Fleur thanked her sister profusely as they planned for a hot summer after the Triwizard Tournament was over. She kept up a happy front even though she realized she would have to wait far too long for that to actually happen. With a wave of Gabrielle's wand and a few magical words, golden sparks flew everywhere. "Sweet dreams," Gabrielle said before leaving for her own room with a smirk on her face.

Elsewhere, Harry found himself back at the printing press room watching the latest edition of the Daily Prophet being printed. "Draco Malfoy provided miss Skeeter material for her articles in exchange for sexual favors from her photographer Bozo." Harry picked up the paper and read the article which claimed that Rita would have preferred to perform these favors herself, but much to her dismay, young Mr. Malfoy is gay. That is why he spend so much time obsessing over the famed boy who lived. Harry couldn't help it but to laugh. This was almost as funny as the story of Draco and the green apple.

Then he heard his favorite girl laughing beside him. "Don't think I am not glad to see you, but what are you doing here," Harry asked Fleur.

"Ah," Fleur paused for a few moments, not quite sure. She caught a glimpse of the headline and the mention of the photographer jogged her memory. "That guy," she said, then pointed to the picture of Bozo in the paper, "he said something about having some really compromising pictures of us. I suspect they were probably taken from the first encounter before we went in the pool. Surely, you remember, something better than treacle tart."

Harry grinned and blushed at the same time. "And open your mouth any wider…" Harry smirked at her.

"Yeah!" Fleur grinned. "Anyway, I wanted to find and destroy those pictures."

"I will help," Harry said.

They both searched the entire building, but no such pictures were found. Harry did find a few pictures of Hermione and Viktor Krum. They stood in a field of tall grass. Hermione wore a periwinkle blue sheer floral lace negligee. Wind took the light fabric upwards, revealing the fact that she had no panties. Harry couldn't help it but to imagine Fleur wearing something like that. That was definitely a thought he liked. He pointed his wand at the overly revealing pictures and engulfed it in flame. Several bright sparks flew, and dark embers burnt out until the picture became nothing more then a faint memory in his mind.

The next picture he found was of Cedric and Daphne. They were both naked, and soaking wet as water poured all over them. 'Damn, she moves fast, but good for them. They did the dirty in the shower,' Harry thought to himself. He would like to do that with Fleur too. As much as he would love to show this picture to Malfoy, and rub it in his face that he lost his marriage contract to Daphne because of another guy, he destroyed the picture instead.

"I am guessing our pictures are not here." Harry admitted defeat.

"I guess not. Hopefully, he lied." Fleur grabbed Harry's hand. Their hands glowed in an unnatural gold light. The energy seemed to project outward. "I just can't wait for this all to be over." Then she looked Harry in the eye. "I can't wait for summer."

"Me too." Harry smiled at her. Of course, the glow was impossible to miss, but his focus remained on her eyes, those beautiful sapphire eyes. They both wanted the same thing, which, of course, was to bang the night or day away. Neither were sure which, nor did they care. They lost all sense of time.

Fleur made the first move. She tried to kiss Harry on the mouth, but he backed away saying something about the rules. "Screw the rules," Fleur said. Then she planted sweet kisses up and down his neck. His entire body tingled with delight as her soft lips kissed him. Her warm breath on his neck filled him with a sense of desire. He knew it was against the rules, but the rest of his body rebelled. It wasn't long before their clothes were a discarded heap on top of the latest edition of the Daily Prophet.

He gave Fleur exactly what she wanted. At first, he moved slow, but then his speed increased as he thrusted his manhood deep inside of her. He held that for only a few moments before coming very close to pulling out completely only to slip right back in. Both moaned in delight. The golden energy expanded and contracted around them in perfect synchronization with their movements. As the energy expanded, the stacks of newspapers disintegrated, so did the printing press machines and everything else around them just seemed to disappear. Of course, when he made love to her before, he felt like the rest of the world went away, but this time that was happening literally. As both hit climax, an extreme burst of energy destroyed the entire building. Harry remained oblivious to that.

