My Alien Academia

Chapter 1


When it came online, it immediately knew that two extremely important parameters had been met. First, it was no longer within scanning range of the Prime User; since its scanners could cover an entire planet, that meant that the Prime User wasn't on the planet, or he was dead. Second, it was no longer in its previous location, which meant that it had either been lost, or stolen.

Satisfied that it wasn't in the hands of someone unworthy, it began to search for an appropriate user. At first, its scans showed such strange readings that it had to perform a self-diagnostic to make sure that it was not malfunctioning. Since it was not, and the unknown variables were not included in its parameters, it excluded them from the search. That was a shame, since there were likely potential users there, but it now meant that it had much less scanning to do.

It took some time, but eventually, it located a suitable user. The hard part would be convincing him to take up the mantle. But it was confident in its success; after all, who didn't want to be a hero?

Midoriya Izuku was not having a good day. That was true for most of his days, not that he would admit it. If it wasn't bullies, it was the everyday pressure that came with being a teenager—another thing he wouldn't admit to.

No, today was special, but in a bad way. On the one hand, he had met his idol—All Might, Symbol of Peace, Number One Hero in the world, and, in Midoriya's opinion, greatest human being alive. On the other hand, that same idol had taken his dreams, torn them into tiny pieces, ground those pieces under his big boot, and then set them on fire for good measure.

The real problem was that, for all that it hurt, All Might was right to do so. Midoriya wanted so badly to be a Pro Hero, to have his own agency, to save people with a smile, just like All Might. Unlike All Might, he had no Quirk; unlike eighty percent of the world, he had nothing that made him special. He couldn't shoot lasers from his eyes, he couldn't fly, and he wasn't strong. He didn't even have the Quirks of his parents; granted, being able to summon small objects to his hand like his mother, or breathe tiny amounts of fire like his father didn't sound like Hero-worthy Quirks, but at least then he wouldn't be quirkless.

At least then he wouldn't be picked on for being, as Kacchan called him, 'a useless Deku'.

'You can't be a Hero without a Quirk,' All Might had said, once Midoriya got over his true form. 'Join the police or something, but if you try to be a Hero, all you'll do is get hurt.'

What All Might didn't know was that Midoriya was already hurt; nothing could hurt more than being told by the person you looked up to more than anyone that he couldn't have the thing he wanted most in the world.

And then he had left, leaving Midoriya stuck on that rooftop, trying to figure out how to get down for almost an hour. At least he had reminded All Might about the Sludge Villain before he'd left, and had even gotten a thank-you as the Hero flew off into the distance.

"I should just go home," Midoriya said, and kicked a stray can that got in his way. "Maybe Mom's cooking will cheer me up."

Unlikely, but it was possible; even if his mother didn't believe he could be a Hero—no one did—she at least loved him with all her heart.

The one bright spot in my life, he thought bitterly. It's not like this day can get any worse.

As if the universe heard him, Midoriya was suddenly blinded by a flash of green light. He threw up his hands to shield his stinging eyes; tears were already flowing, though frequent bouts of crying were common in the Midoriya family. When the spots faded from his vision, he searched for whatever had done that to him; he saw the light again, but this time it was just a small, green glow that came from inside a cardboard box that was in the entrance to an alley. Curiosity getting the better of him, Midoriya walked over to the box and opened it.

"That… is the ugliest watch I've ever seen," Midoriya said out loud. "Wait, is this thing even a watch?"

If he was being honest, the device he saw looked more like an armored green wristband. If he put it on, it would have gone about halfway up his forearm—not a hard feat, given how small and scrawny he was—and seemed to be made of a thick material. At one end of the device was a large dial with a green hourglass symbol that glowed softly.

"Why did it shine that light?" Midoriya continued to ask; his words dissolved into a storm of mumbles, something he often did when lost in thought. "Did walking by it trigger some kind of motion-detector? Is it a lost Hero Support item? Maybe I should hand it over to the police, it obviously isn't mine, but it's not every day I get to touch a real Hero Support item. Does it belong to a Hero I know? I can't remember any Heroes having anything like this—"

As he muttered to himself, he failed to notice that the device was starting to move on its own. He didn't even realize that it was floating in the air until it slid over his left hand and secured itself around his arm.

