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/One Month Later/

Echo Creek is nearly rebuilt as Mewmans, Humans, Monsters (or native Mewmans), Rasticore and the cloned septarians work together. The members of Club Earth-ni are using their new wands to lift heavy materials up to the workers who are putting the finishing touches. The buildings and the past queens are walking around giving them advice. Festivia is giving Janna tips for a soda-generation spell for her tired friends and Skywyyn (who has a history of rebuilding things) is suggesting that certain areas receive more support than others.

Slime is seen healing a cut on a Mewman's arm using his wand.

"There you go," Slime says. "All better."

"Thanks, monster." The Mewman says.

"Um excuse me." Tom says appearing from a patch of fire. "I believe that the proper word now is 'native mewman'."

"Yeah yeah." The Mewman says.

On one of the buildings, Jackie is with Janna and Chloe re-tiling the roof.

"So I hear that some of the mewmans and native mewmans are moving to different cities now?" Jackie asks.

"Yep, the fact that they helped save earth-ni from a bunch of psycho lizards really helped with negotiations." Janna says. "And now that im the new scissors maker were importing new tech and people from different dimensions too. We've even got the pixies making mirrors again with the tree bark."

As Janna talks to Jackie, a sinister looking Mewman male sneaks behind her using a ladder and reaches for the scissors in her back pocket.


Climbing back to the ground, the man meets up with a red headed woman dressed like Mina Loveberry and another male.

"I got em." He says holding up Janna's dimensional scissors.

"Excellent." The blonde woman says taking them. She gazes at her smirking reflection in the scissors. "If history's worst princess can go back in time and get some of the real magic before it died to use in the present then so can we." She says.

"Yes, we can go back in time and get enough magic to revive the Magic High Commission to take care of the monsters like before!" The other man exclaimed excitedly.

"Oh, then we can make a wand so I can replace those washed up Butterflies?" Says the woman.

"I can use it to get my Solaria Powers back!" Says the man with dimensional scissors.

"OR ALL THREE!" They shout together.


The three faces pale when they hear the Scottish grunt. They turn around slowly and see Solaria Butterfly, cross armed and staring at them with disapproving eyes.

The three get into fighting stance.

"You can't stop us, traitor!" The woman shouts. "We can open a portal as soon as-"

"No im not going to stop you." Solaria says flatly.

The three look at each other confused, then back at the resurrected queen.

"Uh….you aren't?" The Mina-cosplayer asks.

"Hmph, turned back around aye?" The one with the scissors asks. "Gotten out of your little faze, back to being a real Mewman again?"

"It will just be funny." Solaria says with a small smile.

The trio looks at each other again. Shrugging, the two line up as the other opens the portal. They walk through, but the Mina wannabe gives Solaria one more disapproved look.

"We tore down your statue you know." She says. "I call myself a Minian now instead of a new solairan."

"Good." Solaria says.

The woman pulls her head through the portal and it closes.

She enters into the planes of time. Strutting forward confidently with her eyes closed.

Globgor crawls into her shoulder from behind her neck.

"They leave?" he asks.

"Yep." She says.

/Plains of Time/

"Alright boys, its time too-"

She stops and opens her eyes when she hears a baby's cries. She looks downward and see's a crying baby, in the same clothes as one of her compatriots, while the other compatriot who had the scissors is stuck glued to the ground in a purple cocoon made out of tiny clock-shaped marks, not too different from a mewberty cocoon. His compatriot tries to tell her something, but cant as his mouth is tapped too.

She stares at this predicament with wide eyes until she notices two shadows looming over her and looks up.

She sees a twelve foot tall, muscular blue man in a toga exposing one of his ripped pecs and a golden clock chained around his neck. He also has a really long gray beard reaching down to his abdomen and shoulder length white hair flowing down his head to his back and shoulders.

Next to him, floating in the air is a creature resembling an old Mewman-queens's mewberty form with purple skin, six arms, eyes shaped like clocks staring at her with a blank face, as well as large wings with hour glasses on them, antenna's sticking up from sparking blue hair that looked like it had stars in it and she is wearing a light blue dress herself.

Father Time (with the giraffe that was once Reynaldo still on his lap) briefly rides by on his wheel.

"Hey! Have you met the new guys!?" He yells to cosplay-Mina. "They're the kids of the new magic woman!"

"Indexia created us to watch after space time." Says the large blue man. "Call me Grandfather Paradox."

