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S5 Episode 1 A/B

First Date

The episode opens on the Diaz's television which is set to the news. The Anchor woman is reading the news with the caption "Earth-ni Day 11"

"It has been over a week since the strange event known only as "The Cleave" merged two Dimensions together."

The screen shows an image of Star, Marco, Moon and Eclipsa (holding Meteora)

"From what we were able to gather from these women, calling themselves the Butterflies, Earth and this entire dimension somehow became merged with their own, called 'Mewni'."

Screen now shows Mewmans walking down the streets in medieval clothing, Humans running from giant spiders, Johansens flying on eagles next to Ponyheads, The Lucitors scaring people while on a family Picnic (also Janna is there sitting next to Tom looking weirdly at a guy as he runs away) and mermaids trapped in nets along the beach.

"Since then the entire world's population has increased by several million people. Most of which were human-looking beings calling themselves Mewmans along with several other species of strange and bizarre creatures. Despite initial shock at such changes the population has since, mostly, gotten used to the changes and society is pulling itself back together."

Now an image of human scientists examining the ruins of the magic sanctuary and Brittiana's Tacos.

"In recent news, scientists have begun studying the two locations where the strange black goo occurred shortly before the Cleave. According to our sources the black goo used to be 'magic' before its destruction to avert non-mewman genoice at the hands of this woman."

Image next to the anchor woman shows two images of Mina Loveberry, one rummaging through a dumpster eating a doughnut and the other in her solarian form. And then an image of Manfred, in his Yadda-Yadda state

"Police are currently looking for Mina Loveberry and her associate Manfred as we speak."

Camera zooms out as the news woman continues talking and we see Marco on the phone.

"Yes that's right." Marco says into the phone. "I need a table by the window. We want chowmein, and pot stickers. Oh and is there anyway I can order fortune cookies with love notes in them?" Marco's eyes widen. "Well cant you like, slide the paper out and replace them with other notes?"

Star is in the upstairs bathroom applying hearts to her cheeks using a pink marker in the mirror.

"Who are you talking too Marco?" Star asks.

Marco covers the phone to his chest before answering. "Oh, just…...talking to...Sensei. Yeah, he's still looking for a job since Brittiana's Taco's got destroyed."

"Really? Janna told me yesterday that Brittiana's Tacos was having a 're-opening party.'." Star runs out of the bathroom and slides down the stair handles. "And we were invited. Its tonight!"

"Tonight!?" Maroc siad screaming.

"Yep. And everyones going to be there." Star starts listing names on her fingers. "Your parents, my parents, Eclipsa, Globgore, Meteora, Buff frog, buff babies, Jackie and Chloe….Oh wait did I forget to tell you? Yeah sorry, but lets go."

"Oh. uh…." Marco starts sweating. "Ok, I was just thinking we might want to go out to eat later."

"Marco, it's a Taco place, we'll just eat there."

"Oh….yeah. Right."

"You dont want to go?"

'What? No of course I want to go-"

"Then get your hoddie on." Star startsposing. "We've got tacos to re-eat." She holds out her hand. "I'll drive. Cloudy!"

Nothing happens.

Star looks at her hand.

"Oh, right, no cloudy anymore. I destroyed her." Star actually looks alittle sad at that. "To the back yard!" Star says holding her finger up in the air before running to the garage.

Marco follows behind her looking nervous.


Marco was looking on his phone. The time is 2:54, then it changes to 2:55.

"Ok. So we'll stay for a few hours, watch the ceremony, then we should still have enough time."

"Marco what are you talking about?" Star asks behind him.

The zoom out reveals that Star has her arms around Marco as they ride on Nachos. The Dragon Cycle.

"Uh, nothing."

The screen pans out more as Star and Marco ride above the New Ecco Creek. Which now contains both earth and mewman buildings. And everyone seems to have adapted quite well considering everything.

Some of the Johansens are carrying postal bags as they fly on giant eagles.

Mewmans, humans and monsters were walking on the streets waving to Star as she flies above them. Star waves back.

Nachos lands at the site of the newly rebuilt Brittiana's Tacos. There is a blue ribbon in the front with Sensei and Oskar standing nearby with a pair of oversized scissors. It has Monsters, Ponyheads, Demons, Mewmans and Ecco Creek residents all over.