As a fourteen-year-old whose biggest fear was bullies, Midoriya did the most sane and rational thing he could do under the circumstances.


He ran around in circles, wildly flailing his arm in an attempt to get it off. In his panic, he failed to notice the brick wall until he ran into it. He fell backwards into the dirt with a gasp of pain.

"Why me?" he moaned, and tugged on the gauntlet with his right hand. "Why me?"

"Because you're worthy," said an unfamiliar voice. "Can't say I was expecting you to hit the wall like that, though. Seriously, are you okay?"

Midoriya sat up and turned around. Standing there was a boy who couldn't have been more than a few years his senior. He was taller—not a hard feat—and in better shape—again, not hard. He had rather plain brown hair—at least Midoriya could say that his own messy green hair was more interesting—and green eyes that were like Midoriya's. He wore unassuming jeans and a black t-shirt; what stood out was the green jacket with the number 10 on the left side.

Midoriya approved of the color green; in his fantasies, his Hero Costume's primary color was green. For a moment, his mind wandered; maybe he could incorporate a green jacket into his design when—wait, no, that wasn't happening. Because All Might said he couldn't.

He then realized that he hadn't answered the boy's question. "Um, yes! I'm fine!"

"Glad to hear it," the boy—who looked American, now that Midoriya thought about it—smiled. "I'd rather not have a user with brain trauma."

"User? What?"

"Right, I should introduce myself." To Midoriya's amazement, the boy flickered like an old-fashioned TV screen. "You, Midoriya Izuku, have been chosen to wield the Ultimatrix, a device of incredible power; it will allow you to turn into aliens from another universe! You were chosen because you want nothing more than to help people as a hero. Congratulations!

"Of course, you probably have no idea what's going on, so I was designed by the previous user to assist you. I'm a virtual tutorial program, based on the appearance of the previous user, Ben Tennyson; if you like, you can call me Ben."

Midoriya was starting to get dizzy, though he couldn't tell if it was the rush of information, or because he'd hit his head a few minutes ago.

"Uh… huh?"

The hologram—and as he stepped forward and through a loose brick, Midoriya realized that 'Ben' really was a hologram—shook his head.

"Sorry, I was kind of programmed to give you that whole sales pitch as soon as possible. You probably have a million questions, so let's get started." He looked around for a moment. "Actually, I'd suggest you go somewhere a little more private. I can only be seen by the bearer of the Ultimatrix, so if anyone comes along, you're going to look crazy."

Midoriya stared at him, and then at the gauntlet—the Ultimatrix—on his arm. If this was some kind of head-trauma-related hallucination, he could at least play along until he got home and asked his mother to call an ambulance.

The Midoriya household was modest, but comfortable. With his father away on business nearly every day of the year, there was plenty of space for just him and his mother.

And the hologram, apparently, who was now floating near the ceiling because, as he put it, 'it was fun'.

"So, those questions?" 'Ben' prompted.

"Oh! Right." Midoriya held up his left arm. "You said this thing, the Ultimatrix, chose me?"

"Technically, I chose you," the hologram admitted. "I was added after the Ultimatrix's construction, in case a new user had to be found."

"Why did you choose me? And what happened to the previous user?"

"In reverse order… well, I'm not sure what happened to Ben Tennyson. I've scanned this entire planet, and came to the conclusion that I'm not on the same Earth anymore—and, yes, there's an entire multiverse; don't worry about it right now. Anyway, the Ultimatrix was replaced years ago, but Ben managed to convince Azmuth—the creator of the Omnitrix, a different version of the Ultimatrix—to leave it with him, just in case. A backup, if you will. I came online a few days ago on this Earth, so I can't tell you what happened to Ben. As far as my databanks are aware, he was the greatest superhero on that Earth.

"As for why I chose you…" 'Ben' smiled. "I scanned every human mind on this planet, looking for the correct behavioral patterns. Specifically, those patterns that suggested selflessness, courage, and kindness."

"There has to be someone better than me!" Midoriya protested. "I mean, I'm just a quirkless nobody."

Now 'Ben' frowned. "Okay, that low self-esteem is something we have to work on. But, yes, there probably is someone more worthy than you." Midoriya's head dropped as his suspicions were confirmed. "But I didn't scan those people, because if they exist, they have Quirks. See, on Ben's Earth, people don't have Quirks, and I was programmed to scan normal human minds. Whatever Quirks are, they modify the human brain just enough that they don't fit into my parameters. Congratulations, you're officially the top of the bottom twenty percent!"