"And I am Butterfly-Effect." Says the Butterfly woman. "And one of our duties is specifically to make sure that people don't go back and get the old magic again."

"Ummm. Ok listen, i'm a mewman, and i'm trying to make things better for Mewmans and get rid of monsters-" the Minian is interrupted by grandfather paradox.

"Unlike the previous person in charge of this place we are designed to be unbiased." Grandfather-paradox explains, sternly.

"Mewman, human, monster-oops, im sorry, native Mewman, we honestly don't care." Butterfly-Effect says. "Our goal is to watch after this realm alone and make sure that space and time is safe for all. And that includes not allowing one person to change history to harm another."

"So get lost." Father Time says raising his hand at her. The blue image of a tiny spinning clock appears in his palm.

The woman looks at them steely and reaches behind her back to pull out a sword.

"For Mewni!" She charges at them. "AHHHH-"

One minute later a portal opened up back in Echo Creek.

Out of the portal comes a very aged-up Minian woman with faded blonde hair using a walker. With the cocooned man in the walker's seat while strapped to her back is the crying baby in a bundle.

She looks over at Solaria, not with Globgor next to her, smirking at them.

"Just so you know, Grand-father time can enlarge, see alternate timelines and phase through things like Omnitraxus. And Butterfly-Effect can replicate herself like Hekapoo, so, yeah you guys never stood a chance." Solaria says.

"Bump, my fist." Globgor says enthusiastically while shoving his clenched fist into Solaria's direction. She leaves it hanging for a while. "Oh come on!"

Solaria grunts before quickly banging her fist against his.

The old woman grunts before hobbling off with her crying baby and cocooned partner.

"Were still going to call the cops on them right?" Globgor asks Solaria.

"Already have!" Janna shouts from afar.

Eclipsa drops in with baby Meteora where Angie and Raphael are working in a tent.

"Is it ready?" Eclipsa asks.

"Nearly." Angie says.

"Oh they are going to love this." Eclipsa says gazing at the near finished sculpture.

"Hey so how's your family?" Angie asks.

"Oh they are doing wonderful." Eclipsa says. "Mother is taking some sensitivity classes to tone down her attitudes a bit, she's even started talking to my husband without including death threats." She says excitedly. "And Festivia is really sweet, she's been wonderful to Meteora as well. Almost makes me with she actually was my daughter, but of course that would mean I had to have let Shastacan…."

"No, sorry I meant Moon and Stars family." Angie says.

"Oh, yes them." Eclipsa says. "Well, they basically went from hating Star to trying to mooch off her newfound fame." Eclipsa says disgruntledly. "So Star's still not talking to them. Well, not Etheria and Hertrude, I think that she's talking to Felicity again."

"Rafeal pops his head over." It's done.

Both women smile.

/In Butterfly Castle/

Star, Marco and the knights are all working together to rebuild Butterfly Castle, or rather, the future Mewni History Museum. Star issuing her magic to put ceilings and walls back together while the knights are re-moving in the artifacts.

"Alright hurry everyone, we're almost done. I want this place in good, museum shape." Star says re-mending the tapestries from Skywyyne to herself with magic. She cracks a smile as she re-mends the part where Glossaryck was. She touches the image of the little blue man fondly.

"He would be proud." Indexia says approaching her.

"Yeah." Star says.

"Hey listen." Indexia says. "I've been thinking. You really don't need me here anymore. You've got this new magic all figured out."

"So….. what are you going to do then?" Star asks.

"Hmmm, I was thinking I could go back in time, maybe to the beginning of an alternate universe with magic. Maybe be the Glossaryck for a different magic princess."

Star smiles at her fondly.

"Whoever she will be she will be lucky to have you."

"Alright then." Indexia says as she fades away. "Now remember, Elizabeth and Luna are already taken."

"What?" Star asks.

"You'll find out." Indexia says before she's gone completely.

Marco shows up with a tool belt.

"Hey Star, so I was thinking…I thought I heard Indexia."

"Yeah, she just left." Star said.

"Oh, when's she going to be back?" Marco asks curiously.

"Sounds like never. So what's up?" She asks.

"Well, you know how we decided since I kinda missed the deadline for Cal U?"

"Because you were possessed by a lawyer lizard."

"yeah." Marco says flinching a bit. "Anyways, they said they would be willing to take me in the spring, but I've been thinking…."

