While at their usual seats in the great hall assembled for breakfast, Hermione's eyes opened wide as she stared at the front page of the Daily Profit. "Something really must be done about that reporter." Hermione watched the image of her and Viktor Krum.

She remembered this all too well and was furious her picture was taken. After Malfoy drenched her clothes with some sort of water cannon spell, Viktor wrapped her up in his own shirt and kissed her sweetly on the cheek. The article said Viktor tore off all her clothes during a wild sexual encounter. Hermione continued reading the article out loud. "Scandals run rampant during the Triwizard Tournament. Miss Granger seems to have an appetite for champions. First Harry Potter, then Viktor Krum. Finally, the long-awaited word on how Harry feels about it." Hermione looked up from the paper and eyed Harry. Then she continued to read. "Two can play at this game of cheating hearts."

"I never said that. Let me see." Harry reached for the paper and Hermione pulled it further away from him. "No, I didn't talk to the reporter. You know whatever she says in there isn't true, right?" Those words died in his throat as another image caught his eye. "Please don't pay any attention to that." Harry took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Now you have made me curious."

Ron raced in and plopped himself down next to Hermione and glared at Harry. "You lucky dog. I envy you. How was she? I want details!"

"What are you talking about?" Hermione turned to Ron. Ron pointed his fingers to another picture in the paper, that of Harry and Fleur both with naked exposed shoulders and lots of bubbles covering the rest of their bodies. Fleur planted kisses up and down Harry's neck in the animated image.

"How did she fake this picture?" Hermione shook her head. Harry kept his mouth shut.

"Fake? Then this picture of you and Krum is fake too?" Ron questioned doing his best to mask his enthusiasm.

"No, mine is real," Hermione said.

"It is!" Harry and Ron both looked at the picture of Viktor and Hermione more closely. Neither could think of another explanation, other than the sorted tale Rita was telling, for a shirtless Viktor Krum with his arms wrapped around Hermione while she wore his shirt.

"Honestly!" Hermione glared at the two of them. "The picture is real, but Ms. Skeeter's commentary about it, is completely made up."

"Sure, it is," Ron said sarcastically.

"Really, it is! Malfoy hit me with a water cannon spell. I think he was hoping to drown me… Only Viktor came to my rescue again, and even covered me with his own shirt," Hermione explained. "But this, Harry and Fleur an obvious fake," Hermione said confidently.

"Is she right?" Ron questioned Harry.

"Um," was about the only words that managed to escape Harry's lips as he caught a glimpse of the lovely Fleur Delacour. Fleur waved at Harry with a friendly smile that quickly turned into a smirk. She picked up a banger from her plate and opened her mouth a tad wider then necessary. She held the sausage link with two fingers, then caressed the tip of it against her lips. The other girls at her table all giggled.

"Oh God." Harry blushed and looked away. The laughter from Fleur's table only seemed to get louder.

"It is disgusting!" Hermione exclaimed while she pushed her own plate of food away from her. "I lost my appetite. Look at Fleur over there. So chill. She doesn't even care. She should be furious, yet she is making a joke of the whole thing."

Ron looked over too and couldn't help noticing Fleur's demonstration. "Are you sure the article is a fake?" Ron asked Hermione.

Harry let out an exasperated sigh. He intended to speak, but Fleur's actions conjured up a rather distracting image in his head. "Obviously. From the sounds of this article, Harry felt so betrayed by mine and Viktor's relationship that he… as if he would care. Tell him." She tapped Harry on the shoulder.

"Right, ah… I don't care if Krum dates one of my best friends." Harry nodded as he wished for an end to the discussion.

Ron groaned as he didn't share Harry's lack of care over the status of Viktor and Hermione's relationship, but he wouldn't give Hermione the satisfaction. "Who cares about that? Certainly not me!" Ron lied. "Were you and Delacour really…. Making a splash?" He raised his fingers making air quotes around his words.

Harry gave the longest pause as he had no desire to answer that question.

About 12 Hours Earlier – The night before

Harry had no idea what he was in for tonight. Fleur was determined of two things. She would show Harry how grateful she was and that she no longer viewed him as a little boy.

Harry spent the last ten minutes listening to Fleur apologize for calling him 'little boy,' and for believing the lies that he was a glory hound in getting his own name in the Triwizard Tournament. Then she sincerely thanked him for saving her sister's life while he enjoyed the Treacle Tart, she conjured up for him. "Forget it. It is fine really." He turned to leave.

"No, I am not going to forget it and I am going to make tonight a night that you will never forget," Fleur said. She flung off her hat and pulled out her ponytail. Her long silvery hair fell around her face. She grabbed Harry by the shirt and kissed him. At first, she gave a few gentle pecks on the cheek, but then as she activated her Veela powers, Harry gave in and really kissed her back in a full open mouth kiss.

