Prussia/Internet - Gilbert Beilschmidt

Gender: Male

Physical Age: 28 years old

Appearance:Short white hair, red eyes, tall, Awesome looking;


Discovered about the fact that he was the personification of the Internet when Yahoo, Myspace and Google approached him and said that it was an honour to meet him. At first he thought that they were new nations that heard about him, but then they called him Internet, which caused a lot of confusion and Prussia unlocking his Aura (that all nations have [they basically scream "I'M *insert here nation name*"]) that he hadn't unlocked for ages because the nations said that it was unsettling (at the time his aura was changing from nation to internet, and finally staying a mix between the two), after he discovered about that fact (he was able to know their real names), he contacted his brothers government and informed them about it(and the nations wondered why their government were angry with america's government) as the websites were with FBI agents, after that, he grabbed the kids and their passport and arranged an house for them in Germany (where he spent many days there, sometimes under the pretence that he was 'sleeping around' or of not wanting to go to a meeting, when he couldn't spent the night or several days, he left a few trusted agents in charge of checking up on the kids).

As the personification of the Internet, he receives paperwork from all over the world, and it also means that he may sent them back either using other language (country or codes or internet) or in the binary code (if he is really tired).

Seen as a father by many.

Is Done half of the time with a lot of stuff that the websites do.

Goes by both Internet and Prussia.

Trained all the kids in self-defence and attack (which backfired when they get into heated fights).

Disaster Gay

Is planning to move out of Germany house so he can take care of the kids full time (see chap one).

He is the only person that Deep Web for sure will listen to.

Ladonia is half sure that Prussia is hiding something, but he can't prove it.

His pet, Gilbird, is able to transform into a Prussian eagle.

He celebrates both of his birthdays (the prussian one and the internet one)

Deep Web - Derik Wardan 'John Doe' Beilschmidt

Gender: Male

Physical Age: late 19 years

Appearance: Short, messy, black hair, one red and one bright green eye, most of the time he uses a face black with golden highlights mask with shades so it hides his eye colour(on holidays or special occasions he uses guy fawkes masks), usually uses a vomit green hoodie with dark blue jeans and black sneakers.


Knows full well what people use his network for, he doesn't approve of any of them (but he cannot tell anyone about it and it kills him).

Chaotic Bisexual.

Sadly single.

Is a Hacker, one of the many, many stuff he learned from the people who use his network.

With the mask and the way old time way he speaks many people think he is in his mid/late twenties.

He didn't age during the cold war, only after he was made public.

He got the name 'John Doe' as codename during the cold war, as he was unknown to others and was able to get more information that was. On the present day, he uses that name when going undercover in his own network.

Was found by Prussia when he (Gilbert) was helping a terrorist task force clean up after a mess. He was there because the terrorist were using his network, and he decided to investigate, was discovered by luck. Prussia adopted him after he insisted that he was The Deep Web and was able to prove it using his Aura.

Looks up to Prussia as a father.

Uses BIG kitchen knives and a few guns as weapons of choice.

At first he scared the others because he sometimes wouldn't appear for days, and suddenly reappear, a lot of times with a LOT of red in his clothes, don't worry, it's ketchup (most of the time), what can I say, he looooooves ketchup.

The first time he disappeared for days, Prussia (who hadn't slept for days with his worrying) screamed/lectured him before Deep Web said he didn't know he cared about him (he ended up causing a sleepover in the living room to remind him that everyone cared about him).

(The sleepover happens at least from six to six months)

He cares a lot about his 'younger siblings', to the point where he keeps a lot of stuff from his 'work' hidden.

Can call all mafias to his aid.

Sometimes referred to as DW.

Great cook, the only reason people will get annoyed with him about will be because:

a)He forgot to put the dishes in the washing machine;

b)He forgot to turn on the washing-machine;

c)He got 'ketchup'(sometimes it actually is) all over the food;

d)He stole all the knives;

Yahoo - Yara Beilschmidt

Gender: Female

Physical Age: 19

Appearance: Long brown hair with purple streaks, usually in a bun, Purple eyes, hasn't slept in 3 day but still manages to look like a goddess, wears stuff with purple, black and white (e.g. like black leggings, purple t-shirt, black and white tennis, white jacket),for work she uses purple clacks with a white button up t-shirt plus black high heels and one silver bracelet in each wrist with her human name written in them. She is middle-height.


