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(Merus POV)

"Is it true that Hachiman-san is going to be punished?" I asked.

"Maybe." replied brother Whis.

"It can't be, right? No matter how much I looked into it, his usage of Time Ring power hasn't caused any change in history at all." I said.

"I said 'Maybe', right? So you shouldn't assume he would be punished, Merus." replied brother Whis.

"Eh? But if it weren't because of that, then why was fa— the Grand Priest went to meet him?" I asked.

"That is also the reason why I said 'Maybe'. Although his usage of the Time Ring didn't look like it would affect the history, however, according to Supreme Kai of Time, the history in the near future was somehow altered. So basically, rather than Hachiman-san would be punished, he's just the most suspicious person to her after all." replied brother Whis.

"Is that so? But I still believe that it wasn't his doing at all. Even if it's his doing, both earths were saved by him, it really doesn't feel right if he's punished for it." I muttered.

"We couldn't know whether it was because of his usage of the Time Ring since neither of us were Supreme Kai of Time. Also, no matter what reasons it is, meddling with time isn't something you can sniff at." said brother Whis.

Well, of course. Even the Grand Supreme Kai who handed him the Time Ring was punished for it.

After a few days that the Grand Priest found out about it, he was arrested for it.

I really felt bad for him.

Hachiman-san, you really have a tough life.

"Say brother, how's Grand Supreme Kai doing?" I asked.

"He's currently entertaining Omni-kings with circus play right now." said brother Whis.

What a bizarre punishment.

(Merus POV Ended)

(Hikigaya Hachiman POV)

"That's the reason why I'm here to take you to the Time Nest, Hachiman-san." said the Grand Priest.

I don't know what to do right now.

Unlike the tournament of power that I don't have to worry much about everyone on the earth.

If we lose, everyone will be erased altogether.

If we win, it will be just me missing from the earth for a few days.

However, this situation is different.

Even if I'm not the cause of the main problem that occurred, it's undeniably that I used a Time Ring even though I'm not a Supreme Kai.

Once I went with the Grand Priest, I can't imagine myself getting back here unpunished.

I couldn't help but to be sad that I'm going to make Komachi worry again (well, being an unsociable brother probably troubled her so much already).

"It's admirable that you're still worried about others' feelings when you're well aware that you're going to be arrested anyway." said the Grand Priest.

Well, I couldn't help with that.

"Considering that it would not be right to put all the blame on you since you're not arbitrarily used it but were given permission from the one who had the right to use it, you deserved to be granted the chance of negotiations. How does it sound, Hachiman-san?" said the Grand Priest.

My answer is simple.

"Alright…" I replied as I let him take me away.

"Well, that's a wise decision." said the Grand Priest as he took me with him.

But to be honest, his suggestion isn't making me any less worried about Komachi and everyone on earth.

And why did I give him such a simple answer?

Beggars can't choose, can they?

Once again, everything is up to my negotiation.

I got to take a break from martial art but now I have to rack the hell out of my brain more than ever.

What about the promise I made with Zaimokuza?

That can wait, right?

(Time Nest)

So this is a famous Time Nest that is a special place located on the very edge of Universe 7 which was apparently constructed as the nest for the divine bird that creates time, Tokitoki.

This place is stated to be almost like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and resembles a giant birdcage.

I couldn't agree more.

"Well then, have fun with your negotiations, Hachiman-san." said the Grand Priest as he waved me goodbye.

"W-wait!" I shouted but too late.

You're kidding me, right? How am I supposed to leave here? This place is pretty much too far for me to locate the earth.

Then I heard several footsteps reaching closer and closer to my direction together with a noisy female voice.

"Hey yoooooooouuuuuu. You idiot!"

This noisiness is reminding me of Caulifla when I trained with her.

Out of reflection, I pushed the owner of the voice down to the ground with my gravity manipulation.


After realizing what I have done, I quickly stop the gravity manipulation.

Then I take a look at her.

She is a short and petite Supreme Kai of a youthful and pretty appearance with pinkish-red hair and pink/purple skin. Like most Supreme Kais, she wears a pair of Potara earrings and robes similar to those worn by the Supreme Kais on the Sacred World of the Kai, though it has a more casual design. Her outfit also sports a pair of high-heeled boots, which may be to compensate for her short stature.

