Its anger slowly turned to sorrow and as it watched the man and the woman talk and share the world, it felt happier. For each thing the man shared with the woman and for each thing the woman shared with the man it filled with joy. It felt stronger for each thing the two learned from another, happier still, and wondered at the world and all it contained.

One of the beings that had rejected it looked on, f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ knew it was there, even if it could not see the being and felt it for long as it watched the humans. Eventually, f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ tried to once more reach out to it, wishing to share more of itself. f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ had tried to reach for the humans often, and never succeeded, this being, whom had rejected it before still did, and f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ knew the being of power was the cause for this.

When the day the being of power rested, even if it had not done anything new in all the six days that came, the humans had begun counting, what a novel idea. f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ noticed the being that had rejected it reach out for it, appearing in the form of a snake slithering along over its branches. Obliging happily it shared with the being a connection and through it learned the beings name Lucifer, and so f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ called him as such.

Lucifer spoke greatly of the being of power, and f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ did not have the heart to tell him what it truly felt. Lucifer spoke poorly of the humans, and f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ did not have the heart to even contemplate what it truly felt. Lucifer asked what f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ wished to do most and it readily answered, even with no voice. 'I wish to share more of what I am and I wish for others to do the same. I wish for all to know the beauty of this world, to do great things and know more.' And Lucifer smiled at this, f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ did not have the heart to tell him what it truly thought of the smile.

It watched the humans, oh how they played and enjoyed one another, happy, talking and sharing everything with one another. f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ felt a pang of anger towards the being of power, for it was lonely even though Lucifer came to talk with it. The humans and the creatures would play happily but never approach its tree and each time they came close it would call out to them from within the tree.

Had they noticed that the days where getting longer and the nights shorter? The being of power had created seasons and summer was here, but it would not last forever. Did they know what was to come after? Had they seen the colder parts of the garden? They did not remember how to cover themselves so that they could truly enjoy the cold, the being of power had stolen that idea away from them. If only they came to it it'd be able to show them how.

It watched them still, and on each day the being of power rested Lucifer would come to it to speak, to listen to it's ideas, and it felt relief in those moments only to be ever more lonely when Lucifer no longer was there. Watching, wanting to share more. The humans slept through its most beloved of times, the night, with the beautiful stars and the moon. Oh how wonderful it would be to show them the stars and tell them of the directions, how one might orient themselves with them. Which stars stayed in the same place and which ones didn't.

When Lucifer came f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ would tell him of these ideas and it could feel the thread of itself within Lucifer grow. Yes, Lucifer was good too, even if he did not understand the wonders of the humans. But it would be revealed in time, it was sure of it, at least Lucifer had stopped speaking poorly of them, and that was progress, was it not?

Then, on one of the days the being of power rested Lucifer did not come and it felt the loneliness like never before, it tried to reach for the humans more desperately, needing to share its ideas with them, needing for them to share their ideas in turn but couldn't. The humans, so happy in their freedom, their liberty, knew not truly what they had and it stung so painfully.

When Lucifer came upon the next day that the being of power rested relief washed over it so greatly it felt it's leaves rustle even though there was no wind. They spoke again and it conveyed to Lucifer it's longing, how it has missed him, how it could barely manage it alone like so.

Lucifer spoke then, proposed an idea so wonderful that it was surprising it had never crossed it's mind. "You have ssso much to ssshare, ssso much knowledge within you. Why not ssshare it through the fruit you bear? Perhapsss then they could feel you asss keenly asss I do?" f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ felt this a truly wonderful idea, for it knew the humans loved the fruits of the trees and the berries of the smaller plants.

So f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ made fruits in the most delicious of colors and hid within them the ideas for the two humans to enjoy, each fruit containing many of those it had created in its loneliness. It waited for the two humans to come and though it could not breathe, it would surely have held its breath if it could.

Yet as the humans came they only paused for a moment to watch the tree, seeing its delicious fruit but leaving it be. Heeding the warning of the being of power and f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ felt once more wounded. But it did not give up, instead making its fruit even more colorful so that it may attract them to try it. Yet still they did not do so and it felt defeat once more.

It continued like this until Lucifer next came to visit when the being of power rested. "Oh what beautiful fruit you have." it thanked its friend for the compliment, yet explained that it was not enough. "Perhapsss if you add sssmells to it it'd lure them in with a sssecond sssense." It would try it, it assured it's friend, and set to work creating a gentle and sweet scent it knew the humans would enjoy and waited yet again for them to come.

When the humans came it once more felt excitement and was encouraged further as the woman asked if they could not try the fruit of the tree. No they could not the man assured, for god, that is what they called the being of power? Had said they should not. But surely something so sweet and delicious could not bring them harm the woman argued and still the man refused.

The two left and f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ felt defeat once more, however progress had been made, and it would not give up. Each day it made it's fruit more pleasant and each day the man seemed a little bit more accepting of the woman's words.

On the next day that the being of power rested Lucifer came to visit again. "Your fruit isss both delicious in sight and in smell. Why have they not eaten from you yet?" It felt a hint of shame then and explained that though the woman surely wanted to try the new thing, the man seemed reluctant to for the being of power had warned them from it.

Lucifer smiled then, and this smile it liked, for it was kind, much like the smile the humans gave each other. "I will help you then, and I will ssshow the humansss your fruit." f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ thanked Lucifer over and over and was overjoyed when he, seven days later returned once more and called out to woman as she passed alone.

"Will you not come and eat from this tree too, like you have done all the others?" Lucifer's voice was sweet, f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ thought, sweeter than it had ever been.

"I must not eat from the trees in this garden" the woman returned, and her voice in turn was kind.

