Jonah dragged his nephew to a private corner that is further away from Amy and Emma.

"Uncle Jonah, what are you talking about?",asked Justin.

Why would his uncle would all of a sudden wanna talk about ground rules? All he did was look at Amy and Emma. They didn't do any work,yet, so why are they even discussing ground rules in the first place!?

"What we need to do is discuss about ground rules before...that!",shouted Jonah.

He pointed over to Amy and Emma watching Justin. They followed his finger to where he was pointing, and then looked over at Jonah.

"Before what you just pointed to Amy and Emma.",said Justin before Jonah could say anything Justin could already tell something was up with his uncle.

"What is it you got a "thing" for the manager or something?",asked Justin. That made Jonah blush in embarrassment. He tried to tell his nephew to shush, but ,his nephew was too smart to believe in what Jonah was trying to do. Jonah stopped himself to what he was doing and sighed

"Yes you could say I have a "thing" for her.",admitted Jonah sadly.

Justin almost started to jump around in joy.

"Why don't you go talk to her, Uncle Jonah? I mean you like her right?",said Justin.

That was when Jonah sighed again, he looked over to his nephew again.

"Listen Justin, I know I already told you about me liking Amy, but she is under a lot of pressure. Sometimes, her daughter keeps her on her feet. Do you know what I'm talking about right?" ,asked Jonah.

He was paying attention, but, all that Justin did was act like he was paying attention. Jonah hadn't anytime to realize that Justin was acting like he cared. He continued to talk to him about the reason why they needed to set up these ground rules. Justin could imagine Jonah being underwater blocking out all the noise. The thought of it makes him laugh a little. As soon as

Jonah said Do you see what I mean?" Justin looked straight at him

"Yes." He said

"Good now. Let's get to work shall we?"said Jonah.

Justin looked at him, nodding his head in response as the two walked off to start off the work day.