"How dare you abuse a Time Ring like this?! I couldn't believe you." said the person who I pushed down earlier.

I don't know it myself if my usage of the Time Ring causes the ruckus she referred to so I can't say for sure that I'm innocent.

However, before that I have to make sure of something.

"And you're…" I asked.

"Hah?! You came here to see me without knowing who I am?!" she asked.

"Well, I'm not coming here on my own, the Grand Priest brought me here." I replied.

"The Grand Priest. What are you talking ab— Ah… so that's why I couldn't locate you when I'm about to summon you here myself." she said.

"Are you perhaps?" I asked.

"Yeah right. I'm Chronoa. The Supreme Kai of Time." she replied.

Good job, Hachiman. You have taken the first step in negotiation in a very wonderful way: Push her down to the ground, not to mention, her face smashed the ground quite heavily.

How embarrassing. I wish I could do Harakiri right now.

I bowed at her.

"Please forgive my rudeness from earlier, Supreme Kai of Time." I apologized.

"Yeah, you should be. On top of messing with time you dare to do that to Supreme Kai of Time." complained Supreme Kai of Time.

Ugh… she's in a bad mood. Think, Hachiman, think about how to please the lady.

And now it's reminded me again, other than Komachi, I probably have never pleased anyone in my life, not to mention that Komachi just got happy only because she wanted to.

I fell down on my knees in despair.

"Smooth the lady's mood, huh? Just forget about it. It's beyond my capability. I'm that hopeless." I said to myself.

"Hey! Don't go hopeless because of me! People will think I'm a heartless young lady!" groaned Supreme Kai of Time.

"See? On top of being unable to smooth her mood, I'm causing her reputation to drop significantly to the point that she has to delusional herself as a young lady." I said to myself.

"WHO ARE YOU SAYING BEING DELUSIONAL?!" shouted Supreme Kai of Time.

"Ack?!" I groaned.

And then I felt a pain in my crotch as I groaned.

Supreme Kai of Time kicked my balls, brought me back from Nega Shuuya mode.

"Having a proper talk or being castrated? I don't care which." said Supreme Kai of Time as she emitted a dark aura and materialized a giant scissor.

"A-anything but that!" I begged.

I have an urge to ask her whether she is Hiratsuka-sensei in disguise or not but doing that will definitely result in castration for sure (although judging from her ki I definitely not have a problem handling her but Grand Priest might not let me go away with it).

Supreme Kai of Time ceased her dark aura and threw away that big scissor.

"Good, now listen to me!" demanded Supreme Kai of Time.

I nodded.

Supreme Kai of Time brought out something that looked like a scroll but with a dark aura covered it.

"Something that shouldn't happen in history will be shown in a form of this dark aura." explained Supreme Kai of Time.

Are you sure you're not intimidating me with the dark aura from earlier?

Then the Supreme Kai of Time rolled that scroll open.

"When I looked into it, I couldn't find any details about the twists that occurred in it. The only thing I saw is that you're using the Time Ring despite you're not Supreme Kai." said Supreme Kai of Time.

"So that's why you suspect me." I said.

"When people don't know the truth, what they can do is to analyze the information they currently have, haven't they? Also, a Time Ring isn't something that should be used in any sort of fight to begin with so don't ever think I will let you get away unpunished even if you're not the cause of the ruckus." retorted Supreme Kai of Time.

"No comment." I replied.

"Where's your manner?!" complained Supreme Kai of Time.

"Please excuse my rudeness." I said.

Damn it. If only I could read her mind like how I did with others.

Because of the consecutive fights with those dragons and that goat, my mind reading abilities were in poor state up until now.

Hm? Now that I looked into the scroll she's complained about it, I'm curious.

It's not look like we couldn't find it, but some of the specific details just kept being replaced with the other details that we've already seen before at high speed.

"Um… Supreme Kai of Time. I know that the Time Ring can cause such chaos, but is it able to affect the scroll like this?" I asked.

"What is it?" asked Supreme Kai of Time.