"I don't know if I should take that as a compliment or an insult," Midoriya muttered.

"A complimentary insult?" 'Ben' suggested. "Anyway, yeah, I chose you because you were worth choosing to wield the Ultimatrix. Speaking of which, why don't you take it for a spin?"

Midoriya looked up at him, and then the watch. "What do you mean? Here? Now?"

'Ben' rolled his eyes. "Yes, here and now! Come on, turn into an alien, it'll be awesome!"

"Is it… permanent?"

"Of course not! You can change back to normal at any point; just slap the dial and focus on being human. Or you could just wait an hour; you'll automatically change back, and the watch has to recharge for a few minutes. If you change back early, you only need about sixty seconds of recharge." The hologram gestured to the gauntlet. "Just touch the button underneath the dial."

Once again, Midoriya's curiosity got the better of him. He pressed the button, and the dial rose; the hourglass shifted, and a small green hologram of an alien appeared over the dial. It was muscular, and had four arms, as well as four eyes.

"Ooh, that's a classic!" 'Ben' floated next to him. "Ben used that one a lot when he was starting out. Four Arms has strength, durability, and can scrub two dishes at the same time! Just slap down the dial, and off you'll go!"

Midoriya blinked. "Four Arms? That doesn't sound like an alien species."

'Ben' laughed. "Yeah, Ben gave all his aliens 'hero names'. Oh, and when you transform, you should shout out the name; it's awesome."

Midoriya hesitated, but the hologram put his hand on his shoulder; he couldn't feel it, but he appreciated the gesture.

"I promise," he said solemnly, "nothing bad will happen."

Midoriya took a deep breath, and slapped the dial.

There was a flash of green light, and Midoriya could feel his body changing. He was growing taller, bulkier, and two more arms sprouted from his torso. It should have hurt, but he felt nothing. When the light faded, gone was the short, skinny boy with plain features; instead, there was a red-skinned bodybuilder of an alien, wearing black briefs and a gold harness over his chest, with the Ultimatrix's dial at the center.

Midoriya looked down at his hands—all four of them—and his jaw dropped.

"Whoa," he said, and then brought all four hands to his mouth when he heard his deep voice. "Whoa!"

"Hey, you didn't say it," 'Ben' complained. "Come on, shout the name, it's fun!"

For a moment, he hesitated, but then shrugged. Eh, why not?

"FOUR ARMS!" For added flair, he flexed his new muscles.

"See? Isn't that cool?"

Midoriya—Four Arms—nodded. "Yeah, it is! Wait, is 'Four Arms' my Hero Name now?"

"Only if you only turn into Four Arms. You've got plenty of options to choose from." The hologram snapped his fingers. "Oh! Maybe you can call them your different 'modes', or something!"

Four Arms was about to agree, but then he heard a voice from outside his bedroom door. "Izuku? Sweetie? I'm coming in!"

Uh-oh, Four Arms thought.

"Uh-oh," 'Ben' said. "Dude, maybe you should—"

Too late. Midoriya Inko opened the door; she was barely taller than her son, and a little overweight, but—in her son's somewhat biased opinion—she was the All Might of moms.

And as soon as she saw what was in her son's room, she screamed.

"Who are you!? What are you doing in my home!? Where's Izuku?" Her expression became one of mounting horror and fury. "What did you do with my baby!?"

"Wait, wait! It's me, Mom!" Four Arms waved his hands in front of him, and then remembered what 'Ben' had told him. "I can prove it!"

He quickly slapped the dial on his chest. There was a flash of green light, and then he was back to his human self.

"Wha—Izuku?" Trembling, Inko staggered forward and hugged her son. "W-what's happening?"

Izuku blinked back tears as he hugged her back. "This might take a while to explain."

After telling his mother everything that had happened that day, and convincing 'Ben' to allow her to see him as well, the family and their guest sat in silence.

"So… does this mean that you have a Quirk?" Inko asked.

'Ben'—and Izuku decided that that really was his name now—waved his hand in a so-so motion. "Not really, but this world probably doesn't need to know about the whole alien thing. I'm picturing government visits, abductions to secret labs, disassembly of yours truly, that sort of thing."