"Let's take a little swim," Fleur suggested.

"But I don't have a swimsuit."

"Then it will have to be a skinny dip," Fleur whispered, then she gently nibbled on his ear.

"What!" Harry tensed up; not quite sure he heard her right.

Fleur chuckled. "I am just kidding. We are wizards." She reminded him. "We can conjure up whatever we need." Then she led him down the halls and into the Prefect's bathroom. She wizard-locked the door after they both entered. She also put up some silencing wards. Neither were aware of the presence of a certain beetle that followed them into the room.

Fleur made good on her promise. She waved her wand and transformed their clothes into swimsuits. His was a loose fit that ran about halfway down his legs in the Gryffindor colors of maroon and gold. Her own suit was ice blue and barely capable of covering the necessary parts. If that suit stayed on her, that all by itself would be magic. The bottom was just a thong which just barely covered the treasure between her legs and left her perfect ass exposed. Her top just covered her nips while exposing most of the wonderful mounds on her chest.

Harry couldn't help it but to stare. His mouth gapped open and his member became hard as a rock.

"If you open your mouth any further, I will be sticking something in it." Fleur fiddled with the fabric covering her chest. Harry was so shocked by what she said that his jaw simply gapped open further. Fleur did exactly what she said she was going to do. Instinctively, Harry knew exactly what to do. He nibbled a little bit, gently at first, but then he sucked harder as her fingers raked through his hair. The harder he sucked the more she moaned.

"Better than Treacle Tart," he said once he stopped.

"I was hoping you would think so." She placed her hands around his back. "What do you say we ditch the swimsuits and go for that skinny dip?"

Harry contemplated her request nervously. His hands seemed to dance around his waist. He teased that he was going to pull down his swim shorts. Fleur's eyes seemed to stare as she eagerly waited for Harry to whip it out, and her mouth gaped open with a smile. "If you open your mouth any further, I am going to just have to stick something in it," Harry repeated what Fleur said to him earlier. He closed his eyes and looked away. He couldn't believe he just said that and of course he realized that line was much cuter coming from a girl. He was even going to apologize, but when he looked at Fleur again, she was on her knees with her eyes closed and her mouth wide open waiting in anticipation.

He pulled down his swim trunks and gave her exactly what she was waiting for. He felt her teeth graze against the side of his shaft. For a brief instant, he felt he made a mistake, but after that all he felt was pleasure as her tongue massaged his member. Harry moaned in delight. He couldn't help it. "You did put silencing wards up?" Harry asked.

Fleur briefly interrupted what she was doing and nodded. Then she went right back to the task at hand. She made sure to stop long before she would get a mouth full of cream. She took off her thong. "If you want me, come and get me," she said as she got in the pool. Harry looked at his discarded swim trunk on the floor and decided he didn't need them. Then he chased after Fleur.

Although Fleur intended to let Harry catch her eventually, she had no intention of making it easy. She kept moving away from him. She would splash him when he got to close and laugh. Harry splashed her back and laughed too, not quite sure what to make of it. Although he enjoyed this, he finally decided that was enough. Then he reached for his wand at the edge of the pool and he used a binding spell on her which effectively stopped Fleur from moving away or splashing him. He got right next to her. He realized the skinny dip didn't make much of a difference. There were far too many bubbles in the water to see anything anyway, but he knew she was completely naked, and he felt a strong temptation to take full advantage of it. Feeling her naked body next to his only added to his desire, but he wasn't truly sure how far Fleur really wanted to go. It was possible she was just being a tease. He limited himself to just kissing her, at least until she unfroze.

After a few moments, Fleur did unfreeze. She returned Harry's kisses and her hands not so innocently grabbed his butt. "I want you so bad," Fleur panted. Then she planted kisses up and down Harry's neck having no idea her picture was being taken for the paper.

"I guess you don't think I am a little boy anymore." Harry smirked at her.

"Of course not. Make love to me, Harry, please," Fleur pleaded in a very flirty tone.

"I want to. I mean I really want to," Harry said, "But…"

"But what?" Fleur asked.

"What if you get pregnant?" Harry asked.

"No need to worry about that. I already used a contraceptive charm. That won't happen," Fleur assured him.

"That's good," Harry spoke his words slow and forced. "I am just nervous. I never did this before." He doubted he could satisfy her.

"Oh, so you are a virgin. That is pretty hot and only makes me want you more," Fleur said. "Would you do me the honors and allow me to be your first?"

Harry couldn't help it but to smile and nod. "I think you got that backwards. The honor is all mine."

