Chapter 4: Annoying Derik! (ft. Garan)!

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The camera shaked a bit before a face come to view.

"Hi guys!Sorry for not posting lately, I have been kind of sick" Said YT, waving at the camera a bit." Anyway, today, me and my older brother, Garan, say hi-"

"Sup." Said Garan, appearing from behind YanTante.

"Hehehe, right today, me and Garan will try to annoy our other brother, Derik, until he tries to kill us, then we will run and hide in our father's office." Said YT, grinning like a mad man.

"Come on." Said Tube. The camera shaked a bit before getting dark, a few seconds later the dark disappeared and a kitchen entrance was revealed.

"Ok, I will cut the trip later, but for now, our brother, Derik, is making a cake for our sister, Tia, who had a annoying classmate saying bull*beep*, so she needed something to lift her spirits up, that's why we are doing this to show her the video later." Youtube voice sounded from behind the camera, before it was put in a (probably) pocket before they were walking towards the kitchen door

Inside the kitchen they could see DW mixing (probably) the mix for the cake in a bowl, when Google and YouTube walked over to him.

"Hey Derik." Google casually said.

No response.

"Derik?" Asked YouTube.



Nothing again.

This was repeated 15 more times (sped up in the video with a small subtitle in the conner counting them) before they finally got a reaction.

"What?"Asked, clearly annoyed, Deep Web.

"We just wanted to say hi." They both said at the same time, they only got a growl in response before the annoyed network returned to mixing.

There was a pause before the camera saw two hands lifting towards the bowl as they tried to get a bit from the mix.

Sadly, Deep Web grabbed their hands before they could reach the mix.

"What do you think you are doing?" Deep Web asked, clearly getting annoyed by Google and YT actions.

"Derik, I don't think you are stupid enough to not know what we was clearly going to do." Said, deadpanned, Google.

"Well then, I don't think you are stupid enough to try it." Growled Deep Web,letting go of the younger website's hands before refocusing on the task at hand.

They tried to dip their hands in a few more times (9) (each time making Deep Web clearly more annoyed) before DW had enough.

"THAT'S IT!" He shouted, quickly grabbing a knife before turning towards them.

The camera started to shake as YouTube and Google started to run.

"Come on! We are almost at the off-oof!" They heard YT said before he was knocked to the floor.

The camera got out of the floor and stopped a few centimetres away from YT. When it stopped spinning it showed Google falling to the ground because his foot was grabbed by Deep Web, who was on top of Yannick.

Deep Web, while pulling Google towards him, noticed the camera.

"So you were doing this for views, huh?" Growled Deep Web, rolling to the side so he no longer was on top of YT but he grabbed him before he could escape."That was the reason wasn't it?" He asked, pulling Google and YouTube against his chest.

"N-No!" Yelped Google, squirming in DW grip."We are going to show T the video later! To try and make her laugh!"

Deep Web scoffed but loosed his grip a little bit."A likely story."

"We are not joking!" Said YouTube, trying to get away.

" I can't kill you because that would make Tia even sadder-"Cue to the two youngest sighing in relief"-but I can still torture you." Deep Web said, adjusting his grip as G and YanTate tries to get away become more hurried." With tickling."

The website and the research engine stopped and blinked.

Suddenly, they started laughing as DW started to tickle them without mercy.

"S-Stop! P-P-Please!" Shouted Google, meanwhile, YT continued to laugh (the people on his website wondered why they suddenly got recommended a lot of funny videos).

"No, this is your punishment for bothering me while I was baking." Denied DW, clearly amused by the situation if his voice was anything to go by.

After a minute DW let them go, which YouTube and Google used to catch their breaths before Deep Web started to get up, then they jumped on top of him while screaming "Revenge!" before they started to tickle him.

"S-Sto-op, hehehe, or-or I will hehehehehe I will k-kill you! Bfahahahahahahaha!" Deep Web exclaimed while putting his arms around his torso to try and protect him self.

Google and YouTube continued for a few more seconds before stopping and laying down besides Deep Web, who put an arm around their shoulders. In return, YouTube and Google put their heads on his shoulder.

Youtube probably remembered the camera because he turned around and grabbed the camera before returning to the position he was before adjusting the camera so it could be in a way were you could see his, Google and Deep web face (well mask, in DW).

"I hate you." Deep Web groaned.

"No you don't." Said Garan and Yannick simultaneously.

"True, if I did, Dad would get mad." With a laugh from the three, the camera started darkening before going completely black.

Turning around so they could face their parents and the German bros, Ladonia and Sealand began fidgeting nervously.

"S' this 'YanTante T'day!' is an y'utuber that will have participate in a German c'venti'n and you want t' g' there, but because there are n' l'nger tickets y'u want us t' use 'ur nati'n status t' get y'u in?" Said Sweden, looking at his sons.

"Y-Yeah, please! He rarely goes to any convention!"Ladonia said.

"And we are going to Uncle Germany's place during the week that he will go!" Added Sealand, cupping his hands together and bringing them closer to his face.

"Please!"The two of them said together.

"I don't know, maybe ne-"Started Germany, only to be interrupted by his brother (who weirdly enough had gotten a fond look in his face when the video started).

"Done." Prussia said, looking to his phone, obviously reading something in it if his smirk was anything to go by.

"Wha-Prussia!" Exclaimed surprised Germany, turning so he could face his brother (probably to start lecturing him).

"Chill, I am neighbors with YanTant, and I helped him a bit so he owned me and I asked for six tickets-" Started Prussia, only for Finland to interrupted him.

"Six?" Finland asked.

" Well, if the meeting goes how it normally goes, than it means that the meetings will start with three days for the world meeting, then meeting for groups and/or unions, normally the north hemisphere groups and unions have the meetings in the first day and the south hemisphere groups and unions have on the second day, which means that you guys are first, so you get the weekend and the day before cleared to do whatever you want, then you guys have more three days of all the nations in a meeting before returning to you respective countries." Said Prussia, not taking his eyes from the phone."So assuming that Denmark, Norway and Iceland will want to do something different, either together, alone or with other people it doesn't matter, and that you and Sweden will probably will want to go with Ladonia and Sealand. Besides, I will know that Germany will probably want to go as well to help you if you need any help with either his language or his people, and I know that Italy will follow him. So six tickets."

"Won't you want to go too?" Asked Finland, after the silence that followed Prussia's words.

"Nah, it will be during the day and I don't want to get a sunburn waiting, besides, I already went to one, and let me tell you, it gets hot in there." Prussia said, shrugging his shoulders, stealing a glance at Finland before returning to look at his phone."Although, I hope you don't mind that the tickets are V.I.P. and Yan will want to meet you personally."



And thus, a lot of explaining and convincing took place that afternoon.

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