There's Miss Skullnick (human again) talking too Boo Fly. Buff Frog arguing with a human in the driveway about parking spaces. And apart from them is Ferguesson and Alphonzo with their arms each around a mermaid in a giant fish-bowl.

"Wow. You know Marco when Earth and Mewni first merged together I was alittle worried that no one was going to get along but things are actually going well." Star said.

"Yeah, I think that its mostly because Mewni's residents mostly came to Echo Creek and they were all pretty used to you by now." Marco said rubbing his neck.

"I guess its kind a good that Mewni's entire monarchy got dismantled before the merge. I think that would have made adapting to democracy hard for the Mewmans. Ow!"

A can comes crashing with Stars head. Marco grabs her and they turn around.

"We've adapted to nothing." A mewman male from a small group holding images of Stars face with a red "X" on it. Along with signs that say "Monsters go Home" or "Mina Loveberry Forever"

"You ruined everything!" A mewman female shouts.

The rest of her group grumbles in agreement.

"Its really not that bad." A lone Mewman male said standing next to them. But then another person in the group throws a can at HIM.

Then they go back to shouting at Star.

But then they cover their ears as they hear sirens. A police woman with a megaphone approaches the group.

"Ok everyone, calm down. If your not going to behave im going to have to ask you to vacate the premises."

The mewman group grumbles and puts down their signs. One of them however gives an "im watching you" look to Star.

Marco sneers at him and shields his girlfriend defensively. But Star, who was hardly paying attention, looks to the left.

"Hey look its my parents!"

Star grabs Marco's arm and drags him away as he tells Nachos to stay.

Sitting under a patio umbrella was Moon Butterfly wearing sunglasses and a bandanna to cover her hair, River, Raphael and Angie, who was holding baby Mariposa.

"Mom! Dad! Mr and Mrs. Diaz." Star says running up to them. "Oh, and how could I forget baby Mariposa? Boob." Star says as she boops her causing the baby to giggle.

"Hey, you know you guys didnt have to get here too early." Marco says to his parents.

"We wanted to get the best seats." Raphael says.

A zoom out shows that they are in the middle of a huge crowd.

"Uh, huh."

"Hey mom, whats with the sunglasses? The sun's going down." Star asks her mother.

"Oh, your mother tries to keep a low profile when were not inside the settlement." River says. "Though personally im glad shes out of there for a bit. Ever since she told them she was making peace with Eclipsa things have gotten rough."

"I thought the Mewmans like Eclipsa now?" Marco said.

"She's about half and half Marco." Moon says. "As for me, well, all the monsters hate me for nearly causing their extinction." Moon takes a quick glance at a bunch of monsters glaring at her from behind. "And the mewmans are pretty divided now. The ones who started accepting Eclipsa, who the Solarians went after too, dont really care for me now, and some of the ones who did support me think im a traitor for stopping Mina." As she says those things the screen pans to a family of Mewmans (whose daughter is talking to a monster her age) glaring at Moon as well as the group that harassed Star before, also glaring at Moon.

"Hey, mom, its going to be fine. Remember everyone on Mewni used to hate me after I ruined song day. And then everyone wasnt used to Eclipsa being queen yet. But it gets better. See that group over there."

Star points over to the mewmans who were protesting against her a while ago.

"A month ago that group would have been WAY bigger!"

"Its true." River says. "Now we can both walk down the streats without getting mocked or chased with pitchforks."

"Pitchforks?" Moon raises an eyebrow.

"Dont ask." Marco says.

"Hey so where IS Eclipsa?" Star asks.

"UP HERE!" a feminine brittish voice calls out.

They look up and see Eclipsa waving at them from a giant red palm as Meteora giggles and holds onto the thumb. Globgore, who is holding them in his giant form and wearing a white shirt with a vest and dress pants, is carefully stepping around going "excuse me" "sorry" "sorry" "Ah, here we are."

Globgore sets them down by the table and shrinks down once Eclipsa picks up Meteora.

"I'm glad that you guys can make it." Says Star.

"How could I not? There's a bread that is made from corn that you can eat fish? Sounds delicious."

"Oh yeah you are going to love the fish tacos." Angie says.