"What?" Star asks.

"Well, uh, you know that was a whole, crazy experience for me. Im still having nightmares about it." Marco admits.

"Yeah, I've noticed." Star says blissing.

"Well, I was thinking. I'm still young, college isn't going anywhere. Maybe….I could wait a year, just so I can make sure i'm good first."

Star smiles.

"I would love that! I mean, that sounds like a good idea Marco. A-And when you do decide to go and you still need to talk about stuff im one scissors cut away."

The teens chuckle.

Stars phone rings. She pulls out her phone, it is from her mother.

"Hello, mom?….What?…..Ok ill be right there."

She hangs up.

"What was that?" Marco asks.

"Um, my mom wants to show us something."

In the middle of the completed Echo Creek, all of its citizens, human or otherwise, stand around Star and Marco as they approach something large and covered in a massive sheet. In front of it is Moon, Eclipsa and Angie in their "Three Queens" T-Shirts.

"Hey mom, you guys have another gig?" Star asks.

"Yes, but that's not why we're here." Moon says.

"We all wanted to show our gratitude for you Star." Eclipsa says.

"You're a hero, both of you," Angie says proudly. "You kids represent the beginning of a new age. A better one."

The teens blush and smile at each other.

"So." Moon says. "The mayor has allowed the commission of this for the town square."

The cover is removed, and Star and Marco couldn't feel more flattered.

The people cheer and clap at the reveal of a ten foot tall bronze statue of Star holding up her wand into the sky with her right hand while holding Marco's hand with her left. Star is completely dumbfounded.

"Mom, Eclipsa, Angie….I….I don't know what to say." Star says.

"Say you love it dumb-dumb." Janna shouts at them. While standing next to Tom and his family.

"I LOVE IT!" Star shouts.

Everyone claps and hollers again. In the crowd Etheria and Heartrude keep trying to yell "That's my niece!" To get attention but no one seems to pay them attention.

Marco takes Star's hand and the teenage girl blushes. They touch foreheads lovingly before they share a kiss.

Fourteen Years later…..

A 7 year old Mewman-human girl with brown hair and blue eyes sits at her desk as her teacher, Ms. Jacob's, talks about literature and what makes a good love story. She is doodling something in her notebook, hardly paying attention.

"So remember, lots of affection, build up with ambiguity before finally giving in in the final episodes. Any questions?"

A lobster-native Mewman student raises his claw.

"Or we can just have them get together in the first place instead of having all that unnecessary drama."

Ms. Jacob's stares at him blankly.

"Ok class, why is THAT a bad idea?" She asks the rest of her class.

Several students raise their hands.

"Because it's boring?" Says a human girl.

"Because it's not realistic?" Says a young green Septarian-lizard boy.

"Because it's lame." Says a small whoolette child.

"Because it reduces shipping fandoms?" Says a Mewman girl.

"Bingo! It reduces shipping fandoms. Now miss Diaz-Butterfly. Anything you want to add?"

The seven year old girl just keeps drawing. Inside her notebook is a childish sketch of a wand with a head shaped like a small harp with feathery wings on the ends.

"Miss Diaz-Butterfly." Ms. Jacob's repeats again.

"Huh? What?" Asks the girl looking up

Then the bell rings

All the students get up and walk to the exit.

"Alright class, I guess that's all for today. Now remember, think of your plot lines ahead, keep characterizations consistent, keep interactions realistic and don't do something you think is cool just because you can." Miss Jacobs says as all the kids leave.

The whoolette kid bumps fists with the Mewman-Human girl.

"See ya tomorrow Casey." She says to the Whoolette.

"Bye Lyra."

Lyra Diaz-Butterfly exited Echo Creek middle school along with the swarm of children.

She looks around at the city as she waits for her aunts to pick her up.

There is a mix of earth buildings, renaissance looking Mewman buildings, some red flaming buildings that have demons going in and out of them, and some buildings even submerged in giant glass tanks which mermaids and fish people enter through streams nearby.

Above her head there are Mewman 0.2's flying around but this time they only have two claws and a puppet. No saws or lasers. As well as dragon cycles, giant eagles, pixies and Ponyheads flying beneath the cloud kingdom where she sees some planes go to and from.

On the ground there are mewmans, native-Mewmans, humans, whoolettes, demons, met-people and even mixed/regular cloned Septarians walking down the streets bevy to each other like it's all just normal.