"Whenever we take a look into history in the future, it keeps being replaced with the past while the past just stayed as it is." I explained.

"What are you talking about? There's no way it could be that w— huh?" said Supreme Kai of Time.

MAfter that, Supreme Kai of Time kept on screening the scroll as her eyes kept running wildly.

As expected, it's not like the problem Supreme Kai of Time is looking for isn't there, it just showed up and was replaced the moment her eyes landed on them and it happened so fast that her eyes couldn't notice it in time.

"You're right! It's as you said!" said Supreme Kai of Time with her eyes turned extremely red from focusing.


"And this definitely is not the work of the Time Ring I've known for many million years. Argh! My eyes hurt!" said Supreme Kai of Time as she left and searched for eye drop.

Should you call yourself a young lady when you have lived for many million years, I really wonder?

A few minutes later, she came back.

Guess what, she doesn't look like someone who has hurt her eyes recently after all.

Gods are having it easy, aren't they?

"I can't believe that this is even possible." said Supreme Kai of Time.

Supreme Kai of Time took a look at that scroll again and she's trying to get the information out of it as much as possible.

How is being competitive going to help you out, I wonder?

And as I expected, she asked me for my help.

"A question, Supreme Kai of Time." I said.

"What is it?" asked Supreme Kai of Time.

"It seems like the speed of details replacing isn't just fixed randomly, but it looks like they're fixed to be replaced at the speed which makes sure you're not able to keep up with it." I said.

"Is that true?" asked Supreme Kai of Time.

"It's just a mere assumption. But if it's true then there's a possibility that whoever causes this might know how the scroll functioned very well." I said.

"Know how the scroll functioned very well, huh?" said Supreme Kai of Time.

Supreme Kai of Time then analyzed the situation.

"Is it possible that it's Time Patrol's secret doing? No, it can't be, right?"

How can you be so sure that their loyalty is all pure?

Then all of sudden, Supreme Kai of Time flinched and her sweat kept rolling down from her forehead.

"C-could you check if there's a person who resembles Hit in terms of facial features, though he sprouts large tentacles from his head. Over his gray skin he wears white Galactic Patrol armor with blue gems, and a dark red sash over black pants appeared in this scroll?" asked Supreme Kai of Time.

I expected she would ask for my help in looking into it, but I didn't expect she would prepare the specific details for me like this.

Alright, since I don't have to search on her behalf randomly so I don't mind giving it a try.

I took the scroll and looked into it.

I could catch up with the change of details, however, my current state is still not enough to be able to tell whether what I saw matches her information.

"It can't be helped then. HAAAAAHHH!" I said as I transformed into Zachiman immediately.

And now I took a look into it once more, I found that there's someone who was similar to what Supreme Kai of Time mentioned (although there's also quite a number of differences about this person).

But judging from how it showed on the scroll, this guy is definitely a culprit behind this.

Thank goodness that the main problem isn't my doing so I can escape a death sentence.

"I see it. Supreme Kai of Time, there's someone similar to what you men— huh?" I said but stopped midway.

Supreme Kai of Time was nowhere to be seen, at least from where I expect she's there.

Then the same sensation on my lower parts ached again together with a loud voice that spelled 'YOU DAMN PERVERT!'

This woman, I swear. What's wrong with her and my crotch?!

That's right. Supreme Kai of Time kicked me in the balls again.

As I cowered in (little) pain, I glanced upward.

And I saw her, Supreme Kai of Time, with an embarrassing and angry expression, covered her shredded costume and gritted her teeth at me.

Then I realized what happened.

My sudden transformation might cause her costume to shred like that.

I bowed down deeply and begged for her mercy.

I could already imagine people laughing at me and saying something like 'This guy can pick a fight with people who were on Gods of destruction level so far yet he's utterly defeated with such an opponent' if they saw me at this moment.

"Seriously, your rudeness knew no bounds." complained Supreme Kai of Time as she fixed her costume.

It took awhile for her to fix her mood and finally have a proper discussion with me.

"Well, since we're already confirmed that you weren't the cause of the main problem so it's not the right thing to put the death sentence on you." said Supreme Kai of Time.