"Wow!" They both exclaimed as they gazed into each other's eyes, but then she disappeared, and Harry realized he was in a world of pure black with no visible light anywhere.

Harry woke up breathless and realized that was all just a dream. Thankfully, the bit about Bozo having taken pictures of them, wasn't true, or at least he hoped not. The Daily Prophet probably didn't really have pictures of his friends either. The only thing that was true was he really couldn't wait to go to France this summer and his sheets definitely needed cleaning, and this was something he didn't wish to explain. He waved his wand and pointed at his sheets. "Scourgify," Harry called out. The sheets nicely cleaned themselves. Harry yawned. He felt just as tired as he would if he had made love all night instead of sleeping.

Later that morning during breakfast, there was no edition of the Daily Prophet, which was unusual, but Harry didn't mind, except it made him wonder if there might have been a hint of truth to the dream he had last night.

Hermione waltz into the great hall, her hair done neatly and an unreadable expression on her face. "Figures, one negative article about miss Skeeter and they pull the whole paper." Hermione grinned.

"So that is why there was no Daily Prophet today," Harry reasoned.

"Yep, no more of that till they fix their printing press," Hermione said. "Too bad, I would have liked to read more about Malfoy and his green apple!"

Harry noticed Draco pouting at the Slytherin table. A streamer above his seat read 'just married,' and someone even went so far as to put a green apple with a white veil draped over the top of it on Draco's plate. The students at the Slytherin table all congratulated him and through confetti. Everyone at the Slytherin table laughed at Draco's expense, except for Pansy. Pansy just pouted with her arms crossed. Harry would swear she was jealous of the green apple.

Harry almost wished the article he dreamed about the night before had gone live, but unfortunately, that was just a dream.

"At least there is one saving grace," Hermione said.

"What is that?"

"Ms. Skeeter is suspended, and likely to be fired." The smile on Hermione's face reminded Harry of the picture found of her in his dream. He couldn't help picturing Hermione in the negligee, so he looked away.

As he scanned over the other house tables, Harry caught Cho Chang staring at him. She smiled and waved once she realized Harry noticed her. Prior to the Yule ball he thought she was so beautiful, but now that he had been with Fleur, he realized he wasn't interested in pursuing her. He gave her a polite wave and looked around the room some more hoping to see Fleur Delacour.

Then he heard a clang of a glass. "Attention, attention," Theodore called out. The room quieted down, and all eyes were on the Slytherin table. "I now pronounce you man and wife; you may now eat the bride!" He pointed to the green apple.

Daphne clapped and others followed suit.

Draco sprang from his seat, picked up the apple and threw it at Theodore. The white veil fluttered to the ground. "My father will hear of this," he spat before running out of the room. Everyone except for Pansy laughed.

Later that same day, Harry managed to get a moment alone with Fleur. "Was it you behind this morning's wedding?" Fleur chuckled.

"No," Harry laughed. "If I had to guess, I suspect it was Fred and George."

"It was so funny. I just feel bad for the apple though. He will be cheating on it with Bozo."

Harry burst out laughing. "Bozo?" Harry stared at her. "Where did you hear that?"

"I just had the strangest and most wonderful dream last night," Fleur said.

"Was it the latest edition of the Daily Prophet?" Harry asked.

Fleur nodded with a chuckle. "Yeah, how did you know?"

"I might have had the same dream," Harry said as he stared at her puzzled, "Did you use a spell?"

"No. And if it wasn't me and it wasn't you..." Fleur suddenly remembered her sister's smirk the previous night, "I think I know who is responsible for this."

"Make sure to thank that person for me then," Harry said blushing, "Best dream ever."

"I will buy her a box of chocolates," Fleur nodded.

"Perfect." Harry nodded with a grin that soon disappeared. "Wait, you were looking for a compromising picture of us?"