But Lyra doesn't see any of this since she is playing Angry Crows on her compact phone. Shooting them from a catapult to knock down wood and glass structures to destroy the green pig-goats inside.

She then gets a next message that says "Look up."

She looks up and sees two teenagers smiling at her.

One has pointy ears, purple hair in a long braided undercut with little black horns sticking out. She is holding a cell phone between her sharp clawed purple fingers.

Next to her is a girl that looks just like her but older and with brown eyes. Her biological aunt is also wearing her brothers (Lyra's fathers) old CU jacket.

"Hey squirt." Meteora says.

"Aunt Metty! Aunt Mari!" Lyra exclaims wrapping the two older girls into a hug.

Mariposa is smiling while Meteora looks uncomfortable.

"Geese, just like your mom." Meteora huffs.

"Oh please, like your moms any better." Mariposa jokes.

Lyra let's go of her blood aunt and aunt figure and starts jumping up and down.

"Today's the day! Right?" She asks.

"Day for us. Not you kid." Meteora says with a smirk while tussling her gags, causing a giggle.

"But maybe when moms done giving you your wands I can ask her for one. I even drew what I thought mine would look like." Lyra says showing them her wand doodle.

"You'll get one when you're fourteen sweetie." Mariposa says as she grabs her hand and they walk away.

"I'll let you borrow mine sometimes if you want." Meteora says to Lyra as she follows them and grabs her other hand.


Lyra happily swings between the two girls' arms as they walk down the street. They lift her up and she laughs some more.

"Again! Again!" Lyra cries.

"Easy squirt. I mean I can carry you all day but I don't think Butterfly here can." Meteora says he's gesturing towards Mariposa.

"Hey, remember I kicked your butt once." Mariposa says with a smirk.

"I was sick that day." Meteora retorts. "Duck!"

Both she and Mariposa duck to avoid the brick flying at their heads.

They look over angrily at the person who threw it. A grown Mewman woman about twenty. She is dressed in a green "sailor moon" suit and is wearing helmets that allow her blonde pigtails to fall out similar to Mina Loveberry. She also holds a spray can in her hand and behind her us a freshly painted piece of graffiti reading "Get Lost Monsters!" In red paint.

"You just can't handle the power of real Mewmans half-breed!" She yells.

Lyra gasps as the two teens look at her with uninterest.

"She wrote a bad word!" Lyra shouts to her guides, referring to the word 'monster' over 'native Mewman'.

"I'm a human Taffy." Mariposa says.

"Whatever, neither if you are a match for me!" Taffy proclaims flexing her skinny arms.

"Girl I kicked your butt two weeks ago." Meteora says. "Oh by the way how are your friends?" She asks in a mock tone.

Taffy grunts. "Erm...Jaime and Ronald are still recovering in New Mewni." She admits. "But when they're ready we'll continue the great Loveberries work-"

"Destroying Echo Creek?" Mariposa asks.

"Liberating Mewni from you filthy monsters and stupid humans! The Minian warriors will rise!" Taffy shouts.

Meteora and Mariposa glance at each other like 'yeah right'.

"Oh is that the police?" Mariposa says sarcastically pointing in a random direction.

Taffy gasps.

"The donut patrol!? I'm outta here!" Taffy says before running, then dropping her can and tripping on it, before getting up and limping away.

"Seriously though why don't we just burn the rest of those jerks down?" Meteora asks her friend.

"Because most of them don't do anything unless someone wanders into their territory and my brother built them a gate." Mariposa reminds her. "And the ones that think to leave like Taffy are just annoying." She adds.

Mariposa looks at the graffiti.

"I'll be sure to take care of that after the ceremony."


Not too far ahead, Officer Bukoyevov is arresting a teenage mixed Septarian. Already sitting in the police car is another regular green Septarian, a weasel like native Mewman and a red haired Mewman teenage boy, all in typical street gang clothes.

"Ow, you stupid toad wait until I-"

Buff Frog presses him harder against the hood of his car as he cuffs him.

"You have the right to remain silent." He says.

"Hey, Buff-Frog!" Mariposa waves and yells as she walks by the alley with Meteora and Lyra.

"Mariposa Diaz. Good to see you." He acknowledges the other teen girl next to her. "Princess Meteora."

"Officer Buff-Frog." Meteora birds back.