"What's with the dress up?" River asked as he was in his bear suit. "It's a public event, River. You have to dress up for a public event."

Eclipsa holds Meteora out to Mariposa and they start giggling and playing with each other.

"I'm so glad to see that my Meteora has a friend." Eclipsa says.

"Yes, Mariposa and Meteora get along lovely." Angie looks towards her son. "Marco on the other hand."

Meteora hisses at Marco.

He looks shocked then looks on his phone again.

"Its 3:05. And the ribbon cutting is supposed to happen at 5:00. Reservations at 6:00. Still got plenty of time."

Speaker sounds are heard.

"Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?" Sensei's voice calls out.

Everyone looks in front and finds Sensei standing in front with the microphone.

"Testing? Testing….? Ah there we go. Hi everyone, funnything. The comically huge scissors that we were going to use to cut the ribbon have gone missing. Heh heh whoops."

"What?" Marco asks bewildered.

"Yeah so the official ribbon cutting might be delayed by like a hour, or two, or three." Sensei goes on.

"Uh, I have scissors here." Buff Frog says holding up his old, now magicless, dimensional scissors. "They are, not very useful now that Star Butterfly has destroyed the magic."

"No can do frog man." Sensei says holding his hand up. "A special blue ribbon such as this must be cut by the proper cartoonishly large scissors. So, you all can just sit back, relax, and my co-worker Oskar will entertain everybody with a song he wrote. Take it away O-Man!"

Oskar approaches the microphone with his toy guitar. He clears his throat and begins pressing buttons to make mediocre music sounds. And then he sings really off pitch.

"You said we were gonna hang, last summer, yeah, we were gonna hang…...But you left, to your own dimension-ang. And had a baby, with a Mango-ang…."

Oskar continues to sing horribly about garbage and unicorns while Star just keeps staring at whats infront of her.

"I think he's getting better." Star says not taking her eyes off the stage.

Marco looks at his phone again.

"Ok, we've still got time. Im sure that Sensei is doing everything he can to find the scissors."


The sun is almost setting now.

Everyone is sitting around looking bored as Oskar keeps singing about…..well honestly nobody is even listening anymore.

Mariposa is covering her ears and Meteora is hanging her head against the table. Eclipsa, who is also sitting bored as Globgore snoozes, places a punch of napkins on the impact area to cushion the blow.

Star is looking at her hand sighing while Marco is anxiously sitting and tapping his foot on the ground as Nachos rolls next to him. Marco leans on his dragon cycle and checks the time on his phone again. It is now 5:45.

"You know Marco, if I still had my magic I could just poof up the scissors. Or maybe entertain everyone here with some rainbows or make it rain candy." Star says. "I mean I know that destroying the magic was the right call, it had to be done to stop Mina and stop my family from abusing it anymore. I mean, I hated magic because I blamed it for everything my family did. But now that ive cooled down i've been thinking…..."

"You did what you had to Star, even Glossaryck was glad it was over. Just hold on a second." Marco calls the number on his phone then puts it close to his ear. Speaking into it and covering his head with his hoodie.

"Hi, this is Marco Diaz. I reserved a table for six. Yeah, listen, I might be running late is there anyway that you can keep the table reserved for a while longer?...Why not?...But thats not fair, all restaurants have more customers now you cant just give someone else a reserved table is the reservy never shows up….well yeah but…...ugh, fine." Marco hangs up the phone and turns to his girlfriend.

"You know what Star. Im going to help try to find the scissors. Any idea where Janna might be?"

"Ugh, she's over there by the curos." Star says groaning.

"Oh, yes I see her. Thanks bye." Marco says running off as Star draws her wand with a green crayon on the taco table.


Janna is showing this group of Mewmans a very tiny

unicorn skeleton she's holding in her palm.

"That's right, a millhorse straight from the realm of magic before it went boom. I put this little guy in my hat when I got there and his bones came with me to earth just before the big cleave."

The mewmans gaze as the skeleton,

held together by un-wound and twisted paper-clips for support.

They are astounded.

"So, how much money do you have?" Janna asks.

And then she smiles at all the Mewmans handing her gold coins, a thick wad of earth money, and a jeweled necklace.

