It was a sunny day at Cloud 9 Superstore. Jonah was busy stacking fruit miserably. He let out groans and sighs. Glenn, of course, walked around saying that "today is a happy day" for them.

For Jonah it was way more different.

"Hey Jonah, I saw you were looking miserable today! I came to see what's up, how you doing?",asked Glenn cheerfully.

This made Jonah feel uncomfortable.

"It's nothing Glenn.",groaned Jonah.

"Come on Jonah, you've always been like a son to me. With fathers and sons, they tell each other everything. Now tell me, is it something that has to do with Amy?", guessed Glenn teasingly.

Jonah laughed,

"No it's not that...",said Jonah.

"Well..tell me Jonah,tell me!", demanded Glenn.

"Okay, well, my brother and his wife couldn't stand my nephew making their lives crazy. He has been sneaking out and hanging with friends. So he is coming to work here. Trust me, I will keep an eye on him.",explained Jonah.

"Oh...",said Glenn.

"Well, I'm sure Emma,Amy's daughter, will like to have a friend. I mean she's coming to work day does your nephew come?",asked Glenn.

"Same day as Emma will come back working.",said Jonah.

Jonah continued looking up at Glenn, "Just promise not to tell anyone.".