There was silence during the car ride, Kagami and her mother, didn't say a word to each other ever since Kagami's mother picked up her daughter from Luka's boat house. Kagami was in the middle of thinking about what to say to her mother, since she already told her that they have some "explaining" to do. What kind of explaining they have to do exactly? It looked like neither of them were going to be starting the conversation. So with all this awkward silence going on in the car, Kagami gulped down the last of her water bottle.

After she was finished,she spent the rest of her time staring off through the window. She took a deep breath and looked over at her mother who seems to be staring off. Then she seemed to be staring at the back of the front seat that the driver was sitting in. The driver seemed not to notice. All he did was focus on the road to get them back home.

"Mom.",she began,

Kagami's mother looks over at her.

"Yes?",she asked.

"What is the explaining we have to do?" ,asked Kagami curiously.

She was nervously worried about what her mother may say or do then after the next moment of silence ended Kagami's mother looked away from her daughter in a huff

"Mom, why didn't you say anything!?", shouted Kagami

"You can't be hanging out with boys like "that",Kagami, you know that.",grunted Kagami's mother in a cold and harsh tone.

Kagami gasped to what her mother said. She couldn't believe that her mother would be so cruel towards Luka! Luka seemed pretty nice. She didn't know why her mother would say anything negative about Luka

"But mother he was real nice to me..." began Kagami.

Kagami's mother shushed her,

"I think our real conversation will be what happened between you and that Adrien boy. Where would you chose to go after that when we get home okay.",said Kagami's mother firmly.

Kagami tried to get a word out but couldn't without a word Kagami nodded as a way of response to her. Kagami went back to leaning her head against her seat, so ,she could look out of the window until the time with them arriving home came.