"Thank you very much." I said.

However, Supreme Kai of Time raised her hand and ruined the mood.

"Don't thank me just yet. Of course no one could sue you for the main problem if you're not the one who caused it. However, do you think this discovery is trustworthy to others when it was pointed out by you, the suspected person, of all people?" said Supreme Kai of Time.

"Well… I couldn't argue with that." I frowned.

"Assuming that I believe you, others might think you're just coming up with such a story to get away from your crime." explained Supreme Kai of Time.

As I was about to say something, Supreme Kai of Time demanded me.

"That's why you have to capture this culprit to prove your innocence not just me but to everyone else as well!" ordered Supreme Kai of Time.

"In the end you just want me to do the capturing for you after all!" I said, unable to suppress my urge to retort.

"Oh, shut up. You don't have the right to complain in the first place. Compared to receiving a death sentence, this task is more preferable, isn't it? And you're quite skilled yourself, aren't you? So what's the harm?" said Supreme Kai of Time.

I was completely under her mercy.

Yeah, I was brought here to negotiate about my punishment whether it could be softened or not, yet I gave her so many bad impressions to the point that it wouldn't be any strange if she refused to reconsider the level of punishment.


"But the guy you want me to capture, his level is way too extraordinary, isn't it? How can I even be able to capture him, let alone not getting killed first?" I reasoned.

"And who said that you must do it right now?" said Supreme Kai of Time.

"Eh?" I asked.

"It's true that this is an emergency issue. However, don't you know where you are?" asked Supreme Kai of Time.

"Um… Time Nest… Don't tell me…" I said.

"That's right. This is Time Nest. Things like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber are common here. Now get inside and train there so that you can capture Sealas." said Supreme Kai of Time as she guided me to a mini-house in the courtyard and told me to train there.

"Do you really think I'm going to be able to get strong enough in time?" I asked.

"Worry not, I made the time in there flew three times slower than the one you've known. However, the time limit that you can use is just one third of the one you've known in return. So if you're not able to get strong in time you're pretty much locked up in there for eternity to atone your sin instead." explained Supreme Kai of Time.

"That wasn't easing my worries at all…" I muttered as I went in anyway.

Can't she tell that beating those gods of destruction level monsters headed on has never been my forte?

There's Jiren and many other people who can handle this task! Why me?!

Who would've guessed that Supreme Kai of Time was such a screw loose?

But it's not like my reasoning would bear anything other than a castration sentence from her so I don't have any other choice left.

After Supreme Kai of Time left me in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, I checked the food in there and found that she had many bowls of frozen ramen stocked in the fridge.

'Even Lord Beerus compliments this food so you should be able to enjoy it, right? Also, don't waste food, okay?'

Is what she wrote on the paper left in the refrigerator.

Alright. I think she's not that much of a tyrant Supreme Kai of Time for this wonderful preparation.

However, after I heated the bowl of ramen and ate it, I couldn't help but groan internally.

Give it back! Give my compliment back!

Is she trying to kill me or something!?

Not even Yuigahama messed up with cooking this badly!

Even Peanut Butter Squid would be more preferable than this ramen looking bio weapon!

"My god. Is she the reincarnation of Gokudera Hayato's sister?" I groaned.

This is probably the first time in my life that I don't want to eat ramen.

I couldn't help but to vent this frustration on my training.

(Hikigaya Hachiman POV Ended)

(Narrator POV)

After training for eight months straight, Hachiman came out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

There's a mountain pile of eye drops in the corner of the room placed near the scroll Supreme Kai of Time has shown to Hachiman, much to Hachiman's surprise.

"She really has a screw loose. Pushing herself to read this tricky scroll by herself and just ended up exhausted on her own." muttered Hachiman.

And it's true to his words, Supreme Kai of Time just being competitive and reading the scroll for five hours straight and fell asleep before Hachiman came out for briefly twenty minutes.

Out of caring instincts, Hachiman materialized the blanket and covered her with it.

Then he suddenly realized the important things about the mission.

"And how can I capture that guy when I can't go anywhere?" questioned Hachiman.

Then for a moment, a sudden 'Kyaaaaahhh' feminine scream echoed the entire room.

