inner world and confront his hollow. Unfortunately for him, this is the first time that he wanted to enter it by himself as the first time he was inside his inner world it was because of his transformation during his training with Kisuke and the second time was when Zangetsu brought him there during his fight with Zaraki. After a few minutes of cursing and grumbling about not knowing how to do it, he was finally able to enter his inner world.

When he entered though it was not Zangetsu that was in his inner world. It was someone who looked exactly like him but with opposite colors. He knew who this entity was. It was his inner hollow.

"Hey! Long time no see, King. What's wrong? By the expression on your face you look glum." the hollow greeted him with a massive evil grin on his face

Ichigo's eyes were wandering his inner world while trying to find someone. "Where the hell is Zangetsu? Answer me!" he yelled at the hollow

"Given that you came here in your human body and not your soul reaper form, I'm guessing that you are not here to fight me, are you Ichigo?" the hollow stated, completely ignoring Ichigo's question all the while still maintaining his grin

'Fight him? What? Why would I have to fight him?' Ichigo wondered to himself. Normally he would be furious at his question being ignored but he just let it slip this time as he was too busy thinking about something. "No I am not. Just who in the hell are you and what do you want with me? I don't think you are just some guy trying to take over me for absolutely no good reason. Unlike what I was told about hollows you certainly don't act like one, especially since you saved my life more times than I would ever care to remember." Ichigo asked blunty which surprised the hollow and causing silence to take over for a few moments

His grin disappeared upon hearing those words and turned into a serious frown. 'Crap! It seems he has managed to figure it out. At this rate he is gonna figure out the truth about me and the old man or at the very least, suspect that something is off between us. Looks like he's gonna have to learn how to use his hollowfication or things won't go as how we want it to. However I am not gonna just give it to him for free. In that case there is only one thing to do.' the hollow pondered. Inwardly he was actually very surprised and felt slightly happy that the gears in Ichigo's head were now turning however he was never gonna say it out load. "Urahara's shop. Tomorrow morning. First thing when you wake up." the hollow ordered Ichigo with a serious expression on his face.

"Wait, what?" Ichigo asked, confused

"When you wake up, I want you to go to that dumbass shopkeeper's shop and borrow one of those things that forcefully manifests the zanpakuto." the hollow told Ichigo while still retaining his serious look. Ichigo was about to say something before he continued. "You asked me a question didn't you? You did get some of it right in what you just said however I will clarify it and it will make much more sense if we do it outside."

"Fine then." Ichigo muttered, understanding what the hollow just said. Inwardly he was in a state of shock. He had never seen his hollow look so serious before. The guy usually would just keep mocking him with a maniacal laughter. Seeing his hollow serious meant that he was in no mood for arguments. Ichigo didn't want to argue either. He wanted answers and if he would get them this way then he'll do it.

"Before you go Ichigo, I just wanna give you a parting thought. Do not trust the soul society. Just keep this between the two of us and do not mention this to anyone, not even Kisuke Urahara." the hollow stated as Ichigo was vanishing from his inner world.

Confused by this, Ichigo gave a nod nonetheless. He may not trust his hollow completely, but after his conversation with him, the least he could do was give him the benefit of the doubt. He then went to sleep after leaving his inner world, obviously wondering what the hollow was up to.

"Well, seems like he is not as stupid as I thought after all. Either that or he is starting to mature and use his brain." the hollow said to nobody in particular.

Unknown to Ichigo, while he was conversing with his hollow, Rukia came into his room and checked on him. Fortunately with how tired he was, he didn't make it particularly obvious that he was in his inner world and his body looked like he was just sleeping. Rukia then decided to go to the room that was lent to her by Ichigo's family and went to sleep herself.

-Visored Hideout-

The Visored all have sensed the various battles around them. In fact they even knew that the arrancars have arrived in town however they chose not to take action. They also felt it when Ichigo hollowfied during his fight with one of the arrancars.

"So baldy, when do you think Ichigo will come to us for help?" Hiyori asked her fellow visored

"We can't be entirely sure. However with the situation of his hollow as it is, I don't think it would be too much longer before he realizes he can't control it on his own." Hachigen answered before Shinji could respond

"Why don't we just kidnap the guy?" Hiyori suggested

"Dumbass, if we did that we'd only be drawing attention to ourselves." Shinji replied which caused Hiyori to smack him in the face with her sandal

"Don't call me dumbass,baldy! We could kidnap him discreetly and bring him here." Hiyori yelled at Shinji's face

"Then he won't be able to trust us to help him." Hachi stated which drew everyone's attention to him. "We need Ichigo to trust us that we will be able to help him control his hollow, otherwise he would just run away without giving us a chance. I propose we just wait until Ichigo decides to approach us before we help him." he continued

"Wait, how is he supposed to find our place in the first place?" Rose joined the conversation

"Well, I could just release tiny bits of my spiritual pressure so he could find our hideout." Shinji responded

"And what if he still doesn't come baldy?" Hiyori yelled at Shinji again

"Then I will go check on him." Shinji said seriously which caused the rest of the visored to nod in agreement. "Alright if it's settled then we just chill until he decides to come to us."

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