Then Buff Frog acknowledges the little girl between them with a gasp. "And I see you have little Butterfly princess as well."

Lyra giggles.

"Where's my papa?"

"Ah, my partner is with your mother right now for protection. I assume that is where you are heading now?" Buff Frog replies.

"Yep," says Meteora. "So what's happening here?" She says gazing at the four hand-cuffed human teenage gangsters to the left by the dumpster.

"Oh, I intercept street gang fight." Buff Frog replies. "I do not have enough room in my car so I call for backup. Should be here shortly." He replies.

"Hmmm, ok." Meteora says. "When your done with that Taffy threw a brick at us and tagged some graffiti."

Buff-Frog sighs.

"Her again? How many times must I arrest this woman?"

"So how's the kids?" Mariposa asks.

"Oh, they are doing great!" Buff Frog boasts. "Little Katrina is going to ECU on Cornball scholarship."

He says, pulling out his phone. Which shows a screensaver of an older Katrina with brown hair in a ponytail in a stretched (because of her large frog person body) blue Jersey, holding a cornball in one hand and a trophy in the other.


Lyra continues to skip around the two teens as they continue walking down the sidewalk. She notices a Mewman 0.2 drone flying over her head, delivering food to a woman in the window before flying away with its pay.

"Hey in class we learned when the alien-Mewmans became friends with us." Lyra proclaims.

"I saw the new emperor sign a peace treaty with the president when I was your age." Meteora says. "It was around the same time they started letting the lizards into society again."

"Speaking of which." Mariposa says pointing over to the left.

Meteora looks over and looks flushed when she sees a familiar tall looking skinny gray lizard with messy black hair running towards them. While Ludo and Dennis are seen playing basketball in the background.

"Hey, Meteora!"

"Oh great." Meteora says turning her face and governing her eyes. "Caramel Morrison. Just ignore him."

"Meteora, hey." Caramel says catching up to her. "I haven't seen you for a while."

"Uh, yeah. Homework and stuff." Meteora says while still trying to avoid looking at him."

"Well uh, we didn't finish our date last month."

"It was just studying Caramel." Meteora says.

"Still called a study date." He replies. "Anyways, I was wondering if your free later-"

"I'm actually going to be with my grandmother soon." Meteora replies with a smirk.

Caramels face drops and his eyes widen in horror at the thought of Solaria the Monster carver.

"But hey, your free to join us if you want." Meteora says looking at him and smiling this time.

"Uh..." Caramel says, giving an uneasy smile while sweating. "I...that sounds good, but uh, oh shoot I just remembered I have that thing. Maybe some other time. Bye."

"Bye." Meteora waves as he walks away shivering.

Meteora smiles proud as Mariposa glares at her.

"Alright, let's go."

"Why do you insist on doing that to the poor guy?" Mariposa asks her friend as they continue walking with Lyra.

"What? It's the truth isn't it?" Meteora replies.

"You know he's terrified of her." Mariposa replies. "Actually every native Mewmans afraid of her."

"She hasn't carved anyone in years. If they are still scared of her that's on them." Meteora says.

"Metty? Why don't you like Caramel?" Lyra asks.

"I like him, just not as much as he likes me." Meteora says.

"Bet you would if he had abs." Mariposa says with a huff.

Lyra and Mariposa both stop and they look over ag Meteora to see what's up. She is just standing there, grinning like an idiot, with her eyes drifting towards a muscular green Septarians tail as he does community service garbage pick up under the watchful eyes of Ferguesson and Alphonso, both now cops in uniforms.

"I'm sorry what?" Meteora says having not paid attention to her friend's question.

Hearing chatter, Rasticore becomes alert and glances behind his back. Seeing Meteora he starts covering his backside with one of his hands and he continues picking up garbage next to Babs.

Continuing forward the two teens and the kid see a homeless and bearded Oskar playing a keyboard horribly at town square, in front of the statue of Star erected 14 years ago.

Skullnick on a patio dinner date with Spikeballs.

All around them are older versions of the Echo Creek kids and native-mewman kids interacting with each other. As well as Septarians, Whoolettes and drones.

Finally they reach their destination.

It was the Mewni History Museum, formerly Butterfly Castle, fully rebuilt and standing tall in all its glory.

Outside were all the knights that had formerly been employed at the castle, from Lady Whosits and Sir Lavabado to some of the native-mewmans that Eclipsa knighted serving as guards and security, but still wearing their old armor.

