The Beginning Of Our Story

Summary: The first installment to 'Written In The Stars' Clois series. After a bad cop witnesses Clark using his abilities, he is compelled to join forces with the rogue officer to protect his secret identity. Everything is the same except what would happen if a certain rebellious, feisty brunette happened to attend the Luthor Hall Exposition of the Museum? Would it change anything at all? Or would things remain the same with the unattainable Lois Lane in the mix?

Rating: T

Pairing: Clark and Lois

Spoilers: Episodes; Rogue

Disclaimer: I don't own anything

A/N: This will be the first part to my Written In The Stars Clois series. This story will only include one episode from season one, but there will be a few more parts to this series that will include a lot more chapters.


January 15th, 2002

It was a relatively chilly mid-January night in the highly populated city of Kansas.


It was the place where dreams, hopes and futures came true for most of the community, but for others it was just a pit-stop on their never ending journey.

On this particular night, there were two individuals, whose lives were about to change in the most unexpected of ways. One was visiting the city for the first time with a good friend, even though he has lived less than two hours away for most of his life. Another was coming back to the city for the first time in several years, but was only staying temporarily until she was forced to move on to another state—another town—another journey.

And this was just the beginning of their story…

The trees rustled, slightly from the wind, which blew around some loose leaves on the cool ground. The brisk air brushed against the skin of the men that were preparing for the departure of a tall, stoic, gruff man, who had only arrived earlier that morning. The streets outside the Military base on the outskirts of the city were less crowded than normal, and that had everything to do with the event that had captured the attention of several citizens—an event that was the stepping stone for one of the most successful men in the city—an event that brought a Four Star General and his defiant daughter back to the one place they haven't been back to in almost nine years.

The Metropolis Museum Exposition of Luthor Hall.

Everyone with deep pockets or people with connections to people with deep pockets, even people with long reaches were attending the most anticipated event of the new year, and it was the entire reason a certain rebellious, feisty brunette was back in the city she never expected to see again.

At least not until she was able to escape from her father's tight grip.

It was also the reason she was currently receiving a lecture from said father.

General Sam Lane stood like a statue in front of his daughter with his arms crossed over his chest, and his facial expression held little to no emotion, as he stared down at her. "You better be listening, Lois. I'm only going to say this one and one time only. If I find out that you do anything you're not supposed to while I'm gone there will be consequences for your actions."

At her complete and utter silence, he continued, "I expect you to be on your best behavior while I'm gone. I might not be coming back to the base for a day or two, but that doesn't mean you can do whatever you like whenever you want. We are guests here. This isn't our base back in Washington, so that means you have to follow the rules. There will be no flirting with the young soldiers. You will not be taking strolls at all hours of the night. You won't be gallivanting around the city. And under no circumstances will you attend the exposition. You are to remain on base the entire time unless it's an emergency. Is that understood?"

Lois Lane rolled her eyes at her father, as he listed all of the things she wasn't allowed to do while they were staying here. Well, while she was staying here, she corrected herself, since he would be gone for all or most of their time here for meetings and things that just bored her.

Honestly, she just wished that he would leave already, so she could enjoy the rest of the night without him shadowing over her.

It was annoying.

He did this every single time he had to leave. Of course, it was kind of her fault that they kept having the same conversation over and over again.

Over the years, she had found many different ways to escape from several of the bases they were stationed at not because she purposefully wanted to cause any trouble, but because she enjoyed living life on the edge, which meant exploring things that she had never seen, especially when they were somewhere that she personally wanted to explore, and every single time she did it, it irritated him beyond belief.

It was the sole reason they were forced to have this conversation every single time he was leaving for an extended amount of time, but she was an adventurous person at heart, and maybe a little bit of a troublemaker.

What could she say?

It was better gallivanting around the town or city they were in at the time instead of staying inside a fortress that made her feel smothered and confined.

"Don't worry, daddy. I won't be getting into any trouble while you're gone. I just plan on sitting right here in this exact same spot until you return. I won't move, blink or speak."

He stared at her, his face unmoving, his eyes unblinking, and his stoic attitude all that gruffer. "Don't be sarcastic, Lois. I expect to hear nothing ill-wised of you when I come back."

She raised her hand to her forehead before saluting him with a smirk plastered across her face. "Sir, yes, sir."

He was seconds away from once again lecturing her on her extremely sarcastic attitude, which was a little more abundant that it usually was, but was stopped by one of the men accompanying him this evening knocking, and entering the room before saluting him just like his daughter had. "We're ready when you are, sir."

A nod of his head sent the man in the other direction, and as soon as he was gone, he locked eyes with his daughter. "Behave yourself."

"Will do, General." As soon as he disappeared behind the wooden door, she jumped off the couch like she was struck by lightning, and made her way into the small, but comfortable bedroom before she started rummaging through her clothes, attempting to find something that was worthy of a great night out.

A part of herself wondered if she should just stay put like her father wanted her to, but the other, more convincing part of herself knew that this could be the last time she was in Metropolis for a while, and she intended on making the most of it.