"Yes, unfortunately, that..." Fleur swallowed hard and looked away. "Is probably true. During my interview, Bozo said…" She paused in thought as she tried to remember his exact wording. "Consider yourself lucky we didn't publish the really compromising pictures we took."

"Ah!" Harry cringed. "Probably from our first night together before we got into the pool."

"My thinking exactly." Fleur smiled at first as the fond memories filled her head, but that smile was short lived. "I must find those pictures and destroy them."

"Count me in," Harry said.

After classes Harry and Fleur returned to the Daily Prophet headquarters. They intended to search the place for real. Both agreed the dream they shared wasn't necessarily an accurate representation of reality. For example, the article about Draco and Bozo didn't really exist, and hopefully neither did the pictures of Hermione, Viktor, Daphne and Cedric that Harry found.

This time Harry brought his cloak of invisibility and they both snuck in under it while someone brought in a brand-new printing press. As they went around, the dream they shared proved to be just a dream where only areas they had seen before were accurately represented. He found some pictures of Viktor and Hermione, but instead of the hot one his mind fabricated, they proved Hermione's claim about the water cannon spell. Draco shot Hermione with a water cannon. Her soaking wet clothes clung to her and Viktor gave her his shirt so she would have something dry to put on, but there was not a single picture to prove the assorted affair Ms. Skeeter claimed. The only pictures he found of Cedric was some they took the day all the champions were interviewed. There was not a single picture of Daphne.

"Maybe the pictures they took of us were destroyed?" Fleur whispered to Harry which was more of a question then a statement.

"Or maybe the photographer took them home?" Harry questioned. He couldn't help it but to notice how perfectly in focus Fleur was in most of the group pictures while the rest of the champions appeared creamy and out of focus. He took significantly more pictures of Fleur then any other champion.

"Why would he do that?" Fleur scrunched her nose.

"A sexy picture of the most beautiful girl in the world! Yeah, there is a mystery." Harry smirked at her. He blushed being unable to explain further what he felt was obvious.

Then they spotted Bozo lugging around his camera bag. "It is no fun anymore without Miss Skeeter," Bozo muttered to himself, having no idea Harry and Fleur followed him all the way to the fireplace of the floo network. Bozo threw green flow powder and set his sites on home. Harry and Fleur followed getting whisked away with him.

Upon arriving in Bozo's loft, Harry and Fleur couldn't help but to notice the overwhelming smell of dirty laundry and garbage that had been allowed to ferment for far too long. Dust collected on the many framed pictures that lined the walls. Cameras, film, flashes and lenses cluttered up his humble home.

Bozo flicked on his large screen TV, grabbed some fire whisky from the fridge and chugged it straight out of the bottle before plopping himself down on the couch. He took out his personal picture collection and scattered them out all over his coffee table. Most of the pictures were of scantily clad young women of many descents. Much to Harry's shock he even had one of Miss Skeeter wearing a lace corset and crotchless panties. Harry made sure to palm that particular picture.

Bozo slipped off his pants and gave himself a special massage in rapid succession as he gawked at a picture he had of Fleur. "Oh yeah, baby," he talked to the picture. "Suck it!"

Fleur's face went beat red, not that anybody but Harry could see it. "Hmm," Harry eyed the many cameras laying around the room. He picked one of them up and snapped a compromising picture of Bozo jerking off on the couch. Fortunately, this camera was the wizard equivalent of an instamatic. It provided him with an immediate picture. He removed the cloak, then showed off the picture he just took.

"Unless you want this picture in tomorrow's paper, you are going to give me every picture you have of me and Fleur," Harry demanded.

"What the!" Bozo shot up from his couch and stared at the two of them. "They are in the collection. Except for this one." He passed the picture to Harry.

"All of them?" Harry asked. Bozo nodded. Harry tossed the picture of Fleur and the one he took of Bozo down on the coffee table. Then he cast a flame charm and burned every picture in Bozo's collection.


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