All around them were depictions of the past queens, mainly Skywyyne to Star, and their deeds, both good and bad. There was a section on "pre-Mewni" which depicted Lizards in control of other species, followed by the arrival of Mewmans. Standing in Solaria's section was a fully intact Solarian Mech made from whatever parts could be salvaged, but a few had to be replaced with regular metal.

On display was also the remains of the Magic High Commission in a glass tank in front of their cardboard cutouts. Rhombulus crystal, Lekmet horn on a pedestal, Hekapoo's dress and scissors, Omnitraxus skull mask. A child presses one of the buttons on Rhombulus cut out and it says "My gut told me he's evil, so I crystalized him."

Standing by the book of spells, preserved in a glass case for all to observe, was Solaria herself. Now with a gray streak in her hair, serving as head of security. She smiles at her granddaughter, Mariposa and Lyra.

"Well, look who finally decided to show." Solaria says.

"Hey grandma." Says Meteora.

"Solaria." Mariposa greets.

"Grandma-Solaria!" Lyra exclaims.

"Where's mom?" Meteora asks.

Before Solaria could respond, there was a noise behind them.

"Right here."

They turn around and see Eclipsa coming up from behind them with Globgor, they are covered in patches of flower and dough.

"Sorry we're late. Moon and Comet needed some help in the cart." Eclipsa said.

"All the Butterfly queens and the Friends of Earth-ni are going to be here. They are baking a lot of pies." Globgor says.

"Pigeon pies?" Solaria asks excitedly.


"Ew, gross."

"That's cruel."

Everyone else says with disgust.

A few minutes later

In the section of the museum where the queen and king would be seated, there was a sea of people chatting it up with one another for the event to start.

Mixed in with the former queens (Skywyyne to Comet and Moon who are handing out pies) and the Knight-guards, there was Raphael, Angie, Globgor and various others wearing light blue jackets that say "Friends of Earth-ni" each with a purple wand-stick in their pockets.

Among these "Friends" was Jackie and Chloe (holding hands), Janna (who was wearing a dark queenly strapless tree underneath and holding dimensional scissors she created with her wand in her wand as she shows off to Festivia) standing next to an older Tom (who has a hot pink beard and is wearing a suit like his fathers and a crown), Slime and Penelope (who greet their daughter as she runs up to them), a balding Justin, and so many other people, many of them were young like Mariposa and Meteora. All different ethnicities and species.

A trumpet sound is heard. Everyone turns to see Buff-Frog, in a police officer's uniform, sounding it. He stops and speaks.

"Presenting their majesties." Buff-Frog says before stepping aside from the opening.

Coming into view is Star Butterfly, now fully grown and wearing a blue suit with a "Friends of Earth-ni" jacket, except it has "Queen" in cursive under the letters. Her hair is down and rough at the end as usual, she still paints hearts on her cheeks and she is holding her wand in one hand and a box in the other.

"Queen Star Butterfly!" Buff-Frog announces.

Star smiles as everyone cheers.

"Im not a queen Buff-Frog, i'm a warnicorn breeder." Star says. She looks at the cursive writing on her jacket. "This was Janna's idea."

"Well you are basically our boss so…." Janna says.

"And, my partner in stopping crime, officer Karate Boy."

Everyone claps as Marco comes into view and waves. He's full grown and with his adult five-shadow. Just like in the Neverzone, except that his rugged shirt is exchanged for a police uniform with a sheriffs badge.

"Thats out boy!" Angie shouts as her husband hollers.

Everyone continues clapping as Star Diaz-Butterfly and Marco Butterfly-Diaz strode to the thrones. Star stops to hug her aged mother, father and grandmother while waving regards to Globgor and Eclipsa as they stand by Solaria, Festivia, Jushtin abd Skywyyne. As she does this Marco Higgs his parents, fist bumps Tom and Janna while waving to Jackie abd Chloe. They take the stand, standing proud and tall.

Star speaks as the clapping dies.