Marco runs up to her.

"Janna, I need your help." Marco says.

"Hold on a second there partner." Janna says. "Hmm. you all make very convincing arguments. Tell you what lets be fair."

Janna casually separates the skull from the body and separates the torso from the hips. She then throws the pieces towards the Mewmans who start running after them. Dropping their valuables while Janna picks them up.

"Man. This cleave has been the best thing to happen to me. Mewmans are so dumb. Oh speaking of which hows Star?"

"Uh, doubting destroying magic was a good idea. But I need your help to find the scissors so I can take her on our first real date. Wait or did you steal them?"

"Marco, what would I steal scissors for?" Janna asks with a smile.

Marco looks at her with narrowed eyes. He wasnt sure but he knew Janna.

"Anyways, I have a reservation at 6:00 so I REALLY need to get this done with so me and Star can be there on time." Marco says.

"Hmm, alright. Sure. First things first we have to talk to the last people who had them."

"That would be Oskar and Sensei, but Oskars performing so-"

The music stops. Janna and Marco turn to the audience where Globgore is carrying Oskar off the stage and Eclipsa, with her bone guitar, is in his place.

"Ok, now I hope nobody minds but I have a few songs that I would like to share."

Even the people who had never heard Eclipsa sing before start cheering.

Eclipsa tunes her guitar and makes beautiful music.

"Now this is a song that I sang when I was made queen of Mewni, a second time. Didnt get much positive reception then but I think you might like it now."

Eclipsa starts singing "Here I am" and it completely captivates the audience. Especially with the first two lines.

Globgore joins in at "Here in your world". It is a perfect two part harmony.

"Not bad." Janna says shrugging.

"Come on." Marco says to Janna.


In the back of the taco stand Oskar is glaring at the monster king and former queen as they recieve cheers as Sensei drinks from a jug of Hot sauce.

Then he turns red and tenses up.

"Gah! Embrace…..the….pain!"

Marco and Janna run up to them.

"Sensei, when was-"

"Hey hey hey, what are you doing here." Sensei says pointing at Janna and completely ignoring Marco.

"Hey, new Taco stand, the ban is no longer applicable." Janna points out.

"Oh, fine. But no more dishing on my mom." Sensei says.

Marco walks up to Oskar.

"Oskar, when was the last place you and Sensei had the scissors."

"Hmmmm. Let me think about that." Oskar says rubbing his chin. "I think that was when I was in the porta potty. Or when I was at Sensei's house. Or maybe I left it in my van."

"Oskar your van got lost in the realm of magic. And Tom blew it up." Marco says.

"Oh yeah. Try the porta potty."

Oskar points over to the leaking porta potty which has green fluid leaking out of it and flies buzzing around. That giant dinosaur monster with the deep voice walking away satisfied with a news paper.

Marco looks horrified.

"Ok. Ok I can do this."

Marco says nervously approaching the porta potty. Sh covers his nose and holds his mouth so he doesn't throw up. His shaking hand approaches the handle. He turns it and….

There's a female slime monster inside using the toilet.

She screams.

And so does Marco.

"Gah! Sorry sorry!"

She hits him with a slime ball and Marco falls on his back. Janna stands over him.

"There really should be a lock on that door." Janna says.

"Ok, well I didnt see the scissors in there." Says Marco. "Lets try sensei's house."


Marco throws pile after pile of dirty laundry around sensei's house as Janna texts on her phone.

"Would you kids like some snacks?" Sensei's mother says as she enters the room.

"Are they tacos with scissors?" Marco asks.

"No, they are tortillas with cheese."

"Then no."

Marco gets frustrated and spacks the pile away.

"Ugh, this is pointless. Im never going to find those scissors, which means the ceremony will never finish and I wont be able to take Star on our date." Marco contemplates.

"Hey, Marco. Dont you think your being alittle over worried?" Janna asks. "I mean you are Star are practically already married. I mean you two merged two dimensions together for corn shakes." Janna says then she goes wide eyed and slumps as she realizes something. "Oh great mewni's rubbing off on me."

"It's just that I wanted us to have a nice, official date with Star. I want to SHOW her how much I love her."

"You can do that by just being with her." Janna says. "I mean Star loves tacos, this could have been your date. You could have stayed if you just sat down and talked to her."