It seems that Supreme Kai of Time awaked after a few seconds Hachiman put on a blanket on her and found herself covered in it while Hachiman was near her.

Hachiman can only sigh with 'Ah shit, here we go again'.

Supreme Kai of Time probably thought that Hachiman did something to her in her sleep.

After a long misunderstanding clearing session, Supreme Kai of Time told Hachiman the information about Sealas as much as she knew and sent Hachiman to the near future to capture Sealas.

According to Supreme Kai of Time, One week after the day Hachiman was summoned into the Time Nest, The Universe 10's fighters who were responsible for sealing him away, didn't aware that to be able to keep Sealas sealed, at least one of them has to be awaked, and coincidentally that the day where all of them asleep has come and resulting in Sealas unbounded afterward without Universe 10's fighters noticing.

The unbounded Sealas began to continue his plan quietly and used his newfound ability from Universe 3 knowledge to hack the time scroll itself, successfully hiding himself from Supreme Kai of Time's surveillance until Hachiman pointed out his trick.

The moment Hachiman appeared, Sealas ambushed him immediately.

However, for someone being cautious beforehand, he has built a portal opening receptor which ruins the ambush from Sealas in time.

And then the battle between portal opening users began.

But the battle wasn't even, in fact, Hachiman was at a disadvantage in terms of numbers even though he's in Hikigaya Zachiman form.

With Universe 3 technology Sealas gained, he can keep spawning his copies to no end while Hachiman can't do the same.

"What's wrong? Supreme Kai of Time must be a screw loose to send a weakling like you to capture me." said Sealas.

"I couldn't agree more about that part." said Hachiman.

Unlike any other Time Patrollers who would be too stubborn to admit their shortcomings, Hachiman just casually admits it.

To be honest, the reason why Hachiman finished his training in eight months in Hyperbolic Time Chamber isn't because he became strong enough, it's because he already hit the limit once he could master his atavistic form and no longer have any idea what to do next.

After fighting for a while, Hachiman and Sealas arrived on a certain strange planet.

Before arriving here, Hachiman has been using uninhabited planets and meteors as his shield and they're all destroyed for it.

However, this certain planet is different, Sealas' attacks didn't leave any scratches on it.

Much to Hachiman's fortune, he used that shield himself against Sealas while planning how to capture the ex-Time Patroller monster if it's possible to do at all.

While shielding himself against Sealas, Hachiman noticed that there's various thoughts occurring inside the planet he used as a shield.

As soon as he finished analyzing the planet, he couldn't help but be confused.

"Zamasu?!" said Hachiman.

It appeared that the planet itself was the Sealed Ball Zamasu used to lock himself up together with his evil alternative timeline counterparts.

Then all of sudden, Hachiman thought up a plan to capture Sealas.

While he thought about it, Sealas already appeared behind him.

But when Sealas reached his hand to kill Hachiman, he reflectively displayed Solar Flare Technique and managed to make Sealas' attack fail.

However, even with Solar Flare technique, Sealas still doesn't give Hachiman any rest at all.

"At this rate I'll be finished, better restore my strength with senzu bean." said Hachiman as he took out a bean.

Then Sealas quickly snatched the bean away from Hachiman.

"Unfortunately, I'll be the one who gets his strength restored." said Sealas as he gulped down the bean.

However, instead of having his strength restored, Sealas suffered from inside.

"Damn it… How come I fall for such a childish trick again!?" groaned Sealas.

The moment he heard 'senzu bean', he let his guard down and fell into Hachiman's trap.

It was no senzu bean at all, it is all the Supreme Kai of Time's homemade ramen stored in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber being condensed into a small bean-like piece through his awakened transformation's ability.

Then again, Hachiman was reminded of how unbelievably, terrifyingly horrible Supreme Kai of Time's homemade cooking was.

Since Sealas was distracted by the unexpected stomachache, not only he could control both himself and his spawned clones at his will, but also didn't realize that Hachiman was now transformed into his atavistic form and summoned a mass of gravity cubes surrounding the Sealed Ball.

Hachiman shrank all the gravity cubes down to palm-sized and opened his mouth.