"A lot has changed in the last fifteen years." Star says as the old queens nod. "Peace has been achieved with Mewnis native inhabitants, the age of queens and magic ended, a new age of magic began, and two worlds have become one." Stand opens her box and shows the contents. Two freshly cut purple magic sticks from the magic tree's that grow outside the city. "That is why I formed the Friends of Earth-ni, so that everyone, human, mewman, native-merman, heck, even demon or woolette," Star says looking at the young recruits. "Can play a role in helping this dimension, every dimension, be greater. The old commission crystalized Eclipsa, disowned Meteora because they were fearful of magic falling into the hands of a half-monster." Both Eclipsa and Solaria sneer. "So I say…bring them in while this ceremony starts!"

On cue Janna and Tom roll in the remains of the commission that were on display.

"And here they are." Marco says as he looks at the door again.

Everyone turns around and they see Meteora, Mariposa and Lyra standing in the doorway.

"Mamma! Pappa!" Lyra shouts as she breaks free from her aunt's grips and runs towards her parents who high her warmly.

"Aw, how are you little Starlight?" Marco asks.

"Im good."

"Now, Lyra, sweetie, im going to need to you stand by your grandparents." Star says.

Lyra looks over to Angie and Raphael who are standing on one side of the room, and Moon and River who are on the other.

"Which ones?" Lyra asks.

"Hold on." Says Raphael.

Angie and Raphael make their way to the other end. Moon and River scoot over to that the human couple can get right between them and Eclipsa.

"Remember, practice for our gig tonight." Eclipsa reminds them.

Lyra runs down to the grandparents and she takes turns hugging both her grandmothers then both her grandfathers.

Meteora and Mariposa look at each other and make their way to the stand. The two teens smile and wave at their friends and family. Mariposa blushes when she sees her parents holding up signs that say "My Granddaughters Magic." Meteora gives a proud fist up to her grandmother and her parents who clap and cheer. She walks close to the stand holding up the goat horn, the skull, the crystal and the candle and blows them a raspberry before continuing her way.

They stand before Star as she takes out the sticks.

"So, you guys want them to look a certain way or…." Star asks.

"Uh, just the stick is fine for me." Mariposa says.

"I want a nine tail whip with clubs at the end." Meteora says.

"Ok then I want a Mexican rattle with butterflies on it." Says Mariposa.

"I figured as much." Star says before using her own wand to transform the two sticks into their desired forms. She puts her wand away, holds the new wands in her hands and addresses the teens.

"Mariposa Diaz, Meteora Butterfly. Do you swear, to always use your magic to benefit others. To bring peace, not war. To help those in need when they need it most. To never discriminate between your own kind and the rest of the multiverse?"

""I swear." Says Mariposa.

"Not like we have a choice." Says Meteora, recalling how this magic can only be used to build and heal not destroy things like the old stuff.

"Ok then here you go." Star says handing the wands to the teenager.

The teens cheer and smack their wands together, sparks fly out from the tips and towards the ceiling as the mass of people cheer. Meteora gets down and hugs her family as Mariposa hugs Star, her brother then her grandparents.

Meteora hugs Eclipsa, Globgor, Solaria, Jushtin, Skywyne and even Festivia who gives her a head tussle. She then hands her wand to Lyra.

"Here, two minutes." She says.

Noticing this, Mariposa uses her own wand to transform Meteora's into a replica of the wand that Lyra drew on her paper. The young girl gasps as she has her own wand in her hand. Sher starts giggling and waving it back and forth creating light green magic whips.

"You'll get your own in seven years sweetie." Star says. Then she addresses the people.

"So, if there isn't anything else then-"

"Hey mamma." Lyra says.

"Yes sweetie?" Asks Star.

"Well, uh, we're here, and i've been learning history in school. And I know you and papa had a lot to do with it, but…..how did this world happen again?"

Everyone falls silent. Star and Marco look around and they notice that some of the younger "Friends of Earth-ni" are looking confused as well. They know the history from what they learned in school but the exact details in certain spots are still funky.

Star shrugs.

"Alright, but its a long story, I think its best I start from the beginning."

Everyone circles around Star and Marco once again, Marco stands proudly next to his wife as she begins to speak.

"Far away, in a magical land called Mewni, lived a princess. Star Butterfly…."

Some of the green wisps that Lyra created fly to the top of the ceiling where a large window reveals the beautiful night sky, the crescent moon and a shining star next to it.

The star blinks brighter as the episode, and the series ends.

Hello readers. I want to thank you all for sticking with my story. I hope that the way I ended it was satisfactory to everyone. Now that I am done with this story, I will be taking a (most likely permanent) break from fan fiction.