Marco huffs.

"Ok yeah, maybe thats true. But im still taking her to chinese food because I reserved a special booth with flowers and fortune cookies with I Love You notes."

"Hmmm. Alittle corny but cute." Janna slaps her forehead. "Oh stump I said corn again-OH DANG IT!"

Marco's phone buzzes and he reaches into his pocket to answer it.


Scene changes to Oskar with the scissors.

"Dude! I found the scissors."

Back to Marco

"What? Where were they?"

Back to Oskar.

"They WERE in my van." Scene zooms out to see Oskars demolished (top part missing) van covered in black goop as Manfred is seen wiping some off with a rag and running away. "I remembered that it appeared at my moms house before the big earthquake explosion happened. But its alittle smaller than I remember."

Back to Marco.

"Ok thank you Oskar! Dont cut the ribbon eyet until we get there." Marco hangs up. "He found the scissors."

Janna and Marco run out to Nachos who is sitting on the lawn and they jump on him.

They fly back to the area and Oskar see's them, giving each other thumbs-ups. Oskar cuts the ribbon and everyone cheers.

Mewman, Monster and Human start crowding the Taco-stand.

"Oh, finally." Star says trying to walk to the stand but Marco grabs her.

"Star! Finally."

"Marco, let go. We need to get in line for Taco's."

"I have something better!"

"Whats better than Taco's?"

Star asked already on Nacho's as Marco drove Nacho's to their destination.

"I reserved us seats at our favorite Chinese place. Kind of a surprise date. And just in the nic of time."

Marco and Star are inside the chinese restaurant now, Marco approaches the desk confidently talking to Ms. Lao.

"Hellooooo. One reservation for two under Diaz please."

"Diaz. Diaz." Ms. Lao said as she looked through her list of reservations. "Ah, there you are. We gave your table away to those two over there."

The table was currently occupied by a Mewman woman (who was chowing down on chow mein) and a Human Man.

"So, you've only ever had corn before the cleave?"

"This stuff is delicious!" The Mewman woman said continuing to eat.

Back to Marco at the counter.

"What? But its only..." Marco looks at the clock over her head. "6:15, oh…." Marco slumps. Star puts her hand on his shoulder.

"Marco, what's the big deal? Why did you even reserve a spot here, we were at a Taco Stand."

"I forgot they were on the same day. I wanted us to have a official first date."

"What? Marco right after Earthni formed we got our parents together for dinner. And the other day we had a pick-nick at the park. Remember, we played frisby with the not-lazer-anymore puppies."

"Well, yeah, but we havent had like a REAL date. Just the two of us at a nice place. I wanted it to be special."

"Marco, as long as were together its always special." Star said smiling. Marco gives her one back.

"Um, I can put you on the waiting list." Ms. Lao said. "It could be 45 minutes though."

"Nah, im hungry now." Star said. "Come on, Marco. Lets go get some taco's."

Later, Star and Marco were eating burritos. Star was covering her's with sugar.

"Star, please dont put sugar on your burrito." Moon said.

"Oh come on mom.-"

The screen zooms out to show that Marco's parents are sitting next to him, Eclipsa and Globgore sit on the floor watching the kids. While Stars parents sit next to her. They are all eating either Taco's and burritos. Except for Nacho's who is eating Nachos while the babies play on him.

"-Were in a new world now. And new rules."

Star's eyes shrink with a sugar rush as the episode ends.


Mina Butterfly

Outside of Moons settlement a group of Mewmans with angry faces are leaving with their belongings. One of which is a woman carrying a purple haired little girl, no older than five.

Moon watches them leave with disappointment and sadness in her eyes. One of them turns around and yells at her.

"You used to be the best queen, Moon." He shouts. "We thought you would stand with us against Eclipsa, now your telling us we should listen to her? Get along with these humans? Your as bad as your daughter!"

He says before storming off. Leaving Moon looking sadder.

The Mewmans keep walking through the forest angry carrying their belongings, grumbling to themselves.

"First, the worst princess ever hands the throne to a monster smoocher. Then the monster smoocher ruins Mewni, then when we have the chance to set things right the queen gets cold feet, destroys magic and ruins all of Mewni. WHY COULDNT THINGS JUST STAY THE SAME!?"