"Zamasu. Lend me your power." said Hachiman as he gulped down the entire palm-sized Sealed Ball like how Moro did in the past.

After that, some of the power which was sealed inside the Sealed Ball Hachiman gulped earlier leaked into him and heavily boosted his power, much to Hachiman's bewilderment.

By the moment, Sealas managed to spit out the dummy senzu bean he gulped earlier, freed him from the hellish stomachache.

"Die!" shouted Sealas as himself and his clones focus went berserk and aiming to kill Hachiman.

Then a sudden thunderstorm from Hachiman's ki spread all over the universe and made many nearby galaxies shake.

"No way!" shocked Sealas.

He barely survived the ki thunderstorm while all of his clones reduced to nothing from just touching it.

On top of that, Sealas' scroll hacking also went along with the erased clones.

"It's over, Sealas." said Hachiman as he paralyzed Sealas' movements to the point he couldn't even allow to speak.

Once again, Hachiman summoned a mass of gravity cubes surrounding the immobilized Sealas and shrinking them together with Sealas into a palm-sized and signaled Supreme Kai of Time to take him back together with palm-sized Sealas.

(Time Nest)

"Good work and welcome back, Hachiman. Not many people who could capture him this fast, you have my praises." praised Supreme Kai of Time.

"Uh, thanks, I guess." replied Hachiman.

It took five hours straight for Hachiman to capture Sealas alive.

Although it was fast like Supreme Kai of Time said, five hours really doesn't sound that quick to Hachiman, especially when he knew he would be done for if it's not because of his encounter with the Sealed Ball.

Hachiman then asked Supreme Kai of Time about what happened to Zamasu which she gladly told him about, to which Hachiman felt sorry for Zamasu that he couldn't help him at all.

Supreme Kai of Time put the palm-sized sealed Sealas on the table and gave him earful scolding before sealing him in The Crack of Time again.

"Well then, Supreme Kai of Time. Was my punishment for using the Time Ring softened?" asked Hachiman.

"You're really fast about discussing that topic, I see. Don't worry, you're forgiven for it as a reward for capturing Sealas for me." replied Hachiman.

As soon as Hachiman hears her words, he's about to jump for joy, only to be collapsed for unknown reasons.

"H-Hey! What's wrong?" asked Supreme Kai of Time.

Hachiman appeared to have a fever, after Supreme Kai of Time checking him, she found that his fever is caused by the implantation of an overwhelming power.

Supreme Kai of Time asked what happened during his fight with Sealas which she assumed was the case.

Hachiman then obediently told her everything except the part where he used her cooking against Sealas to her which resulted in him getting smacked in the head.

"Ouch. What was that for?" groaned Hachiman.

"You're such an unbelievable idiot!" said Supreme Kai of Time.

Supreme Kai of Time rubbed her temples as if to indicate how stupid Hachiman was.

"If you're strong enough to make that insane amount of power inside that Sealed Ball yours then there's no problem. The problem is that you can't and yet you implanted that thing inside yourself now you're not different than a walking time bomb!" said Supreme Kai of Time.

Hachiman was so shocked upon hearing that so he couldn't react whatsoever.

"Ah… Farewell cruel world…" said Hachiman, absent-mindedly.

Another smack bestowed on Hachiman's head once more.

"Seriously, in term of genius, you'd rather take either 0 or 100, huh?" complained Supreme Kai of Time as she dragged Hachiman into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber again.

"Why did I need to train again? There's no way I could make that insane power mine." said Hachiman.

"And who said you're going to do that again?" retorted Supreme Kai of Time.

"We're not?" asked Hachiman.

"Don't treat me like some tyrant who would force a patient to train at a time like this! Since I have a duty of Supreme Kai of Time so I must not leave my surveillance on history too long." said Supreme Kai of Time.

It's a wise choice if she had to spend a lot of time healing Hachiman while not leaving her duty for so long.

"Don't underestimate me, the Supreme Kai of Time. I'll let you know how useful the power of time is." said Supreme Kai of Time.

Hachiman couldn't help but retort internally.

"And why does it not help you with your cooking skill, I wonder?"