Its just that these stories take a lot of my time, especially with work and school. Plus I want to start focusing on writing things that I can publish.

SaturnX: I see your point, but I would just like to state that Star is probably one of the few butterflies who actually used magic responsibly (not counting season 1) so, after getting over her initial disdain for magic after getting used to the new stuff, she actually felt relieved to have the magic she was used to back. I like to compare this new magic and the old magic to soy and 2% milk. This new stuff tastes a little different but is healthier for you while the old stuff is better tasting but bad for you. Star liked having the good taste in her metaphorical mouth again, the power in the body not just in her wand felt exhilarating for someone who hasn't felt it in months. And remember, these were mostly mutant septarians that the butterflies were facing. Mindless creatures that were regenerating from the tiniest scraps, even the old magic wands were hardly slowing them down. The use of dark magic and the ball was the only way they were truly able to beat them, up til that point their side was losing ground. And even after doing that the lizards started to recover by replicating. It was a hard time that required getting their hands dirty for the literal survival of their world, but in the end, Star used the power of love and the new magic to finally stop the fight and bring peace by making them let go of their hate.

I would like to give thanks to Moringmark, his Tumblr comic A Tale of Two Butterflies helped inspire my depiction of Seth. I also recommend looking into his stories Ship War AU and Enter the Alterverse. He's having trouble updating recently but these are still great stories.

Also, I got the idea for Lyra from a fan fiction called "Royal Secrets" by Blackwolfwrites. Its a remake of Star vs' forth season that the author claims will update soon. Warning, involves teen pregnancy. There isn't a character named Lyra in the story but it is a constellation and one of the stars in it is named Vega.

Again, thank you all so much for reading, I wish you all good writing. Below are a list of fanficions that I may never write now. If you feel inspired, please don't hesitate.

Daughter of a Harsh Winter Sequel-I started writing this but I scrapped it because honestly the whole thing was a mess. I had an idea that I liked where Elsa was the daughter of Skadi and I liked this fanfiction by Tania Hyllian called "The One" where Anna bullies Elsa but they become Friends over time. I tried to combine these two concepts but it just came out a choppy piece of crud since I was trying to move from one storyline to another too fast. Honestly its not my best work.

Watching Frozen Concept-this was inspired by a story now wattpad by agentmegan which has them watching the movies, from the first frozen to the shorts and its starting on the sequel, but very slowly. I had an idea iof my own for this nvolving, not just Hans and the parents, but also Hans father and brothers trying to get Elsa to join them, Honeymaren and Ruyder who call out Agnar on his fear of magic affecting how he raised his daughters and Honey bonding with Elsa, I also thought about brining in the evil Elsa concept to get Elsa to let go of her fear of hurting Anna by making sure this version of her doesnt do it purposely.

Road to Eternia-Takes place where the final season of she-ra left off, Adora, Catra, Bow and Glimmer travel cross the universe and find Eternia. Adora meets her parents and sparks a rivalry with Adam, especially when Adora shows to be more capable of beating Skeletor than he is. While back on Etheria, Hordak and Wrong Hordak are trying to find a place for them and the clones while Micha and Entrapta try to bring Angella back.

Let the Storm Rage On: An evil Elsa fanfic. Starting with a story how king runeard drove the trolls away so he can construct Arendelle and Pabbie cursing him, a hurricane of ice being present at onion Elsa's birth, an overly strict Agnar and his queen consort Idunna of corona raising Elsa to act like a princess while the rest of Arendelle fears and hates her at best and tries to poison her at worst. Then Elsa becomes furious when Anna announces her engagement to Hans on her coronation and the council talk about having Anna as queen and forcing Elsa to abdicate. Then after Elsa curses the kingdom constantly shifting between her angry and spiteful self, sadistic and happy and her genuinely sad and remorseful feeling due to her borderline personality disorder before she saves Arendelle from Hans avalanche.

Anna and the Snow Queen: based on the very early frozen concept where Anna is a regular girl who frees the snow queen from her icy prison to freeze her heart after being left at the altar like she was. I imagine kind of a maleficent-aurora (live action) relationship between the two with Elsa, initially cold, but bonding with Anna due to their shared pains and discovering that the snow queen is actually Anna's mother (her father left her at the altar pregnant from cold feet and Elsa gave birth at a church before running to the mountains and war imprisoned in ice before she could retrieve Anna).

If there are any more questions about this future that you still want answered, please ask.