A little over one week ago, when she was informed that her father was dragging her to the city for a few days, while he went to some government meetings and a fancy museum exposition, the same exact one she had practically begged him to allow her to go to, but of course he had refused, she knew that she was going to enjoy those few days.

There were so many things to do in the city, but honestly there were only two things she wanted to do, and she planned on doing both of them, not even caring about the complications that it would take to accomplish them or what would happen if she was to get caught doing the things, he strictly told her not to do.

Firstly, she would be making an appearance at the very exposition he had refused to let her attend, and then she would somehow find a way to get to the one person that she has missed more than anything else in the entire world.

Her cousin, Chloe Sullivan.

It has been years since they spent any physical face to face time with each other, and she wasn't going to let anything get in her way. Not her father. No one. She would be spending most if not all of her time with her.

But before she could surprise her, she had to sneak off base, find a way to the Museum, and leave without her father finding out that she was ever there.

It was risky, of course, but it wasn't anything she hasn't done in the past.

He would most likely be surrounded by his fellow officers, and there was little to no chance that he would realize she was even there. Even if he did, she would find a way to get to that small-town, Smallville, to spend some much-needed quality time with her cousin.

It was inevitable.

Nothing was going to stop her.

Not even some pretty heavy consequences from her father.

In the center of the city, Clark Kent was standing in the middle of the Luthor Hall Exposition, his eyes trained on a display of a multi-colored jewel breastplate, which had a gold snake curled into the shape of an 'S' in the middle of it.

He honestly had no idea what drew him to this particular piece, but he could admit to himself that it was quite unique, and maybe a little over the top for body armor.

"You know, it belonged to Alexander the Great? They said the design symbolizes strength and courage."

Clark glanced over at his friend, Lex Luthor, with a soft smile playing on his lips before returning his gaze to the item. "I can't exactly see myself going into battle with that on my chest."

"Darker times call for darker methods. His opponents thought he was invincible."

He cocked a brow at him, from the slight admiration that was laced in his words. " I didn't know you were such a history buff."

Lex shook his head, slightly. "I'm not. I'm just interested in people, who have ruled the world before they were thirty."

Lana Lang, who had been headed to greet the man that had invited both her and her aunt here for the night, overheard his last comment, and quickly made herself known. "Oh. Don't worry, Lex. You still have a few years to go."

Clark' entire demeaner changed when he heard the sound of her voice, and set his eyes on the woman he has had a crush on ever since he was ten years old. "Lana? I didn't know you were going to be here."

A frown took over her features from his words. "Didn't Lex tell you?"

When they both turned their questioning eyes on him, Lex just shrugged his shoulders like it was a genuine mistake. "It must have slipped my mind. Why don't I leave the two of you alone?"

Both of them watched him smile, smugly between the two of them before walking away with a pep in his step, and knew that he had done this on purpose. It wasn't the first time something like this happened and it certainly wouldn't be the last.

Lana fidgeted, uncomfortable for a few seconds, while Clark looked anywhere but directly at her before she settled for innocent small talk instead of the major elephant in the room. "Are you having a good time, Clark?"

Clark nodded, still feeling a little uncomfortable from his friend' not so subtle maneuver. "Yeah. Well, I'm feeling a bit underdressed."

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, Whitney is just as uncomfortable."

And just like that the nervousness he was feeling one second ago vanished into thin air.

"Whitney came too?"

She nodded. "Why don't you join us? I'm going to yank Nelle away from the jewelry exhibit, so we can eat."

"Yeah. Sure." He watched her walk away from him before turning around towards the table, where the quarterback was sitting, and he definitely looked completely out of his element.

A part of himself wondered if he should just suck up his feelings towards him and his relationship with the beautiful woman he has daydreamed about for years, but the other part of himself knew that he would only be putting himself through an ache he didn't really want to deal with tonight.

He would be miserable, and he'd rather enjoy the rest of the night, without thinking of his feelings for the dark-haired woman or the fact that he would only ever be her friend and nothing more.

He quickly started walking in the other direction, passing his friend, but before he could get very far Lex grabbed his arm, lightly, effectively stopping him from leaving. "Clark, where are you going?"

"I'm going to get some air."

Lex sighed, softly. "You know, you're never going to get her if you keep running from your enemy."

"Whitney isn't my enemy," Clark scoffed.

"Yes, he is, Clark, and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you'll find a way to win Lana. Just remember, keep your friends close and the quarterback closer."

Clark just nodded at the man, and started walking towards the front doors, wanting some much-needed fresh air, but was stopped by an unfamiliar voice speaking from directly behind him. "You know, that friend of yours has a point."

This little gem of an idea came to me a little over one year ago, and I just haven't found the time to get it posted, but figured now that I have a little free time, I'd give this little story a shot. It's the first series I'll be posting, and there will be a few more that will pick up where this one ends.

Hope you enjoyed the prologue