While Hachiman still lost in thought, Supreme Kai of Time just transformed into Time Power Unleashed form right in front of him.

The moment Hachiman laid his eyes on the transformed Supreme Kai of Time, his jaw dropped and his entire body petrified.

In this form, Supreme Kai of Time physically grows into a taller, more mature appearance. She looks like an adult with a much shapelier figure and lengthens her hair to her lower back. Her outfit resembles Fused Zamasu's outfit but with a white and yellow color scheme. The form gives her a Halo similar to that of the Barrier of Light. It resembles a clock, with the hands points at ten and two respectively.

Hachiman's face grew hotter upon the sight before him.

At this point, Hachiman couldn't tell which is hotter between his temperature or Supreme Kai of Time herself.

Supreme Kai of Time approached Hachiman and leaned herself toward him, which Hachiman himself couldn't stop his heart from racing faster and louder.

"Well then, shall we begin?" said Supreme Kai of Time.

(Narrator POV Ended)

(Hikigaya Hachiman POV, One year later)

Finally a day of graduation has come for real without even using the Time Ring.

Am I happy that my high school days finally ended?

Well, I don't feel like this is really a special day to me at all.

But today is probably the important day for those who are in the relationship to decide their future.

If they went to the same path as their partner then it's no problem.

But those who have their path splitted with their partner might curse this day a lot.

"If you dare to forget me after this day I swear I'll make your eyeballs my new pair of tennis balls."

"You too, if you dare to forget me after this day I swear I'll make you debut as a new NTR'd character in my latest series."

A love quarrel between Miura Yumiko and Zaimokuza Yoshiteru.

Yeah, you heard right. They're both dating each other.

How come, you asked? And isn't Zaimokuza out of character right now, you asked?

During the day I was arrested by the Grand Priest, it appeared Miura was rejected by Hayama and she ran to a place where people aren't around, which Zaimokuza coincidentally bumped into her while searching for me.

Zaimokuza is an idiot coward but he's not a heartless coward, but still an idiot.

He went and comforted Miura in his own way; inviting her to read novels (some of them were his creations) together to forget the grief.

The saddened Miura wasn't her usual high horse self so she accepted his offer.

Guess what, it's work. In Miura's viewpoint, seeing and knowing how Zaimokuza really is and comparing herself with him, she couldn't help but feel like an idiot for sulking over such things as little as a single rejection.

And that's where their love story began.

Well, having someone like Miura as his girlfriend, it's natural that Zaimokuza couldn't help but adapt his way of speaking to her standards.

And it's not like a bad thing since his writing skill also improved because of that too (and I no longer need to assist him with his manuscript thanks to that).

However, Zaimokuza and Miura were aiming for different universities because of their different liking so they weren't as happy as other graduated couples.

What about others?

Komachi also got herself a boyfriend, and that person was Totsuka Saika.

Well, since I was busy with a part-time job I usually asked him to accompany her on my behalf. After that occurred so many times, their love story began.

What about Yuigahama? She's no longer see me as a human being which is why she moved on from her feelings and in her third year, she ended up dating the bug that used to aim for my sister after their love began from their mutual airhe— interest.

What about Hiratsuka-sensei? Well, she quit school during our third year and is dating a professor in some university. If I'm not mistaken, I think she bragged about her boyfriend named Ikeda Kyōju a lot.

That's all for the real lovers.

Now for the fake one goes to Hayama, how fit for him.

It appeared that Hayama was blackmailed by his sly junior, if I'm not mistaken, her name is Isshiki Iroha.

Both of them were (one-sided) dating each other.

Yukinoshita managed to keep her single status even though she got love confessions constantly and now planning to study abroad after graduation, how fit of her.

Then what about me?

Why do I have to yearn for such things?

I already have my part-time job to do.

What kind of job, you asked?

A Time Patroller and a househusband.

For the details, who would've thought that she has to do 'that' to keep my implanted power source under control.

But if I were to describe my life since the high school, I could only say this:

My Teen Romantic Comedy Is Super Wrong As Expected.

(Hikigaya Hachiman POV Ended)

A/N: Last chapter for you readers, please enjoy and happy new year.