Mother and son both went pale at that, and the latter raised his hand. "Then, how do we explain what I can do?"

Ben tapped his chin. "From what information I've gathered since coming here, some Quirks can only be activated through outside stimulus, right? What if you just say that your 'Quirk' was some kind of mixed-up transformation thing that could only be separated and safely used because of the Ultimatrix?"

Izuku was doubtful. "It's almost unheard of for someone to have multiple Quirks; having two is rare, but you said that I have a lot of aliens I can turn into."

"Over a million, though only about ten thousand of them are any good for Hero work." Ben's words were nonchalant, and the hologram ignored how shocked the Midoriyas were. "But you could say that you couldn't manifest your Quirk because all the different transformations were so blended together that your brain 'turned it off' as a way to protect you? The Ultimatrix keeps you stable and not, you know, exploding whenever you transform."

"Wouldn't all this be… illegal?" Izuku asked.

"Technically, you're bending the truth a bit. Just say that a foreign scientist heard about your condition, and made the Ultimatrix to help you. And he's American, so he can't be bothered to be contacted." Ben grinned. "I mean, that's all kind of true, if you turn your head and squint a bit. Except for the part about Ben Tennyson being a scientist, because that's a total lie; I think he got a C-plus in all of his science classes."

"I still feel bad about this," Izuku said.

Ben shrugged. "Hey, I'm just offering advice. If you really don't want to be a Pro Hero, I guess you could be a Vigilante."

Inko went pale. "Absolutely not! That would be even worse!" She took a deep breath and looked at Ben. "Why are you so set on helping my son become a Hero?"

Ben smiled. "Because I can read people. When I was searching for a user, I literally could not find someone more worthy to become a Hero. I was programmed to support the bearer of the Ultimatrix to the best of my ability; more than that, after seeing Izuku hesitate to do something that, yes, is illegal, I'm convinced that he's a good person." He turned to Izuku. "Whatever choice you make, buddy, know that I believe in you."

Izuku trembled, and his eyes watered. Ben had no idea how much those words meant to the boy; all his life, people had told him that his dream was impossible, and that he should just give up. Even his own mother had been unable to believe in him. And yet, someone he had met less than an hour earlier was earnestly saying that they not only believed in him, but he was doing whatever he could to help him along.

"Mom…" he said quietly, "I… I want to do this. This is my chance to be a Hero! This is what I've wanted since I was little, and now I can!" But then he took a deep breath. "But if you don't want me to do it this way, just say so."

For a long moment, Inko said nothing. Then, she looked Ben straight in the holographic eyes. "I want you to promise me something. I want you to promise that you will do everything in your power to keep Izuku safe; that means that you will teach him everything the Ultimatrix can do, and how to properly use his transformations. If you do that… I'll support this."

Ben stood up and bowed low. "You have my word."

Inko turned to her son. "Izuku, honey… if you promise me that you'll try your best to stay safe, then you have my blessing."

Eyes watery and smile wobbling, Izuku hugged his mother again. "I promise, Mom."

Ben might have been a hologram, but Izuku could have sworn that there was a shine to his eyes. "All right, now that that's settled, how about we work on training you to be a Hero?"

Izuku grinned. "Yeah! Let's do it!"

Midoriya had ten months before the entrance exam for UA; in his mind, there was no other school he could go to. UA was the top Hero school in Japan, the school All Might had gone to; if Midoriya wanted to be a great Hero, the best Hero, he had to go to UA.

Unfortunately, while other UA-hopefuls had had their entire lives to master their Quirks, he only had ten months to master ten thousand different transformations.

At least, until Ben broke him out of that mindset.

"Look, even the real Ben never mastered all of his powers," he had said on the first day of training. "And you only have ten months to get good enough to get into UA. All you need is to understand how your aliens work; and you won't get access to all of them anyway."

Though he had said Midoriya was worthy, Ben wanted him to learn in increments. Midoriya's selection of aliens was limited to ten at a time, and he couldn't access more until he had practiced to Ben's satisfaction.

Another problem they had was finding a good place to train. They needed a secluded area where someone wouldn't notice a boy turning into dozens of different aliens. After some searching on the internet, Midoriya had found a news report on one such location—Dagobah Beach. It was basically an oceanfront junkyard, one avoided by most people, but it was also close enough to home.