Fleur adjusted her position and slid her legs apart to make it easier for Harry to have access. He slid his member in and out of the sweet spot between her legs repeatably.

"That is good, but deeper and faster!" Fleur had no bones about telling him exactly what she wanted. Much to her delight, Harry was more than happy to oblige.

"Oh, my god. You are so awesome.," Harry said then he kissed her as he kept the rhythm going. "Yes!" The water splashed all around them as they did it.

"Oh yeah, that is it! Oh god! Yes!" Fleur called out. She could feel her whole-body quake. It wasn't long before Harry hit his climax.

Harry basked in the afterglow as Fleur nuzzled her head against his chest.

Present day

"Look, maybe something did happen between me and Fleur and maybe it didn't. That is between me and her. Just like whatever did or DIDN'T happen between Hermione and Krum is none of our business," Harry said.

"Right, and I am just flat out telling you, NOTHING happened between me and Viktor," Hermione declared. "Come on? How many times have you seen Rita Skeeter write the truth? It is even worse with Harry. How did she fake this picture?"

"It is just like you, the picture is real, but the commentary isn't," Harry explained.

"Oh!" Ron and Hermione both said in unison as they both took a closer look at that picture.

Then a blue butterfly fluttered in and landed on Harry's shoulder. He recognized it. He remembered when all the girls from the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic first came in, butterflies flew everywhere. He looked over at Fleur who pointed to the exit of the great hall. She got up and walked out. It was obvious she wanted Harry to follow her.

Last time Harry was alone with Fleur he got to live the fantasy of almost every boy at Hogwarts since she graced this place with her presence. He wasn't so sure this time would be as pleasant. She might be angry about their encounter ending up in the paper, or worse, she might even think he had something to do with it.

As Harry exited the great hall to greet Fleur, he quickly realized this was going to be even worse than he thought. He heard Pansy's shrill voice. "Could you settle a bet for us?" she asked. "You didn't really sleep with Potter, did you?" Of course, her two tagalongs, Tracey Davis and Daphne Greengrass accompanied her.

"I don't see how that is any of your business," Fleur snapped back.

Tracey laughed. "Oh, my gosh, she did," Tracey clapped.

"Yeah, she would be flat out denying it if she didn't. Pay up," Daphne said. She and Tracey both held their hands out to Pansy.

"Not so fast. Nobody would voluntarily sleep with him," Pansy said.

"They would have no idea what they would be missing," Fleur said.

"Really?" Daphne questioned as she eyed Harry.

"Yeah, they would be missing a chance to laugh at how pathetic Potter is in bed. So, you must have had an ulterior motive, right? After your terrible performance in the second task, you were trying to seduce him into throwing the tournament for you, so you could win, right?" Pansy asked.

Harry could feel the rage building. Pansy being rude was nothing new, but this was really uncalled for. He wanted to shove her down the stairs.

"No, you stupid little girl. Sleeping with him was a thank you for saving my sister's life," Fleur admitted out of anger.

"I can certainly understand that. If my sister was in danger and someone rescued her, I would be so grateful too," Daphne admitted. Then she turned to Pansy. "Told you so! now pay up!"

Pansy grumbled as she paid off both Daphne and Tracey.

Harry couldn't help feeling a little disappointed. She only did it out of gratitude and he even felt a little dumb for not realizing it.

"Awe, poor Potter. He thought she actually wanted him," Pansy laughed. Then she turned to Fleur again. "I will bet it was the most disgusting experience of your life."

"I will take that bet. Double or nothing!" Daphne said. "You will too, right Tracey?"

"No, I don't think so. I don't agree to that bet." Tracey shoved what Pansy just gave her into her pockets.

"Actually no. He was awesome. Better than Chocolate. Best sex I ever had! As far as I am concerned it is Harry James Bond Potter," Fleur said, much to the shock of the three Slytherin girls and Harry. "If he told me he wanted to do it again, I would be very much looking forward to it."

Pansy paid Daphne again and Tracey mock pouted. The Slytherin girls left. Daphne and Tracey kept looking back till they were out of sight and Harry was finally alone with Fleur.

"I know you didn't really mean what you said to those girls, but I appreciate it," Harry said.

"Ok, I admit, I may have exaggerated a little, but I meant it, especially the last part." She kissed him on the cheek, even though she would rather pull him somewhere more private and do a lot more then that.

Harry thought for a moment then realized the last thing she said was that she would be looking forward to it if he said he wanted to do it again. That was a no brainer, of course he wanted to. Who wouldn't? He also wanted to truly earn that praise she just gave him.

Authors note

To those who are following my other two Harry Potter stories, both of those will be continued. This story is intended as a one shot but might get continued if the right inspiration hits me. I would like to thank CSGT for his help with this story.