Kagami had just come back from after school fencing class. She was looking down as she walked out of the school building.

"Today was the worse fencing experience I ever had..",she thought sadly.

Tears start streaming down her face..

Luka was walking out of the store. He just bought his new guitar and is on his way back home when on his way back home, he stumbled into Kagami.

"Oof!",grunted Luka as the both of them tried to stop from falling into each other.

"Kagami!?",shouted Luka.

He was stunned to see her. He totally recognized Kagami from the time they went ice skating with Marinette and Adrian.

"Luka!?",shouted Kagami.

The two of them both got up.

"Where did you come from!?",asked Kagami.

"Oh..uh I just came back from the guitar store and bought a new guitar and what about you?",asked Luka. "Just came back from after school fencing. It was horrible..."gloomed Kagami sadly.

"What happened?",asked Luka.

"Oh it's just that Adrian left me...",shared Kagami.

"What!? But he seems like a nice guy!"said Luka in shock.

"Turns out he fell for stupid Marinette!",cried Kagami upset.

Luka tried to calm her down as she started to cry.

"Let's talk about it how it happened. I'll take you to my house. We can spend time together to talk about it alright?",asked Luka.

Kagami stopped crying and quickly nodded,

"Okay, then, let's go to my house.",sais Luka.

He and Kagami walked off to Luka's house.