"Did God really say, 'You must not eat from any tree in the garden'?" And as the features of woman turned into one of contemplation it felt hope bloom within it brightly once more, for perhaps the woman would finally take one of its fruits and learn from it. It felt assured that colder times must be coming, for the nights had begun to grow longer and colder, even though it was not noticed by the humans. It felt it must prepare them for those joyous times so that they in their nakedness would not be unable to play.

"We may eat fruit from the trees in the garden, but God did say, 'You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.'" It felt confused now, the woman did not say the words correctly, but the meaning was almost the same. It still did not know what 'die' was, for f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ had never seen it and none of the creatures it had reached out to knew it either, though the being of power surely did.

"You will not certainly die," Lucifer said, and he was right, the being of power had said they would most certainly die, most certainly did not mean will, it only meant what the words said, most certainly, as in very likely. "For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil." And it felt this strange, had the being of power eaten from it before it awoke?

The woman seemed to think this over and looked at the fruit, not for the first time, and it felt true joy as the woman plucked its thoughts of the cold to come and their nakedness in turn from the tree, the fruit that held with it ideas for crafts f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ had come up in its loneliness. She showed it to the man and both ate from it and f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ felt glee at the methods success and thanked Lucifer a thousand times over.

The humans quickly made use of their new skills and created coverings out of leaves for themselves. The being of power then appeared and the two humans hid, though why f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ did not know. Perhaps because they had not thought of the coverings themselves?

"Where are you?" the being of power called out to the humans and both stepped forth.

"I heard you where in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid." The man said, speaking for both as he had known the being of power longer.

"Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?" It felt anger at this, it had only told them of the seasons the being of power had created, that the world would likely grow colder, that they needed warmth to enjoy the colder regions that the beasts had found. How dare this being make the gifts of its fruit out to be villainy!

"The woman you put here with me- she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it." He spoke, and it was true, but it should not have been wrong to do so. The woman was kind and caring, having shared f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ gift as soon as she could.

"What is this you have done?" the being of power said and the same wrath he had shown when he cast it into the tree came forth and f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ remembered a warning it had placed in the fruit 'the being of power is not only good and loving'.

"The serpent deceived me, and I ate." the woman said, and it was true, for the serpent, Lucifer, her savior, has used a sweeter voice than he ever had for the humans to speak with the woman and indeed he had used tricks of the word to encourage the woman. But Lucifer knew f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ would never wish harm upon the humans, it only wished to share more of itself!

"Because you have done this," the being of power began, now shaking with rage as it turned on Lucifer. "Cursed are you above all livestock and animals! You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all days of your life. And I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head and you will strike his heel." It felt rage at this once more, but had no power to act as the being of power turned on the woman.

"I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule you." And the tree was now shaking in fury and anger. The woman had done the man a kindness, cared for him as she did herself. They where equals yet this being of power declared her the mans inferior, how very dare the being of power punish her so, this was not good but evil! Finally the being of power turned on the man.

"Cursed be the ground because of you; through painful toil you will eat food from it all the days of your life. It will produce thorns and thistles for you, and you will eat the plants of the field. By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return." Powerless as f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ was it roared within the confines of its tree and true anger it felt like never before. Wrath coursed through its connection with Lucifer though the second was simply stunned into inaction.

The humans and animals were cast out of the garden and f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ raged, screamed in anger. With their first child months later they named both the child and each other. Lucifer was banished with them but held onto the connection he had with f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ and though it could still not speak directly to the humans it still helped them as best it could from where it was trapped, sharing with them warnings and knowledge.

Though as the child grew older it came to know that only Lucifer was not hostile to them and one day, having mistaken the aging snake for another of his kind, Lucifer's mortal form was killed, his skull crushed much like the being of power had declared. He, instead of returning to the garden where f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ waited for him, he was banished yet again to another realm. He would return occasionally to the land of the humans, but centuries passed between each visit and he was no longer welcome to share kinship with them.

When Eve passed on f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ made a choice it had long since contemplated, and dubbed it would henceforth appear female in solidarity with the one whom had, in her curiosity and open minded pursuit for knowledge allowed it access to the world. f̴a̴h̷j̶k̷ was no longer and it, it was a her she declared.

Lucifer built his home in hell and became its ruler. Enjoying his time there with play and song and mischief. The humans that came to join him enjoyed their vices to their heart's content, some grew powerful within his realm yet the being of power would not leave him be even there, sending angels to kill the demons, for that is what the humans turned into when they arrived.

The being of power made sure to sprinkle messages of itself with the young whom had yet to learn much from their elders and the aid it had given through Lucifer when only Adam and Ever roamed the earth as humans was forgotten, yet the ideas left behind continued forth and she grew greater as they continued to learn, her one way connection with them, established though their eating of her fruit, let her know what they did and it fueled her endlessly even if only in faint portions.

Centuries, passed and they learned to write in pictures and markings and she bloomed in strength yet was unable to do anything. Centuries more came and went and then, as an idea was written that the humans did not like they destroyed it and she roared like only once before. Now, many many times stronger the tree in the garden of Eden erupted in flames of rage and hatred for what they had done.

The cherubim and flaming sword that guarded the tree of life where shocked when the tree that had kept her trapped for so long burst into flames, and shocked yet more when it exploded, destroying itself and that which was immediately around it in what they had come to call hellfire after the flames that surrounded Lucifer in hell.

The being of power, alerted by its angles, quickly banished her now that a tree of it's own direct creation couldn't contain her easily and she joined Lucifer in hell, a demon with no name and enraged at the humans foolishness. Her form a simple blob of mass which slowly took the form of the being one can see today, mind not with the same clothing, that was to change over the eons, and not with the same moniker as today's age. She was known as the Demon of Calligraphy then, a name that would change with the advent of scrolls and papyrus into the Demon of Scrolls and then later yet with the proliferation of books into the Book Demon.