For the first week, Midoriya focused exclusively on the first ten aliens Ben set out for him. One of them was Four Arms; Midoriya couldn't deny that he loved how good it felt to be so strong in that form, but each alien had its own unique appeal to him.

For a boy who loved Quirks, but had spent his entire life without one, suddenly having access to so many different powers was a dream come true. As much as training was important to him, he was actually enjoying each individual alien.

"This is incredible!" he shouted as he zipped through a maze of junk. He had become XLR8, a blue and black velociraptor-like alien with a built-in mask and wheels for feet. He could move at extraordinary speeds—not so fast that he could cross Japan in minutes, like All Might, but still faster than many Heroes Midoriya knew of.

"Glad you're having fun," Ben commented as he floated alongside him. "Just make sure you remember to keep your reflexes sharp while going that fast."

XLR8 glanced at him. "Wait, what f—oof!"

Ben winced as XLR8 crashed into a rusted dishwasher. The old appliance shattered upon impact, while Midoriya transformed back to human and tumbled across the beach.

"That's what I'm talking about," Ben said. "As long as you're paying attention, and you've built up enough speed, XLR8 can avoid almost anything. The real Ben never really mastered his speedy aliens, and just used them from going from one place to another."

Midoriya rubbed his sore chest, but nodded eagerly; he even pulled out his trusty notebook, as he always did whenever Ben started lecturing. "And going that fast would definitely help rescue people from danger!"

"Of course," Ben said, now appearing to sit on an old TV. "You're moving hundreds of miles an hour, but be careful when carrying someone while going that fast."

Midoriya frantically scribbled notes and nodded again. "Right, unless they have some kind of Quirk that lets them withstand those speeds, it could cause serious damage if I suddenly stopped. I'd have to slow down gradually."

Ben raised an eyebrow. "Huh. I honestly wasn't expecting you to figure that out so quickly. Nice job." He hopped off the TV. "Okay, once you stop feeling sore, practice with XLR8 again until the Ultimatrix times out. After that, you've got just Ripjaws to learn, and then you'll get your next set of aliens."

Midoriya's eyes lit up. "Which ones am I getting?"

Ben wagged a finger under Midoriya's nose. "Nope! Not until tomorrow! You still have school to finish. It doesn't matter if you have awesome powers, UA won't accept you unless you've got the grades to match."

With that advice, Midoriya had thrown himself as much into his schoolwork as he did into training. He had already been a good student, one of the best in his class, but with more motivation in his life, his grades got a bit of a bump. This wasn't praised by his teachers—after all, everyone thought he was Quirkless, and thus, not worth investing attention—but one Bakugo Katsuki noticed, and made his displeasure known one day after school.

"Oi, Deku!"

Bakugo was taller than Midoriya, with spiky blonde hair and pale skin that only made his red eyes all the more striking. He had an expression that was somewhere between a petulant scowl and a mocking sneer as he stomped over. Behind him, his two cronies laughed as they imagined the beating Midoriya was about to receive.

"W-what do you want, Kacchan?"

Once, long ago, Bakugo had been Midoriya's best friend. They were both crazy about Heroes, especially All Might, and when they had been very little, both wanted to be just like him. Then Bakugo had developed his Quirk, and Midoriya hadn't; from then on, the former treated the latter as less than worthless—hence, 'Deku'.

Bakugo grabbed the front of Midoriya's school uniform with one hand, while his other started to pop and spark—a sign that he was readying his Quirk, Explosion.

"I saw our grades were posted," Bakugo spat. "What do you think you're doing, getting so close to the best in class, nerd?"

Midoriya opened his mouth to tell his friend-turned-tormenter that he was trying to get into UA, and he needed to be the best. However, when Bakugo's other hand reached for Midoriya's left arm, the one with the Ultrimatrix under the sleeve, Ben appeared—and thankfully, only Midoriya could see or hear him.

"Lie," Ben said calmly, if urgently. "Just trust me."

And so he did. "I'm Quirkless, Kacchan; I c-can't get into a Hero Course like you, and no one cares about the Quirkless kid. I f-figured that if at least m-my grades were g-good, I could get into a good school and have a good life."

Ben nodded. "Not bad. We really need to work on that stutter."