They look over and see Manfred hiding in the tree's.

"If you hate the Butterflies, I have a place for you."

The group looks at each other then back at Manfred.

He leads them to a section of the forest of uncertain death which has been cleared and surrounded with barbed wires and signs that say "Go Home Monsters!", "Real Mewmans Only" and "No Stupid Humans Either."

There is a small group of Mewmans living in tents, roasting squiricorns on a fire. Fighting with each other over wood and one is even carving a statue of Mina Loveberry in her Solarian form out of stone.

"Hey Manfred! How you you think the statue is coming along?" The Mewmans yells.

"Excellent work Ted, she will love it." Manfred replies.

"What is this place?" A Mewman woman asked.

"This is New Mewni." Manfred explains. "After Moon Butterfly betrayed us to side with the Queen of Darkness Mina Loveberry set off to regroup and create this sanctuary in the woods. Here we can be free from Butterflies, Monsters and whatever ridiculous ideas of change these humans want to force on us. But if you want to stay here, you have to promise that you will do WHATEVER it takes to bring Mewni back to its glory." He says holding out a knife.

The woman takes it.

"Deal! What is this for again?"

Manfred sighs and goes to the tent in the middle of the "sanctuary" where there is light coming out of it.

Manfred bows entering the tent.

"Miss Loveberry. I have brought new recruits."

Mina is at a desk covered in black liquid and the now destroyed wand. She is surrounded by corn husks, hammers, bones that belonged to the first born and the dark milhorse and empty doughnut boxes.

Mina coughs and turns around.

She looks even more sickly than she did after Magic was destroyed, her skin is paler, her hair has streaks of gray in it and her skin is even more sunken.

"Any warnicorn blood?" Mina asks.


"Do any of them, have unicorn blood?"

"Um, no, I don't believe so."

"Drat!" Mina says hitting a pile of donut boxes. "I was hoping that it could help em restart the magic!" Mina turns to the goop covered table. "I've tried Manfred, ive really tried. I scooped up every last bit of magic off my body, carried as much as I could before those stupid humans started tearing apart the sanctaries, and youve even taken some off that awesome musicians car. I've tried everything to revive it, corn, fire, I even stole this magic charger from Stars trash can. Nothings working!"

"Well I don't know how the charger will really work considering there no more magic."

"THERE IS MAGIC!" Mina yells. "It's right here on this table, its just too mucky to use now." Mina says. "Theres gotta be a way to un-muck it. And once I do I'll recreate our army. I'll rid this world of all monsters and all earth. Bring Mewni back to its former glory."

"And I am sure that you will." Manfred says. "But, milady, its been several days. You have been working non stop. Please, leave this tent. Eat something."

"Thats what youre for! Now go get me some Donuts!"

Manfred sighs and leaves "Ok."

A few more days later Mina has a two vials, one is flaming red liquid, the other is rainbow liquid.

"Ok, so, i've got this vial of Demon Blood, and this vial of Ponyhead Blood. Demons can still make fire and Ponyheads are still alive. Thats gotta mean they still have a bit of magic in them right?" Mina says pouring the vials onto the goop, smiling like a mad woman.

She puts her hands into it and slushes the contents around.

"Ok, lets try this. Fix the bond, stitch the fabric. Glue the stone, revive the magic."


"Ok, lets try this. Repair the bond, mend the fabric. Eat the stone, revive the magic."

Still nothing.

"EAT the stone? Stupid Mina stupid!" Mina says stolding herself while banging her head.

A few more days later. Mina is looking even worse.

"Ok, ok, How about a little milhorse horn." Mina said grading the skull of the unicorn that had attacked her in the realm, shedding the dust into the goop. "Some pony blood." Adds some to the mixture. "And now…..." Mina looks like she is about to say another chant. But instead she just starts pounding the good making it splatter all over the place. "Work! Work! In the name of all that is good...please work." Mina collapses to the ground.

She looks at her hands and feels utter shame. She was once the greatest warrior in all of Mewni, now she's weak and she cant even give the realm Mewmans their magic back. Now the entire world is ruined, merged with one of stupid humans and monsters free to run around as they please and she cant do anything about it. Solaria would be so disappointed in her.