Cares a lot about the others.

Is slower than Google.

Seen as an older sister to a lot of internet personifications.

Coffee is her love.

One of the few people that Deep Web might listen too.

Competes with Bing and Google a lot to see which one is better.

Uses knives as a weapon.

Is dating Bing (my favourite lesbians -).

Sometimes referred to as Y.

Was the first one to be found by the FBI.

Learned how to take care of herself and others since she was a chibi, but knows she can trust the others to help her in case she needs it.

Is a disaster in the kitchen.

Great at Football (soccer for USA citizens).

Is forbidden from cooking after one-to-many times of blowing up the kitchen.

Uses a Katana and a few smoke bombs to fight.

Myspace - Mike Sieg Beilschmidt


Physical Age:18

Appearance: Long light blond hair usually in a ponytail, dark blue eyes, short. He normally uses grey sneakers, white sports pants, a blue t-shirt and a grey jacket.


Still alive because his website still exists.

Calls Prussia Dad.

Slightly functioning gay

His personality is a mix between Prussia and Canada.

Loves old songs.


Uses a bo-staff as a weapon.


Doesn't like to leave his room.

He tries to make more people use his network again.

Is very weak, so sometimes he spent the day in his bedroom, receiving visits from everyone in the house.

Has a crush on Amazon (who is always willing to hang out with him and give him presents yet they still aren't dating).

Started saying Awesome as a joke but now it's too late to back off.

Meet Yahoo when he was found by the FBI. Later on Google and Prussia.

Sometimes referred to MS or Mike's.

Uses two swords and a metal bat to fight.

Facebook - Frederick M. (Merl) B. (Bas) Beilschmidt

Gender: Male

Physical Age: Early 18

Appearance:Short, dark almost dark blue hair (the hairstyle is Germany's hairstyle), blue eyes, to work usually uses a dark blue blazer over a white (or black) button-up shirt, dark blue slacks and dark brown oxford shoes, outside of work he uses a grey t-shirt with a blue and white hoodie and with a black pants with brown soldier boots (hair stays mostly the same, just a bit messier) has a necklace with his symbol on it. Uses glasses.


Is tired of the younger websites telling him that he is 'old' because most people who use his network are part of the older generations.

He says he has a dark personality but in reality he just grabs his family and either DND or CAH online website personifications and basically makes sure nobody but him wins.

He is a disaster gay.

Gets people inviting him to dates often, but he always refuses because he is in a relationship with Email.

Some older websites and networks sometimes call him FaceMach by accident.

Has blue cat with an white lighting streak in his chest called Messenger who sometimes gets more attention than him.

When someone points out that he is acting like an old person (complaining about the younger generation, complaining about back pains, etc.) which causes him to go to the sad conner (that person receives an annoyed glare from Prussia, Bing (if she is there), Yahoo and Deep Web (in case of DW the person gets a lot of bad stuff happening that day).

Is the mentor of a lot of new social media websites.

Shares his room with WhatsApp when he comes visit.

Referred to as Fred or FB or even (by younger websites/networks) Old Facey.

Says he hates the name 'Old Facey' but secretly likes it.

Uses a one side Axe to fight.

Google - Garan Beilschmidt


Physical Age:17

Appearance: Looks a lot with Germany but smaller (he is a little bit shorter than Prussia) and slimmer, his hair is the same as Ludwig except he has blue streaks running through it, has a red eye (left) and an yellow eye (right), uses (on formal occasions) a blue button up shirt with a green tie, dark red slacks, black belt and oxford shoes, on informal occasions he normally uses a blue hoodie-jacket with green horizontal streaks and a red T-shirt, dark blue jeans and black tennis, he always uses Google Glasses (except when sleeping).


Acts exactly like Germany in Formal occasions, but outside of it the nations wouldn't question the fact that he claims to be Prussia's long lost child.

Oh yeah, he does that.

Needs help with memes because what.

Is very nervous because of all the pressure he gets by being 'the best research engine'.


As a fear that if he isn't the best he will be kicked out of the family.

Heteroromantic Asexual.

Secretly a prankster, either Myspace gets blamed or nobody knows who did it.

Takes care of stuff along with DW when neither Yahoo or Prussia are present.