Bakugo scoffed. "Whatever, Deku. Just so long as you remember which of us is going to UA, and which of us is worthless." He jerked his thumb into his chest. "I'm the next number-one Hero, got it? You can just sit in the corner and watch me be the greatest."

With his piece said, Bakugo roughed shoved Midoriya back and stalked off with his hangers-on. As soon as they rounded the corner, Midoriya fell to the ground, a trembling wreck. Ben knelt by him and put his hand on Midoriya's shoulder; he couldn't feel it, but the gesture was appreciated.

"How do you put up with that… jerk?" It sounded like Ben wanted to use a stronger word, and Midoriya wondered if he was programmed not to swear or something.

"H-he's not that bad," Midoriya defended weakly. "I mean, he didn't use his Quirk on me, so that's good."

Ben looked unhappy; in fact, he looked downright furious. "You're telling me that the kid who literally has lethal weapons on his hands uses you for target practice?"

"It's not like I've had to go to the hospital or anything…" Midoriya looked anywhere but Ben's eyes, but the hologram would just flicker and reappear directly in his line of sight.

"Midoriya, look at me," he said sternly. "If that's the guy you told me about, that is not your friend. He is a bully, and you are defending him. If he tries hurting you, run; if he tries using his Quirk on you, you have full permission to use the Ultimatrix to defend yourself. He has no right to treat you like that."

Midoriya shook his head in a panic. "N-no, I d-don't want to g-get him in t-trouble!"

Ben sighed. "We'll talk about this later. For now, let's get you home, okay?"

"Y-yeah." Midoriya got up on shaky legs. "Let's do that."

Months passed, and Midoriya became more and more confident in his training. He would admit that he was far from perfect with most of his aliens' powers, but as Ben had said, all he needed to do was pass the entrance exam. Once he was in the Hero Course, he would have plenty of time to hone what he had learned.

Besides training with his aliens, Midoriya also trained himself; Ben had spoken to Inko about looking into healthy diets and exercise regimens for Izuku, which were quickly implemented. Inko herself, wanting to be more involved in her son's life, joined in on her days off; since she didn't have as much time as Izuku, she wasn't getting into shape as quickly, but when she started losing some pounds and feeling better about both her son and herself, she made sure to keep at it.

By the time Midoriya had graduated middle school, he felt ready to at least try to take the UA entrance exam. He was in good shape—perhaps not the best, but he looked better than the skinny stick of a kid from ten months ago—and his grades were good enough that, even if he failed the Hero Course, he could easily make it into General Studies.

When he'd told his mother that, she had surprised him with a scolding.

"Izuku, you stop that line of thought right now! I know how much being a Hero means to you, and I know that you won't accept giving anything less than your best out there! Don't stop at being 'good enough', you shoot for top of the class!"

Ben, who had been given a seat at the dinner table—even though he couldn't eat—blinked in surprise. "Dang. I mean, I want you to do well, too, buddy, but I just wanted you to pace yourself. My programming only says that I offer advice, but I'm really here to help you do what you want. If you really want to go for the gold, then I'll help you get it!"

Izuku nodded. "Yeah! If I want to be the best, I can't just be good enough, I have to be better than anyone else. Like All Might says, I have to go beyond and be Plus Ultra!"

Ben grinned, disappeared, and then reappeared by the door. "Well, we've got a few more days before the entrance exam. Up for some serious training?"

Izuku looked at his mother, who was already putting away the dishes and reaching for her coat. "Yeah!"

So… this happened. When I said I was done with Ben 10: Unlimited and its sequels, I said that I was done with superhero stories.

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Not that Midoriya has much of an ego at this point. He's determined, but he's got such an inferiority complex, thanks to being born Quirkless, and because Bakugo is an ass. I know he's maturing (especially in the manga, though I'm not completely caught up there), but he inflicted all kinds of abuse on our favorite green cinnamon roll, and there will be consequences.

Now, as for holo-Ben (who will soon be just Ben), if he seems OOC, it's because he's just using Ben's face and voice. His job is to make sure that Midoriya can responsibly use the Ultimatrix, and that Midoriya doesn't make the real Ben's mistakes. He's the Jiminy Cricket of the story.

And I never liked that Midoriya kept so many important secrets from his own mother in canon, so I had her discover what he could do early on. And here's a supportive Inko!

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