"Miss Loveberry?"

Mina turns around and see's a little girl in a white dress and blonde hair tied in tig tails wearing a helmet just like here.

"Are you ok?"

"Who wants to know?" Mina asks.

"My name is Taffy. My uncle Manfred tells me your working to help us fight the bad monsters. Is that true?"

"What about your mom?" Mina asks.

"She…..she got crushed by a human building in the merge." The girl says sadly.

"Aw, im sorry. Come here." Mina says holding the girl.

"Dont worry little girl, im doing my know, I think your the first person I've been nice too since Sebastian. What ever happened to that little guy?"

"Any luck with the magic?" Taffy asked.

"Gah! The dumb magic won't live again. I've tried everything, blood, violence, riddles that don't make sense. Nothings working. I know there's got to be a way to revive magic. Star did it."

"I'm, I heard that she used a piece of magic that hadn't been destroyed to do that."

Mina glares at her.

"Why don't you try the wall magic?" Taffy suggested.

"Um, wall magic?"

"The humans use it. Look."

Taffy shows Mina some of the images on her phone of pictures around town. A eagle getting shocked by telephone wires.

"It's this wierd energy that shocks people."

An image of a man resting in his lawn chair with a fan next to him.

"But when it goes into earth objects it makes them do things."

Then an image of Chloe and Jackie hanging out. Charging their phones at the taco stand.

"They even use it to charge their mirrors without magic."

Mina grabs the phone. She zooms in on the charger that is plugged into the wall. She pulls out the magic charger from her pocket and starts thinking. She sets Taffy on the ground.

"Go get your uncle. Tell them I want some of that wall human magic."

"Right away mam!" Taffy said befits she ran out.

Mina scoops some of the hoop back onto the table. Plugging the charger into it.

Manfred returns to the taco stand and plugs a cord into the wall before running away.

"Wait do you wanna buy some tacos?" Sensei asked as he ran.

Manfred follows the long trail of cords as it goes back into the forest. Around a few trees. Into camp, and inside Minas tent.

Mina, with a wide psychotic grin. Her hands shaking as she holds the end of the extension cord to the back of the magic charger.

Taffy is inside watching. Then her uncle shows up.

"Miss Loveberry. You have access to the wall magic now."

"Miss Loveberry are you ok?" Taffy asks.

"Just...excited." Says Mina.

She jabs the end of the cord through the back of the charger.

Sparks fly as blue electricity flows throughout the hoop. It begins to turn into a greenish yellow before going back to black then back again.

"Corn! It's working." Mina shouts.

"Ok Taffy. Time to leave." Manfred says grabbing his nieces hand. She slaps it.

"No uncle Manny. I wanna see this."

Mina shoves her hands into the goo. It shocks her but she persists.

"Repair the bond, mend the fabric...cleave the stone, restart the magic."

The goo turns more golden as Monas cheek light up. Her marks resemble lighting. Except unlike Solarias which are more straight here are wild going all over the cheek. Almost making it look like cracks.

"Repair the bond, mend the fabric...cleave the stone, restart the magic. "Repair the bond, mend the fabric...cleave the stone, restart the magic. "Repair the bond, mend the fabric...cleave the stone, restart the magic!"

The tent explodes.

The mewmans in the camp rush to the still standing, but smoking, tent.

"General Loveberry!"

"Are you alright?"

Manfred collapses on the ground exiting the tent as a figure exits behind him.

It is Mina, carrying Taffy on her shoulder, with yellow wild lighting marks in her cheeks and holding hoop in her hands that flickers between green and golden.

"Magic. Is. Back!"

The mewmans cheer.

"Well sort of." Mina says looking at the flickering hoop. "Ain't exactly the same as it was before, but if these bad boys are any indication I can do stuff with it now." She rubs her cheek. Then holds Taffy up.

"And it's all thanks to her."

The group cheers Taffy. The child feels so loved. Mina turns the girl around and faces her.

"When I bring Mewni back to its natural state we will have you to thank for it."

Taffy is crying tears of joy as Mina continues complimenting her.

"Stay with me kid-"

To Minas proud face now.

"And I will make you a great warrior like me."

Episode ends