When one of his siblings are sick (normally because either their amount of visitors is lower than normal or there was a big storm near their HQ and took the power or smth) he starts panicking and gives everybody bad medical diagnosis.

When his logo changes for a day he changes too (e.g. on his Birthday his body gets back to his chibi self).

Cares a lot about his siblings.

Often when Prussia (or anyone else that isn't a research engine) need something but are to lazy to look up, they sent him a text message, he replies immediately but gets very annoyed.

Elgoog is his 2p self.

He is often referred to as either G, Gar or Go.

Uses guns as a weapon.

Twitter - Tia Beilschmidt

Gender: Female

Physical Age: 16

Appearance: Long, light blue hair, sky blue eyes, normally uses a white sweater/hoodie with her logo bigger than herself, blue (kind of short) leggings, white sneakers and a white bird with a blue outline hairpin. When on her dark mode, she either her hoodie/sweater turn black along with her sneakers, the white part of her hairpin and the sclera (white part of the eye) or she is using her pijama (all light blue with black birds and blue and black socks, the sclera also changes to black).


Can transform into her symbol (the bird).

Has a blue bird as a pet called Blue.

Keeps tabs on the stuff that might reveal their or the nations existence along with Deep Web.

Often spys on her phone, keeping up with what's happening.

When Instagram comes she shares her room with her.

Loves talking with her family.

Is the one behind Prussia's 'Awesome old man' t-shirt.

Is a bit into politics.


Prefers to fight with a blue and white/black (dark mode) fan.

Works a lot, even during her breaks (which annoys her family).

Often referred as T or Little Bird (by Prussia).

Deviantart - Danya Ange Beilschmidt

Physical Age: Early 16's

Appearance: Pixie cut brown hair with green streaks, green eyes. Uses a big dark green T-shirt with black leggings (that are halfway to the foot) and a black belt over the T-shirt, also wears a black leather jacket, a green vomit hat/bonnet and green and white sneakers.


Loves drawing and painting.

Sometimes she will stop speaking out of nowhere and suddenly get red in the face, that's usually because a lot of NSFW were uploaded.

Is very talkative.

Very good friends with Twitter.


Is part of the 'Shiping club' with Tumblr.

Prefers small knives and a lot of art materials as a weapon.

Good friends with Pinterest.

Knows how to use a sword.

Great cook.

Is sneaky.

Often referred to as DA, JA, YES (because of the meaning of the word Da in russian), D and art, Art.

Is an Harry Potter Fan.

She is Gryffindor.

She has to many fandoms.

YouTube - Yannick Tate Beilschmidt

Gender: Male

Physical Age: mid 15's

Appearance:Red, short, hair and red eyes. Uses black glasses and those bigs headphones (red and white), uses a dark hoodie over an white T-Shirt, dark blue jeans and white sneakers.


Was super close with Vine before he died, now he is getting close with Vine's younger sister Tik Tok, but it is not the same.

He is a Gamer.

Loooooves music.


Because of that he is good friends with Spotify.

When he has a 'Rewind' he is able to see into the future through his future self's eyes, thanks to that he his able to try and change thing so they aren't so bad.

But because of that he has the fear that one day he will see into the future and see nothing.

Keeps up with the memes.

Knows how to make someone laugh.

Is a great dancer.

Goes by YT, Yan, Yan-tate and Tube.

As a channel (YanTate Today!) in his network where he makes videos, sometimes DIY, other times Vlog's, Gameplays, videos with his family, etc.

Uses small shurikens and homemade weapons as, well, weapons.

Acts a lot like America.

Loves Zoo's.

Tumblr - Tania Beilschmidt

Gender: Female

Physical Age: Early 15's

Appearance: Dark Grey blue, almost black, hair, dark blue eyes that hide behind rainbow glasses, short. Uses a dark blue blouse with a white (visible) button up shirt and dark grey jeans, plus black boots.


She has a problem with 'shipping.

No joke, Prussia is thinking about getting her help.

(sometimes she says she ships two or more things to annoy him)

She is a great artist but sometimes she has her bad moments.

She's Pansexual.

Fanfics is her love, thus she is friends with AO3 (her possible crush) and .

She is a Ravenclaw.


Aesthetic is important for her.

Often referred as Ta or Little T (by Twitter).

Fights with an Axe.

The moment she meets the nations she just stops because so many ships.

Fangirl in general.